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Growing Popularity of Online Continuing Professional Education among CPAs- a Brief Certifed Public Accountants do not need an introduction to the signifcance of continuing education for their career. However, CPAs are amongst the busiest professionals who have to deal with strict deadlines, extended working hours and busy client and work schedules. As a result, most CPAs fnd CPE an unnecessary headache and a challenge they have to overcome every year. There are many ways through which CPAs can complete their online education. However, none is as popular as online CPE. In past few years, there has been a signifcant growth in the demand and popularity of online continuing professional education among CPAs. More and more CPAs now prefer online CPE to traditional CPE including in-person classes and webinar. There are many reasons behind the soaring popularity of online CPE, and a few key reasons include: Absolutely Convenient- Online continuing education is convenient and CPAs do not need to commute anywhere or sacrifce their business in order to complete requisite CPE hours. Online CPE allows CPAs to earn CPE credits while still carrying on with their routine jobs and professional obligations. There are a few vary good online CPE resources that allow CPAs to buy subscriptions online and get access to countless CPE courses. CPAs can take the printouts of relevant courses or download the PDFs to study at their own convenience. Affordable- On comparing online CPE with traditional CPE, you will fnd that online continuing education is very affordable. The online CPE courses are quite cost-effective and do not include any additional overhead like the cost of commuting, sacrifcing productive business hours, etc. Time-saving- Unquestionably, online CPE is a time-saving proposition as well because it allows CPAs to study whenever and wherever they feel comfortable without making signifcant changes to their work or client schedule. Quick and Instant Results- With online CPE providers offering instant results, CPAs can complete their continuing education quickly and effortlessly. Some of these resources allow CPAs to print their certifcates immediately on completing and passing the test. Besides this, there is a wide variety of comprehensive IRS and NASBA accredited CPE courses on subjects covering ethics, fnance, taxation, auditing, computer software, and others.

Growing Popularity of Online Continuing Professional Education among CPAs- a Brief