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The tenth book in Marcus Vitruvius’s De Architectura Libri Decem is on mechanical engineering. This particular part of the manuscript was greatly expanded during Renaissance to include inventions such as tanks, catapults and other siege weapons used for warfare. Leonardo da Vinci being a biomechanic, applied combination of natural science and mechanical engineering to unveil mystery of life. EX-PROSTHESIS advanced technological knowledge and speculate that development will enhance connectivity and integration in between organism and machine. This will expand “sense of presence” beyond our physical limitations and alter relationship to environment; time, distance, space and more. Advancement in Human Machine Interface will have discerning impact on psychology of individual, social organization and over all context among we live in. However EX-PROSTHESIS is not to be confused with inventive endeavor, it is a Techno parody, satire that makes deliberate but explicit attempt to evoke critical insight into broader consequence of technology. In EX-PROSTHESIS, technological intervention leads to unexpected event with ironic twist for the protagonist = humanity. Apparent disconnection between intent and consequence expose uncertainty of using these technology but classical philosophy has limited capacity to decipher unintended event. Encounter with absurdity of phenomenon can only be mitigated existentially. EX-PROSTHESIS is eye for an eye strategy for combating absurd. Fictitious juxtaposition between nature and machine, displaced time and location or exaggerated social oblique in narratives are designed to create suspended state to converge creatively and produce introspective assessment of our desire to

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EX-P1109 Bio-Mechanical Robot Replicating EX-P1009 Howling Monkeys

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EX-P0811 Swine Farm, a bio reactor


EX-P0407 Brain Pod, zero carbon print house


When did stick become a tool, when did information become knowledge, or when did parts become whole? I a moment of eureka. The femur swung high above his head, it became a weapon.

use of technology has remained unpredictable and ambivalent .

on future as other mile stone achievements in our past. And these potentially paradigm shifting ideas are right at our front door steps. The prosthesis for handicapped use what is called Brain Machine Interface (BMI). Laboratory experiments show that living brain tissue with electrodes can be connected to a variety of

for disabled or neurologically paralyzed, other prospects for BMI are also immense. All kinds of cognitive sensors will produce new experiences and unthinkable array of product, mechanical extensions will enhance our physical ability to sample the environment that were no accessible before: RCV artery. In addition to enhanced interconnectivity, combination with nano science

But whether nano science, cybernetics or bioengineering, our attempt to use these technology will have unintended consequences. Yet, our overly rationalized and discounts negative consequence of deployment. Could this denial an of linear advancement and increased dependency to technology have reached the tipping point. Indeed excessive industrialization is causing inhuman despair and misery in global scale, yet we are unable to refrain our temptation to continue on this fatalistic path. Lack of our self regulating ability against harmful consequences of excessive mechanization is a symptoms of our co-dependency to technology. Rationalization, empiricism, science, reason, are fueled by our desperate desire to control “unpredictable� in hope that outcome of action will mirror our perception of what we think it should be. In an other words logic is a predetermined assumption that exclude improbable/unintended thus unable to embrace complexity and dynamics of phenomenon. Artistic production promotes deviation from this dilemma and divest into creative enterprise instead. Aleatory art use chance to promote creativity and rejects graphics, Collage and Frontage for paintings do exactly that. These techniques/ method relay on chance and accident in order to promote creativity. Intuitive discovery ignites creative process of visualization but at this stage mental representation is typically depleted of content. It is during next phase of erences are mixed, distilled, cultured to matured together and then cultivate it into knowledge. This process improves and advances intellectual content of our mental construction. The process will be complete when oscillation among two hemispheres of our cerebrum converges and achieve dynamic interaction between intelligence and creativity making whole from the parts.

Bio-Mechanical Robot Replicating traveled through intercellular space on board submersible in attempt to cure the comatose patient. The plot is based on technology that allows matter to miniaturize by shrinking individual atoms. Today micro-robot assembled from nano-parts to treat medical condition is well within probability rather than a fantasy. And its anticipated that lives from bottom up. However the fear that toxic consequence of atomic intervention could lead to catastrophe is prevalent. Foresight Institute has recommended regulating its commercial use. Prince Charles and Royal Society investigated it and called it “enormous environmental and social risk” and expressed apprehension for open development of this technology. Beside from the of the world scenario with nano technology. In book “Engines of Creation” he postulated possibility for self-replicating nano robots with exponential growth that end up consuming all matter on earth. When advanced biomechanics is combined with nano scale production, it is likely that machine will evolve to assemble itself. Atomically constructed molecular machine

Atomically constructed molecular machine that copy itself will indeed blur threshold that

organization of clusters made of swarm of nano-robots, design of macro factory that manufactures nano product to engineering of individual biomechanics devices. it envisions construction of life-like machine assembled from molecular parts such as carbon allotropes and atomically engineered tissue.

Howling Monkeys A specimen of genetically speculation is that this specimen may have seen genetic intervention and served as a human dwelling during post-

archeological expedition from Magna Opus University while exploring ancient ruins in deep jungle of Central America, formally known as Costa Rica. When the specimen was discovered ethel alcohol production based on sugar fermentation process was still operating and a tribe of howling monkeys who occupied the tree were aggressively defending their monopolized enterprise against any eco-diversity and complexity that bio-mass of immediate perimeter of the tree has been enriched by tenfold in comparison.

platforms with canopy, two interior rooms and a pool. The process of photosynthesis convert sun’s energy to break down water’s molecular structure, hydrogen from oxygen then combined them with carbon dioxide to produce glucose. Subsequently excess sugar is fermented and distilled into ethel alcohol as source of energy for HVAC, hydraulics and distillery.

Altered DNA carries information, a blue print for the house,

Swine Farm a bio reactor

like cows and sheep are able to digest coarse vegetation through microbial fermentation. Many of the energy in cereal crops that are grown for food is inedible. Ruminants have the ability to convert these plants and residues into high quality protein in the form of meat and milk.

Brain Pod zero carbon print house

of living humans globally but not accounting ones who are being born into and those who are

Emission trading began as a market based incentive in order to control harmful pollutant in this situation more perplexing, the estimated carbon dioxide and methane gas emission during life cycle of a person were converted and translated in way of tax credit. Since then speculative trade in carbon credit has become another investment vehicle. Subsequently, sustaining semi-cryonic device so will not emit pollutant into air. A heat exchange unit keeps external reality but wheather experience is true or fabricated remain matter of a opinion.

Mas Yendo


Experimental Architect Mas Yendo explores todays cutting edge technology; Bio-Mechanics, Genetic Engineering, Brain Machine Interface, and s...


Experimental Architect Mas Yendo explores todays cutting edge technology; Bio-Mechanics, Genetic Engineering, Brain Machine Interface, and s...