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Cottonwood Barn

Nestled in picturesque Webster Township, Cottonwood Barn is situated on five scenic acres in north central Washtenaw County.

It is located near the heart of historic 'Webster Corners'. Cottonwood Farm was once part of the Williams family's 640 acres purchased in 1828. Type to enter text

The original family Modified Greek Revival Home built in 1829 still stands today (across the street from the Barn) and is on the National Register.

It was in this house in 1833 that the township was formally organized. The Williams family continued to own and operate the farm for several generations, losing ownership in the 1930s Great Depression. In 1937, the farm was purchased by Walter and May (Kleinschmidt) Mast. Cottonwood Farm became a private equestrian school, providing young girls an opportunity to experience farm life.

During summer camp season, up to 60 girls occupied the cabins and 50 horses were stabled – one for every girl. Besides being the owner and director of the camp, 'Aunt May' Mast was active in the community until her death in 1999, at age 96.

Her artistic works (poetry and paintings, including scenes on her farm buildings) contributed to m a k i n g We b s t e r C o r n e r s a memorable location. Images of May Mast's murals on Cottonwood Barn (which depicted her farm life childhood memories) have been photographed and reside inside the Barn.

Purchased by Dan and Laura Waitz in 2012, Cottonwood Barn and its grounds have been lovingly renovated and restored. Combining Dan's barn restoration devotion, Laura's design passion, and their family barn renovation experience, the beauty and character of this local historical landmark has been renewed.

Cottonwood Barn boasts 3600 square feet. The original rustic beauty of the Barn has been preserved and decorated with a modern sense of style. Sophisticated chandeliers that hang from soaring wood beamed ceilings illuminate the dining area, bar location, and dance floor. Of course, the space would not be the same without the compliments of the Windswept Weathered Wood siding that parallels this place in history.

Windswept adds style, sophistication and practicality to what designers have long called for- a reclaimed appearance with the stability and structural integrity of new wood, backed by regulated industry associations, at nearly half the investment of reclaimed materials and with minimal waste.

Our innovative style and continued focus to customer satisfaction continues to scale upward congruent to the inimitable culture of specialty wood providers as well as the Architectural & Design, Hospitality and Retail Design communities; let us know how we can help!

Cottonwood Barn

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Cottonwood Barn (homestead color)  

What a marvelous space for Windswept Weathered Wood to be a part of- The Cottonwood Farm was once part of the Williams family's 640 acres p...