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STAFF BULLETIN DATE : 21st October 2013 Monday st

21 Oct

8.15 am

Tuesday nd

22 Oct

P3-4 P4 3.30 pm 6.30 – 9.00 pm

ITT Students start block practice Year 7 Tracking Week Year 13 Biology trip - Juniper Hall Staff Briefing (PEN) Year 8 Assembly Year 12/13 Assembly

- Staffroom - SMH - Main Hall

Year 8 STEM Day – see overleaf for details Lower School Assembly – CMU, Notices PEN - Main Hall Year 11 Assembly - SMH 11PO Mass PSHCE SLT Meeting - Head’s Office Governors’ Meeting


INSET Day - Assessment


7FI Retreat PEN - offsite at Headteachers’ Liaison Meeting in Chiswick School PPLs meet with MBY No MASS at Breaktime House Music Competition - Main Hall

23rd Oct


24 Oct

8.00 am 8.20 – 8.30 am 3.15 – 4.15 pm

Friday th

25 Oct

8.00 am

3.05 – 4.05 pm

Deadline for Performance Management Returns SLT Meeting - Head’s Office Year 7 Assembly - SMH Year 10 Assembly - Main Hall th 6 Form CAFOD Lunch - Room 302 - see overleaf for details Head’s Detention - Room 21

NOTICES Year 8 STEM Day : "Our World in 2050" On Tuesday the whole of Year 8 will be taking part in an enrichment activity hosted by STEM Ambassadors from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Organisation for the day: Period 1: Students go to St Michael's Hall for an introductory briefing after which they will go to their allocated rooms. Teachers of year 8 P1 please go to St Michael's Hall and then accompany the students to their rooms. Periods 2-5: (Note: PSHCE is suspended for Year 8) Students will stay (apart from breaks) in their allocated rooms. Teachers please go to the room listed on the timetable below when you would normally be teaching year 8. Please do not leave the room until the next teacher has arrived. Period 6: Students will initially be in their allocated rooms and then they will move to St Michael's hall for the closing presentations / prizes. Teachers please go to the room listed on the timetable below and then accompany the students to St Michael's Hall. Roomings for the day: (Students will be in their Science Groups. The group lists will be in registers and sent by email) ROOM Group Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Period 6 N4 8A1 TEA TEA AHO SMC/REVTHL GSH 38 8A2 AST AST MBA AMO AMO RCH 65 8A3 JHA SMC SMC ESM CMH ESM 67 8A4 ALE NGU BJI NGU DWA GAD C10 8B1 MGO JHA PMO CMH AJA LJO 54 8B2 MBA CMH MWH COVER COVER HGR S2 8B3 DBR ANO DBR JDO ANO CBA N2 8B4 SPR COVER SPR COVER COVER BWA Many thanks for your help and cooperation with the running of this day. - Ian Wilkinson

6th Form CAFOD Lunch – Friday, 25th October This will be taking place in the Food Technology Kitchen, Room 302 at lunchtime. Your support will be greatly appreciated. - Bhavesh Jivan