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The Volunteer Wire MAS VOLUNTEERS I OCTOBER 2013

September— October 2013 Birthdays! Happy Birthday to the following MAS volunteers: Dorleen B., Butch B., Pat B., Brenda B., Joe B., Barbara B., Don b., Mary B., Elaine B., Pam C., Nita C., Rosalyn C., Candy C., Shelia C., Alvina C., Dan D., Robert E., Jane E., John G., Sarah G., Helen H., Carolyn H., David H., Nora H., Renee H., Judy K., Kinsey L., Diane L., Edine L., Jeff L., Pat M., Margaret M., Donna M., Klairaine N., Alyssa N., Margaret O., Bill P., Mary Ann P., John P., Nancy P., Mike P., Janice P., Rosemay Q., Libby Q., Jonna R., Evelyn R., Marilyn R., Kellie R., Bob S., Nancy S., Debra S., Susan T., Pat T., Ann T., Karen T., Frankie T., Margaret W., Evelyn W., Patrick W., John W., Terry Z., Gene Z.

New Ways to Volunteer with MAS! Looking for a new and exciting volunteer opportunity? MAS is in need of volunteers to help in the following role: 

Friendly Visitors—Advocate for the rights of older adults living in long-term care facilities. To learn about more Volunteer opportunities Call Eileen at 728-7682!!

Become an Advocate— Volunteer with the Friendly Visitor Program in October

October is Resident's Rights month! This is a time to focus on and celebrate awareness of dignity, respect and the value of individuals living in long-term care facilities. Help us provide peace of mind to older adults by volunteering with the Friendly Visitor program. We will be hosting a new volunteer orientation and training in November for anyone who might be interested in joining our stellar group of Friendly Visitors. This is your chance to prove that you are "Tough Enough to Care"! Friendly Visitor volunteers support Missoula Aging Services’ Ombudsman Program by providing education, assistance and advocacy to longterm care residents and their families in an effort to ensure dignity and quality of life. Volunteers also support the Ombudsman Program by listening to residents’ concerns and problems while visiting different facilities in the area. If you are interested please contact MAS ASAP!

Do like eating and socializing? The Congregate Meal Program Needs your help!

MAS is in need of a Congregate Meal Assistant to help facilitate our bi-monthly meals. This is a great position for anyone who loves to meet new people, try new foods, learn about the community and can help haul goodies and supplies from one location to another.

Call 728-7682 for more information!


PHONE (406) 728-7682

Upcoming Events November 7 New Friendly Visitor Orientation at 2:00 p.m. at MAS

November 14 The State Friendly Visitor training from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at MAS

Celebrate the Holidays MAS November 28-29 Style! Join us for an Open House Thanksgiving - MAS offices event in December! closed for the holiday. December 12 Holiday Open House @ MAS from 2:00-4:30!

December 24-25 MAS offices closed for the holiday.

Wednesday, December 19 from 2:00 — 4:30 p.m. The holidays are a time to celebrate friends and family and reflect on the events of the past year. As part of our volunteer family and community of friends, we’d like you to join us for refreshments, great conversation and tours of the building. This is a great opportunity to meet volunteers and staff of MAS and learn more about the agency. Let us wish you a happy holiday season and thank you for all you do! We hope to see you there!

No need to RSVP - Call (406) 728-7682 with questions.

Welcome New MAS Volunteers!!! MAS is proud to announce the arrival of several new volunteers! Front Office Reception: Betsey G. Medicare Open Enrollment: Joy B., Nancy B., Pam C., Yawen D., Rose D., Anna H., Sierra L., Cara L., Karissa L., Pat M., Rob M., Jennifer M., Kellie R., Sydney S., Lauren S., Gene Z. Meals On Wheels Route Drivers: Janell B., Bob C., Gabby S., Daniel C., Patrick W. Mailing Assistant: Karen T. Senior Corps Clerical Task Force: Helen H., Jonna R. Senior Corps Outreach Task Force: Joe K.,

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