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About Me Wei-Ming,Chen

I was bored in Tainan in 1984. My parents run the business of industrial oil selling and importing. Since I was a child, I love drawing and sketching, and that’s why I found the interest in design. After I graduated from my hign school which I learned advertising design in, I found out what I want to learn in the future is product design. So I applied and entered the Product Design Department of Fortune University. In the summer vacation of the third year in colleage, I interned in NDD design studio in Tainan for two months. During the internship, I made concept models with designers and also participated in the brainstorming and sketching of daily life products like, fitness equipments, alarm clocks, etc.. In the latest year in colleage, I completed the [Dance Chair]、[Flying fish Light]based on one of the aboriginal culture, Tao of lanyu with Teacher Wang who is also the design director of Axis of Time Design Group as my advisor ,and the furnitures were exhibited in Yodex 2007. After graduating from colleage, I won the opportunity from the selection of interns in Duck image During the two months intership, I met other students and designers from different design colleage, and we worked well together and shared experiences. From helping designers with collecting information and user experiences, I not only realized more about product design and selling, but also I learned that “Design” is just part of the whole product development.


On the September 2007, I enterd Shih Chien University to study for master degree in industrial product design and also began another internship experiences in Think If Design and UID Create. In 2009, one of my design work won the Taipei Industrial Design Award as Award of Excellence. For improving self-design ability in practical use, I worked with Linkx Electronics〠Yih Tah Optics and Unistar Opto with product development cases. From the lessons of several excellent professiors in Shih Chien University, I learned to think deeper and to find out what problems this concept could possibly solve, and if the presentation of the design layout is clearly enough, etc, these help me to make my thinking more complete. Discussing with my advisor, Professior Wang to set up the subject, studying related reports and files, and then based on the results, I made the fianl concepts to prove and test. The whole research process was presented with words and pictures to structure my master thesis and interview for my master degree in Shih Chien University industrial product design.


EDUCATION 2000 ~ 2003 Nan Ying Vocational High School 2003 ~ 2007 Fortune University Department of Product Design 2007 ~ 2011 Shih Chien University Master’s in Industrial Design Master

SKILLS Sketching






EXHIBITION 2007 Young Designer’s Exhibition (Fortune University) 2009 Taipei Industrial Design Award Exhibition 2009 Taiwan Design Expo SAVE加減成儲 Exhibition 2010 Love Tomorrow Today Exhibition 2012 Taiwan Designer’s Week 3X3 Design Show Tech It Exhibition


AWARDS 2006 International Design Workshop & Competition @NCKU Gold Prize 2009 Taipei Industrial Design Award of Excellence

EXPERIENCE 2006. 07-08 NDD Design Internship 2007. 07-08 Duck image Internship 2008. 07-12 Think If Design Internship 2009. 02-08 UID Create Internship


e-clean e-clean is to integrate the direction of the future clean solution, when dish and spoon fork clean up, can placed on lower shelf, the excess water to give plants.Tableware can placed on the upper cabinets, cabinets can provide the function to drying dishes, cleaningwater pressure can be converted into energy.Can save electricity, use touch technology and intuitive interface, close to the user intuitive. Compition Project - Electrolux Design Lab - 2010

Consumers age in 25 to 34 single

power and focus on wealth plann Single ethnic group living in the

do not need too much storage sp

too much space Resources, pla 10

solution to help us save space an

e men and women, they are mostly middle-class intellectual, has a high purchasing

ning and management, attention to self taste, attention to quality of life. environment, they only use a few simple dishes, forks and spoons, cups, utensils

pace, wash dishes only need to complete on the dish rack, people always take up

acing too many appliances in the kitchen or cupboard space, we need a better

nd have more comfortable living environment.


Touch Panel

Use your finger slide open o


or closed

Plants box Reuse excess water

Water regulate



Clean switch Dish dryer 13

Electronic Faucet This study is mainly discussing about what kind of style the consumers prefer and the factors of the purchasing considerations. The goal is to present an electronic faucet styling design for under counter water purifiers that matches the needs and taste of the main consumers and report the related suggestions for designing one. Master’s Thesis Study Project - 2011



Development & Sketch

Through the stores and network extensive collection of sample images 20 models of the large differences in electronic faucet product form, in accordance with the degree of brand recognition, product integrity and shape the degree of difference do compared to each other and to screening issued by the shape of the experimental representative sample. 16

Through the styling from this electronic faucet study, it might not only help the related companies to be more competitive on the water purifiers market but also make the quality of electronic faucet increase to a higher level.


Concept - A

Concept - D 18

Concept - B

Concept - C

Concept - E

Concept - F 19

Emotional Mouse Mouse appearance may have relevance with the mouse? I raise this issue, it is a visual and tactile feedback design. This concept explore whether evolutionary modeling, it should evolve into what look like? Mouse sense of life indicators, product appearance must have life ? I hope that this is an interactive concept and design appearance of integrity. Master’s Industrial Design Project - 2007


Visual Feedback

You have to use more than one computer? Because people work, Internet, often sitting in front of a computer all day,this concept gives us a reminder. When you in front of a computer 12 hours when the mouse will be tired, mouse indicators to be falling, we used to use the icon, it gives life, reminding us of a day to rest, mouse and human links with life.


The Evolution of Form

Visual Feedback

organism ?

The experience of joy

Scanner Mouse When you see a picture book with articles that are great and want to share with a friend or read from a written not familiar with the language of the article, to immediately scanned into a computer translation the use of scanners we must leave our seats, in fact it is not convenient, you just want to picture. If scanning and mouse combination will help us save a lot of time to help us in the work to deal with the “scan” this simple but time-consuming work. Master’s Industrial Design Project - 2007




Scan Light

Want to use scanning capabilities at the same time by pressing the buttons on both sides to switch the scan function.

Will be placed at the bottom of cards, move scannig mouse.

You can scan other information too

scan paper

scan book

scan sketch

Butterfly Flower The clothespin are just like many vibrant flowers blossom on the cloth hanger and also can be imaged as butterflies resting on your balcony. The clips can be piled up as flowers blooming in the urban city. 2009 Taipei Industrial design Award of Excellence

56.7 mm

62 mm

21 mm

Plant - food waste recycler After the usage environment is set to be outdoor mode, this product will transform food waste like plant metabolism and provide nutrition to soil. The filter in the bucket can drain the water within food waste. Liquid flows into soil via root-manifold buried in soil to become liquid fertilizer to promote cultivated plants growth, and also reduce odor produced from food waste liquid. 2010 Love Tomorrow Today Exhibition Project

Development This bucket can be lifted to detach from the base to be placed in the kitchen for collecting and recycling food waste. Users can also use this bucket to fertilize. The subject “PLANT� is expected to be convey the life ideas of design and Natural Cycle.



Dance This concept is from a traditional festival of Tao of lanyu, “the debut of the boat �. They and the boat owner will perform the brave dance which is full of courage and braveness to drive the evils away and bring peace and wishes to the boat. Graduate Project - 2007


Development & Process The round surface and the comfortable seat back are the most important features. It strongly presents the cultures of Tao of lanyu but with simple, smooth and modern style.















Design projects 2007 - 2011

Wei Ming Chen Portfolio  
Wei Ming Chen Portfolio  

2007 - 2011 design project