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A long time ago, there was a homeless boy who did not have a name. He had no relative except for a poor uncle. It was winter and he did not have warm clothes to wear.

One day, he went into the forest. After walking through the forest, he found that he was lost.

In no time, the boy saw a path leading to a castle. He walked towards it and went into the castle.

He saw a witch inside. She told the boy to help her send a stone to her husband at the other end of the mountain. The witch promised to give him a large sum of money as a reward for helping her.

The boy agreed. When he picked up the stone, he became a crow! He realised that he could fly and was very surprised and happy.

Halfway, the boy felt very tired and sat on a tree branch to rest. A hunter saw him and shot him, and he was badly injured. The little boy fainted and fell down from the tree.

When the boy woke up, he realised that he was a boy once more. He was lying on a bed and a beautiful princess was sitting beside him.

The princess asked the boy if he was fine, and gave him the best clothes and food.

One day when he was playing in the garden, he heard the servants saying that the princess had a strange disease which could only be cured by a special stone. The boy thought for a short while and decided to give the witch’s stone to the princess as she had been very good to him.

He went back to the castle and the witch asked him if he had handed the stone to her husband. The boy lied and told her that he did hand the stone to her husband.

After a few days, the witch found out that the stone was with the princess and was very angry. The witch scolded the boy and told him that the princess was actually a bad witch and everything he saw was not true. The bad witch wanted the stone because it can control the whole world!

The witch turned the boy into a mountain to punish him. The mountain now looks like a crow with two drops of tears.

Crow Mountain  

Students' work from 2011