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Building a dream house for seafarers

ath taking ceremonies mean a Allow me, therefore, to outline lot to us, mariners. They not before you the lofty dreams I have for only induct us into the profes- our Association. sion or elevate us in the echelon of Communication is an indispenprofessional seafarers. They signify sable factor in every aspect of life; that we have done quite satisfactorily hence, my priority is to re-create the in our studies and trainings. They also MMAP website. This is the fastest, mean that we performed our allotted most efficient medium with which we tasks competently. More importantly, can reach out to our brother seafarers these ceremonies give proof that to a wherever in the world they may be, certain degree we succeeded in our en- onboard or ashore. Likewise, it is the deavors and we did not fail our loved most effective way for them to reach ones, including those who were sup- back to us. In the website we can inportive of our efforts. put all the information that we think To all of you, men and women will be of significance in the life of our who have just passed their first licen- members and their loved ones. In this sure examinations: a happy welcome regard, I request the participation of into the seafaring profession. As full- everyone. fledged marine deck officers, you are In addition, we will disseminate now bona fide members of the Masters through the website the benefits that and Mates Association of the Philip- members can expect from MMAP if pines, Inc. such members maintain their good MMAP, as you standing with the must all know, is Association. Let We want MMAP to the PRC-accredme report to you ited professional that during the first be known not only in organization of the regular meeting our country but to be big brotherhood of the incumbent composed of thourecognized all over the Board, we resolved sands of Filipino world as the Association to define explicitly marine deck offiwhat these benefits of highly respected, cers, which we all would be, in kind, are. I love to call it capable and competent in monetary terms, the MMAP family. and in the form Filipino seafarers. Being its incumof services. This, bent president, I am alone, should be the father-figure of this venerable in- incentive enough for us all to actively stitution, and I take this position quite participate in our forthcoming activiseriously. Now, let me ask those who ties and, of course, to be diligent in have families of their own: which fa- shelling out our dues. ther is not concerned with the welfare I am very confident that this will be of his family? Which father does not achieved with all working committees have lofty dreams for his children? already put into action going with it the Brothers, sisters, comrades at commitment of all committee chairmen arms, I am sincerely concerned with and its members. the welfare of each Filipino seafarer Also in that meeting, I expressed and those that they hold dear. I am not my ardent desire to acquire a home trying to imply that my predecessors for MMAP. Don’t we all want for our were not serious or sincere. Certainly, families to own a house to call our they did their best and were success- own? Just like any father, I want the ful in their own way, in their own time, MMAP family to eventually have its under the prevailing circumstances. own house. The present Board was Neither am I a politicizing, trying to enthusiastic about it. We do not care gain votes. I had already been duly if this will or won’t happen during our elected and I want to prove, more to tenure. What is important is that we myself than to anybody, that I can be a will plant the seed that would later on good leader, so help me God. bear the fruits to ensure its realization.

It will then be up to you, future leaders and MMAP officers, to nurture what we plant in our time. How, you may ask, are we going to do this? The present Board unanimously agreed that we will engage in projects that would generate revenues. In this way, we might be able to keep members’ contributions intact, always ready to be given back to you in terms of concrete benefits. Some of the in-

MMAP By Capt. Rodolfo A. Aspillaga CAPT. RODOLFO A. ASPILLAGA is presently the President of the Masters and Mates Association of the Philippines (MMAP), the Treasurer of the League of Maritime Educators International Inc. (LEMARE) and the Chairman of the TESDA Advisory Panel for Maritime Sector.

come from said projects will be used to defray operational and incidental costs. A portion of it will be invested in more income-generating projects. We will save the bulk of our earnings until we can afford to build our dream house. Today, this may sound over-simplified, but I harbor no doubts as to its fulfillment. I am sure I can rely on the cooperation of the Board who, I can assure you, are well-meaning, hardworking people who share my dreams for MMAP. We want MMAP to grow, flourish and prosper. We want MMAP to be known not only in our country but to be recognized all over the world as the Association of highly respected, capable and competent Filipino seafarers. However, in this endeavor, we need the support and encouragement of each member of the family — you, the MMAP family. All of us must exert our collective cooperative efforts to make these dreams come to reality. We will do this not only for ourselves or for our friends. We will do this as well for the good of the future generations of Filipino seafarers. JUNE 2010 MARINO WORLD 47

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