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“Thank you Masters of Magic, thank you Walter Rolfo, thank you all the collaborators who made this event very worthwhile. It is a good way to show what Italy can do when it wins the bid for the hosting and organization of the FISM World Championship of Magic 2015. I wish you all a succesful bid.” Eric Eswin International President of FISM

“Saint-Vincent 2012 ... the best Magic Convention in Europe!” Silvan

“To the MASTERS of MAGIC with all good thoughts”

“For Masters of Magic WOW! What a great convention! The best...”

Max Maven

Uri Geller

“We enjoyed the MASTERS OF MAGIC Conventions and hope that we can participate in this wonderful convention again.We have had a great time!”

“To the Magic Convention of SaintVincent and for all the amazing and wonderful magicians that I met here.” Juan Tamariz

Johnny Thompson & Pam

“Keep the Magic alive!” Jeff McBride

“Thank you very much for hosting me at your magic convention. Italy and all Italian people are wonderful. Grazie” Fielding West

“To the friends of Masters of Magic, for their passion for Magic!”

“Thank you... It was amazing!” Danny Cole

Dani Da Ortiz

“Thank you :) Guys you are the BEST!!! Congratulations for this fantastic convention! Italian hospitality is amazing!” Magic Babe Ning & J C Sum

“For the Magic Convention of SaintVincent...Thank you,Thank you,Thank you for all!” Xavier Mortimer

“With every vist Italy is becoming my favorite place in the world and now also as a capital of magic.Thank you” Asi Wind

“What incredible convention! It’s a pleasure to be in this line-up. Magical greetings” Charlie Mag

Andrew Mayne

“It’s a great pleasure for me to be here at Masters of Magic! Thank you” Fred Cie Poc

“What a cool convention!” Francesco Scimemi

“Dedicated to the “Magic Team” of Masters of Magic, in occasion of unforgettable convention of Saint-Vincent. High Regards! ” Roberto Giobbi

“Sim Sala Min”

“To all friends of Masters of Magic TV. A very big embrace! ”

Raul Cremona Alexander

Masters of Magic - Guests Book  

All that the relevant figures of the world of magic have said about us

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