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January 2012 Catalog Issue

Happy New Year, dear reader of Mastery Journal!

Year 2011 has been exciting and challenging for many of us, yet most of our readers seem to be optimistic about the prospects of 2012 and what it may bring. However, there is something special the world-class masters of Click Here to Subscribe meditation, personal development, Yoga, and Qigong did during the week between Christmas and New Year that the majority of us did not. As they say, by doing what everyone else does, you are bound to get the results everyone else gets… And you probably want better than average results, do you not? If so, you can glean from the masters now! If you want to make year 2012 better than any pervious year in your life, consider spending some time visualizing what you would like to experience by the end of the coming year. Imagine yourself having manifested exactly that or even something better in the next twelve months… Do you wish to create more harmony in your relationships or attract a dream partner? Do you want to create or develop a successful business and be your own boss? Do you dream of enjoying more free time and peace of mind? How would you know that you have achieved that? What would it feel like in your body to be the way that you need to be in order to manifest your dreams for 2012? Do you feel any difference in your energy, when you focus on that way of being, which may be somewhat different from your current state? Now, this no ordinary Law of Attraction incantation, as this is certainly not about just “feeling within as though you have already manifested what you want.” The two essential steps that most New Age gurus appear to be missing are: 1) going back to the midway point (say, in June) and connecting with the energy required for manifesting your dreams, which is guaranteed to be distinct from the energy associated with successfully achieving your goals 2) and finding the seed of that energy within yourself at the present moment (without it, you would not have been able to even conceive that particular dream), which allows you to tap into it and make it your driving force – helps you walk the talk, if you will. Click Here to Subscribe Brought to You by

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Just this one bit of additional energy awareness can boost your ability to make things happen as you dream. In this issue of Mastery Journal, you can find some excellent materials that will support you on your journey in 2012. Lama Tantrapa

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As the host of this enlightening talk show, Lama Tantrapa interviews prominent experts in the fields of Oriental Medicine, Energy Healing, Meditation, and Internal Arts. He also shares his unique perspectives on the principles and applications of energy awareness. Join us every Monday at 6:00 pm PST (9:00 pm EST) for a friendly and mindful exchange of ideas and “secrets of the trade.� Call in during the show with your most burning questions for our guests at 347-327-9635 or email us at


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In the first two months of 2012, you can benefit from a vast array of live events and online seminars presented by Academy of Qi Dao: Wednesday, January 11 Qigong Coaching teleseminar dedicated to focusing your energy in order to manifest your greatest dreams this year Sunday, January 15 Introduction to Dream Yoga workshop in Beaverton, OR Friday, January 20 thru Sunday, January 22 Dream Yoga Workshop in Berkeley, CA Saturday, January 28 thru Sunday, January 29 Intermediate Qi Dao certification program workshop Sunday, February 5 Introduction to Dream Yoga workshop in Beaverton, OR To Enroll or Inquire about any of the events and seminars

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Qi Dao - Tibetan Shamanic Qigong The Art of Being in the Flow Lama Somananda Tantrapa In this ground-breaking book, Lama Somananda Tantrapashares the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Shamanic Qigong in a simple and practicalway. Discovering, testing and applying its principles will remarkably enhanceyour vitality with greater attentiveness, awareness and presence. It will helpyou transform and enlighten your life by developing a culture of movement thatis naturally graceful and harmonious. It will also provide you with profoundpsychological and spiritual insights into the true nature of health,relationships and other issues that teach you to approach life challenges aslearning opportunities rather than problems. By practicing Qi Dao, you will unifyyour body, mind and spirit, empowering your whole being to live in harmony withthe flow of the entire universe.

Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course Lama Somananda Tantrapa Discover the magic of Qi Dao Tibetan Shamanic Qigong as taught by Lama Somananda Tantrapa. As a part of the Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program, this Basic level Course can take you on a mystical journey of discovering your inner nature, the world of lucid dreaming and spiritual adventure. Although you may enjoy the practices presented in this Course on your own, it is usually easier to learn and master them with a practice partner or a Certified Qi Dao Coach. Being able to apply all the practices presented in this Course is essential for developing a greater sensitivity to subtle flows of Qi, which can enable you to be in the flow. By the time you complete this Course, you will become: More accepting of and attentive to your life s lessons More present, as opposed to being stuck in the head More grounded, rooted and centered More relaxed, natural and spontaneous More awake in the dream called your daily life More in the flow, in the right place and at the right time. In addition to the foundational practices of Qi Dao and Dream Yoga presented in the hard cover Qi Dao book, this Home Study Course also includes its companion DVD, Qi Dao Initiation CD, audiobook and workbook. A number of unadvertised bonus materials that come with this Course will also deepen your appreciation of The Art of Being in the Flow. Please email to collect your bonuses and take advantage of one free month of membership providing access to: 1) Bi-weekly teleseminars and coaching clinics 2) Online video and audio tutorials 3) Qi Dao blogs and podcasts for students only 4) Discussion board for sharing experiences and learning from others.

Heal Yourself with Qigong: Gentle Practices to Increase Energy, Restore Health, and Relax the Mind Suzanne Friedman LaC DMQ Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is an ancient Chinese practice consisting of physical movements, meditation, creative visualization, and breathing exercises to help revitalize the body and heal the spirit. Similar to tai chi, qigong cultivates vital life-force energy in the body for better health, heightened energy, and longevity. Its powerful benefits have been known in China for thousands of years. This unique book presents over 100 easy, five-minute qigong exercises designed to target specific health issues, from strengthening an aching back and reducing stress to improving sexual function and boosting energy. You can use this book to quickly find the best qigong exercises to target your particular physical and mental health needs. Heal Yourself with Qigong allows you to customize routines, making it ideal for both experienced practitioners and those new to qigong. Choose and combine from these four sections: Instant energy boosters Exercises for restoring physical vitality Emotion-balancing techniques Practices for calming the spirit

Instant Health: The Shaolin Qigong Workout For Longevity Shifu Yan Lei For the past 1500 years, the Qigong workout for longevity has been secretly passed from generation to generation at the Shaolin Temple of Zen in Henan Province, China. Now, for the first time, a 34th-generation fighting disciple from the temple shows how to optimize energy, alleviate stress, boost the immune system, and achieve optimum health. The complete workout is shown with easy-to-follow instructions and images, covering everything from stretches and stances to the Instant Health self-massage. This comprehensive guide provides detailed advice on adapting Shaolin Qigong to suit any life stage, and includes training tips, Zen wisdom, and a personalized mindbody workout created especially for the busy Western lifestyle.

The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment Yang Jwing-Ming “...we are in Dr. Yang’s debt for this definitive guide to better health and well-being.” --Irwin H. Rosenberg, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Nutrition, Nutrition Research Center on Aging (Tufts University) Yang, Jwing-Ming Ph.D., is a renowned author and teacher of Chinese martial arts and Qigong. Born in Taiwan, he has trained and taught Taijiquan, Qigong and Chinese martial arts for over forty-five years. He is the author of over thirty books, and was elected by Inside Kung Fu magazine as one of the 10 people who has “made the greatest impact on martial arts in the past 100 years.” Dr. Yang lives in Northern California.

The Healing Promise of Qi: Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi Roger jahnke Unlocks the secrets of one of the most powerful of Chinese healing arts... Developed over millennia in China, qigong (literally, life force + mastery, or refinement) is a set of techniques used to increase your vitality, longevity, and sexual potency as well as achieve and maintain optimal health and inner peace. In the groundbreaking The Healing Promise of Qi, Dr. Roger Jahnke, internationally respected doctor of Chinese medicine and author of the bestselling The Healer Within, clearly and simply explains the concepts of qigong in practical terms. With the help of 125 superbly rendered illustrations, he describes a multitude of simple qigong tools, practices, and techniques for accessing and utilizing the incredible power of qi. Rather than focus on a particular form of qigong, Dr. Jahnke presents concise, easy-to-follow techniques from among the more than 25 traditional and modern forms that he has mastered and taught to thousands of people across the United States and Canada.

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong: A Miracle Health System for Developing Chi Bruce Frantzis Practiced by millions in China to release stress and maintain robust health, Dragon and Tiger qigong is also used to help prevent and heal cancer and to mitigate the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Frantzis chose Dragon and Tiger from among several hundred sets he researched because its seven simple movements are easy to learn and offer about 80 percent of the health benefits found in the more complex sets of 50–100 movements. Dragon and Tiger qigong uses simple body movements to accomplish the same chi balancing as acupuncture. Each movement is designed to stimulate not just a single meridian but groups of meridians. In Chinese medicine, the tiger is a metaphor for a strong, healthy liver and powerful muscles, and the dragon is a metaphor for healthy and strong lungs. The Dragon and Tiger form accomplishes three major changes in the body necessary for healing: it releases stagnant chi energy; increases the speed, strength, and evenness of the circulation of chi, blood, and other fluids; and quickly raises the body’s energy levels to boost its natural healing capacities. With over 150 illustrations accompanying clear, thorough instructions, Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong offers an accessible and effective path to health and healing.

Qigong Empowerment: A Guide to Medical, Taoist, Buddhist and Wushu Energy Cultivation Master Shou-Yu Liang Qigong Empowerment is the most unique and complete volume ever written in the English language on qigong (Chi Kung). This volume can be used for attaining better health, for healing, for gaining extraordinary power, and for spiritual development. This volume consists of five books which covers: - Traditional Chinese Medical theories and qi cultivation methods. - Taoist methods to foster Essence, Qi, and Spirit. - Buddhist Esoteric Abilities of the Body, Speech, and Mind. - Emitting, Absorbing, and Healing Qigong. - Wushu (martial arts) Iron Shirt training. Qigong (Chi Kung) has been an integral part of Chinese culture since ancient China. High level qigong masters have always been respected and held in high esteem in Chinese society. Qi is a Chinese term used to refer to all types of energy. It is the intrinsic substance or the vital force behind all things in the universe. It is the medium between and within all material substances. We are all immersed in it. The term gong refers to the power to produce an effect, an attainment of, or an accomplishment that is achieved with steady practice. Loosely, qigong can be translated as the attainment of qi. Healers and the medical society use qigong for healing and preventing illness. Martial artists use qigong for developing incredible strength and abilities. Others use qigong to attain a greater consciousness.

Natural Healing With Qigong: Therapeutic Qigong Aihan Kuhn A simple Qiqong routine that combines physical exercises, stretching, breathing and self-massage. The program is divided into six groups, each focusing on different areas to achieve maximum benefit. Aihan Kuhn, C.M.D., is a Chinese medical doctor trained in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a graduate of the Hunan Medical University, Changsha China. In China, Dr. Kuhn practiced OB/GYN in Chinese hospitals (1983-1988), studied Tai Chi and Chi Kung (since 1978) and returns each year to advance her training in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts.

The Essential Qigong Training Course: 100 Days to Increase Energy, Physical Health and Spiritual Well-Being Ken Cohen Now for the first time, qigong training is available in a comprehensive homestudy curriculum. You will learn more than 70 qigong practices for harnessing the massive power of qi to create vitality, spiritual balance, and physical health. Complete kit includes: 7A 100-page, weekly workbook of original material that directs you step-by-step on this classical, life-changing course. 7Qigong DVD workout offers you a complete, 90-minute programmable workout. 75 audio CD training course covers every phase of qigong theory and practice. 7Qigong Healing DVD includes three hours of essential teachings and exercises to learn how to direct the healing qi energy to others effectively and safely. Ken Cohen (Gao Han) is the Executive Director and founder of the Qigong Research & Practice Center. He is a world-renowned health educator, China scholar, and Qigong Master with more than thirty years experience. A former collaborator with Alan Watts, he is the author of the internationally acclaimed book, The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing, best-selling self-healing audio and video courses, and more than 150 journal articles. His work has been translated into Chinese and numerous European languages. Professor Cohen is a leader in the dialogue between ancient wisdom and modern science. He was able to demonstrate unusual physiological control as one of 9 “exceptional healers” studied in the Menninger Clinic’s Copper Wall Project. He has lectured at medical schools, scientific conferences, and numerous universities and is an Adjunct Professor at Union Institute Graduate School. His work has been featured in USA Today, Newsweek, Time, Bottom Line, and National Public Radio. He has taught more than 30,000 students.

Shaolin Qi Gong: Energy in Motion

Shi Xinggui

The great teacher Bodhidharma is credited with the creation of Shaolin Temple Qi Gong and kung fu in the 6th century CE. Motivated by the terrible physical condition of the monks who spent all their time meditating or copying scrolls, his two-part system promoted physical as well as spiritual fitness and became the basis for all the martial and meditative arts taught in the Temple. These ancient practices increase physical health and vitality, enhance creativity, and can be practiced well into old age. Author Shi Xinggui, a Shaolin monk, explains the fundamental principle of Qi Gong--the art of mastering energy (qi) and moving it through the body--and provides clear demonstrations of all the positions and movements. In order to develop qi attentively, it is necessary to cultivate the art of slowness in both movement and breathwork. Xinggui provides both a short form and a long form of the daily exercises, with lessons on heart centering, organ strengthening, and balancing the energy using the three dantians--the three energy centers of the body. A 53-minute DVD of the exercises performed by the author is included. SHI XINGGUI became a student at the Shaolin Monastery at the age of eight. His teachers there included Masters Shi De Shin, Xu Xi, De Su, and De Duzan. In 1988 the author won the National Championship title for kung fu (70-kg class) in Shaolin and again in 1993 and 1994 in Zheng Zou. He received his diploma in 1989 from Master Shi De Yuan. He now lives and teaches in Goldegg, Austria. Authentic qi gong as practiced in the Shaolin Temple where this discipline originated centuries ago • Reveals the fundamental spiritual principles and includes both a short and long form of the daily exercises • Explains the benefits of mastering energy in the body, such as organ strengthening • Includes a 53-minute DVD of exercises performed by the author, a Shaolin monk

Daoist Nei Gong: The Philosophic Art of Change Damo Mitchell

Nei Gong has been a well-kept secret within the Taoist sects of China for centuries. Based upon the original teachings of the great sage Lao Tzu, it has only ever been taught to close students of the masters chosen as the heads of the ancient orders. For the first time in the English language, this book describes the philosophy, principles and practice of Nei Gong. The author provides a breakdown of the entire Nei Gong process, and explains in plain English the philosophy which underpins Nei Gong practice, and which is based on the original teachings of the ancient Taoist priests. The methodology of Sung breathing, an advanced meditative practice which has until now been reserved for ‘inner-door’ students is described, and the book contains an entire set of Qigong exercises accompanied by instructional photographs and drawings. This book will be of interest to all practitioners of Qi Gong, martial arts and meditation, and will be a rewarding read for anyone interested in Eastern philosophy.

Qigong Comprehensive Training Manual Jeff Primack

* Detailed Illustrations of ALL the exercises from Jeff Primack’s 4-Day Qigong workshop. * Theory behind MIRACLES and Qigong Phenomena that will supercharge your practice. * Covers EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about generating healing Qi. * Compliments the Animated DVDs nicely and provides deeper insight to the practices. Every precise detail has been included in this manual. Leaving nothing out... It contains step-by-step energy animated illustrations for: Empty Force, Cloud Hands, Earth Hands, Around the World, Push Hands, Full-body Cleansing, Drawing the Bow, Full-Body Spiraling, Nine-Breath Method and Jeff s 7 Wuji Style Movements. The clarity of this transmission is unmatched according to seasoned veterans of Qigong. Within these 200 pages one receives an initiation to theory of Supreme Science Qigong, Food-Based Healing, Making Miracles, Qigong Data on Mind Consciousness and AMAZING discussion on the secrets of healing prayer that the movie The Secret doesn t tell you. Concludes with Sacred Geometry and ALL IS ONE consciousness. Jeff Primack has taught over 10,000 people his Qigong system in live seminars. Furthermore, he has certified 600 knowledgable instructors and has started a movement to bring Qigong to everyone in America. He began his training by flying in Qigong Masters from around the world for seminars... all of whom had atleast 50 years training! He organized hundreds of seminars for these legendary masters. Then many years later he developed his own unique system that incorporated animation of Qi into his teachings and experts are raving.

Qigong for Health & Martial Arts: Exercises and Meditation Yang Jwing-Ming Increase your strength, improve your health, and develop greater martial power with Qigong. Yang, Jwing-Ming Ph.D., is a renowned author and teacher of Chinese martial arts and Qigong. Born in Taiwan, he has trained and taught Taijiquan, Qigong and Chinese martial arts for over forty-five years. He is the author of over thirty books, and was elected by Inside Kung Fu magazine as one of the 10 people who has “made the greatest impact on martial arts in the past 100 years.” Dr. Yang lives in Northern California.

Oceanic Mind - The Deeper Meditation Training Course: For Beginning and Advanced Students of Meditation and Tom Von Deck “I’ve read this book, and it is the most comprehensive and easy to understand meditative resource I’ve ever found. Thanks Tom for your excellent work.” -Todd Schaefer, Soul Solutions Healing, July, 2009 “I recommend that everyone check out (Tom’s) web site and his program for improvement. One of the best I have seen.” - Michael Jon Kell, MD PhD This is absolutely foolproof meditation for busy people. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of meditation, Qigong or Yoga, this book is for you! You will not only learn 60+ exercises and meditation techniques, but lots of tips and strategies for making meditation a much much easier and more customized process. The strategy training allows one to be compatible with every aspect of one’s practice and “busy-proof” it so that there is always time for peace. Tom Von Deck is a personal and workplace meditation trainer, stress management speaker and author.

Born A Healer: I was born a healer. You were born a healer, too! Chunyi Lin

A certified International Qigong Master, Chunyi Lin is the creator of Spring Forest Qigong, a revolutionary and enhanced approach to the ancient Chinese practice of health and wellness known as Qigong. Informative, instructive and inspirational, Born A Healer begins with the story of Chunyi LinÂ’s journey from an often terrifying childhood in the tumultuous and violent Cultural Revolution in his native China to becoming the renowned healer and teacher he is today. Born A Healer continues with an introduction to Spring Forest Qigong, guiding the reader through the basics of this enhanced, healing technique and concludes with the amazing stories of some of Chunyi Lin’s students in their own words. Their experiences are living proof of the truth of his message that everyone was born with the gift of healing and how Spring Forest Qigong can provide you, too, with a powerful technique for using this wonderful healing gift to help yourself and those you love. Read Born A Healer and experience for yourself the truth of the message: You were Born A Healer!

Qigong for Staying Young: A Simple 20-Minute Workout to Culitivate Your Vital Energy Shoshanna Katzman Gentle movements from the ancient Chinese art of self-healing and fitness to maintain youthful health and vitality. Shoshanna Katzman introduces readers to the practice of qigong through her graceful twenty-minute program that incorporates postures, breath, sound, visualization, and self-massage. This revitalizing workout will help women of all ages maintain youthful skin, eyes, and hair; improve fitness; and renew energy. Readers can then customize their routine, as the author explains how to apply the healing powers of qigong-along with herbal and dietary remediesto specific age-related concerns such as arthritis, osteoporosis, menopause, weight gain, and decreased sexual vitality. Shoshanna Katzman has been a qigong instructor and tai chi master for more than twenty-five years. A board member of the National Qigong Association, she is the founder and director of the Red Bank Acupuncture and Wellness Center in New Jersey and the co-author of Feeling Light.

The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy cyndi dale

All healers are “energetic” healers, whether they know it or not. Because every health issue has a physical and an energetic component, even a simple physical treatment like bandaging a cut also impacts the body’s spiritual, mental, and emotional welfare. The Subtle Body is a comprehensive encyclopedia devoted to the critical world of our invisible anatomy, where so much of healing actually occurs. Compiled by intuitive healer and scholar Cyndi Dale, this 500-page full color illustrated reference book covers: What is the “subtle body”? New scientific understanding of our quantum-state existence and the unseen fields that determine our physical condition; True integrative care: how combining Eastern energetic modalities with Western scientific rigor yields optimum results; The meridians, fields, and chakras: detailed information and diagrams about the role of these energetic structures in our overall health; Energy-based therapy principles from the world’s healing traditions including Ayurveda, Qigong, Reiki, Quabalah, and many more. Cyndi Dale of Minneapolis, MN, is author of seven books, including Illuminating the Afterlife (Sounds True, 2008) and New Chakra Healing (Llewellyn, 2002), which is currently in its 14th printing and has been translated into 11 languages. She is president of Life Systems Services and has conducted training across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Qigong Fever: Body, Science, and Utopia in China Qigong—a regimen of body, breath, and David A. Palmer mental training exercises—was one of the most widespread cultural and religious movements of late-twentieth-century urban China. The practice was promoted by senior Communist Party leaders as a uniquely Chinese healing tradition and as a harbinger of a new scientific revolution, yet the movement’s mass popularity and the almost religious devotion of its followers led to its ruthless suppression. In this absorbing and revealing book, David A. Palmer relies on a combination of historical, anthropological, and sociological perspectives to describe the spread of the qigong craze and its reflection of key trends that have shaped China since 1949, including the search for a national identity and an emphasis on the absolute authority of science. Qigong offered the promise of an all-powerful technology of the body rooted in the mysteries of Chinese culture. However, after 1995 the scientific underpinnings of qigong came under attack, its leaders were denounced as charlatans, and its networks of followers, notably Falungong, were suppressed as “evil cults.” According to Palmer, the success of the movement proves that a hugely important religious dimension not only survived under the CCP but was actively fostered, if not created, by high-ranking party members. Tracing the complex relationships among the masters, officials, scientists, practitioners, and ideologues involved in qigong, Palmer opens a fascinating window on the transformation of Chinese tradition as it evolved along with the Chinese state. As he brilliantly demonstrates, the rise and collapse of the qigong movement is key to understanding the politics and culture of post-Mao society.

Chinese Medical Qigong Tianjun Liu

Qigong is one of the most important aspects of traditional Chinese culture and medicine. In recent years, Qigong therapy has attracted more and more attention from modern medicine and science and is now widely applied in clinical settings to treat illness and promote well-being. “Qigong Study in Chinese Medicine” is the first English translation of the only official textbook of medical Qigong, now in its third edition, used in colleges and universities of traditional Chinese medicine in China. Combining the traditional therapies of Qigong with the most recent outcomes of modern scientific research, it provides an authoritative introduction to the knowledge system and contents of Qigong study. This textbook will be a useful tool for medical students and healthcare professionals interested in complementary and alternative therapies as well as for anyone who would like to learn more about the beneficial medical applications of Qigong. Dr Tianjun Liu is director of the Qigong research laboratory at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine where he has taught Qigong for twenty years. He is also secretary general of the National Qigong Education and Study Association, a council member of China Academic Society of Medical Qigong and the editor-in-chief of Qigong Study in Chinese Medicine, the only official Qigong textbook used in universities and colleges of traditional Chinese medicine in China.

Natural Chi Movement: Accessing the World of the Miraculous modern world is largely focused on the physical— Tienko Ting The on the appetites and senses, on doing and having—

which can blind us to the spiritual realm. In Natural Chi Movement, Tienko Ting articulates a theory of life that unites the physical and spiritual worlds. He suggests there is nothing to learn or master; each of us—and every living thing—is a product of the merging of physical and spiritual energy, already endowed with the capacity to thrive and heal. Activation of our chi is the component to wellness that most of us have been missing. It is the essence of the practice of Natural Chi Movement. Natural Chi Movement guides modern seekers in embracing their spiritual nature and accessing the boundless potential of energy. Doing so, says Ting, can also help address global problems from health care to ecology. Featuring 23 illustrations, the book draws on Chinese history, philosophy, and medicine, as well as from the author’s own work with spiritual energy. Natural Chi Movement is an exploration into the nature of spiritual energy and how to access and use it for vibrant health and optimal well being. Written in a simple, lucid style, Natural Chi Movement sheds much-needed light on the nature of the energy that makes up all life, opening up a world of extraordinary healing for everyone. Tienko Ting is the originator of Natural Chi Movement, the simple practice of allowing the body to respond naturally and spontaneously to the flow of energy. Born in Taiwan, Ting studied chi-enhancing techniques before discovering the ancient form of chi activation he currently practices. This form extends back to Bodhidharma, the renowned thirteenth-century Zen master. Since 1990, Ting has led Natural Chi Movement workshops throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.

Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance Garri Garripoli

Author Garri Garripoli, himself a practitioner of Qigong for the past twenty years, renders the book fascinating yet easy-to-read. He expertly guides readers on this once-in-a-lifetime journey, inspiring them to look deeper into healing in order to discover how to move beyond the standards and limitations of Western medicine. Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance shows readers that we all carry within ourselves the ability to heal, and encourages them to tap into that innate gift and dance their own dance of life. Readers are sure to find this book fascinating, even life changing. It is a must-read for anyone intrigued by the mystique of ancient Eastern healing arts or seeking a daily practice that promotes and maintains fullbody well-being. Garri Garripoli left a full scholarship in pre-med at the University of Colorado during the mid-1970’s to study with a renowned master of Eastern healing in Hawaii. His passionate studies in traditional Chinese medicine and alternative healing modalities are reflected in his varied work for Public Television. A long time practitioner of Qigong, Garripoli has traveled extensively throughout China and the world writing his books, television and film scripts and articles for martial arts magazines.

The Wonders of Chi Kung: Relieving Stress and Unlocking Glowing Health and Vitality Third Edition Anthony Spinicchia Chi Kung (also spelled Qigong) is gaining recognition around the world as more and more people are learning about the fantastic benefits it brings to those who practice it. Shaolin Chi Kung is famous for helping people overcome seemingly incurable and chronic illnesses but more than that it enhances the quality of life for those that aren’t sick by preventing illnesses, increasing energy, improving work performance, lowering stress and expanding creativity among many other benefits. Shaolin Chi Kung has been practiced and refined for over 1500 years to the present and is amazingly relevant to the needs of people today. Shaolin Arts are famous throughout history for being the greatest arts. In this book you’ll learn why and how you can dramatically enhance your quality of life by doing an easy and enjoyable meditative exercise 15 minutes a day. This interesting and easy to read volume will inspire and guide you in a practice that was taught only to the elite of China for hundreds of years. Sifu Anthony Spinicchia is a senior disciple of Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. Anthony Spinicchia, b. 1964, teaches Shaolin Chi Kung to individuals, groups and organizations and conducts public and private lectures on this incredible art and how it is relevant to people today. He also provides personalized Chi Therapy to help people self-heal from chronic, painful and life threatening conditions. www. . Mr. Spinicchia is a senior disciple of the Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. Anthony Spinicchia’s popular lectures and presentations are known for being informative, interesting and fun. If you would like a presentation to your group or organization on Shaolin Chi Kung, its Zen approach, and how it is relevant to them, or if you are interested in Chi Therapy for yourself or a loved one, you may contact him via the contact info contained in his website.

Anthology of QiGong Relaxation Therapy & Mind Expansion (Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief, Depression Relief, Heath & Fitness, Meditation, Enhancement Therapy) [Audio CD]

Bill Douglas Qigong Relaxation Therapy & Mind Expansion is THE ULTIMATE DE-STRESSING program, using soothing enjoyable visualization and breathing techniques you do sitting down. This 72 minute 4 track CD audio program can be used at home or anywhere since all you need is a CD player. Track 1 provides explanation and a breathing technique that will leave you immediately calmer, clearer, relaxed, and yet more energized. Track 2 is a profoundly benefical deep stress unloading technique you’ll treasure for life. Track 3 builds on that to add an even deeper experience. Track 4 employs a breathing relaxation method great for those days your mind can’t stop spinning.

Chi Gung: Chinese Healing, Energy and Natural Magick You possess the ability to tap a bottomless well of L.V. Carnie physical and psychic energy (called “chi” in Chinese). With it you can harness the magickal power of the universe. How do you do it? By learning the ancient Chinese art of breath, posture, and sensory awareness as explained in Chi Gung by L. V. Carnie. As you learn this system to direct your flow of chi, you will be able to achieve ultimate health and things you have only dreamed of: —Look and feel younger —Add healthy years to your life —Progress faster in martial arts training —Develop different types of psychic ability: heal at a distance, talk with spirits, move objects with your mind —Increase your fitness level —Help damaged tissue heal more quickly —Improve sexual performance —Learn to control your body temperature —Bond with your pets or with animals in the wild Chi Gung is filled with simple but effective exercises for mind, body, and spirit that will open your flow of chi as they open you to a whole new world of possibilities. No other chi gung self help book covers such a broad range of material or presents the actual training techniques for mastering the more advanced skills. The exercises include simple stretches and slow movements with creative visualization and breathwork. One technique that is fully explained is called the small circulation, or the microcosmic cycle. It will teach you to circulate your chi around your body and head without having it enter your arms or legs. Another technique, the grand circulation or heavenly cycle, teaches you to move chi throughout your entire body. It’s not difficult, and you can do it no matter your current level of health or fitness.

The Healer Within: Using Traditional Chinese Techniques To Release Your Body’s Own Medicine *Movement *Massage *Meditation *Breathing Roger Jahnke RELEASE YOUR NATURAL POWERS FOR HEALING, ENDURANCE, AND LONGEVITY With this revoloutionary guide, you will learan four simple and remarkably effective techniques to release your natural powers for healing.

Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit (Shing-ling-mei Wudang Qigong as taught by

Master Qing Chuan Wang) Katherine Orr

For millennia, the Chinese have practiced qigong to enhance body, mind and spirit. They understood that the key to good health and wellbeing resides within heart and mind. By using heart and mind to direct energy - qi - we can learn to balance our body and our life. Master Qing Chuan Wang is a qigong grandmaster, a gifted healer and 18th patriarch of the Wudang Qigong lineage. He brings you Shing-ling-mei Wudang qigong, an effective and uplifting practice that promotes health, healing and happiness. “Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit” is written by Master Wang’s wife, Katherine, who is also one of his most advanced students. Through anecdotes, personal history and clearly articulated philosophical principles, this book holds your interest. It presents an overview of the qigong tradition and thorough explanation of the form of qigong taught by Master Wang. You learn what qigong is and how it works, as well as its benefits and applications. A well-illustrated, detailed practice section provides everything needed to develop an effective practice at home. Shing-ling-mei Wudang qigong is a safe, gentle and effective practice for all ages. A companion DVD, purchased separately, features the six moving exercises illustrated in the book.

Secrets to Living Younger Longer:

The Self-Healing Path of Qigong, Standing Meditation and Tai Chi Michael Mayer

Secrets To Living Younger Longer is based on Qigong, a many thousand-year-old method of cultivating the energy of life (Qi) through movement, breath, touch, sound, and awareness. Scientific research documents how Qigong can lower blood pressure, increase balance and help with a wide variety of chronic diseases. But this is more than a book on Qigong exercises. Building upon those in the forefront of the mind-body healthcare revolution, Dr, Mayer has created a unique blend, combining Chinese Qigong and Western psychological methods with cross-cultural anthropological research. Secrets… is enlivened by mythic tales and imaginative teaching stories from ancient sacred wisdom traditions. Secrets to Living Younger Longer contains: • Health & Longevity Practices: A synthesis of 30 years of Dr. Mayer’s training with some of the most respected Tai Chi and Qigong masters. Learn practices to add to your lifetime preventative medicine program: • Discover the unique Chinese practice of Sung to simultaneously relax and energize your body, Strengthen immunity, Reduce Hypertension, Limber your joints, Release computer shoulder tension Relieve chronic illnesses, Prevent falls, Alleviate insomnia and anxiety, Find relief from arthritis and Fibromyalgia, *See Appendix I for a list of health benefits for all ages. * • Intriguing Historical Research: Learn how Tai Chi and Qigong have roots in Shamanism and a lost, integrative Self- healing lineage. Rediscovering these underpinnings helps to deepen the healing potentials of these arts. • Standing Meditation: The key to making Qigong most effective. • Transforming your Life Stance: Realizations and examples from a psychologist’s life, and from his patients and students.

The Shaolin Workout: 28 Days to Transforming Your Body and Soul the Warrior’s Way Shi yan Ming

In his loft in New york City’s Greenwich Village, Sifu Shi Yan Ming trains men and women of all ages, body types and backgrounds in the fundamentals of kung fu. A 34th generation Shaolin Warrior monk from China’s Shaolin Temple--the birthplace of Chan Buddhism and the mecca of all martial arts--Yan Ming teaches the students at his USA Shaolin Temple that there is no better workout program than his brand of kung fu for getting the body and mind into warrior condition. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of four-color photographs, the warrior workout, distills a lifetime of Shaolin training and wisdom into a 28-day workout. This complete-unto-itself program of both fitness and spiritual lessons can be applied to every aspect of one’s life: work, relationships, family. Kung fu gives a superb aerobic workout at the same time that it dramatically increases flexibility, power, and speed.. The ultimate promise of the book is this: readers who stick to the plan for 28 days--for as little as 15 minutes a day--will be transformed inside and out. And the enormous sense of accomplishment that results will radiate through their life, allowing them to tackle the world with a warrior’s confidence, calm, and poise.

Miracle Healing from China: Qigong Charles McGee & Effie Poy Yew Chow This introduction to Qigong (pronounced chee-goong) describes its incredible potential, as a preventive health measure, and as a cure for diseas. Effie Chow, Ph.D., R.N., C A is one of a small group of Qigong masters in the U.S.

Secrets of Qigong Angus Clark The “Secrets of ...� series offer a unique juxtaposition of theory and practice, providing clear, full explanations which demystify each subject and show you the best way to apply it. Jargon free approach makes qigong easy to understand for the newcomer. This title explains all the origins, development and benefits of qigong. Step-by-step exercises are illustrated with colour photography. Angus Clark is an experienced QiGong tutor and founder of the School of Living Movement in Devon, England. He teaches both nationally and internationally, and also works with schools, health authorities, and community groups in England.

Meditation and Qigong Mastery Ricardo B. Serrano

A guide for healing, inner happiness and spiritual awakening by activating and developing your lightbody The first book Meditation and Qigong Mastery elaborates on the meditation and Qigong principles that masters use to activate and develop their lightbodies, also called EMF (electromagnetic fields), Wei Qi or merkaba, which is the missing mastery principle not discussed by eastern authors in their meditation and Qigong books. Omkabah heart lightbody activation and Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong are introduced. Quotations on inner mastery by meditation masters are included to guide the readers toward the path of inner mastery. Powerful mantras are also included to unite the meditation practitioners to the spiritual divine energy of the ancient lineage of the Siddha and Buddhist Masters. Lastly, the merkaba energy ball of light with holographic sound healing is taught for healing and spiritual awakening. The first book Meditation and Qigong Mastery elaborates on the meditation and Qigong principles that masters use to activate and develop their lightbodies, also called EMF (electromagnetic fields), Wei Qi or merkaba, which is the missing mastery principle not discussed by eastern authors in their meditation and Qigong books. Omkabah heart lightbody activation and Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong are introduced. Quotations on inner mastery by meditation masters are included to guide the readers toward the path of inner mastery. Powerful mantras are also included to unite the meditation practitioners to the spiritual divine energy of the ancient lineage of the Siddha and Buddhist Masters. Lastly, the merkaba energy ball of light with holographic sound healing is taught for healing and spiritual awakening.

Quiet Mind: A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation [Audiobook] Sharon Salzberg, Sakyong Mipham, Tulku Thondup, Larry rosenberg, Susan Piver This unique book-and-audio program brings together some of the country’s most beloved meditation teachers. Each contributor presents a short written teaching along with an audio recording of a guided practice. Quiet Mind features: • Sakyong Mipham on shamatha, the practice of tranquillity • Larry Rosenberg on vipassana, the practice of clear seeing • Edward Espe Brown on zazen, the practice of freedom • Sharon Salzberg on metta, the practice of lovingkindness • Judith Lief on tonglen, the practice of transformation • Tulku Thondup on healing the body and mind through meditation • Yoga teacher Richard Faulds on the link between yoga and meditation

Meditation: How to Reduce Stress, Get Healthy, and Find Your Happiness in Just 15 Minutes a Day. Rachel J. Rofe

Meditation can provide you immeasurable benefits. A good meditation session will help you feel calm and relaxed - no matter how stressed you were before. You will immediately feel more peaceful, have more clarity around pressing problems, and can make spiritual leaps with meditation. This book will help you learn everything you need to know about meditating “right”. It shows you the best meditation technique for YOU, how to develop a routine, how to breathe correctly, and much more --without any judgment. Rachel Rofe has been meditating for years now. As a result, she reports feeling more calm, at peace, relaxed, and having a greater sense of “knowing”. She turns to meditation whenever she feels stressed, wants to get the answer to a problem, or needs to ground herself.

Stages of Meditation The Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama explains the principles of meditation in a practice-oriented format especially suited to Westerners. Based upon the middle section of the Bhavanakrama by Kamalasila, a translation of which is included, this is the most extensive commentary given by the Dalai Lama on this concise but important meditation handbook. It is a favorite text of the Dalai Lama and he often takes the opportunity to give teachings on it to audiences throughout the world. In his words, “This text can be like a key that opens the door to all other major Buddhist scriptures.” Topics included are: the nature of mind, how to develop compassion and loving-kindness, calm abiding, wisdom, and how to establish a union of calm abiding and special insight.

Mindfulness in Plain English: 20th Anniversary Edition Bhante Gunaratana With over a quarter of a million copies sold, Mindfulness in Plain English is one of the most influential books in the burgeoning field of mindfulness and a timeless classic introduction to meditation. This is a book that people read, love, and give to everyone they know—a book that people talk about, write about, reflect on, and return to over and over again. Henepola Gunaratana is a Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhist monk. He is often affectionately known as Bhante G. Bhante is a title which literally means venerable sir in Pāli. In addition to being a polite form of address in Pāli conversation, it is commonly used as a term of respect for Theravada monks.

The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation Thich Nhat Hanh, vo-dihn Mai, Mobi ho In this beautiful and lucid guide, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh offers gentle anecdotes and practical exercise as a means of learning the skills of mindfulness--being awake and fully aware. From washing the dishes to answering the phone to peeling an orange, he reminds us that each moment holds within it an opportunity to work toward greater selfunderstanding and peacefulness. Thích Nhất Hạnh (born October 11, 1926) is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet and peace activist who now lives in France. Born Nguyễn Xuân Bảo, Thích Nhất Hạnh joined a Zen (Vietnamese: Thiền) monastery at the age of 16, and studied Buddhism as a novitiate. Upon his ordination as a monk in 1949, he assumed the Dharma name Thích Nhất Hạnh. Thích is an honorary family name used by all Vietnamese monks and nuns, meaning that they are part of the Shakya (Shakyamuni Buddha) clan.[1] He is often considered the most influential living figure in the lineage of Lâm Tế (Vietnamese Rinzai) Thiền, and perhaps also in Zen Buddhism as a whole.

Meditation: An In-Depth Guide Ian Gawler, paul bedson Meditation is increasingly recommended for relaxation, for enhancing relationships and well-being, to increase performance in sports and business, for personal growth, and to assist healing. Introducing mindfulness-based stillness meditation, Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson explain how to build a daily meditation practice. The authors also show how meditation can be used to work with our emotions, aid healing, manage pain, or as a spiritual practice. Meditation is a path we can pursue and refine throughout our lives. Drawing on modern science as well as ancient Eastern traditions and the authors’ own extensive personal experience as practitioners and teachers, this guide offers the techniques and understanding needed to explore meditation practice deeply. It is also an invaluable resource for meditation teachers from all background. Ian Gawler is a pioneer in the therapeutic application of meditation. He is the author of the bestselling books Meditation Pure & Simple, Peace of Mind, and You Can Conquer Cancer. He is the founder of The Gawler Foundation of Melbourne, Australia. Paul Bedson is a counselor, psychotherapist, meditation instructor, and natural therapist. He has been working in the field of mind/body medicine for more than twenty years.

Insight Meditation: A Step-By-Step Course on How to Meditate

Sharon Salzberg

The Insight Meditation twelve-month correspondence course is an unparalleled home immersion in vipassana meditation and philosophy, presented by the cofounders of the Insight Meditation Society, Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein. Cultivate the sacred environment of a retreat in your own home, with the help of a personal instructor. Includes twelve sequential lessons, an 88-page workbook with interactive exercises, and more.

The Best Guide to Meditation Victor N. Davich You’ve heard about meditation but don’t know where to begin? Begin with this book! -Want instant gratification? Go directly to chapter 2 and you will start meditating immediately! -Your doctor says you can control stress with meditation. Your doctor is right! It also works on anxiety and hypertension. -This book jump-starts the novice by making meditation instantly accessible, and shows intermediate and advance meditators how to deepen their practice. relaxation, and serenity, try meditation.

-Busy, busy, busy? If you’re looking for peace of mind, happiness,

-It’s simple, it’s natural, and its results can be permanent . -Who meditates...aside from Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama, and The Beatles? Well, Goldie Hawn, Barbara De Angelis, Richard Gere, Oliver Stone, Andrew Weil, M.D., and Howard Stern, to name a few. -Feeling muddleheaded, slightly out of it? Meditating gets you in touch with your emotions and teaches you how to go with the flow.

The Tibetan Book of Meditation Lama Christie McNally Meditation helps us relax, sharpens our minds, and increases our creativity. In The Tibetan Book of Meditation, Lama Christie McNally demonstrates that meditation also provides a much greater gift. It awakens our innate potential to shape our reality, to make moments of joy last forever, and to bring us the peace and contentment that we all ultimately seek. Written in an instructional yet intimate style, the author guides readers through a progression of meditations, from the simple concept of compassion to the transformative concept of emptiness. Teaching technique and content at the same time, this book is unique in its comprehensive approach and will find a special place in the hearts of novice and experienced meditators alike. Christie McNally, a renowned master teacher and lecturer who has studied with some of the greatest Indian, Tibetan, and western Buddhist masters, explains the central tenets of Buddhism and reveals how they apply to everyday life. Combining ancient wisdom and contemporary teachings, she leads readers along the path to a richer, fuller life through resonant examples and eyeopening insights.

Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga Rolf Gates, Katrina Kenison As more and more people in the West pursue yoga in its various forms, whether at traditional centers, in the high-powered atmosphere of sports clubs, or on their own, they begin to realize that far from being just another exercise routine, yoga is a discipline of the body and the mind. The 365 meditations incluided in this book offer a way to integrate the mindfulness that yoga teaches into everyday life. Whether used in the morning to set the tone for the day, during yoga exercise itself, or at the end of the day, during evening reflection, Meditations from the Mat will support and enhance anyone’s yoga journey.

Science of Being and Art of Living: Transcendental Meditation Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founder of Transcendental Meditation, and this one-ofa-kind book remains the definitive introduction to its practice. Since it was first published in 1963, the book has sold more than 1.1 million copies in the U.S. alone. In Science of Being and Art of Living, Maharishi unfolds his vision for bringing life to fulfillment through a simple, effortless technique that anyone can easily learn and enjoy. Currently, there are more than six million practitioners worldwide, with TM centers in more than 108 countries. More than 600 scientific studies have shown that Transcendental Meditation technique helps to: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the * Expand the mind to its unlimited cosmic potential Worldwide Transcendental Meditation * Improve health and reverse the aging process Movement, has established meditation * Lower high blood pressure and risk of stroke centers in all the major cities of the * Increase intelligence and creativity world. * Boost memory and learning ability * Reduce stress, tension, and anxiety * Increase energy, vitality, and well-being * Nourish inner contentment, happiness, fulfillment-the state of enlightenment.

Meditation: The First and Last Freedom Osho The first upgrade to meditation since Buddha’s time In this essential meditation handbook for the 21st century, Osho turns the traditional notion of meditation practice on its head. Meditation: The First and Last Freedom shows that meditation is not a spiritual discipline separate from everyday life in the real world. In essence, it is simply the art of being aware of what is going on inside and around us. As we acquire the knack, meditation can be our companion wherever we are-at work, at play, at rest. Meditation contains practical, step-by-step guides to a wide variety of meditation techniques selected by and/or created by Osho, including the unique OSHO Active Meditations which deal with the special tensions of contemporary life. Recognizing that it’s almost impossible for most people these days just to stop and sit silently, these meditations - including the Osho Dynamic Meditation and Osho Kundalini Meditation - begin with one or more stages of vigorous physical activity. This brings our physical and mental energies to a peak, so that the following silence is easy -- leaving us alert, refreshed, and newly energized. Newly revised and resized into a handy portable format, Meditation is the perfect text to begin or continue exploring the joys of meditation.

Meditation As Medicine: Activate the Power of Your Natural Healing Force Dharma Singh Khalsa Proven effective by scientific research and presented here by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa and Cameron Stauth, the practice of Medical Meditation revolutionizes the healing process. By balancing and regenerating the body’s ethereal and physical energies through simple meditations, Medical Meditation unites the mind, body, and spirit into a powerful triad. Each Medical Meditation here has a specific physiological effect, targeting afflictions from arthritis to ulcers to cancer. Dr. Khalsa details the five unique attributes that endow this type of meditation with far more power than standard meditation. The combination of special postures and movements; exact positioning of the hands and fingers; particular mantras; specific breathing patterns; and a unique focus of concentration can change your entire biochemical profile, easing you into a calm, healing state. Practiced in conjunction with conventional or alternative medical treatments, cutting-edge Medical Meditation activates the healing force within you.

Mindfulness for Beginners Jon Kabat-Zinn

Perhaps no other person in America has done more to bring mindfulness meditation into the mainstream than Jon Kabat-Zinn. Through many research studies and his pioneering work at the University of Massachusetts where he is founder of its world renowned Stress Reduction Clinic, KabatZinn has served as a recognized bridge between science and meditation. With Mindfulness for Beginners, he offers the definitive course designed specifically to introduce new students to the proven benefits of mindfulness practice, including: stress reduction, alleviation of depression, chronic pain relief, and more. Featured in Bill Moyer’s PBS Special Healing and the Mind, Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. is executive director at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. He is the founder and former director of the UMMC Stress Reduction Clinic and an associate professor of medicine in the division of preventive and behavioral medicine. Using mindfulness meditation, Kabat-Zinn works to help people reduce stress and deal with chronic pain, and a variety of illnesses, particularly breast cancer. He was a trainer for the 1984 U.S. Men’s Olympic Rowing Team and is especially interested in reducing the stress-related problems in the inner city and in prison populations. Kabat-Zinn’s books include: Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain and Illness (1991); Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life (1994) and Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting (1997), which was co-authored with his wife, Myla.

Present Moment Awareness: A Simple, Step-by-Step Guide to Living in the Now Shannon Duncan

Filled with easy, accessible anecdotes and exercises, Present Moment Awareness shows readers how they can drop their emotional baggage, calm their worries about the future, and start enjoying the peace and happiness that can only be found in the present moment. Through a series of simple but enlightening concepts, Duncan, who retired a multimillionaire before the age of 30 and has become a word-of-mouth phenomenon, shows how we can discover the true causes of our stress and discontent, transform our emotions from rulers into advisors, and start enjoying our lives, right here and now. As a striving entrepreneur, Shannon Duncan had always thought that money and success would bring him happiness. But when he retired a multimillionaire before the age of thirty and could buy almost any possession or experience he wanted, he realized that the source of happiness was definitely elsewhere. Through a series of realizations, brought about through selfexploration and study, Duncan realized that what he was really searching for was to feel good about himself, and thus feel safe and peaceful in the world. Once he gained the opportunity to realize what wouldn’t bring him peace, he began to understand that peace was always within him, underneath the turmoil, if only he would surrender enough to see it.

Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance

(Insights for a New Way of Living) Osho, Sarito Carol Neiman

Underlying all meditation techniques, including martial arts-and in fact underlying all great athletic performances-is a quality of being awake and present to the moment, a quality that Osho calls awareness. Once we can identify and understand what this quality of awareness is, we have the key to self-mastery in virtually every area of our lives. According to great masters like Lao Tzu or Buddha, most of us move through our lives like sleepwalkers. Never really present in what we are doing, never fully alert to our environment, and not even aware of what motivates us to do and say the things we do.At the same time, all of us have experienced moments of awareness-or awakening, to use another-in extraordinary circumstances. On the road, in a sudden and unexpected accident, time seems to stop and one is suddenly aware of every movement, every sound, every thought. Or in moments that touch us deeply-welcoming a new baby into the world for the first time, or being with someone at the moment of death.Awareness, says Osho, is the key to being self-directed, centered, and free in every aspect of our lives. In this book, Osho teaches how to live life more attentively, mindfully, and meditatively, with love, caring and consciousness. OSHO challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to life in all its richness. He has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the “1000 Makers of the 20th Century” and by Sunday Mid-Day (India) as one of the ten people-along with Gandhi, Nehru, and Buddha-who have changed the destiny of India. More than a decade after his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to expand, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.

Radiant Mind:

Awakening Unconditioned Awareness Peter Fenner Whether it is called enlightenment, pure awareness, or the “unconditioned mind,” there exists an awakened state of pure liberation that is at the heart of every contemplative tradition. Yet, according to Peter Fenner, this experience of boundless consciousness does not have to exist separately from our day-today, “conditioned” existence. Rather, we can learn to exist as unique individuals at the same time as we rest in a unified expanse of oneness with all existence-in a state he calls “Radiant Mind.” In Radiant Mind, Peter Fenner shares the insights, techniques, and exercises he has developed in teaching the thousands of students who have attended his sold-out workshops, including: - How to observe and dissolve fixations, to live in the here and now without being controlled by our desires - Listening and speaking in a way that moves us toward pure openness--and lets us share this experience with others - Tools for identifying our conscious and unconscious sources of suffering-and learning to transcend those patterns “As extraordinary as unconditioned mind may sound,” teaches Peter Fenner, “it isn’t distant from our everyday life; it’s always readily available to us.” Now, this respected authority on both Eastern spirituality and Western psychology introduces readers to a set of practices available to anyone open to the complete possibilities of their spiritual evolution--and to the experience of the unconstrained bliss of Radiant Mind. A master of nondual spirituality teaches practices for integrating the liberated state of unconditioned awareness into your everyday life.

The Power of Now:

A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Eckhart Tolle It’s no wonder that The Power of Now has sold over 2 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over 30 foreign languages. Much more than simple principles and platitudes, the book takes readers on an inspiring spiritual journey to find their true and deepest self and reach the ultimate in personal growth and spirituality: the discovery of truth and light. In the first chapter, Tolle introduces readers to enlightenment and its natural enemy, the mind. He awakens readers to their role as a creator of pain and shows them how to have a pain-free identity by living fully in the present. The journey is thrilling, and along the way, the author shows how to connect to the indestructible essence of our Being, “the eternal, ever-present One Life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death.” Featuring a new preface by the author, this paperback shows that only after regaining awareness of Being, liberated from Mind and intensely in the Now, is there Enlightenment. Spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating, and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he began to work in London with individuals and small groups as a counselor and spiritual teacher. Since 1995 he has lived in Vancouver, Canada.

Energy Medicine:

Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, andVitality Donna Eden, David Feinstein A tenth-anniversary edition of Donna Eden’s and David Feinstein’s definitive guide to energy medicine . In this updated and expanded edition of her alternative health classic Energy Medicine , Donna Eden shows readers how they can understand their body’s energy systems to promote healing. A highly interactive guide to working with energy to alleviate physical pain, decrease stress, and improve memory and learning skills, this anniversary edition includes: * a new foreword by Donna Eden; * a new section on energy techniques that can help you deal with invasive medical procedures such as surgery or chemotherapy; * extensive updates and revisions throughout, based on Eden’s work with hundreds of patients and students over the course of the past ten years; and * an updated “Resources Section.” Donna Eden is a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine, within both traditional and alternative health care settings. Recognized for her in-born ability to literally see the body’s energies, to accurately determine the causes of physical and psychological problems based on the state of these energies, and to devise highly effective treatments.

A New Earth:

Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose Eckhart Tolle With his bestselling spiritual guide The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle inspired millions of readers to discover the freedom and joy of a life lived “in the now.” In A New Earth, Tolle expands on these powerful ideas to show how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world. Tolle describes how our attachment to the ego creates the dysfunction that leads to anger, jealousy, and unhappiness, and shows readers how to awaken to a new state of consciousness and follow the path to a truly fulfilling existence. The Power of Now was a question-and-answer handbook. A New Earth has been written as a traditional narrative, offering anecdotes and philosophies in a way that is accessible to all. Illuminating, enlightening, and uplifting, A New Earth is a profoundly spiritual manifesto for a better way of life—and for building a better world. Spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating, and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he began to work in London with individuals and small groups as a counselor and spiritual teacher. Since 1995 he has lived in Vancouver, Canada.

Healing with Form, Energy, and Light:

The Five Elements in Tibetan Shamanism, Tantra, and Dzogchen Tenzin W. Rinpoche, Mark Dahlby In the shamanic world-view of Tibet, the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space are accessed through the raw powers of nature and through non-physical beings associated with the natural world. In the Tibetan tantric view, the elements are recognized as five kinds of energy in the body and are balanced with a program of yogic movements, breathing exercises, and visualizations. In these Dzogchen teachings, the elements are understood to be the radiance of being and are accessed through pure awareness. Healing with Form, Energy, and Light offers the reader healing meditations and yogic practices on each of these levels. Tenzin Rinpoche’s purpose is to strengthen our connection to the sacred aspect of the natural world and to present a guide that explains why certain practices are necessary and in what situations practices are effective or a hindrance. This is a manual for replacing an anxious, narrow, uncomfortable identity with one that is expansive, peaceful, and capable. And the world too is transformed from dead matter and blind processes into a sacred landscape filled with an infinite variety of living forces and beings. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche is one of the few Bon masters now living in the West. His skill as a teacher reflects his more than 15 years in guiding Western practitioners. Geshe is the founder and director of the Ligmincha Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia, and is the author of The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep and Wonders of the Natural Mind.

Energy Work:

The Secret of Healing and Spiritual Development Robert Bruce Robert Bruce, author of Astral Dynamics, a metaphysical classic, has worked privately as a healer, mystic, spiritual consultant and paranormal researcher for 30 years and provides a free consulting and healing service to the global Internet community. He has developed an exciting method that enables readers to enhance their physical health and spiritual practice by providing natural support for their personal energy systems. Bruce’s method, which can be learned in 30 minutes, delivers such profound benefits as improved immune system function; enhanced vitality, energy levels and healing from everyday ailments; better appetite control and easier weight management; and increased development of psychic and spiritual abilities. Those feeling “stuck” on a plateau in spiritual practice—from yoga, t’ai chi and chi gong to kung fu or reiki—or simply searching for a way to increase their well-being and overall enjoyment of life will want to experience the accelerated spiritual progress made possible by Bruce’s simple method. His step-by-step approach is Western in orientation and vocabulary, and it incorporates thought form imaging, intention, elemental properties, self-healing practices and essential grounding exercises to encourage safe, rapid results. Bruce reports that most people experience significant energy body activity in their first practice session.

Light Emerging:

The Journey of Personal Healing Barbara Brennan Barbara Ann Brennan’s bestselling first book, Hands of Light, established her as one of the world’s most gifted healers and teachers. Now, she continues her ground-breaking exploration of the human energy field, or aura -- the source of our experience of health or illness. Drawing on many new developments in her teaching and practice, she shows how we can be empowered as both patients and healers to understand and work with our most fundamental healing power: the light that emerges from the very center of our humanity. In a unique approach that encourages a cooperative effort among healer, patient, and other health-care providers, Light Emerging explains what the healer perceives visually, audibly, and kinesthetically and how each of us can participate in every stage of the healing process. Presenting a fascinating range of research, from a paradigm of healing based on the science of holography to insights into the “hara level” and the “core star,” Light Emerging is at the leading edge of healing practice in our time. Barbara Ann Brennan is a healer, therapist, and scientist who has devoted more than twenty years of research and exploration of the human energy field. Following an advanced degree in atmospheric physics from the University of Wisconsin, she worked as a research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. She trained in bioenergetic and core energetic therapy at the Institute for Psychophysical Synthesis and at the Community of the Whole Person in Washington, D.C. She was in the first graduating class of Dr. John Pierrakos’ Institute for the New Age, now known as the Institute of Core Energetics in New York City.

Energy Medicine Donna Eden, David Feinstein The first practical guide to using energy medicine to improve physical vitality, emotional health, and mental acuity. World-renowned healer Donna Eden is able to literally see the body’s energy keypoints and meridians. In Energy Medicine, she tells readers how they, too, can visualize these energy systems, determine the causes of physical and psychological problems based on the state of these energies, and devise highly effective treatments to remedy specific ailments and injuries. This is the only interactive guide that shows how you can work with energy to strengthen the immune, circulatory, lymphatic, and respiratory systems; alleviate pain, emotional stress, and depression; and improve memory and learning skills. In health conferences throughout the world, Eden consistently exhilarates and amazes her audiences. Blending intuitive genius with a profound grasp of how the body functions as an energy system, Donna Eden’s unique approach to energy medicine integrates Eastern, Celtic, and Western healing arts. Illustrated with black-and-white line art throughout

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism Chogyam Trungpa In this modern spiritual classic, the Tibetan meditation master Chögyam Trungpa highlights a common pitfall to which every aspirant on the spiritual path falls prey: what he calls spiritual materialism. The universal human tendency, he shows, is to see spirituality as a process of self-improvement—the impulse to develop and refine the ego when the ego is, by nature, essentially empty. “The problem,” Trungpa says, “is that ego can convert anything to its own use, even spirituality.” His incisive, compassionate teachings serve to wake us up from this trick we all play on ourselves, and to offer us a far brighter reality: the true and joyous liberation that inevitably involves letting go of the self rather than working to improve it. It is a message that has resonated with students for over thirty years and remains fresh as ever today. This edition includes a foreward by Chögyam Trungpa’s son and lineage holder Sakyong Mipham. Chögyam Trungpa (1940-1987)--meditation master, teacher, and artist--founded Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, the first Buddhist-inspired university in North America; the Shambhala Training program; and an international association of meditation centers known as Shambhala International. He is the author of numerous books including Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, and The Myth of Freedom.

Meditation in Action Chogyam Trungpa In this modern spiritual classic, the Tibetan meditation master Chögyam Trungpa highlights a common pitfall to which every aspirant on the spiritual path falls prey: what he calls spiritual materialism. The universal human tendency, he shows, is to see spirituality as a process of self-improvement— the impulse to develop and refine the ego when the ego is, by nature, essentially empty. “The problem,” Trungpa says, “is that ego can convert anything to its own use, even spirituality.” His incisive, compassionate teachings serve to wake us up from this trick we all play on ourselves, and to offer us a far brighter reality: the true and joyous liberation that inevitably involves letting go of the self rather than working to improve it. It is a message that has resonated with students for over thirty years and remains fresh as ever today. This edition includes a foreward by Chögyam Trungpa’s son and lineage holder Sakyong Mipham. Chögyam Trungpa (1940-1987)--meditation master, teacher, and artist-founded Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, the first Buddhist-inspired university in North America; the Shambhala Training program; and an international association of meditation centers known as Shambhala International. He is the author of numerous books including Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, and The Myth of Freedom. Chögyam Trungpa (1940–1987)—meditation master, teacher, and artist—founded Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, the first Buddhist-inspired university in North America; the Shambhala Training program; and an international association of meditation centers known as Shambhala International. He is the author of numerous books including Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, and Smile at Fear.

Work, Sex, Money: Real Life on the Path of Mindfulness Chogyam Trungpa, Carolyn Rose Gimian, Sherab Chodzin Kohn ed. Each day we deal with the challenges of ordinary life: a series of mundane experiences that could be summarized by the title of this book, Work, Sex, Money. We all hope that these aspects of our life will be a source of fulfillment and pleasure, and they often are. Yet they are also always sources of problems for which we seek practical advice and solutions. The best prescription, according to Chögyam Trungpa, is a dose of reality and also a dose of respect for ourselves and our world. His profound teachings on work, sex, and money celebrate the sacredness of life and our ability to cope with its twists and turns with dignity, humor, and even joy. He begins by breaking down the barrier between the spiritual and the mundane, showing that work, sex, and money are just as much a part of our spiritual life as they are a part of our everyday existence. He then discusses these subjects in relation to ego and self-image, karma, mindfulness, and meditation. “Work” includes general principles of mindfulness and awareness in how we conduct everyday life as well as discussion of ethics in business and the workplace. “Sex” is about relationships and communication as a whole. “Money” looks at how we view the economics of livelihood and money as “green energy” that affects our lives. The result is an inclusive vision of life, one that encompasses the biggest issues and the smallest details of every day. There are, in fact, few definitive answers in these pages. There is, however, authentic wisdom providing us with tools we need to work with the toughest stuff in our lives.

The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing Ken Cohen Qigong is an integrated mind-body healing method that has been practiced with remarkable results in China for thousands of years. The Chinese have long treasured qigong for its effectiveness both in healing and in preventing disease, and more recently they have used it in conjunction with modern medicine to cure cancer, immune system disorders, and other life-threatening conditions. Now in this fascinating, comprehensive volume, renowned qigong master and China scholar Kenneth S. Cohen explains how you too can integrate qigong into your life--and harness the healing power that will help your mind and body achieve the harmony of true health.

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December - January 2012 issue of Mastery Journal - the international ezine dedicated to mastery in Qigong, Coaching, and Life

December - January 2012 Issue  

December - January 2012 issue of Mastery Journal - the international ezine dedicated to mastery in Qigong, Coaching, and Life