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3-14, 2011

INTRODUCTION: The Master’s Academy proudly offers J-Term, an innovative curricular feature. Modeled after the college “January Term” concept, J-Term is designed to increase learning opportunities for students. Not only are students given new classes to choose from each year, above and beyond the normal high school curriculum, they also have the unique opportunity to travel around the world through a variety of educational and mission trips. In addition, as juniors and seniors, TMA students have the chance to experience firsthand a profession (through work internships) before deciding on a college or major. SCHEDULE: The TMA school year is divided so that the first semester concludes prior to Christmas vacation. Students will return in January for J-Term, an interim “semester” between the first and second semesters. The J-Term school day is divided into two sessions. One course is taken per session. Morning Session Lunch Afternoon Session 7:40 - 10:50 a.m. 10:55-11:25 a.m. 11:30-2:40 p.m. The longer class periods make it possible to offer courses that ordinarily could not be held in a shorter class time. Morning classes tend to be academic in nature with regular homework and preparation required outside of class. Afternoon classes generally are practical in nature and usually involve hands-on participation. Students need to check course descriptions carefully to be familiar with individual class expectations. A variety of educational and mission trips are offered each year. Each trip is individually scheduled to accommodate its particular purpose. Internships (only available to juniors and seniors) are scheduled during the two weeks of J-Term and may be arranged for half or full days, depending on the work environment. CREDITS: Courses receive ¼ J-Term credit toward graduation. J-Term grades are included in a student’s GPA calculation. School sponsored trips and internships will earn ½ of a J-Term credit. As a graduation requirement, each student is required to earn ½ of a J-Term credit per year. J-Term courses will not count toward fulfilling non J-Term graduation requirements. CONFLICTS: Because we recognize that J-Term experiences potentially cause a conflict with a sport or other school activity/involvement, we have established the following J-Term athletic policy: Students involved in J.V. level activities may miss part of the season due to a J-Term experience without losing their place on a roster. It needs to be understood, though, that students missing part of the season will need to earn their way back into their prior position. Because of the level of commitment expected at the varsity level, students will need to choose J-Term experiences that do not conflict with sports or not participate in varsity sports. We will be careful to avoid any back-to-back required trips by sports to give students access to JTerm opportunities, particularly internships. LUNCH: The regular lunch program will continue during J-Term. REGISTRATION FOR CLASSES: Registration for J-Term is handled in a systematic way with preference given to Seniors, then Juniors, then Sophomores, and finally Freshmen unless courses are geared to a specific grade level or other preference policies are explained. All students are expected to pick their first three preferences in case classes are full. Students are reminded to seriously consider each of their picks because classes do fill up and students may end up in 2nd or 3rd choices. Registration begins on Monday, October 4 and ends on Wednesday, October 13. Please take your time and make good choices. REGISTRATION FOR TRIPS: Many of our annual trips are announced late in the spring or early in the fall (through parent mailings, student announcements and chapel presentations) and may require registration prior to our J-Term class registration deadline. For more information, refer to the Travel Opportunities section on the following page. Further trip application forms may be required over and above what is included in this publication. REGISTRATION FOR INTERNSHIPS: Parents and students are encouraged to be thinking about internship possibilities year round, but particularly during the summer and fall. Registration deadlines are typically mid-to-late October to ensure our Internship Coordinator has adequate time to arrange individual internships. For more information about internships, please refer to the internship section on the last page of the registration form.

All courses are subject to change at the discretion of the administration. Information adapted from Wheaton Academy.

Through the museums, churches, and monuments of Rome and Florence, you will see and walk the very places where God has shaped history. The trip will focus on history, art, and culture with particular emphasis on Rome's historical impact on the modern Western world. The cost includes airfare, transportation, lodging, admissions, as well as daily breakfast and dinner. Throughout the trip there will be a focus on journaling and photography. Students will complete a journaling project for an academic grade.

Contact: Mrs. Tome and Mr. Darnell Max. Capacity: 24 *FULL*

Cost: $2,600

The J-term trip to Costa Rica is a mission trip designed for the student who wants to use their abilities to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Students will have an amazing opportunity to run a Vacation Bible School while learning about the culture of Costa Rica. You do not need to know Spanish to go on this trip. This will be a time to learn, while using your talents and gifts for the cause of Christ. The first week of J-term will be a time of training for Vacation Bible School. The team will be learning some songs and Bible lessons in Spanish. Each student will also prepare and be able to give their testimony to different groups encountered on the trip. The second week the team will be taking what they’ve learned and applying it during the trip to Costa Rica.

Sponsor: Mr. Kimak and Mrs. Miles

Max. Capacity: 10

Cost: $900 - $1,000

A note about additional trips: Parents or students may ask about creating additional J-Term trips. Our response is that families choose from the broad range of opportunities that TMA is already offering. Over the four years a student spends at TMA, they will typically have the opportunity to choose from approximately 50 different classes, 8 trips and hundreds of internship placement possibilities. Trips by nature involve the most planning and carry the most corresponding risk. By the time you hear about a TMA-sponsored J-Term trip, it will have already been planned over a 6-month period with multiple checkpoints of approval by various experienced consultants. The wide array of dynamic and exciting experiences laid out within the J-Term curriculum offers any teen multiple opportunities for exciting new experiences. While not everyone will get their first choice every year, we believe that God will use J-Term to nurture growth in our students through new relationships, excellent experiences, and opportunities to serve.

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College Bound - Mrs. Outerbridge

Cost: $50

Max. Capacity: 14

Let’s hit the road because we are college bound! We are off on the journey to colleges in Central Florida. Hop on board as we visit and experience what several universities have to offer you. This J-term experience will get you ready for the road ahead so your stress level will be minimized as a senior. Understand the inner workings of applying to college, polishing your essay and wowing the schools with your dynamic resume. Learn how to build relationships with college admissions representatives who will assist you during acceptance. Finally, you will learn the ropes on how to find and receive multiple scholarship dollars now!

Computer Building - Mr. Rawlins

Cost: $0

Max. Capacity: 16

Computers are an important part of our everyday lives; we use them for work, school, email, accessing the internet, and for many other tasks. In this class, you’ll learn about the various components in a computer and how they work together to create a functional machine. Finally, you’ll apply what you learn in the course, and use that knowledge to build a working computer.

Cooking in Style - Mr. Herzig

Cost: $75

Max. Capacity: 30

What’s your favorite style of food? Italian? French? German? Chinese? We’re going to explore the great cuisines of the world. You are going to learn techniques of everyday cooking and those special tricks which make Italian food Italian, French food French, and so on. We’re going to try our hand at vegetarian cooking and gourmet cooking as well. If you like to eat and want to know how to create delicious meals, join your chef, Monsieur Herzig, as we take a gastronomic trip around the globe.

Creative Writing: The Author's Way - Miss Murnahan

Cost: $25

Max. Capacity: 16

Have you ever dreamed of publishing a book? In this course, you will ignite your creativity and learn about the publishing process. You will work with a team of fellow students to write and illustrate a children’s book centered around the history of a local neighborhood. You will develop the story and prepare it for presentation to community leaders and book publishers.

CSI: Oviedo - Mrs. Hope & Mrs. Johnson

Cost: $75

Max. Capacity: 16

Are you a fan of shows such as CSI, NCIS, and Forensic Files? Have you ever wondered what a career in forensic science is REALLY like? Join this course as we take the Hollywood out and focus on the true science. Faced with a crime, students will learn how to properly collect and analyze evidence relating to fingerprints, fibers, tool marks, question documents and much more! Students will need a digital camera with a USB connection cable or USB card reader for this course.

Digital Scrapbooking - Mrs. DeWitt

Cost: $100

Max. Capacity: 15

It’s a digital life! Are your digital photos stored on a hard drive or CD somewhere? Get those pictures out of storage and into your life where people can see and enjoy them. Sign up for this class and you’ll learn how to create your own Storybook album. The fee for this class covers the cost of the Storybook Creator software, Digital Variety Pack I CD, and Digital Doodles & Swirls Content CD embellishment kit, plus a $39.95 certificate toward the purchase of your Storybook. For class, you will need, approximately 100 high resolution digital photos on one or more CDs and a brand new 4 GB flash drive for storing your projects.

Disc Golf - Mrs. Cain

Cost: $0

Max. Capacity: 20

Disc golf combines the elements of Frisbee with tournament golf. Students will learn the three basic shots: driving, approach, and putting. They will apply grip technique, timing, footwork, follow through and focus in using the basic shots to play ninehole rounds. Students will have the opportunity to learn techniques of the sport from an instructor who has 25 years of experience. The class will culminate with a trip to a disc golf course within the Orlando area.

Disney and Worldview - Mrs. Thompson

Cost: $200

Max. Capacity: 14

What is my worldview? And what does this have to do with Walt Disney World? What would happen if we viewed every aspect of life from a Biblical perspective. How might we see things differently. Or better yet, how might we "learn to discern" life through God's eyes? During this course, the student will examine diversity in thinking regarding a different and interesting spectrum of human beliefs about significant matters. The "MAGIC" of Disney in our own backyard will be a perfect environment to try on different worldview glasses. Come join us as we visit 4 parks while intentionally looking for specific and stated objects. The remainder of the class days will consist of "debriefing" after visiting the parks, discussing world religions, Disney movies, Disney advertising, and more. The opportunity to gain God's perspective will remain invaluable as each student impacts this culture for the Kingdom. The cost includes a yearly Florida resident weekday pass. If you have a pass to the park(s) your cost will be adjusted. Photocopies of your pass(es) will need to be produced when you register for this course to receive the discount.

Please complete the following steps: ď ą Read the J-Term booklet carefully ď ą Complete the yellow registration form ď ą Pull the entire yellow registration form from the booklet and return Please see the turn-in date for your grade. Students may not turn the form in before your class date.

Please select your courses carefully as classes will fill up quickly and students may be placed in their 2nd or 3rd choice.

Morning Courses College Bound - $50 Computer Building - Free Creative Writing - $25 CSI Oviedo - $75

7:40 - 10:50 a.m. Myths & Legends - $10 Photojournalism - $25 Princess in Training - $35 SAT Prep - Free to Juniors ($299 for students previously in the course)

Driver’s Ed (O p tio n 2 ) - $175 Law - $20 Life Calling - $50 Leadership Training - $275

Afternoon Courses Cake Decorating - $25 Improv - $75 Cooking in Style - $75 Digital Scrapbooking - $100 Disc Golf - Free Disney and Worldview - $200 Language and Culture of China - $25

Talking with Your Hands - Free Thinking Outside the Box - $25 Truth Project - Free

11:30 - 2:40 p.m. Rollercoaster Fanatics - $140 Secrets of Cinema - Free Short Film Project - $40 Tennis for Beginners - $150 Unknown Sports - $95 Work It Out - $75

Full Day Courses Costa Rica Trip - $900 - $1,000 Driver’s Ed - $395 ( O pt io n 1 - F u ll D r iv e r ’ s Ed uc at io n C o ur se )

Rome Trip - $2,600 Internship - $25(See back page of registration form)

Student Name __________________________________________________________________________________ Grade Level _____________________________________

Morning/Full Day Courses

Afternoon/Full Day Courses

Choice 1 ____________________________________

Choice 1 ___________________________________

Choice 2 ____________________________________

Choice 2 ___________________________________

Choice 3 ____________________________________

Choice 3 ___________________________________ Courses will be assigned on a first come basis with Seniors having first rights, Juniors second, and so on. Students may not turn in their form before their designated turn-in date, and forms turned in after their designated date, will not be given preferential rights.

Form Turn-In Dates (7:25 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) Seniors - October 4th and 5th Juniors - October 6th and 7th Sophomores - October 8th and 11th Freshmen - October 12th and 13th

Please read the course descriptions carefully before signing your student up for classes and before signing this permission slip. If your student is unable to fulfill the requirements listed in the course description(s), do not sign your student up for that class. By signing below you acknowledge that you have read the course descriptions of the classes that your student has chosen and accept all requirements and responsibilities, which may include (but are not limited to): 

Using power tools or kitchen equipment under the supervision of a trained advisor

Participating in an off campus field trip

Hearing or seeing mature, but appropriate, content relevant to the course (approved by TMA)

Using the Internet

Participating in physical activity

I (print parent/guardian’s name) ___________________________________ understand that precautions will be taken to ensure safety in each J-Term experience. I realize there can be some dangers or risks involved. I acknowledge the course requirements and that my student cannot participate in chosen classes if we/he/she cannot fulfill these requirements. Having read and understood these statements and the course descriptions in the J-Term booklet, I knowingly and willingly give my student (print student’s name) _______________________________ permission to participate in his/ her chosen classes. I also agree to hold the instructor, school representative and The Master’s Academy harmless and free of any legal responsibility of any claims, demands, or suit for damages arising from a J-Term experience. I also authorize any TMA J-Term instructor to act in the best interest of my child, in case medical attention is needed. _______________________________________________________ Parent Signature

___________________________________ Date

Internships are available only to Junior and Seniors Internships scheduled during J-Term are a unique opportunity for our Juniors and Seniors to observe and experience a working professional’s life for two weeks. This experience in the world of adult realities allows them to see the time lawyers do not spend in a courtroom, to discover the patience required to teach second grade or to observe the precision required to be an engineer or research scientist. These experiences can aid in major decisions the students are currently facing and more importantly in the discovery of how God has uniquely equipped them. J-Term internships add value to a student’s high school experience, aid in their college decision, and provide a better understanding of living out their faith in the working world. If you are interested in participating in an Internship during J -Term, please see the Guidance Office as soon as possible.

All internship forms may be downloaded from TMA’s website or picked up in the Guidance Office.

Internships may be done in any area of interest. Here are a few ideas that may interest you: Accounting Business Dance Equestrian Financial Software Marketing/Design Photography Real Estate Technology

Architecture Chiropractic Care Education Firefighting Journalism Ministry/Missions Physical Therapy Social Work Video Production

Broadcasting Communications EMT Filmmaking Golf Pro Legal Orthopedics Physicist Sports Medicine

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Driver's Education - FL Safety Council Option 1: 30+6 Full Driver Education Course Cost: $395 Max Capacity: 16 Twenty-four hours of intensive interactive classroom study, six hours of behind the wheel driving with two students in the vehicle, and six hours of in-vehicle observation. Students must have their learner’s permit prior to driving lessons. Option 2: 24 Hour Classroom Only Cost: $175 Max Capacity: 25 Twenty-four hours of intensive interactive classroom only. Age Requirement: 14 ½ The Driver Education Training course is designed specifically for teen drivers in pursuit of a driver’s license or for licensed drivers that would like to improve their driving skills. This course will develop knowledge and skills needed to safely, legally, and economically operate an automobile. An emphasis is placed on proper decision making and risk management skills. Depending on your insurance provider, program graduates may qualify for auto insurance discounts based upon training and education in safe automobile operation.

Edible Art: Cake Decorating - Mrs. Clow

Cost: $25

Max. Capacity: 16

Do you think your art work could make someone's day? Could something you design help mark a milestone in someone's life? Decorating a cake to celebrate graduation or just to encourage a struggling friend can make a memory that will last a lifetime. Come learn the basic skills of cake decorating to start you on your way to creating "edible masterpieces" or simply to add delight to your family's holidays. Be prepared to do some baking at home. Forget the dog - you and your friends will be eating this homework!

Improv: One oh Wow - Mrs. Yarborough & Mr. Gordon

Cost: $75

Max. Capacity: 20

Improvisation is not only for actors! You can do it too!! No previous acting required (actually the ones with no acting experience tend to be better improv performers). Jeff Gordon, professional actor at Universal Studios Florida in the Beetlejuice’s Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue and actor/stuntman at Pirates Dinner Adventure will instruct students to be spontaneous while building oral skills that will benefit them no matter what field they end up in. The concepts taught are based around fast thinking, gut reactions to situations, agreement and acceptance, teamwork, and being creative through words and movements. The exercises and skill building techniques will be challenging, exciting, sometimes loud and very fun! The games and explorations involved will help build a base for story telling and character development. Participation is required.

Law - Dr. Harris

Cost: $20

Max. Capacity: 16

Come experience our legal system in action! Each day students will be exposed to live court room cases at the Seminole County Courthouse. In addition, students will receive an exclusive tour of the Orange County Courthouse where they will sit in on a real criminal hearing.

Leadership Training - Ties that Bind, Inc.

Cost: $275

Max. Capacity: 12/24

In the first week, through a variety of games, initiatives and low course elements, the students will go through the “experiential learning process”. They will learn how to identify their different leadership qualities and explore ways to use them effectively within the student body. The second week will focus on the high ropes course elements at Canterbury Retreat Center. Students will learn how to use the ropes course as a safe and effective tool to promote and practice leadership. This portion of the training will focus on encouraging your teammates, setting and completing personal goals and motivation. Participants will see a direct correlation between what they experienced on the high elements and how that relates to leadership. Throughout this process, the students will relate their experiences on the course to their Spiritual Walk with Christ. They will also gain insight into how to lead like Jesus, what made his leadership style so different and how it made such a huge impact on the world.

Life Calling: My Purpose? My Future? - Mrs. Mitchell

Cost: $50

Max. Capacity: 16

Join Mrs. Mitchell and guest speaker Phil Gelatt of Indiana Wesleyan University to explore the following questions and much more. Do you want to choose a life and career that you can live with passion? Are you wondering what you should dream for your future or what your purpose is in life? Discover God’s purpose in creating you. This course is a pre-internship class designed to help you discover what drives you by looking at your own individual unique design, personal mission, and foundational values. This will help you discover what your passions are and give your dreams focus. When this class is over, you will have a clear idea of what type of internship you could participate in next year that will have meaning and purpose and will help solidify the direction you want to take your life.

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Myths & Legends - Mr. Corey

Cost: $10

Max. Capacity: 16

Myths and legends exist throughout the world and have become a constant presence in our lives in books, video games, and movies. What are the roots of these myths and legends and how are they crafted to appeal to us as consumers? Why are so many video games and movies created using the same basic story and how do we figure out what represents a Christian worldview and what doesn’t? This course is designed to introduce students to the vast array of myths and legends throughout the world and observe their use in video games, movies, and print. Students will be challenged to assess the degree to which these characters and stories affect their lives and how we can reconcile their presence, and use, with the word of God.

Photojournalism - Mrs. Castaldi & Mrs. McCallister

Cost: $25

Max. Capacity: 14

Do you love photography, graphics, have an artistic eye? Students in this class will have the opportunity to improve their photography, Adobe PhotoShop, and Adobe InDesign skills as they create a class book. Through photo composition and photo essays, students will find their voice and tell a story. Every student’s work will be compiled into a book which will be completed by the end of J-term. Excursions to Leu Gardens, Lukas’s Butterfly Encounter, and Green Meadows Petting Farm will encourage students to implement their newly-acquired skills while appreciating the beauty of God’s creation. Yearbook students will apply these improved skills to their assigned yearbook spreads and have the opportunity to contribute to the class book, as well. Students will need the following supplies: 7.0 megapixel digital camera and a USB connection cable or USB card reader for downloading of photos.

Princess in Training - Mrs. Newport

Cost: $35

Max. Capacity: 16

“Welcome to the royal family, Princess.” For all Christian girls this fairy tale is true. We have been invited into the royal family, and we carry the title of “Princess!” Based on the devotional The Princess Journal by Dr. Jill Jones, this class will help you embrace your royal status. “Royal Reminders” will emphasize Princess etiquette: thinking and acting like a daughter of the Most High King. For any female who wants to look in the mirror and think, “I am important. I am special. I have a big mission to accomplish,” this class is for you!

Rollercoaster Fanatics - Mrs. Smith

Cost: $140

Max. Capacity: 13

Do you love roller coasters? Do you love the feeling of adrenaline pumping though your body as you rocket through the drops, twists and turns? Do you try and convince your parents to take vacations near new and exciting roller coasters? If you said yes to any of these questions, then this class is for you! During the course of our time together we will examine all the different facets of roller coasters. We’ll begin by researching their development, followed by a chance to design and build our own coasters. Naturally, as part of the investigation and evaluation process we will need to ride some roller coasters; two separate daytrips are planned to the Sea World and Busch Gardens adventure parks. Cost includes admission to all theme parks and transportation. If you have a pass to the park(s) your cost will be adjusted. Photocopies of your pass(es) will need to be produced when you register for this course to receive the discount.


Cost: $299

Max. Capacity: 25

The SAT prep course is designed for college-bound high school students who are required to submit SAT scores during the college admission process. Students should have completed at least the first semester of Algebra 2 before taking this course. The course focuses on the content areas encountered on the test, test taking strategies, scoring guidelines, vocabulary guides and other helpful tips for improving one’s score.

Short Film Project - Mrs. Matos & Mr. Swee

Cost: $40

Max. Capacity: 20

Do you know how to edit? Do you know how to shoot a film? Are you an aspiring film actor? This J-Term course will be a true cinematic experience. We will move from filming our short film to the final edit. This is a great opportunity for you to put your talent to use!

Secrets of Cinema - Mr. Pitts

Cost: $0

Max. Capacity: 25

This course will give our students an opportunity to view a variety of different films ranging from romantic comedy to drama, suspense and fantasy! The purpose of this course is to challenge our students to view movies through a “different set of lenses”. Students should come, not only to be entertained, but to think, discuss and write.

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Talking with Your Hands - Mrs. Glemser

Cost: $0

Max. Capacity: 16

Come and learn how to effectively communicate without saying a word! This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of American Sign Language (ASL). Students will learn basic fingerspelling, grammar, vocabulary, syntax and non-manual gestures. In addition, students will be introduced to the history of ASL and survey various issues raised by examining ASL and the Deaf community.

Tennis for Beginners - Mrs. Hinds

Cost: $150

Max. Capacity: 20

Do you want to learn a sport that you can play for the rest of your life? Then J-Term tennis is your answer. This is a class for anyone who wants to learn the game. This class is designed for those with beginning to intermediate skills. Drills and game play will take place.

The Language and Culture of China - Mr. Wang

Cost: $25

Max. Capacity: 16

Join guest speaker, Mr. Roy Wang, and be transported to China as you are immersed into the culture and language of this ancient country. Learn the basics of the language and how to write the Chinese characters using brush-pen calligraphy. Ventures will take you to the heart of the culture through understanding of the ancient and modern cultures and the sampling of foods, music, and festivals. This hands-on approach course will allow you to have an appreciation for the Chinese culture and exposure to one of the fastest growing languages in the world. Mr. Wang has taught Chinese in communities throughout Central Florida and at Rollins College.

The Truth Project - Mrs. Dierocini

Cost: $0

Max. Capacity: 16

Do you know why you believe what you believe or are you just accepting what your parents, pastors, and teachers are telling you? Truth is not simply an academic concept. The way we think about truth has a direct bearing upon the way we live our lives. The Truth Project is a DVD-based small group curriculum comprised of 12 one-hour lessons taught by Dr. Del Tackett. Students will journey through history, science, economics, media, and the creative arts to understand how God’s thumbprint can be seen through all and in all things. Students will walk away with a better understanding of why intelligent design is not only a fact, but that all aspects of our lives play a roll in magnifying the glory of our Creator. This class is perfect for those wanting to go deeper and wider in understanding our creator.

Thinking Outside the Box - Mrs. Salerno

Cost: $25

Max. Capacity: 16

This course will help students improve their problem solving and creative thinking skills. Games we will be playing include: Pitch a Story, You’ve Been Sentenced, Rumis, Qwirkle, Blokus, Blokus Trigon, Balderdash, Catchphrase, The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game, and a variety of ThinkFun games (Rush Hour, Chocolate Fix, River Crossing, Tipover, Roadside Rescue, Pete’s Pike, Hoppers, etc.). Students enrolled in this course will also be solving Perplexors, Analogy Challenges, Logic Links, Tactic Twisters, and Word Winks.

Unknown Sports - Mrs. McLain

Cost: $95

Max. Capacity: 20

Have you ever wondered what other sports are out there? Are you sick of the daily grind of baseball, softball, football, soccer, and basketball? Then this class is for you! Unknown sports will cover games that are little known to the average teenager. In this class you will cover the basic rules of the game and be able to play in tournaments to crown the winner of each Unknown Sport. Some of the games will include: Badminton, Pickle Ball, Archery, Team Handball, and Bocce Ball. Come explore with us as we become masters of the unknown!

Work It Out - Miss Thomas

Cost: $75

Max. Capacity: 14

Most of us at one time or another have wished we looked or felt better. Don’t just sit there and wish you were in better shape… DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Work it Out is a coed J-Term fitness class that will introduce practical nutrition advice and different fitness opportunities allowing you to realize your fitness goals. The class will be a combination of several nutritionist giving you specific information and personal trainers and fitness classes through LA Fitness providing a hands on experience with the fitness world. Classes will include a sampling of spinning classes, Latin Dance classes, whole body weight classes, and personal training sessions where you can tailor a program (cardio and weight training) for your specific body needs and goals. Start to live the life you really want NOW!

We look forward to partnering with you in this exciting opportunity for the students of


If you have any questions regarding J-Term or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Mitchell Salerno, High School Principal 407.971.2221 x1153 Arlene Outerbridge, Director of Guidance 407.971.2221 x1151 Taina Glemser, Guidance Coordinator, Internship Coordinator 407.971.2221 x1155 THE MASTER’S ACADEMY 1500 Lukas Lane Oviedo, FL 32765 407.971.2221 (main phone) 407.971.1373 (fax)

J-Term Catalog 2011  

Course offerings for J-Term 2011

J-Term Catalog 2011  

Course offerings for J-Term 2011