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To our readers, What could be more useful to independent service technicians who work on BMWs than a publication dedicated specifically to them? That's the idea behind the magazine you're holding, TechDrive. BMW of North America both sponsors the publication and provides much of the information that's included. A big part of the rationale behind TechDrive. is the belief that if you are able to diagnose, repair and maintain BMW vehicles properly and efficiently, your reputation and ours will be enhanced. TechDrive. 's combination of feature service articles (written from both BMW tech information and interviews with successful independent BMW specialists), new technical developments, systems evolution, as well as the correct BMW replacement part, and service bulletins are intended to help you fix that BMW right the first time, on time. Our list of BMW dealers will assist you in finding Original BMW Parts. There's more to this effort, including highly-informative and user-friendly web sites, which we'll explain in future issues. We want to make TechDrive. the most useful and interesting technical magazine you receive, and you can help us do that. Please email us at and let us know what topics you'd like to see covered, and provide any other comments you might have. With your involvement, this publication can evolve into one of your most important tools.

Painting the body of the BMW 320si WTCC 2006

Contents 04 Reprogramming Internet Options: Fixing BMW’s On Line

12 Saving The Heads

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With BMW’s service kit, you can clean, not replace, M60/M62 heads

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20 Hydrogen Under The Hood Hydrogen 7 is the ultimate “Green” Luxery Sedan

Cover Photo: The BMW V8 engine with VALVETRONIC: cylinderhead and valvetrain

TechDrive Volume 3 Number 4 December 2006 A Publication For The Independent BMW Service Professional Group Publisher Christopher M. Ayers, Jr. Editorial Director Bob Freudenberger Editor Fred Gaca Project Manager Don Chamberlain Art Director Jef Sturm Production Manager Devon Ayers Circulation Manager Joann Turner List Consultant NFocus TechDrive is a publication sponsored by BMW of North America, LLC. No part of this newsletter may be reproduced without the express written

24 Tech Briefs

permission of BMW of North America, LLC. Editorial

These suggestions for technical problems are from service bulletins published by BMW, selected and adapted for independent repair shops.

Caution: Vehicle servicing performed by untrained

27 Original BMW Parts... Nearby Wherever you are in the United States, there’s a nearby source of Original BMW Parts for your customers’ BMW vehicles.

and Circulation Offices: Akron, Ohio 44333. persons could result in serious injury to those persons or others. Information contained in this newsletter is intended for use by trained, professional auto repair technicians ONLY. This information is provided to inform these technicians of conditions which may occur in some vehicles or to provide information which could assist them in proper servicing of these vehicles. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions, and know-how to perform repairs correctly and safely. If a condition is described, DO NOT assume that a topic covered in these pages automatically applies to your vehicle or that your vehicle has that condition. BMW of North America, LLC, the BMW name and BMW logo are registered trademarks of BMWAG.


Internet Options: A “pass-thru,� a PC, an internet connection, two cables, a steady voltage source, and you can reprogram BMWs When reprogramming first appeared, only new car dealers could do it. Now, anybody who works on cars can have the capability.

04 TechDrive

Fixing BMWs Online It's starting to happen: BMWs are showing up at your shop in need of reprogramming to correct a service program or to update a system. If you're turning them away because you're afraid to get into this high-tech operation, you're not only losing money, you may also lose those customers for good. Since MY 2004, all carmakers provide a system that allows anyone who does service work—dealerships, aftermarket shops, and even do-it-yourselfers—to upgrade onboard computer systems. As an independent BMW service center, you benefit from the fact that BMW has gone way beyond EPA requirements. You have access to reprogramming for most MY ’96 and newer BMWs. The company's website is easy to access and use. For a relatively modest subscription fee ($30 per day; $250 per month; or $2,500 per year), you get access to all the service and parts information BMW provides its

dealers, plus special programs for aftermarket shops. The site also lists programming updates available for BMW cars and SAVs.

Reprogramming Via the Internet, any shop can reprogram almost any BMW onboard computer. Access the BMW website, select the appropriate year, model, and engine, then download the software to reprogram the vehicle. The software is transferred from your PC to the vehicle using a “pass-through” (sometimes shortened to “pass-thru”) device. Pass-thru devices and cables are available from several aftermarket suppliers. Before you can reprogram a BMW, you must download and install some software drivers to your PC to support the downloading process. These drivers are available at no charge from BMW at

Besides giving you all the information available to dealers' service departments, TIS also provides what you need to do reprogramming.

TechDrive 05


BMW harnesses the power of the Internet to make reprogramming convenient to do. Why Reprogram? BMW sells vehicles around the world. When each BMW rolls off the assembly line, its onboard computers must control numerous operating functions. However, these functions vary widely and include: – Complying with government regulations for emissions levels, fuel economy, safety, and any other requirements imposed by the country where the car will be sold or operated. – Controlling the operation of the engine and transmission. – Controlling chassis electronics such as ABS, Stability Control, etc. – Operating onboard navigation systems, telephone communications, and other standard or optional electronic systems. In the early days of computer systems, things were much simpler. BMW only needed a few standard control modules. As a vehicle moved down the assembly line, the onboard modules would be programmed for the vehicle’s specific applications. This procedure not only added to the time and complexity of building a vehicle, it also forced BMW to stockpile all variations of the 06 TechDrive

programmed modules to have parts available to replace any defective or damaged units. Because of all the variations required, BMW was stockpiling hundreds of different versions of its computer modules. But in the “dark ages” of computerized engine management systems, which ran from the early '80s until the advent of OBD II, there was no other option besides programming modules at the factory. Enter the power of the Internet. With its ability to carry anything electronic, anywhere, anytime, the Internet forever changed how data could be transmitted. All BMWs still are, of course, initially programmed at the factory. But with the right combination of hardware and software, control modules can be reprogrammed to meet new requirements virtually anywhere. Reprogramming via the Internet is a cost-effective way for BMW to correct a programming error not yet discovered at the factory or to upgrade the performance of a system to a calibration even better than new.

Reprogramming allows BMW to: – Significantly reduce its inventory costs because it only needs to have the basic module (hardware) on hand. – Reduce dealership inventory costs because dealers don’t need to stock modules. – Improve customer service. – Update onboard software without having to replace the module. Updates are used both to correct problems and improve performance. – Add special equipment features to existing control modules. You must also make several changes in your Internet browser settings to allow downloading BMW reprogramming. With the dangers of viruses and other online hazards, the initial settings for browsers won’t allow large programs to be down loaded without your authorization. The changes are easy to make, but you have to do them in order.

Before reprogramming, a huge number of ECMs with different calibrations had to be stocked. Now, just a few are required. Setting Up Your PC Most modern PCs will support BMW reprogramming, but if you are still clanking away on an early PC, it might not have the power necessary. To reprogram, your PC must meet these requirements:

Operating System Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP Professional Graphics Resolution of 1024x 768 or better with 256 colors or better Memory At least 128 meg

Hard disk space Approximately 10 gig, with at least 5 gig available CPU Pentium III or better >= 500 MHz Interfaces One RS 232 serial interface available Internet connection of at least 56K Bit Browser Netscape 4.7x or Internet Explorer V 5 or later Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (can be downloaded from If your shop has a server with multiple computer connections, you may need “administrator rights� depending on how your system is set up. You will also open up specific firewall ports as indicated in FAQs prior to subscribing. TechDrive 07

Reprogramming Exceptions The following steps illustrate the settings using Internet Explorer and Windows XP Professional SP1. Other versions may have slightly different wording, but these procedures should guide you through just about any system setup: 1. During any reprogramming session, you should disable any “pop up blocker” installed on your Internet browser. 2. Internet Tools: “Internet Options” is under the “Tools” heading. Click “Tools” and then click “Internet Options” Some older model BMWs cannot be reprogrammed or require special connectors. The following BMWs cannot be reprogrammed using a pass-thru. Details on reprogramming these models can be found at • 318i for MY 1996-99 • Z3 roadster 1.9 MY 1996-98 • 840Ci MY 1996-97 Some older BMWs require a special 20-pin BMW diagnostic connector adaptor download. These vehicles include:

3. Security: Select the security box under the tools options. When the “Internet Options” box opens, select the “Security” tab. In the “Security Settings” box, select “Medium” as the “Reset Custom Settings” option. Then make sure the following are “approved” or “enabled:”

• 323i sedan up to MY 1998 and the 323i coupe/convertible up to MY 1999.

– Download signed ActiveX controls > Prompt

• 328i, 330i sedan up to MY 1998.

– Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins >Enable

• 328i, 330i coupe/convertible up to MY 1999.

– Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting >Enable

• M3 coupe/convertible up to MY 1999.

– Allow META REFRESH >Enable

• Z3 roadster 2.8/3.0 up to MY 1998. • M roadster/coupe up to MY 2000. • 528i and 530i up to MY 1998. • 540i/540i sport wagon up to MY 1997 • 740i up to MY 1997 08 TechDrive

– Active Scripting >Enable – Allow post operations via script >Enable After enabling these settings, click “OK” to close all dialog boxes.

Find “Microsoft MV” and make the following selections: – Java Console >Enabled – Java Logging >Enabled – JIT compiler for virtual machine >Enabled

4. Certificates: Click "Tools" and "Internet options" again, and select “Certificates.” When the box opens, pick “Trusted Root Certification Authorities.” A box with a long list of authorities will appear. Click “TC TrustCenter Class 2 CA” and then select “View.”

You will have to restart or reboot your computer for all of the settings to take effect. The first time you reprogram, you must download the BMW Specific Driver, version greater than 0048, at

Standardized Communications

You will see the “Certificates” box open up again. This time you want to pick “Details” and then “Edit Properties.”In the box that is now displayed, select “General” then in “Certificate Purposes,” you want to check “Code Signing.” Now close all the boxes by clicking “OK” or “Close.” 5. Activate Microsoft MV: Activating Microsoft MV is the last step. Now go back to “Tools” and select “Internet Options” again. This time you want to open the “Advanced” tab.

Without getting too deep into programming issues, we should mention that reprogramming onboard modules is more difficult than reprogramming a typical PC. In fact, some people say that onboard programming shouldn’t be called “software” but “firmware”! We’ll let the computer people debate that, but we’re going to stick with software because that's the term most people know. As already mentioned, initially, only authorized BMW dealers could reprogram. But the federal EPA mandated that carmakers provide anyone who services vehicles access to reprogramming at a “reasonable cost.” To ensure that all carmakers use a standardized system, EPA was assisted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), which developed the J2534 protocol. The process was similar to the development of OBD II in the early 1990s. EPA mandated the system and SAE developed the standardized access to OBD II using any scan tool. TechDrive 09


A “Pass Thru” device links your PC to the vehicle's onboard computer for reprogramming. The hardware is an industry standard, so you only need one device to reprogram any vehicle. We have to use a little “geek speak” to discuss J2534. The protocol is an “Application Programming Interface” (API). An API enables two different software systems to “handshake” or work together. If you have ever printed a document from your PC, you’ve used an API, probably without knowing it. An API is needed to allow any Windows-based program, like MS Word or Excel, to communicate with the built-in software that controls the printer. If Microsoft and the printer manufacturers had not agreed on an API, changing or upgrading a printer would not be a matter of “plug and play.” Instead, you would have to reprogram all the software in your PC to work with your new printer. J2534 standardizes the reprogramming communications between all carmakers and their vehicles. You access the carmaker’s website with your PC and your Internet access program to download the vehicle reprogramming software. Your pass-thru uses the J2534 API to transfer the reprogramming from your PC to the vehicle. That’s why you need only one pass-thru device to reprogram any vehicle from any manufacturer, but the specific upgrade for any vehicle can only be obtained from the individual carmaker’s website. When investing in any pass-thru device, make sure the manufacturer certifies that the product fully complies with J2534. The device will work 10 TechDrive

for your BMW customers, plus any other carmaker’s vehicles your shop services.

Reprogramming A BMW Although you can reprogram with a relatively slow 56k bit Internet connection, you will be online for a very long time. To save time, upgrade to a DSL or other high-speed Internet connection. Even with a high-speed connection, reprogramming some vehicles can take several hours. In some cases, reprogramming via the Internet may be impractical. The E60 and later platforms with Navigation and premium audio could take up to 40 hours to reprogram! BMW is aware of the problem and is trying to reduce reprogramming times for these models. A steady electrical supply to the vehicle must be maintained while reprogramming. If there is any disruption or loss of steady voltage in the power supply, the programming may stop or, worse, the new program can be incorrectly loaded, causing all kinds of problems. To ensure constant power, the vehicle must be connected to an “intelligent” battery charger with a controllable power supply for constant voltage and high-amperage current. You can purchase a reprogramming charger from your local BMW dealer. The power source must be:

– Microprocessor controlled. – Rated at 150 Ah with a 10 Ah or higher resolution. – Capable of monitoring amperage draw and matching output to current draw. For example, if reprogramming puts a 30 amp draw on the vehicle’s electrical system, the charger must be capable of maintaining a 30 amp flow into the battery. – Minimum 12.4 volt/maximum 14.4 volt output.

– Power supply current of 45A with 0.05A or higher resolution. – Non-sparking, with delayed switch on. Complete the steps shown in “Before Your Program,” make the connections between your computer, your pass-thru, and the vehicle. Then go online to Select the reprogramming for the BMW you are servicing, and start the download. You are now reprogramming

Before You Reprogram

– All onboard modules must in installed and operational. – Never put any cables through an open window, the cables can be damaged during automatic window initialization. – Park the vehicle where it will not be in the way because reprogramming can take several hours. – An approved battery charger must be connected and turned on to guarantee uninterrupted power to the vehicle.

Always set up the vehicle properly before you attempt to reprogram any BMW: – The engine must be off and cool, transmission oil temperature less than 85° C (185° F). – Correct and clear any fault codes stored in memory. – Record any preset AM or FM stations so you can reset the radio after reprogramming. – All electrical devices must be turned off.

– Windshield wipers must be unobstructed because they can be activated during reprogramming. – During programming, the car cannot be disturbed. Do not open any doors, windows, trunk, etc. Do not turn on any devices. – On E65/E66 models, the fuel tank must be filled, or remove fuse F73 from the fuse box in the trunk. Programming vehicles with low fuel in the tank can damage the fuel pump. TechDrive 11


12 TechDrive


The Heads With BMW’s service kit, you can clean, not replace M60/M62 heads. You can become a hero to any customer who owns a BMW with either the M62TU or S62 V8 engine that has a clogged secondary air system. These engines are used on 7 Series (E38), 5 Series (E39), X5 (E53), and Z8 models. Instead of a staggering bill for replacing the plugged head castings, you can restore the passages by cleaning them. There’s even a nostalgic benefit for you -the chance to actually fix something. Yes, we can recite all the reasons why service work now is mostly diagnose and replace, instead of repair. But we still find a strong sense of personal satisfaction when we repair something and return it to working condition rather than removing the old part and installing a new one. Clogged air passages typically set a BMW fault code 80 or 81. Start by checking the operation of the air pump, one-way valve, solenoid valve, and other components. If all parts are operating properly, then the passages are plugged. According to BMW, clogged air passages can occur at any time after the engine has 35,000 miles or more on the odometer. The primary culprit is burning low-grade gas that doesn’t have an adequate amount of detergent additives. BMW currently recommends that its customers only use “Top Tier” gasoline. A list of oil companies that dispense “Top Tier” gasoline can be found at

TechDrive 13


Turn the red regulator knob counterclockwise until fully open.

Then insert the plug into the tube and attach an air pressure source.



The Kit You will need BMW’s special tool kit, PN 99 00 0 006 668, to clean the secondary air passages on the M62TU or S62 engines. The kit includes: – Cylinder head back pressure diagnostic tool – Set of 4mm nylon final clean up brushes – Core plug installer – Core plug remover – Drill bit to enable use of core plug remover – Reamer for 4mm air passages.

After removing the fan, unscrew the 10 mm bolts in the head.


– Set of 10mm brass brushes to clean out main air supply passage. You can order replacement nylon clean up brushes (set of 12, PN 82 11 0 416 754) and replacement brass brushes (set of 3, PN 82 11 0 416 755). The repair kit does not include replacement 12 mm main secondary air passages core plugs. These plugs must be ordered separately (3 per vehicle, PN11 12 1 736 330).

Calibration Your initial tests of the air pump, one-way valve, and other components are “diagnosis 14 TechDrive

by elimination.� If all the other components operate properly, the secondary air passages must be plugged. The first step in cleaning the passages is to confirm that the passages are blocked by testing with the Cylinder Head Back Pressure Diagnostic Tool, which is part of the special tool kit. Open the red knob on the regulator, then insert the plug into the end of the tube and tighten until secure. Attach a pressure gauge or DISplus unit to the fitting on the tool. Connect shop air to the end of the tool. Open the yellow flow control valve until the system reads 3.5 bar (50 psi). Then press down on the regulator knob to lock the reading. Shut off yellow flow control valve, disconnect the pressure transducer and remove the plug from the end of the pipe.



Testing Remove the fan assembly from the engine. Remove the two 10mm bolts (#2 in the next illustration) securing the delivery tube to the cylinder heads at the position shown. Move the tubing out of the way so you have access to the ports. Insert the tool into the right cylinder head secondary air supply passage. Connect the pressure gauge or DISplus to the tool, connect shop air, and open the yellow flow control valve to allow the free flow of regulated air to pass through the head. Observe backpressure reading. If the backpressure is more than 1.10 bar (16 psi) the passage is blocked. Repeat the backpressure test for left head. If either head has blocked passages (backpressure reading greater than 1.1 bar/16 psi), the head must be removed for cleaning. Before pulling the heads, BMW recommends that you do both an engine compression test and a cylinder leakdown test that would show if additional engine work is needed. Running on poor quality fuel isn't the only possible cause of blocked air passages in the head. A severely worn


Test the right head first.

Mounting heads on Special Tool 11 1 065 will make the job easier.

Make sure the valve stem is flush with the top of the guide.

– Continued on page 18 TechDrive 15

00 TechDrive

00 TechDrive

HEADS – Continued from page 15

The core plug must be drilled for cleaning.

Pull the core plug.




Use the brass brush to clean the passages.

18 TechDrive

engine can also cause the condition. If only one head is blocked, but the head has heavy carbon deposits, the other head probably also has heavy carbon buildup, even though it didn’t show a blockage. You should pull both heads to remove the carbon. Remove the heads according to BMW’s standard procedure as described in Repair Instruction 11 12 505/506. Mount the heads on the fixture (Special Tool 11 1 065) and disassemble them. Use the special tools as required to remove the camshafts, bucket tappets, exhaust valve retainers, exhaust valve springs, and exhaust valve guide seals. Always position the removed parts so that you can reinstall each valve in its original cylinder, and all the other parts in their original locations. Push on the valve stem until the edge of the stem is flush with the top of the valve guide. Secure a dial indicator to the side of the valve face and measure valve movement within the guide. Movement should be no more than 0.5 mm. If the movement is greater than 0.5 mm, the guides are worn and must be serviced. Using the drill bit supplied in the tool kit, drill a hole in the 10mm core plug for the main secondary air supply passage located in the rear of the head. Using the core plug remover from the tool kit and a 10 mm socket, thread the removal tool into the hole you just drilled. Continue to turn the screw clockwise until the plug is removed. On the right side head, remove the plug from the front of the head the same way you removed the plug from the rear of the other. On the left side head, there is no front plug, only a rear core plug. Chuck the 10 mm brass brush from the kit into a drill and clean out the main secondary air delivery passage. Blow out the passage with an air nozzle and shop air and repeat. Repeat the brushing and blowing out with shop air until there is no more carbon in the passage. Locate the secondary air distribution ports (1) under the removed exhaust valve. Insert the reamer tool (2) from the special tool kit into the port. Slowly rotate the reamer clockwise until


The secondary air passages must also be cleaned.

no resistance is felt and the tool goes to the bottom of the passage. Repeat the reaming process for all eight ports in the cylinder head. After reaming each secondary air passage, clean the passage using the 4mm nylon brushes from the tool kit. Chuck the brush into a drill and clean each passage. Blow out the passage with air until all material is removed from the passage. Using the core plug installer (3) from the tool kit and a suitable hammer, install the new core plugs into the secondary air distribution passages. Core plugs (PN 11 12 1 736 330) have to be ordered separately (Qty: 3 per vehicle). Before reassembling the heads, recheck the backpressure. You should get a reading of no more than 1 bar (14.5 psi). A stead flow of air should also come out of each of the eight secondary ports. If the reading is high, there is still blockage in the passages and you will have to repeat the cleaning process. Install the protective sleeve (PN 11 1 960) over the end of the valve stem and place the new valve seal on the sleeve. Press the valve seal in place using special tool PN 11 1 200. Reassemble the heads and reinstall them on the engine using the proper bolt tightening procedure. Finally, clear the 80 or 81 codes, test drive, and your customer’s BMW is ready to go with its secondary air system as good as new.



Clean the secondary passages after reaming.

Reinstall the core plugs.

13 Double check backpressure before reassembling heads.

TechDrive 19

Hydrogen 7 Is The Ultimate

Hydrogen Under The Hood

20 TechDrive

The 6-liter, 12-cylinder engine in the BMW Hydrogen 7 runs on either hydrogen or gasoline. Sophisticated control systems allow the driver to switch between fuels without any disruption in performance.

“Green” Luxury Sedan BMW has made a major leap in alternative fuel technology with the introduction of its developmental Hydrogen 7 car. The vehicle is “bi-fuel,” capable of running on either hydrogen or gasoline. The driver can make a seamless switch between fuels as the car is running. In hydrogen mode, the car emits virtually nothing but water vapor, while providing the performance and comfort 7-series owners expect. Although there is a tremendous amount of research into alternative fuel technology, many experts believe hydrogen is the only energy source that could potentially replace fossil fuels for automotive use. Hydrogen is one of the most common elements in the universe. It is part of every atom of water and is found in most organic compounds which means hydrogen is easily recycled and has no bad effects on the environment. In theory, hydrogen fuel could be used forever. The water vapor released by burning hydrogen would be recycled by the environment, available to be extracted over and over again for use as a fuel. It will be years before you see a hydrogen powered BMW in your service bay. Despite the fact that hydrogen is abundant, there are still many difficult problems to be resolved before hydrogen can realistically replace petroleum. However, the fact that BMW has the first hydrogen-powered luxury car on the road is a big step toward drastically cutting the world’s need for fossil fuels to operate our vehicles.

Special equipment is needed to refuel a hydrogen powered car, but the process is essentially the same as filling up any gasoline or diesel powered vehicle. TechDrive 21


In addition to a conventional gas tank, the BMW Hydrogen 7 car has a specially designed hydrogen storage tank. The hydrogen tank holds about 34-37 gallons of liquid hydrogen, stored at -250° C. (-418° F.). Dual walls, consisting of multiple layers of aluminum and fiberglass provide the insulation needed to keep the hydrogen liquid. Engine Modifications BMW Hydrogen 7 is powered by a twelvecylinder, internal combustion engine. The car reaches 100 km/h (62 mph) in 9.5 seconds and has a top speed of 230 km/h (143 mph). The car has a range of about 125 miles when using hydrogen, plus another 310 miles when switching over to gasoline. By adapting conventionally gasoline powered engine to also use hydrogen, BMW eliminated the technology hurdles that the development of a dedicated hydrogen engine would face. When running on gasoline, the engine uses a direct fuel injection system. In hydrogen mode, the hydrogen is mixed with air in the intake manifold before being injected into the engine. The Hydrogen 7 stores liquid hydrogen in its tank. The liquid is converted to a gas when it is injected into the intake manifold BMW developed new injection valves to blend the hydrogen with the air in the manifold. The valves are larger than conventional gasoline injection valves and are designed to handle a wide variation in volume flow than a typical gasoline injection valve. Hydrogen burns up to ten times faster than gasoline, which forced BMW engineers to develop a complex fuel management system for the Hydrogen 7. Using BMW’s exclusive fully variable VALVETRONIC valve management system, plus BMW’s variable double-VANOS camshaft adjustment, the onboard computers optimize hydrogen combustion. 22 TechDrive

One major barrier to hydrogen use is the need for a completely new infrastructure to produce, distribute, and dispense hydrogen fuel. The gasoline is stored in a conventional gas tank. Storing the hydrogen required the development of a unique, low pressure tank that keeps the hydrogen in a liquid state at very low temperatures. Offering BMW performance, quality, and comfort, but with virtually no emissions at all, the Hydrogen 7 represents a major development in alternative fuel technology. With BMW’s approach, when these cars start showing up at your shop, you won’t have to learn a completely new technology like you would for fuel cells and electric powered cars. All you have to do is think hydrogen instead of gasoline as the power source, just about everything else remains the same.

It's more than a part. It's a promise. At BMW of North America, we stand behind the quality of Original BMW Parts with a powerful 24-month/unlimited-mile warranty. Our promise to you is that Original BMW Parts are identical to those used in production, offering the same superior quality and reliability. You only get one chance at a first repair. Choose the parts you can trust. Choose Original BMW Parts.

Original BMW Parts

Wholesale Parts Sales Support

The Ultimate Driving Machine速

TechBriefs Current suggestions for technical problems from BMW service bulletins. No Crank, No Start E90/E91 (3 Series), E60/E61 (5 Series), E63/E64 (6 Series) If there is a no crank/no start situation, check to see if the S R S ( Supplemental Restraint System (airbags) and red brake lights are the only lights illuminated when the ignition key is “on.� If these are the only lights, the problem may be a faulty IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor). Verify the cause by disconnecting the IBS. The IBS is on the negative battery terminal. Follow the white/blue and gray wires from the IBS and disconnect at connector X13895 (3-pin connector with 2 wires). If the vehicle starts, the IBS is faulty and must be replaced.

To correct the problem: 1. Remove the lower panel located under the glove box assembly. 2. Remove the evaporator sensor located on the passenger side of the evaporator housing.

Figure 1

3. Affix a strip of self-adhesive foam, P/N 64 11 9 142 491, to the side of the sensor. Make sure the surface of the sensor (Figure 1, Number 2) is clean. Place the foam strip on the side of the sensor, between the plastic ribs opposite electrical connector as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Air Conditioning System Blows Warm 3 Series (E90, E91, E92) Produced Up To August 15, 2006 Customers may complain that the air conditioning system initially works properly, but after driving on a long trip (approximately more than 1 hour), the system starts to blow warm air. This usually happens under extreme humid conditions. If the A/C is turned off for 10 to 15 minutes, the system will work properly. First check for and correct any fault codes. If there are no fault codes, hot air leaks between the evaporator and housing wall, flowing past the evaporator sensor, may cause the evaporator sensor to read high. 24 TechDrive

4. Make sure you do not cover the tip of the sensor. 5. Reinstall the temperature sensor. 6. Reinstall the lower dash panel. 7. Check the system for proper functionality.

Battery SafetyTerminal E60 (5 Series) Make sure the Battery Safety Terminal (SBK) is properly tightened to 15 Nm (11 when servicing the battery or the battery switch. A loose connection can blow the safety terminal, cause the battery terminal to overheat, or set a fault code for high resistance in the firing circuit.

00 TechDrive

TechBriefs GPS Incorrect E46 (3 Series Coupe) with Navigation System and Telematics Control Unit (TCU) If the navigation system shows the wrong vehicle position, or has no GPS signal at all, the TCU may be interfering with the navigation system. Verify that you are in an area with a good GPS signal by comparing with a known good vehicle. Then check the GPS reception signal of the problem system: -

Switch on the Board Monitor Press the "MENU" button Select "Settings" In "Settings", press and hold the "MENU" button for approx. 8 seconds - Select "GPS" - Press "Function" - Press "GPS-Tracking Function" If the displayed S/N value is 4 or less, pull fuse #39 (behind the glove box) to disconnect the TCU and recheck the S/N value. If the displayed S/N value remains 4 or less, troubleshoot the Navigation system and the GPS antenna. If the S/N value increases to 10 or higher on the majority of the visible satellites, a replacement GPS antenna, P/N 65 90 8 374 297 must be installed behind the instrument cluster: -

Remove the instrument cluster. Remove the trim panel for the pedal assembly. Remove the side trim panel on the A-pillar. Remove the entrance cover strip on the driver side. Remove the rear seat. Remove the trim on the rear seat backrest (driver side). Remove the side section of the rear seat (driver side). Remove the left rear light.

26 TechDrive

- Remove the trunk floor mat and the left trunk trim. - Remove the Navigation computer. - Disconnect the original GPS antenna cable from the Navigation computer and tie it back to the wiring harness. Cover the cable and the connector with tape. - Mount the replacement GPS antenna to the plastic bracket in the area behind the instrument cluster above the air duct. - Connect the end of the GPS antenna cable to the coax extension cable and attach to the body with tape. Run the cable down the A-pillar on the existing wiring harness. Make sure that the coax extension cable doesn't get damaged when re-installing the instrument cluster. - Run the coax extension cable along the left side of the body all the way back into the trunk area to the Navigation system and tie it to the existing wiring harness. - Connect the coax extension cable to the Navigation system. - Re-install all interior parts in the opposite order they got removed, making sure that the cables do not get damaged. - Re-install the instrument cluster. - Re-install the Navigation computer. - Test the Navigation system for proper function and re-check the GPS reception signals.

Your Original BMW Parts Source ALASKA Anchorage BMW OF Anchorage 907.646.7500 Fax 907.646.7548

ALABAMA Huntsville Century BMW 256.536.3800 Fax 256.533.0670 Irondale Tom Williams Imports 205.252.9512 Fax 205.323.0092 Mobile Grady BMW 251.476.0132 Fax 251.479.0992 Montgomery BMW of Montgomery 334.279.6955 Fax 334.272.0023 Tuscaloosa Townsend BMW 205.345.9811 Fax 205.345.1701

Concord BMW Concord 925.682.3577 Fax 925.671.4067

San Diego BMW of San Diego 858.560.5050 Fax 858.560.5919

Littleton Ralph Shomp BMW 303.798.3737 Fax 303.798.7954

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San Fransisco BMW of San Francisco 415.626.7600 Fax 415.241.7944

Loveland Co's BMW Center 970.292.5751 Fax 970.272.5715

Encinitas Harloff BMW 760.753.6301 Fax 760.944.6749

San Luis Obispo Coast BMW 805.543.4423 Fax 805.543.7669


Escondido Brecht BMW 760.745.3000 Fax 760.745.2180 Eureka BMW of Humboldt Bay 707.443.4871 Fax 707.443.7808 Fremont BMW of Fremont 888-346-8032 Fax 510.360.5930 Fresno Weber BMW 559.447.6700 Fax 559.447.6705


Glendale Pacific BMW 818.246.5600 Fax 818.246.8261

Little Rock BMW of Little Rock 501.224.3200 Fax 501.907.0904

Irvine Irvine BMW 949.380.1200 Fax 949.382.8140

Rogers BMW of Northwest Arkansas 479.636.4155 Fax 479.631.7803

Los Angeles Nick Alexander Imports 323.583.1901 Fax 323.588.9985


Modesto Valley BMW 209.575.0269 Fax 209.550.2633

Phoenix BMW North Scottsdale 480.538.3900 Fax 480.538.3915 Scottsdale Chapman BMW 480.949.7600 Fax 480.947.0350 Tucson Don Mackey BMW 520.748.1333 Fax 520.748.0716

CALIFORNIA Alhambra New Century BMW 626.570.8444 Fax 626.2821.8642 Bakersfield BMW of Bakersfield 661.835.8900 Fax 661.835.0486 Berkeley Weatherford BMW 510.654.8280 Fax 510.841.3022 Beverly Hills Beverly Hills BMW 310.358.7880 Fax 310.657.4671 Buena Park Shelly BMW 714.994.8100 Fax 714.994.8104

Monrovia Assael BMW 626.358.4269 Fax 626.358.2325 Mountain View BMW of Mountainview 650.943.1000 Fax 650.943.1038

San Mateo Peter Pan BMW 650.349.9077 Fax 650.349.0148 San Rafael Sonnen BMW 415.482.2000 Fax 415.482.2020 Santa Ana Crevier BMW 714.835.3171 Fax 714.568.1148 Santa Barbara BMW of Santa Barbara 805.682.2000 Fax 805.563.9158 Santa Clara Stevens Creek BMW 408.249.9070 Fax 408.296.0675 Santa Maria BMW of Santa Maria 805.928.7744 Fax 805.449.9126 Santa Monica Santa Monica BMW 310.829.3535 Fax 310.828.4598 Santa Rosa Prestige Imports 707.545.6602 Fax 707.523.2600 Seaside My BMW 831.899.5555 Fax 831.899.0957

Bridgeport BMW of Bridgeport 203.334.1672 Fax 203.330.6070 Darien Continental BMW of Darien 203.656.1804 Fax 203.656.1802 Greenwich BMW of Greenwich 203.661.1725 Fax 203.869.2707 Hartford New Country Motor Cars, Inc. 860.522.6134 Fax 860.549.8667 New London BMW of New London 860.447.3141 Fax 860.447.8159 North Haven BMW of North Haven 203.239.7272 Fax 203.234.9502 Ridgefield RidgefieldBMW                                        203.438.0471 Fax 203.431.7821 Watertown BMW of Watertown 860.274.7515 Fax 860.274.7714

DELAWARE Milford I. G. Burton & Co., Inc. 302.424.3042 Fax 302.424.6450 Wilmington Union Park BMW 302.658.7245 Fax 302.573.5201

Sherman Oaks Center BMW 818-990-9518 Fax 818-933-6978


North Hollywood Century West BMW 818.432.5800 Fax 818.761.0889

Signal Hill Long Beach BMW 562.427.5494 Fax 562.595.8547

Coconut Creek Vista Motor Company 954.935.1888 Fax 954.935.1880

Norwalk McKenna BMW 562.868.3233 Fax 562.345.7370

Thousand Oaks Rusnak BMW 805.496.6500 Fax 805.496.0955

Daytona Beach Daytona BMW 386.274.1200 Fax 386.274.4656

Oceanside Continental Motors 760.722.1868 Fax 760.941.2752

Torrance South Bay BMW 310.939.7304 Fax 310.793.9387

Fort Lauderdale Lauderdale Imports, LTD./ BMW 954.527.3800 Fax 954.527.3841

Ontario Savage BMW 909.390.7888 Fax 909.605.9689

Valencia Valencia BMW 661.254.8000 Fax 661.254.8187

Fort Myers BMW of Fort Meyers 239.433.8378 Fax 239.481.0198

Palm Springs BMW of Palm Springs 760.324.7071 Fax 760.324.9222

Visalia Surroz BMW 559.732.4700 Fax 559.625.8828

Fort Pierce Coggin Motor Mall 772.466.7000 Fax 772.461.8240

Newport Beach Sterling BMW 949.645.5900 Fax 949.515.1638

Pleasanton East Bay BMW 925.463.2555 Fax 925.463.2116


Fort Walton Beach Quality BMW 850.863.2161 Fax 850.863.1217

Calabasas Bob Smith BMW 818.346.3144 Fax 818.598.2983

Riverside BMW of Riverside 909.785.4444 Fax 951.352.5760

Boulder Gebhardt Motors, Inc. 303.447.8000 Fax 303.545.5914

Gainesville All Pro BMW of Gainesville 888.861.4140 Fax 352.237.0256

Camarillo Steve Thomas BMW 805.482.8878 Fax 805.484.7867

Roseville BMW of Roseville 916.782.9434 Fax 916.969.5418

Colorado Springs Phil Winslow BMW 719.473.1373 Fax 719.473.1975

Jacksonville Tom Bush Regency Motors 904.725.0911 Fax 904.724.2071

Chico Courtesy Motors 530.893.1300 Fax 530.342.7901

Sacramento Niello BMW 916.486.1011 Fax 916.487.4305

Denver Murray Motor Imports 303.759.2060 Fax 303.759.2533

Lakeland Fields BMW - Lakeland 863.816.1234 Fax 863.858,8224

TechDrive 27

Melbourne The Imported Car Store, Inc. 321.727.3788 Fax 321.725.0559 Miami Braman BMW 305.571.1220 Fax 305.571.1202 Miami South Motors BMW 305.256.2200 Fax 305.253.3746 Naples Germain BMW of Naples 239.643.2220 Fax 239.643.2931

HAWAII Honolulu BMW of Honolulu 808.597.1225 Fax 808.592.0290

IDAHO Boise Peterson Autoplex 208.378.9000 Fax 208.378.9090 Idaho Falls BMW of Idaho Falls 208.529.4269 Fax 208.378.9093

Ocala All Pro BMW of Ocala 877.343.4732 Fax 352.373.9363


Palm Harbor Ferman BMW 727.785.3900 Fax 727.787.8727

Barrington Motor Werks of Barrington, Inc 847.381.8900 Fax 847.381.0115

Pensacola Sandy Sansing BMW 850.477.1855 Fax 850.479.2216

Bloomington Dennison BMW 309.663.1331 Fax 309.662.2077

Saint Petersburg Bert Smith International 727.527.1111 Fax 727.522.8512 Sarasota Southpointe BMW 941.923.2700 Fax 941.923.0429 Tallahassee Capital Eurocars, Inc. 850.574.3777 Fax 850.575.7898 Tampa Reeves Import Motorcars, Inc. 813-933-2813 Fax 813-915-0310 West Palm Beach Braman Motorcars 561.684.6666 Fax 561.697.5254 Winter Park Fields BMW 407.628.2100 Fax 407.628.0309

GEORGIA Albany BMW of Albany 229.883.2040 Fax 229.435.1505 Athens Athens BMW 706.549.5340 Fax 706.546.7928 Atlanta Global Imports 770.951.2697 Fax 770.933.7850 Augusta Taylor BMW 706.868.6400 Fax 706.868.2125 Columbus BMW of Columbus 706.576.6700 Fax 706.576.6796 Decatur Nalley BMW of Decatur 404.292.1400 Fax 404.297.9134

Chicago Perillo BMW, Inc. 312.981.0000 Fax 312.981.0076 Crystal Lake Anderson Motor Co. of Crystal 815.455.4330 Fax 815.455.3428 Elmhurst Elmhurst BMW 630.833.7945 Fax 630.833.7936 Lake Bluff Karl Knauz Motors 847.604.5000 Fax 847.604.5035 Naperville Bill Jacobs BMW 630.357.1200 Fax 630.357.9835 Northfield Fields BMW 847.441.5300 Fax 847.441.1530

Lafayette Bill Defouw BMW 765.449.2884 Fax 765.449.2880 Schererville Levin BMW 219.922.2222 Fax 219.922.2232 South Bend Basney BMW 574.272.8504 Fax 574.271.9104

IOWA Cedar Rapids Bob Zimmerman BMW 319.366.4000 Fax 319.364.6972 Davenport Kimberly BMW of Davenport 563.391.8300 Fax 563.391.0526 Dubuque Dan Kruse BMW 563.583.7345 Fax 563.583.7349 Urbandale BMW of Des Moines 515.278.4808 Fax 515.278.4371

KANSAS Merriam Baron BMW 913.722.5100 Fax 913.722.5192

Annapolis Tate BMW 410.349.9312 Fax 410.349.2570

MARYLAND Baltimore Russel BMW 410.744.2000 Fax 410.744.5639 Bel Air BMW of Bel Air 866.882.1269 Fax 443.640.1234 Marlow Heights Passport BMW 301.423.2700 Fax 301.423.8936 Owings Mills Northwest BMW 410.902.8700 Fax 410.363.7749 Rockville Vob Auto Sales 301.984.8989 Fax 301.984.0798 Silver Spring Tischer BMW of Silver Spring 301.890.3000 Fax 301.890.9230 Towson BMW of Towson 410.296.7908 Fax 410.296.4852


Overland Park Baron BMW 913.722.5100 Fax 913.722.5192

Boston Herb Chambers BMW 617.731.1700 Fax 617.731.1555

Topeka Sunflower BMW 785.266.8480 Fax 785.266.3602

Hyannis Trans-Atlantic Motors, Inc. 508.775.4526 Fax 508.771.6113

Wichita Joe Self BMW 316.689.4390 Fax 316.689.4399

Natick Foreign Motors West 800.338.3198 Fax 508.881.7578


Norwood BMW Gallery 781.762.2691 Fax 781.762.6787

O Fallon Newbold BMW 618.628.7000 Fax 618.628.7300

Bowling Green BMW of Bowling Green 270.745.0001 Fax 270.745.9040

Orland Park BMW of Orland Park 708.460.4545 Fax 708.460.8771

Lexington Don Jacobs BMW 859.276.3546 Fax 859.278.0723

Pittsfield Flynn BMW 413.443.4702 Fax 413.442.4515

Peoria BMW of Peoria 309.692.4840 Fax 309.692.5143

Louisville Sam Swope BMW 502.499.5080 Fax 502.499.4476

Shrewsbury Wagner BMW of Shrewsbury 508.845.0505 Fax 508.869.3398

Rockford Bachrodt BMW 815.332.4700 Fax 815.332.5838

Paducah Bluegrass BMW 270.444.6632 Fax 270.442.9765

West Springfield Bmw of West Springfield 413.746.1722 Fax 413.746.1763

Savoy Twin City BMW 217.356.0303 Fax 217.356.7594



Alexandria Walker BMW 318.445.6421 Fax 318.449.4682

Ann Arbor BMW of Ann Arbor 734.663.3309 Fax 734.663.0685

Baton Rouge Brian Harris BMW 225.754.1200 Fax 225.751.5351

Bloomfield Hills Erhard BMW of Bloomfield Hills 248.642.6565 Fax 248.642.6517

Kenner Peake BMW 504.469.6165 Fax 504.464.3028

Farmington Hills Erhard BMW of Farmington Hills 248.306.6801 Fax 248.699.3003 Grand Blanc Grand Blanc BMW 810.695.4400 Fax 810.695.8027 Grand Rapids Sharpe BMW 616.452.5101 Fax 616.452.1101

Schaumburg Patrick BMW 847.843.4000 Fax 847.843.4022 Springfield Isringhausen Imports 217.528.2042 Fax 217.528.8146 Westmont Laurel BMW of Westmont 630.654.5400 Fax 630.323.2450

Duluth United BMW 770.476.8800 Fax 770.622.8272


Lafayette Moss Motors, Inc. 337.235.9086 Fax 337.233.4995

Macon BMW of Macon 478.757.7000 Fax 478.757.1801

Evansville D-Patrick Motoplex 812.473.6500 Fax 812.471.7767

Monroe Hixson Autoplex 318.388.3300 Fax 318.361.5851

Savannah Critz BMW 912.354.7000 Fax 912.353.3360

Fort Wayne Tomkinson Automotive 260.436.9000 Fax 260.432.6593

Union City Hank Aaron BMW 770.969.0755 Fax 678.479.4685

Indianapolis Dreyer & Reinbold, Inc. 317.573.0200 Fax 317.573.0208

28 TechDrive


Shreveport Orr BMW 318.797.0700 Fax 318.797.8308 Westbrook Bill Dodge BMW 207.854.3200 Fax 207.854.3210

Peabody BMW of Peabody 978.538.9900 Fax 978.538.9911

Kalamazoo Harold Zeigler BMW 269.375.4500 Fax 269.372.8627 Okemos BMW of Lansing 517-853-2628 Fax 517-853-2661

Shelby Township Bavarian Motor Village, Ltd. 248.997.7700 Fax 248.997.7766

Flemington Flemington BMW 908.782.2441 Fax 908.824.9913

Freeport Hassel BMW 516.223.6160 Fax 516.223.6224

Greensboro Crown BMW 336.323.3900 Fax 336.323.3850

Traverse City Grand Traverse Auto Company 231.929.6532 Fax 231.929.6585

Freehold King BMW 732.462.0042 Fax 732.577.0518

Glenmont Capital Cities Imported Cars 518.463.3141 Fax 518.463.3193

Hickory Hendrick Motors 828.322.5640 Fax 828.431.2404


Lebanon Hunterdon BMW 908.236.6302 Fax 908.236.2934

Harriman Orange County BMW 845.446.4714 Fax 845.446.4768

Kinston Sale BMW 252.522.3611 Fax 252.522.4441

Huntington Station Habberstad BMW 631.271.7177 Fax 631.421.5345

Raleigh Leith BMW 919.876.5432 Fax 919.790.1239

Latham Keeler Motor Car Company 518.785.4197 Fax 518.785.4190

Wilmington Schaeffer BMW 910.392.2700 Fax 910.392.3059

Mamaroneck Pace BMW 914.670.0011 Fax 914.670.0066

Winston Salem Flow BMW 336.788.3333 Fax 336.785.7959

Mount Kisco Endurance Motorcars 914.666.5181 Fax 914.666.6973


Bloomington Motor Werks BMW 952.888.2700 Fax 952.886.6363 Minnetonka Sears Imported Autos, Inc. 952.546.5301 Fax 952.546.2899 Rochester Park Place BMW 507.282.9468 Fax 507.282.5424

MISSISSIPPI Jackson Herrin-Gear BMW of Jackson 601.956.9696 Fax 601.991.9831 Meridian Sunbelt BMW 601.483.8131 Fax 601.482.8027

Marlton Desimone BMW, Ltd. 856.983.8400 Fax 856.983.5205 Maywood Park Avenue BMW 201.843.8112 Fax 201.843.3251 Morristown Morristown BMW 973.455.0700 Fax 973.455.0273 Mountain Lakes Denville BMW 973.627.0700 Fax 973.402.7805 Newton Bell BMW 973.579.2600 Fax 973.579.3062


Pleasantville Marty Sussman, Inc. 609.641.1900 Fax 609.641.9233

Clayton Autohaus of Clayton 314.727.8870 Fax 314.727.9345

Princeton Princeton BMW 609.945.1010 Fax 609.452.7103

Columbia Joe Machens BMW 573.445.4450 Fax 573.446.2140

Ramsey Prestige BMW 201.327.2525 Fax 201.327.4921

Creve Coeur Plaza Motor Company 314.301.1705 Fax 314.301.1730

Springfield JMK Auto Sales 973.379.7744 Fax 973.379.3896

Manchester Suntrup West County BMW 636.227.5454 Fax 636.227.5455

Tenafly Difeo BMW 201.568.9000 Fax 201.568.5301

Springfield Reliable BMW 417.889.9200 Fax 417.889.5518

Turnersville BMW of Turnersville 856.629.5500 Fax 856.629.0120


Wayne Paul Miller BMW 973.696.6060 Fax 973.696.0235

New York BMW of Manhatten 212.586.2269 Fax 212.262.8722 North Syracuse Burdick BMW 315.458.7590 Fax 315.458.7601 Oyster Bay BMW of Oyster Bay 516.922.0930 Fax 516.922.0959 Port Chester BMW of Greenwich 800.926.9727 Fax 914.798.6550 Poughkeepsie BMW of The Hudson Valley 845.462.1030 Fax 845.462.3465 Rochester Holtz House of Vehicles, Inc. 585.359.7373 Fax 585.359.7383 Roslyn Rallye Motors, LLC 516.625.1616 Fax 516.625.0055 Southampton BMW of The Hamptons 631.283.0888 Fax 631.283.0792

Akron Dave Walter Inc. 330.762.0791 Fax 330.762.4758 Cincinnati Jake Sweeney BMW 513.782.1122 Fax 513.782.1123 Cincinnati The BMW Store 513.271.8700 Fax 513.271.5264 Columbus Kelly BMW 614.471.2277 Fax 614.475.1988 Dayton Frank Z Imports 937.890.5323 Fax 937.454.3756 Dayton Voss Village BMW 937.425.6844 Fax 937.425.6818 Dublin Midwestern BMW 614.889.2571 Fax 614.889.2877 Mentor Classic BMW 440.255.6600 Fax 440.255.1796 Middleburg Heights Ganley BMW 440.845.9333 Fax 440.887.9122


Spring Valley Wide World of Cars, LLC 845.425.2600 Fax 845.425.7387

Lincoln BMW of Lincoln 402.479.7600 Fax 402.479.7663

Albuquerque Sandia BMW 505.881.9461 Fax 505.217.0289

St. James Competition BMW of Smithtown 631.265.2208 Fax 631.265.0018

Omaha John Markel, Inc. 402.393.9700 Fax 402.255.3403

Santa Fe Santa Fe BMW 505.474.0066 Fax 505.474.0077

Utica Carbone BMW 315.797.1520 Fax 315.734.0742

Solon BMW Cleveland 440.542.0600 Fax 440.542.0100



Toledo Yark BMW 419.842.7900 Fax 419.843.2986

Nashua Tulley BMW 603.888.5050 Fax 603.888..5043

Las Vegas Desert BMW of Las Vegas 702.871.1010 Fax 702.564.5849

Williamsville Towne BMW 716.505.2100 Fax 716.505.2110 White Plains Westchester BMW 914.761.5555 Fax 914.761.7297

Warren Preston BMW 330.369.4611 Fax 330.369.6435

Stratham BMW of Stratham 603.772.0000 Fax 603.772.9381

Reno Bill Pearce BMW 775.826.2100 Fax 775.689.2164





Chapel Hill Performance BMW 919.942.3191 Fax 919.969.2313

Edmund Jackie Cooper Imports, Inc. 405.755.3600 Fax 405.755.9069

Bloomfield Essex BMW 973.748.8200 Fax 973.748.6375

Brookland Life Quality Motor Sales, Inc. 718.272.0555 Fax 718.272.3957

Charlotte Hendrick Motors 704.535.0885 Fax 704.531.3282

Tulsa Crown BMW 918.663.4444 Fax 918.664.8671

Edison Open Road BMW 732.985.4575 Fax 732.985.4347

Douglastown BMW of Bayside 718.229.3636 Fax 718.428.8222

Fayetteville Valley Auto World 910.864.0000 Fax 910.864.7742


Eatontown Circle BMW 732.440.1200 Fax 732.440.1239

Endicott Gault Auto Sport 607.748.8244 Fax 607.484.9073

Fletcher Fletcher Motor Company 866.561.4269 Fax 828.681.9948

Beaverton Kuni BMW 503.748.5460 Fax 503.748.5417

Grand Island BMW of Grand Island 308.382.4662 Fax 3308.382.0421

North Canton Cain BMW 330.494.5588 Fax 330.494.4626

TechDrive 29

Bend Carrera BMW 541.382.1711 Fax 541.389.2144

Sewickley Sewickley BMW 412.741.9331 Fax 412.741.7760

Eugene BMW of Eugene 541.342.1763 Fax 541.431.4300

State College Joel Confer BMW 814.237.5713 Fax 814.238.0154

Medford Medford BMW 541.779.5071 Fax 541.774.8429 Portland Rasmussen BMW 503.226.0380 Fax 503.273.4278 Salem Delon BMW 503.399.9541 Fax 503.585.5933

West Chester Otto's BMW 610.399.6800 Fax 610.399.4193 York Apple BMW of York 717.845.6689 Fax 717.843.4903

PUERTO RICO Hato Rey Autogermana BMW 787.474.7000 Fax 787.474.7034



Allentown Daniels BMW 877.820.4269 Fax 610.820.2990

Middletown Newport Imports, Inc. 401.847.9600 Fax 401.848.5860

Bala Cynwyd BMW of The Main Line 610.668.2200 Fax 610.667.4786

West Warwick Inskip BMW 401.821.1510 Fax 401.821.2004

Devon Devon Hill Motors 610.687.9350 Fax 610.687.9360 Doylestown Thompson BMW 215.340.9823 Fax 215.340.9361 Erie New Motors, Inc. 814.868.4805 Fax 814.868.1996 Fort Washington West German BMW 215.643.3322 Fax 215.643.8706 Johnstown Laurel BMW 814.262.7028 Fax 814.266.7199 Lancaster Faulkner BMW 717.569.4269 Fax 717.569.2736 Larksville Wyoming Valley Motors 570.288.7411 Fax 570.283.6501 Mc Murray Bobby Rahal BMW of South Hills 724.941.7000 Fax 724.941.7632 Mechanicsburg Sun Motor Cars BMW 717.697.2300 Fax 717.697.0836


Amarillo Autoplex BMW 806.359.2886 Fax 806.359.2891

Murray BMW of Murray 801.262.2535 Fax 801.892.6950

Arlington Moritz BMW 817.436.5750 Fax 817.436.5768


Austin BMW of Austin 512.343.3500 Fax 512.343.3525 Beaumont BMW of Beaumont 409.833.7100 Fax 409.833.3544 Bryan Garlyn Shelton BMW 979.776.7600 Fax979.776.8203

Arlington BMW of Arlington 703.684.8500 Fax 703.549.4210 Charlottesville BMW of Charlottesville 434.979.7222 Fax 434.984.1139 Fairfax BMW of Fairfax 703.560.2300 Fax 703.560.8931 Lynchburg Hammersley BMW 434.385.6226 Fax 434.385.0642

Corpus Christi Coastal Motorcars, LTD 361.991.5555 Fax 361.991.5791

Newport News Casey BMW 757.591.1300 Fax 757.591.1327

Dallas BMW of Dallas 972.247.7233 Fax 972.243.0517

Richmond Richmond BMW 804.346.0812 Fax 804.747.8578


El Paso BMW of El Paso 915.778.9381 Fax 915.779.8952

Roanoke Valley BMW 540.342.3733 Fax 540.345.9060

Beach Island Taylor BMW 706.819.5356 Fax 706.442.4408

Fort Worth Autobahn Imports, LP 817.336.0885 Fax 817.339.8982

Sterling BMW of Sterling 571.434.1944 Fax 571.434.7722

Bluffton Hilton Head BMW 843.815.1500 Fax 843.815.1547

Harlingen Cardenas BMW 956.425.2400 Fax 956.421.3596

Charleston Rick Hendrick Imports 843.763.8403 Fax 843.763.8489

Houston Advantage BMW 713.289.1200 Fax 713.289.1207

Columbia Hancock BMW 803.754.9241 Fax 803.754.7865

Houston BMW of Houston North-Woodlands 281.874.1553 Fax 936.271.3011

Conway Fowler Motors, Inc. 843.347.4271 Fax 843.347.7762

Houston Momentum BMW 713.596.3100 Fax 713.596.3285

Florence Imports of Florence 843.662.8711 Fax 843.669.0064

Lubbock Alderson European Motors 806.763.8041 Fax 806.742.8613

Greensville Century BMW 864.234.6437 Fax 864.234.3373

Mcallen Bert Ogdon BMW 956.631.6666 Fax 956.668.7701


Odessa BMW of Permian Basin 432.580.5911 Fax 432.580.8161

Sioux Falls Vern Eide BMW of Sioux Falls 605-335-3000 Fax 605-367-1120

TENNESSEE Monroeville A & L BMW 412.373.6071 Fax 412.856.0114


Richardson Classic BMW 972.918.1100 Fax 972.680.1508

Virginia Beach Checkered Flag BMW 757.490.1111 Fax 757.687.3508

VERMONT Shelburne The Automaster 802.985.8482 Fax 802.985.5751

WASHINGTON Bellevue BMW of Bellevue 425.643.4544 Fax 425.643.1027 Seattle BMW Seattle 206.328.8787 Fax 206.777.1354 Spokane Camp BMW 509.458.3288 Fax 509.755.0251 Tacoma BMW Northwest 253.922.8700 Fax 253.922.0180 Yakima Hahn Motor Company 509.453.9171 Fax 509.457.6598

WEST VIRGINIA Saint Albans Moses BMW 304.722.4900 Fax 304.722.4999

Chattanooga BMW of Chattanooga 423.894.5660 Fax 423.894.7675

San Antonio BMW Center 210.732.7121 Fax 210.785.2811

Cordova Roadshow BMW 901.365.2584 Fax 901.365.2531

The Woodlands BMW of Houston The Woodlands 866.498.2154 Fax 936.271.3069

Pittsburgh P&W Foreign Car Service, Inc. 412.682.0788 Fax 412.682.3706

Kingsport Rick Hill BMW 423.246.7421 Fax 423.224.2133

Temple Garlyn Shelton Imports 254.771.0128 Fax 254.771.3378

Reading Dick Horrigan BMW 610.777.1500 Fax 610.775.9377

Knoxville Grayson BMW 865.693.4555 Fax 865.691.3917

Tyler Mike Pyle BMW 903.561.7049 Fax 903.534.9484

Madison Zimbrick BMW 608-443-3900 Fax 608-442-1804

Scranton Tom Hesser BMW 570.343.1221 Fax 570.343.5209

Nashville BMW of Nashville 615.850.4040 Fax 615.850.4000

Wichita Falls BMW of Wichita Falls 940.322.5451 Fax940.322.4207

West Allis International Autos 414.543.3000 Fax 414.543.2804

Montoursville Fairfield BMW 570.368.8121 Fax 570.368.8644

30 TechDrive

WISCONSIN Appleton Enterprise BMW 920.749.2020 Fax 920.749.2030 Glendale Concours Inc. 414.290.4250 Fax 414.290.4242

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and are based upon the latest information available. European vehicles or product may be shown. Vehicles may also be pictured with non-US or optional equipment. We make reasonable efforts to provide accurate information but we do not provide a warranty of accuracy. Consult your authorized BMW center or for more information. Š2006 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name and logo are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.

00 TechDrive

BMW TechDrive: December 2006  

TechDrive's combination of feature service articles (written from both BMW tech information and interviews with successful independent BMWsp...

BMW TechDrive: December 2006  

TechDrive's combination of feature service articles (written from both BMW tech information and interviews with successful independent BMWsp...