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During the last ten years or so, social networking has been one of the most outstanding areas of growth online. The ability of users to create accounts, invite friends, make a contribution to consultations, exchange stills and keep in touch with folk located anywhere in the world has made membership in any one of the major social networking sites a must have for today's net user. When it comes to social networking sites, they don't come any larger than Facebook. With over four hundred million active users worldwide, Facebook would be the third biggest country in the world behind China and India. But even though many people have looked at Facebook as a 'social' networking platform, the truth of the matter is that it is one of the most formidable tools for promoting and business over the internet. The sheer numbers of end users makes Facebook a workable alternative for any business whether it is promoting the mass market or merely a niche. Facebook presents one of the cheapest but effective methods to get new clients. Not only is the advertising service offered by the site inexpensive but there also are a number of ways that you can harness the power of Facebook for promoting and so rope in new clients. For example, making a user account or a Facebook group is free. You can create a user page for your product and use it to update your page's members and followers of new releases that your business has to give. Versus setting up your own business website and using SEO techniques for promoting online, Facebook already has got a gigantic captive audience. All you need to do is develop a page that resonates with your target group and then use that to redirect them to your website and finally make that purchase. Facebook is 'crawled ' by the majority of the big search engines. For that reason, there are 2 things that you must do. First, ensure your profile page has as much information on your business and products as practicable. Nevertheless you have to do that without making your personal page feel 'crowded ' as this will quickly turn off visitors. Your goal must be to ensure that by the point visitors read the information on your profile page, they know the name of your business, what you sell and where they can get your product. The second thing you need to to do so as to take advantage of search website 'crawlers' is to utilise suitable keywords. As an example, if you're in the business of selling flowers, then the word 'flowers ' as well as a bunch of 'long tail ' alternatives such as 'buy flowers ', 'flowers for sale ', 'online florist ' or 'quality flowers ', should additionally be spattered across the text of your profile description. That may make it easier for someone searching for your kind of products to find you on Facebook. Marketing is just one part of Facebook's business capacities. Shopper relationship management is another. Thru Facebook, you can keep your customers current on new products, industry

information, and loyalty reward programs. Facebook can also be an avenue of hearing what the market thinks about your product and service and a vital forums to address your clients ' concerns. This can unavoidable strengthen your relationship with your customers. In fact, 1 of the most profitable techniques to utilize Facebook is to simply build relationships with potential clients. It is simple to search a specific demographic and find people who would more than likely have an interest in your opportunity, product, service, and make a connection. You can make that connection by "friending" them and make a simple compliment about them, their Facebook page, their likes and dislikes, or even their friends. Systematically progress towards a conversation about your business. I personally know a young lady who is building a salon business and an exercise business precisely this way. The final point is that with nearly a half billion Facebook users are you using it to your advantage or are you letting opportunity pass you by?

Ed Przybylski from Ohio is a full time marketer. Check out this free Full Facebook marketing Training or overall marketing training to explode your business!

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