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Sometimes small is better. As the mortgage industry evolves, more and more companies are seeing what we at The Lending Company saw years ago...small is good. By keeping our firm lean on expenses and high on quality, we’ve been able to put our profits back into those who deserve it...our employees. Please review our enclosed compensation outline, and if you are ready for bigger things in your future send an email to to arrange a confidential meeting.

What’s My Pay? - Aggressive commission structure. Applicant should show ability close an average of 4+ loans per month. Full-Time Marketing—We realize you don’t have enough time in a day to originate and close loans, so we have a full-time marketing position to help implement your marketing plan. Rock-Solid processing. Our processors are the best in the business with incentives to clear your conditions and get your loans done so you spend your time doing what you do best. Laptop or super fast PC—you choose. (Mac friendly!) Group Health Insurance plan 401K Plan Systems, systems, systems. (We’ve been doing this awhile and we know how to provide the type of service that ensures referrals from each transaction). Coaching readily available. Banking or brokering capability FHA Loans Reverse Mortgages Commercial Lending

Strategic partnership with local bank to serve their clients

Business-to-business marketing plan (why build your database one client at a time, when you can add hundreds)

Small Is Good  
Small Is Good  

Our lates recruiting ad.