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ESAL CORRUGATED SHEETS PROFILE 5 Designation: V5-P Fixing: 2nd corrugation

Fixing: 5th corrugation

Security strips Direction of fixing

Security strips are built into our product Esal Profile 5 which diminish the possibility of falling through the roof in case if, from whatever reason, the sheet breaks. The strips, however, have no impact on the statical load capacity of the sheet.

Overall width Net covering width Pitch of corrugation Height of corrugation Thickness (nominal) Side lap Apparent density The surface of the ventilation per unit length of the roof Moment of resistance Breaking load according to EN 494 Temperature expansion coefficient Elasticity module Bending moment according to EN 494 Classification according to EN 494 Esal Profile 5

Roof pitch

920 mm 873 mm 177 mm 51 mm 6,2 mm 47 mm min. 1,6 g/cm3 250 cm2/m 85 cm3/m min. 4250 N/m 10 10-6 K-1 15500 N/mm2 min. 55 Nm/m C1X


Sheet length

Sheet mass

Effective cover area (with end lap 200 mm)

Purlin spacing

mm 1250 1600 2000 2500

kg/sheet 17,5 22,4 28,0 35,0

m2/sheet 0,92 1,22 1,57 2,01

m 1,05 0,70 (1,40 for roof pitch over 20 ) 0,90 1,15 0

If the roof pitch is 100, the end lap of the sheet is fastened with the permanently lasting plastic mastic that is 7 mm thick. In the table above, the data are given about purlins spacing for various lengths of Esal Profile 5 when roofing in normal conditions. If Esal Profile 5 is used to roof high, open or high-raised buildings, purlins spacing must be usually set by static calculation.

ESAL 04/04

When supplying fastening material, only two self drilling fasteners per sheet are needed when the sheet is 1250 mm long; whereas for the sheets longer than 2000 mm (2000 mm inclusive) three self drilling fasteners per sheet are needed. For high, high-raised or open buildings, as well as in exposed areas, higher number of fasteners is needed. Esal corrugated sheets are guaranteed for a 10 years' period provided all recommendations of Esal, as in force at the moment of assembly, with regard to planning, construction, storing and installation are fully respected and provided that exclusively Esal's specially designed fastening-accessories are used.

Information: ESAL d.o.o., Vojkova 9, 5210 Deskle, Slovenia, tel. +386 5 3921 610,, e-mail:

Esal profile 5 cutsheet  
Esal profile 5 cutsheet