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THE SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS There was once a beautiful queen who craved the arrival of a child. One day I was sitting by the window in its ring of ebony, pricked his finger with the needle, and droplets of blood fell on the snow on the windowsill. The queen looked at the contrast of the red blood on white snow and sighed. - I wish I have a daughter that had skin as white as snow, lips red as blood and hair black as ebony! Shortly after, his wish came true when a beautiful girl born to him with white skin, red lips and black hair who was named Snow White. Unfortunately, the queen died when she was very small and Snow White’s father married a beautiful woman and cruel that he cared more than their physical appearance than to do good deeds. The new queen had a magic mirror that could answer all the questions she did. But the one that was interested: - Magic Mirror, who is the fairest in the kingdom? Invariably the mirror replied: - The most beautiful you! The vanity of the Queen lived happy with the response, until one day the mirror told him something different: - It is true that His Majesty is very beautiful, but Snow White is the glory of the kingdom! Enraged, the jealous Queen cry - Snow White more beautiful than me? Impossible! That will not tolerate it! Then he summoned his most faithful hunter. - Take Snow White into the depths of the forest and kill her! Bring me her heart as proof that carry out my orders. The hunter bowed in sign of obedience and was looking for Snow White. - Where are we going? asked the girl. - A stroll through the woods – the hunter replied -. The poor man distressed, he knew he would be unable to execute the orders of the Queen. Arriving at the forest, the hunter said to Snow White what had happened and said, - Go away from here Run and hide where the Queen can not find you, and never returned to the palace! Snow White was so scared he was crying, the hunter killed a boar and took out the heart. “The Queen will think that is the heart of Snow White” – thought the hunter -. “So the princess and I will live longer.” Snow White was alone in the darkness of the forest. “I am terrified”- he thought. He saw eyes everywhere and he heard noises that were very scary. He ran aimlessly. He wandered for hours until he finally saw a clearing, a small cabin. - Is there anybody home? – Asked as he knocked at the door -. As no one answered, Snow White pushed and went inside. In the middle of the room was a round table set for seven guests. Feeling safe and protected, he climbed the stairs to the upper floor where he found next to one another, seven small beds. - “I’ll do a little nap” – he said – I’m so tired! ” Then he lay down and fell asleep. The cottage belonged to the seven dwarfs of the forest. They were very small, had beards and wore colorful hats. That night, they returned from a long day of work in the diamond mine. - Look! There is someone sleeping in our beds! -. One gently touched the shoulder of Snow White who awoke with a start. - Who are you? What are you doing here? – Asked the dwarfs surprised -.

Snow White told them her tragic story and they listened with compassion Stay with us .- -. Here you will be safe. – Do you know make apple pies? – Asked one of them -. - Yes, yes! I can make anything – she said happy -. - The apple pie is our favorite dessert – they said. Snow White took care of the housework while they worked in the diamond mine, and at night she told funny stories. However, the dwarves felt uneasy about the safety of Snow White. - Do not talk to strangers when you’re alone. And, above all, do not open the door for anybody! – Warning him to leave. - Do not worry. I will be careful – promised -. Months passed and Snow White was ever more beautiful. Reading, embroidering and sang beautiful songs. Sometimes he dreamed about marrying a handsome prince. Meanwhile, the evil Queen convinced that Snow White was dead, had ceased to question her magic mirror. But one morning he decided to consult again. - Is it true that I am the most beautiful in the kingdom? – Asked -. - No, you’re not the prettiest, the most beautiful – said the mirror – it’s Snow White is still the most beautiful in the kingdom. - But Snow White is dead! – No – replied the mirror -. It is alive and lives with seven dwarves of the forest. The Queen sent for the hunter angry, but he had left the palace. Then he began to think how she would get rid of the girl once and for all. Snow White was preparing a cake when an old villager came to the house. It was the evil Queen disguised beggar. - I see you’re making an apple pie – said the old woman peering through the kitchen window -. - Yes – Snow White replied nervously -. I apologize but I can not talk to strangers. - You’re right! – Said the Queen -. I just wanted to give you an apple. I sell them to live and maybe one day want to buy. They are delicious. Queen cut a piece of apple and took it to his mouth. - Do you see my child? An apple can do you no harm. Enjoy! And walked away slowly. Snow White could not remove his eyes from the apple. Not only seemed harmless, but it was juicy and irresistible! Can not be poisoned, the old woman ate a piece, he said. Poor Snow White fooled. The wicked queen had poisoned the other half of the apple! Shortly after he bit the apple, Snow White fainted and apparent death took effect immediately. There they found the seven dwarfs returning from the mine. - This undoubtedly is the work of the Queen! – Anguished cries as they tried to revive Snow White -. But it was all in vain, the girl still, gave no sign of life. His breath fogged the mirror not the gnomes put him near the mouth. The Seven Dwarfs weeping bitterly the death of Snow White and would not in any way separate from it. Such was her beauty that view seemed to be asleep. Perhaps they thought, was the victim of a spell. So they decided to put it into a glass and take turns caring for her. One day a young prince who was passing by the forest heard the beautiful princess lying in the glass case. As I would like to see it! He thought as he walked to the house of the seven dwarfs. Seeing her, the prince fell in love with it immediately. – It was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! – Please let me take care! – Begged the Seven Dwarfs -. I will watch her sleep and protect the rest of my life.At first the dwarves refused, but then accepted thinking that Snow White would be safer in the castle. When the servants of the prince lifted the glass case to take it, one of them tripped and the chest

shook. The piece of poisoned apple fell from the mouth of Snow White. His cheeks, until then a deadly pale, began to be tinged with pink and her eyes opened slowly. The dwarfs could not contain their joy, as the prince knelt at the foot of Snow White. - I wish with all my heart to be my wife – whispered the prince moved. Snow White had been in love with the handsome prince, he replied: - Yes, I’ll be your wife. The wedding was celebrated with a big party. The evil was forgiven and invited. But when he saw the beauty and sweetness of Snow White, was filled with such rage and envy, fell down instantly! Snow White and the Prince lived happily in a beautiful castle, and the seven dwarfs never had to return to work in the diamond mine.