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ADVOCACY Master Builders WA operates under the direction of its board, the councils and committees to provide governance and develop policy on industry issues. 4

ADVOCACY Photo above: 2021 Master Builders-Bankwest Economic Lunch. (L-R) Hon Ben Wyatt MLA, Paula West General Manager Inspired Homes, John Gelavis Master Builders WA Executive Director, Rocky Slater State Manager WA Badge Construction, Hon Sean L’Estrange.

Master Builders WA has courageously met the challenges of this past year head on. Our proactive and persistent advocacy has seen positive outcomes for our members, with Western Australia (WA) witnessing a resurgence in economic activity and a healthy pipeline of work for our industry.

The 2020-21 financial year will certainly be remembered for the twists and turns. Despite the challenges, we have had tremendous success with our policy mandates and lobbying efforts. Master Builders WA has continued to fearlessly and continually advance our industry’s position on matters of importance and will continue to do so.

This year we developed the STRONG BUILDING STRONG WESTERN AUSTRALIA campaign for the State Election. The campaign launched on 15 February 2021 at a luncheon event where both (then) Treasurer Ben Wyatt and Shadow Treasurer Sean L’Estrange presented their economic strategies for the upcoming election.

All these months later, we are still feeling the disruptions to global material supply chains and labour shortages as construction around the world spearheads economic recovery amidst restricted travel, manufacturing, working, and export conditions.

This campaign included a set of key advocacy positions that would support the industry, which we hoped the incoming Government would adopt. The advocacy platform highlighted policies aligned to five major categories; Building Safe and Productive Workplaces; Economic Settings for Stability & Growth; Infrastructure & Investment; Jobs & Skills for the Future; and More Small Business & Less Red Tape.

Photo below: (L-R) John Gelavis Master Builders WA Executive Director, Paul Spadanuda General Manager at Oswald Homes and Residential Attitudes, Paul Graham Keystart CEO, Hon Michael Sukkar MP.

We have also ensured the initial critical work undertaken in the early days of the pandemic did not unravel – with WA maintaining essential service status for the industry and continued support to our members navigating the everchanging rules and regulations. Even here in WA, and all these months later, we are still feeling the disruptions to global material supply chains and labour shortages as construction around the world spearheads economic recovery amidst restricted travel, manufacturing, working and export conditions.



Keeping The Industry Open

Our primary focus was to keep members operational and ensure our sector remained an essential service. Our efforts kept 40,000 small and medium businesses open, and over 130,000 people employed. Constant work and discussions with the Department of Premier and Cabinet saw the WA building and construction industry remain operational even during the February, April and June 2021 lockdowns.

Stimulus Packages: Federal Homebuilder and State Building Bonus

Our advocacy included providing recommendations and solutions with timelines for the Federal Homebuilder Stimulus, which had caused issues for members and industry. In February 2021, we identified approvals from permit authorities being an issue. This arose due to the massive increase in activity since the stimulus measures were announced which swamped many councils with building permit applications. We engaged with the City of Stirling to propose a solution for building applications (both new builds and substantial renovations), that were eligible for the Homebuilder Stimulus package. We developed a template letter to accompany these applications for easy identification and fast-tracked assessment.

40,000 BUSINESSES AND 130,000 WORKERS PROTECTED Michael Sukkar visits Master Builders WA

In July 2021 the Hon Michael Sukkar MP visited the Master Builders Association of Western Australia for a special event with our board, councils and staff. The Minister for Housing extended his thanks at this event to every single member of our industry for their dedication and determination. “The number of construction businesses who said we kept our people, we took a punt, we didn’t really know what the government’s response would be... we didn’t know what stimulus – if any – was coming... but we held on to our people, because to us they are families as much as they are employees. I don’t think there is any industry in this country that did it as much as yours. There is something special here. I am here to thank you for everything you are doing. We really appreciate it.” COVID-19

The Minister’s visit was also an opportunity to discuss the challenges we face here in WA and work we are undertaking as the leading peak body to find solutions on behalf of the industry.

MBAWA Year in Review 2020-21

Photo below: Hon Michael Sukkar MP, Minister for Housing, addressing the staff and select guests at Master Builders WA Head Office.


Department of Finance: Building management and works

Key priorities for Master Builders WA included ongoing advocacy to the Department of Finance through their Building Management and Works business regarding; suitable and reasonable approaches with tender awarding, understanding the current working environment and challenges builders face with the work pipeline, and working towards better processes for resolution of issues and subcontractor issues including project bank accounts. We met with the Department of Finance regarding market conditions and challenges facing the construction industry on several occasions. Master Builders WA presented the challenges in the industry including commercial operations in the current COVID-19 cycle, rapid price/cost escalation and labour productivity. We also discussed challenges around payment terms for labour and materials becoming shorter, complications of cashflow within the market, tender validity periods and the inappropriacy of the Department of Finance’s current procurement model. Master Builders WA presented credible suggestions to support improvement of the situation and is working with the Department to develop and identify the implementation of improvements.

HomeBuilder Construction Deadline: Extension

Master Builders WA lobbied extensively to have the Federal Government address issues which unfolded from the unprecedented demand stimulus packages instigated. These issues included trade shortages, time delays, and cost increases in building products. In April 2021, the Federal Government answered lobbying efforts with Housing Minister Michael Sukkar and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announcing an extension of the construction commencement deadline under the HomeBuilder program. It meant all HomeBuilder applicants had 18 months to commence construction from the date the contract was signed. This 12 month extension, was welcomed by Master Builders WA and ensured all eligible applicants were not denied the grant for reasons outside their control.

Western Australia’s Timber Crisis

One of the most significant issues that Master Builders WA dealt with in the 2020-21 financial year was the timber crisis which is critically impacting current activity and causing uncertainty in future supply. Our sustained advocacy on pine shortages has led to several critical meetings convened by Hon Mark McGowan MLA and Minister for Forestry Dave Kelly, MP with Wespine Industries Managing Director Patrick Warrand and Master Builders WA. Our public advocacy has paved the way to secure an additional 12,000 tonnes of pine, over the next three months, for the Western Australian timber manufacturing industry, and building and construction sector. The State Government also announced an investment of $350 million in new pine plantations in the Southwest, helping secure the long-term supply of local pine for decades to come in Western Australia.

Photo below: Minister for Forestry Dave Kelly MP at Master Builders WA member construction site to announce additional pine log quota for Western Australia. (L-R) Robert Shaw Director Daly & Shaw Building, Minister for Forestry Dave Kelly MP, John Gelavis Master Builders WA Executive Director and Aly Harper, Carpenter-Master Builders WA 2019 Apprentice of the Year winner.


REGULATION, COMPLIANCE AND SAFETY IN OUR INDUSTRY Consultation on National Construction Code 2022 draft

Action Plan for Planning Reform: Phase 2

A key policy mandate of Master Builders WA is to fasttrack development (planning) applications, particularly for residential builds. We continued to lead the industry charge for fundamental planning reform this year, making a comprehensive submission on Phase 2 of the Planning Reform Action Plan and participating in a closed round table session with the Minister for Planning.

Through the Master Builders National Regulation and National Technical Committees we made a comprehensive submission on the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 public comment draft. Our feedback focused on recommended amendments to the energy efficiency and condensation technical provisions.

We have successfully engaged with the largest metropolitan Council (City of Stirling) to develop and test a pilot fast-track system. The planning of the pilot system is underway with the City and Master Builders WA. The system aims to reduce the timeframe for planning assessments from 60 or 90 days, to just 30 days.

One of the most significant changes in the draft regards the increase to home thermal performance from the current level equivalent to 6-stars NatHERS, to the equivalent of 7-stars. We believe the change would significantly impact building design, apartment configurations, and house layouts, immediately affecting the affordability of new builds.

We hope to officially launch the system with the City of Stirling and the Minister for Planning in early 2022. It is then expected the Minister will seek to have the process embedded in legislation and rolled out across all councils.

We are acutely aware of Australia’s net zero objective and the sustainability of our industry and housing is vitally important; but the increased cost associated with changes needs to be assessed as a risk and mitigated accordingly. We are considering approaches which include a suitable transition period, taking into account the COVID-19 landscape.

This will be one of the most significant and beneficial planning reforms ever. Over time it will collectively save both industry and the public hundreds of millions of dollars in true costs.

Modernising work health and safety laws in WA

Throughout the year we continued our advocacy and work on the progression towards the Modern WHS Act 2020, with Regulations expected to be finalised in early 2022.

MBAWA Year in Review 2020-21

Master Builders WA continues to assess the changes scheduled through the passing of the WHS Bill. Our submissions and advocacy work across industrial manslaughter and duties on safety service providers have guided our members as best as possible.


Building Act Provisions: Work affecting other land – BA20 and BA20A forms

Master Builders WA has single handily lead advocacy to have provisions relating to work affecting other land in the Building Act reviewed. We have lobbied intensively on behalf of members to enact change regarding the work affecting other land provisions of the Building Act 2011, including addressing concerns with the BA20 & BA20A forms. Master Builders WA has repeatedly called for the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety to undertake reforms including adopting the suite of provisions Master Builders WA has provided.

Tropical Cyclone Seroja Recovery

Following the devastation left in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Seroja, Master Builders WA played a key role in getting communities back on track. We helped to rebuild and supported our resilient members and communities. We also took part in collaborative discussions with key State Government agencies on technical matters including revisions to codes and standards.


Draft Procurement (debarment of suppliers) Regulations 2021

Western Power and Water Corporation

We have engaged with the Water Corporation and Western Power on the issue of safety, specifically that of contractors working in or around power and water assets on sites. The focus of this collaboration has been to develop and distribute educational materials through a variety of channels, to better inform our industry and stakeholders of everyone’s responsibilities. This body of work is ongoing under our safety advocacy remit.

Master Builders WA continued our engagement with the Department of Finance throughout the year, with the regulations set to take effect in January 2022. We support the intent of the Debarment Regime in ensuring providers of goods and services to Western Australian government agencies conduct themselves in a fair, ethical, and responsible manner. A major focus has been on ensuring responsible suppliers can tender competitively and be successful; not disadvantaged by those who do not comply with the law.






Home Indemnity Insurance

The issue of indemnity insurance reform has long been a priority for Master Builders WA and in 2021 we continued to push for long overdue outcomes. Master Builders WA consulted extensively with executive stakeholders from the building and energy industries to collaborate on recommendations for home indemnity insurance reform. A working group has been established through the Housing Council, to continue advocacy and press for appropriate changes to the scheme, balancing the needs of consumer protection with that of practitioners and contractors.

Industrial Relations

Master Builders WA made a comprehensive submission addressing the proposed reforms to industrial relations laws including the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Bill 2021. This submission focussed on the recommendations made to modernise the WA workers compensation laws including the definitions of workers and insurance matters. We also highlighted that the government must consider the special characteristics of employment in the building and construction industry.

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Engagement Master Builders WA maintained continuous advocacy efforts with the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Engagement on a wide array of issues this year. In particular, addressing the media scrutiny of our industry, noting that often, the Department and Master Builders WA are contacted simultaneously for comment.

MBAWA Year in Review 2020-21

By collaborating on our messaging to ensure consistency and minimise scrutiny of our industry by media, we have established a way to balance our responses to customer stories and current strains in the operating environment, but not at the expense of our members and industry.




Advocacy Platform

Our advocacy platform centers around five key themes Building Safe and Productive Workplaces; Economic Settings for Stability & Growth; Infrastructure & Investment; Jobs & Skills for the Future; and More Small Business & Less Red Tape. This past year we had great success, with many of our recommendations to government embedded in policy. We continue to push our advocacy, ensuring a strong building industry and an even stronger Western Australian economy. Master Builders WA undertook an analysis of State electorates based on State electoral boundaries and 2016 Census data to understand the relative importance of the building and construction industry to local economies and communities, which allowed us to communicate the importance of our industry in a more targeted way. Photo below: The successful adoption to many of Master Builders WA recommendations posed to State and Federal Governments with Hon Mark McGowan MLA and John Gelavis.

Master Builders WA inaugural Welcome Back to Parliament BBQ

Top Left: Hon Mark McGown MLA at Master Builders WA inaugural Welcome Back to Parliament BBQ held at Parliament House. Top Right: Hon Mark McGown MLA alongside Master Builders WA Board of Management, President and Executive Director. Centre Right: Hon Rita Saffiotti MLA, Hon John Carey MLA, Master Builders WA Vice President and Board of Management. Bottom Right: John Gelavis, Master Builders WA Executive Director. Bottom Left: Hon John Carey MLA and John Gelavis, Master Builders WA Executive Director.


WHS & TRAINING Support and services for the building industry.


WHS & TRAINING Photo above: Launch of CPC50220 Diploma in Building & Construction. Master Builders WA Trainer, George Buckley inducting the trainees.

It has been a busy year for Master Builders WA training with the launch of new State and Federal Government incentives, the roll out of new training packages across the Construction, Plumbing and Services (CPC) packages, and snap lockdowns disrupting training across WA. We welcomed the extension of the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements (BAC) wage subsidy from the Federal Government. Since being introduced in October 2020, the program has been supporting local businesses to take on new apprentices and trainees with the goal of securing a pipeline of skilled workers to support sustained economic recovery. The $3.9 billion national program will extend support into the second and third year of an eligible Australian apprenticeship. Eligible employers will receive up to 10 per cent and 5 per cent in the second and third year of the apprenticeship. The Federal Government’s investment is expected to continue to support the 270,000 anticipated starts under the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements program from October 2020 to March 2022.

Across WA, the allocation of additional funds to the Construction Training Fund to support mature age apprentices, scholarship programs and try-a-trade programs, contributed to our impressive commencement rates. In WA we are proud to have 21.7 per cent of our apprentice base working in the building and construction industry. In addition, the State Government recently matched the Federal Government’s second round of JobTrainer funding, which will see a $103.5 million boost to local training. In a year full of impressive achievements, Master Builders WA Training is proud to have successfully launched the new CPC50220 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building). This qualification comprises of 27 units of competency and will provide skilled workers the educational requirements to gain a Builders Registration. Module 1 launched on 16 September in West Perth with 16 highly experienced students ready to take the next steps. 2022 will see courses running throughout Regional Western Australia and Perth.

The perfect storm of construction stimulus and hiring incentives has seen more apprentices commence in construction than ever before.





MBAWA Year in Review 2020-21








The year rocked the boat for all of us, and the workplace health and safety (WHS) industry was by no means exempt. In fact, WHS completely capsized. We faced the biggest health emergency of our lifetime, which forced us to rapidly adapt to new work environments, procedures, equipment, teams, and crises. But a pandemic was not the only challenge the WHS industry faced. Jake Cole, Epigroup Co-Founder shares some key insights from the company’s new partnership with Master Builders WA.

While construction is booming, labour is at a bust. Everyone is at capacity, which leads to long hours, tired bodies and people taking on tasks they would not normally do. Incidents are imminent, so to reduce the risk of accidents, training and regular breaks are fundamental. It is not good enough for an employer to say employees “don’t have time for training”. They would be regretful if an employee had a serious injury, or a minor injury that led to time off work.

Epigroup supporting Master Builders WA Members Since becoming a partner of Master Builders WA, Epigroup has supported over 25 member companies with audits, inspections and safety management system development.

Last year, Safe Work Australia reported that the construction industry had the third highest number of fatalities and was responsible for 12 per cent of all serious claims made; 36 per cent of which were a result of body stressing.

The team also gave out several awards at the Excellence in Construction Awards, attended the Women Building Australia lunch, and presented their stance on safety to Master Builders WA during National Safety Month.

With the current labour shortage, we can expect these numbers to increase if employers do not provide effective training and prioritise human factors.

Construction is an exciting industry to be a part of right now, but it also has its fair share of challenges. Epigroup is looking forward to supporting Master Builders’ members through these challenges, particularly the upcoming legislation changes. Times are changing On 3 November 2020, Parliament passed the Work Health and Safety Bill 2019, meaning the outdated OSH Act 1984 would give way to the modern WHS Act 2020. This is the biggest leap in Western Australia’s WHS laws in decades. Penalties are tougher, terms are broader, and prosecutions are easier. The WHS Act will harmonise WA with the rest of Australia - excluding Victoria. It is expected that the regulations will be finalised in early January 2022, but the State Government is yet to confirm this. To better support members through these changes and beyond, Epigroup was appointed the preferred health and safety provider by Master Builders Association WA in June 2021. Our Fremantle-based company offers consulting, labour hire, and training services at exclusive rates for Master Builders WA members. Our client book spans from global mining companies to family-owned farms, with many of the team’s consultants specialising in construction

A Government leg up The journey towards a post-pandemic Australia is full of challenges, but it is not all doom and gloom. This year, the State Government launched the Local Capability Fund (LCF). This program aims to support small and medium businesses with funding to enhance their capability, capacity and competitiveness to supply major projects and markets in Australia and overseas. The LCF assistance can be used for a number of expenses such as qualifications, equipment and consulting services. This includes the costs of external expertise to implement ISO45001 certification, the international standard for WHS. Funds are available until 31 January 2022, unless funds run out beforehand. To find out if you’re eligible, head to the WA government website. Stay safe At Epigroup we look forward to continuing to support the Master Builders membership base with clear, practical and timely WHS advice.

Labour shortage a new risk After a slow 2020, construction is accelerating across Australia. In June 2020, the Federal Government announced that 15 infrastructure projects worth $72 billion will be fast-tracked. Now, traffic cones line the roads, infrastructure skeletons are slowly coming to life, and there’s always a new build on the block. But tradies are being pulled from pillar to post. Australia’s job vacancies are up 14 per cent - largely due to our closed boarders - and construction is one of the hardest hit industries.


Working on rebuild projects in areas affected by the Woorooloo bushfires and Cyclone Seroja? You may be eligible for additional CTF funding.

Woorooloo Bushfire image: Evan Collis Cyclone Seroja damage image: DFES

Construction Training Fund (CTF) recently announced a Disaster Recovery Construction Training Grant, designed to support communities affected by the Wooroloo bushfires and Cyclone Seroja.

MBAWA Year in Review 2020-21

The $3.5m investment over two years provides extra CTF support to employers, apprentices and trainees who are involved in re-building works, including an additional incentive for regional employers.


Currently all eligible businesses that employ an apprentice or trainee receive grants from CTF to help reduce the costs of employment. However, the Disaster Recovery Grant will provide extra support for employers who are part of the recovery process.

CTF will fully subsidise eligible applicants who complete short-training courses that are currently recognised in CTF’s Supplementary Skills Program. This includes training relating to construction skills, occupational licensing and occupational health and safety. Another CTF funded program, Try-a-Trade, that provides construction career pathway skills to high school students will be boosted. To support the development of a localised workforce and the ongoing building of the region, CTF has pledged an additional $50,000 over two years to the Try-a-Trade program run by Central Regional TAFE in Geraldton. CTF is also allocating $70,000 of funding to offer logistical, social and psychological support to those in the construction industry dealing with the impacts of the disasters.

Employers of apprentices and trainees working in the affected regions can claim an additional grant of up to $6,000 over a twoyear period. Their apprentices or trainees can claim up to $2,000 each over the two-year period to cover costs such as travel and accommodation.

MATES in Construction will facilitate the initiative via activities focusing on community engagement, training and capacity building, and access to support services for workers in the region.

CTF is also offering several other initiatives as part of the program to ensure the workforce in the affected regions is sufficiently skilled.

For more information, please head to or call (08) 9244 0100.

MEMBERSHIP Membership of Master Builders WA is open to all companies, partnerships and businesses engaged in the building and construction industry.


MEMBERSHIP Photo above: 2020 Master Builders WA End of Year Sundowner. David Crothers, Crothers Constructions, accepting Regional Member of the Year title.

The remains of 2020 saw our members, particularly residential, subcontractors and trades experience unpresented demand due to the stimulus packages, with most continuing to operate during the Christmas break.

Over 300 members were recognised for milestone anniversaries on the night with Cockburn Cement, CSR Building Products and Holcim for membership of an amazing 50 years!

In December we gathered for the End of Year Sundowner at the Rechabite in Northbridge to celebrate a most unusual but incredible year.

Late in 2020 and in early 2021 we conducted our first briefings for members regarding the new industrial manslaughter laws to ensure our members understood what to prepare for pending the introduction of the regulations.

MBAWA Year in Review 2020-21

Robert Shaw, of Daly & Shaw Construction, was awarded the title of Master Builders WA Member of the Year for his service to the association at both a state and national level. He is a cheerful and tireless advocate for our industry, Head Judge for our awards programs and represents Western Australia on the Master Builders Australia National Board.


The Regional Member of the Year title went to David Crothers, of Crothers Construction. As a leader of Master Builders WA, Mr Crothers travels from Geraldton to Perth and across Australia in support of the association. MidWest-based Crothers Construction can trace its origin to 1894 and the company is well-known throughout Western Australia.

Early in 2021 we experienced two snap lockdowns where we stayed connected with members on guidelines for operating and ensuring our members were safe. As per the previous financial year, we realised significant membership growth with 248 new members and, an unprecedented number of members chose to remain, with the Master Builders WA family retaining over 90% of the existing membership. We thank you our valued members for the ongoing support so that we may support you and the industry.


A nimble marketing communications and events team has punched out a year-long member engagement program, adding value for our members and driving awareness of our diverse benefits, attracting new members.












MEMBER MILESTONES MBAWA Year in Review 2020-21


Photo above: 2020 Master Builders WA End of Year Sundowner at the Rechabite.

5 YEARS Above All Carpentry & Building Services ABS Facade WA ABS Solutions Acme Instant Drafting & Design Albany Plasterboard Allsealed WA Andrew Ross Renovations AR & DA Docking AWB Building Co Bachos Custom Builders Bell Construction & Design BISTEL Construction Borocky Construction Boss Homes WA Brendon Gill Buildcor Projects Building Design South West Bushells Building and Maintenance Candor Contractors Ceiling and Wall Contractors CMCK Constructions Coastal Building Creations Colab Construction Colette’s Curtains and Blinds Connolly Creative Building Co. Cove Building Custom Green Cvision D & L Building Services Deconstruct WA Deep River Construction Elite Builders ENGenuity Engineers Enhanced Design & Drafting Everest Building Company Facade Management Australia

10 YEARS Geographe Ceilings Haris Developments Harley Dykstra Hidewood Signs & Print Houspect WA Indian Ocean Homes Infratec Construction Inspect My Home - Perth Region I-SMART Building Group Jabiru Construction Karratha Contracting Kurys-Romer Constructions Kwikfit Building Solutions Legacy Homes by Biagioni M & S Cabinetmakers M & T Construction Group M6 Construction Masterwall WA Mayor Building Group McCain Building Mercedes Construction NS Ceilings and Partitions Pergo Construction PN & LM Vowles Protech Personnel WA RAC Facades Residential Concepts Schlager Construction Group Scott Bendotti Building Sheds Down South SMART Building Specialists Thermal Comfort Homes TJR Building UI Home Improvements WA Building Surveyors Welink Construction West to West Group

Action Interiors Albany Retravision Alita Constructions Barrett & Sons Bestwest Building Inspections & Advisory Services BGC Construction Bradford Retaining Bravo Ceiling Industries Broome Builders Cassari Group Combined Metal Industries Coral Coast Homes and Construction Duo Glass Easystart Homes Giorgi Architects & Builders Grant Elevators Habitat Property Inspections Hallmark Developments WA Housecalls Property Inspections JPM Building & Design Landgate M Construction WA

Martin Cuthbert Landscapes Metrostrata Developments MyGen Homes New Choice Homes New Home Building Brokers Outdoor World Manjimup Outdoor World Wangara PGM Constructions PS Chester & Son Rainbow Frames & Truss Co Redink Homes Southwest Renoworks WA Rubek Automatic Doors Star Transport Swan Group Tieleman Building TM Construction WA Urbane Projects WA External Solutions Walcott Industries Weststyle Constructions WJ Bradford Builder Zenecon

Thank you John Mitchell, former president of Master Builders WA. Awarded Life Membership in 2005 and appointed Returning Officer from 2017-2020.


15 YEARS Aussie Sheds Group Bathroom Decor Albany BD Partington Building Contractors Earth Builders Famlonga Building Contractors Golden Hind Homes Goldwest Developments Humphrey Homes

Kiddle Constructions Lo Presti Nominees Macpherson Constructions MG Group RMD Australia Ryde Building Co Selected Plumbing Warren Bennett Homes

Artistic Homes Beaumonde Homes Davrob Construction & Project Management DevelopmentWA Dewson’s Painting Service

Jako Industries Mapel Building Outdoor World Geraldton Reddifund Termi Home & Commercial Wespine Industries

20 YEARS Australian Renovation Group Avon Homes Bill Pitt & Sons Boyan Electrical Services Buckingham Redevelopment Co Bunbury Building Company Carpet Paint & Tile Centre Chamberlain Design Homes Colgan Industries Commercial Aquatics Australia Danmar Homes FCL Construction Ford & Doonan Airconditioning Grande Impressions H & M Tracey Construction Harvey Norman Commercial Division Heritage Homes WA Home Base Just Tile & Stone Karratha Building

Kingspan Insulation Morrone Contracting & Plant Hire Ningaloo Developments North Metropolitan TAFE Perth Pendlebury Construction Plasterwise Solid Plastering Enterprises Project Corporation Construction Pyramid Constructions WA R & V Maintenance Solutions RBD Building & Maintenance Shift A Wall Sime Building and Construction Spadaccini Homes Summit Home Improvements Summit Projects Tony Tomizzi Builders WA Country Builders

30 YEARS AJ Cochrane & Sons Artique Homes

Butler Settineri Masterplanners Interiors

35 YEARS Austral Bricks

40 YEARS Baggetta Builders Brewer Constructions

James Hardie Australia McLeish & Matthews

50 YEARS Cockburn Cement CSR Building Products Holcim Australia 21

AWARDS & EVENTS Master Builders WA enjoys showcasing and rewarding members for demonstrating exceptional craftmanship, commitment to building excellence and upholding the highest professional standard. 22


Photo above: 2021 Master Builders–Bankwest Excellence in Construction Awards, at the Crown. McCorkell Constructions enjoying the shutter clicks.

Master Builders WA collaborated with partners to deliver more than 20 unique awards and events for members over the course of the 2020-21 financial year. We thank all our partners for their ongoing dedication and enrichment of our members. Our deepest gratitude to Bankwest for supporting Master Builders WA and the wider industry for the past 16 years. We would also like to thank our judges for their expertise and dedication.

The 2021 Master Builders-Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards were held in May 2021, covering over 50 categories. Twenty-six judges assessed almost 300 entries for the awards, which added up to a total building value of just under $165 million.



The 2020 Master Builders-Bankwest Excellence in Construction Awards were held on 31 October at Crown. These prestigious awards attracted a diverse range of entries including office buildings, aged care, and educational facilities, the new WA Museum, The Towers and Ritz-Carlton, Bob Hawke College, and Perth city redevelopments.

Photo below: (L-R) Alicia Gangemi, Director Affordable Living Homes, Astrid Vasile, Managing Partner Vasile Build, Prudence McLoughlin, Surveyor Land Surveys.

Despite the challenges we faced as an industry, the Awards program received over 200 quality entries into the major excellence awards competition.

Zorzi Builders took out the 2021 Bankwest Top WA Home award for their work on a lavish riverside house in Dalkeith. Master Builders WA held its second Women Building Australia Awards to celebrate and promote diversity and women within the Western Australian Building and Construction Industry.

The major winner of the night was Probuild Constructions for The Towers and Ritz Carlton at Elizabeth Quay. Our Best Regional Project was judged as the best commercial project from our Regional Building Excellence Awards in the Mid West, Kimberley-Pilbara, South West, Goldfields-Esperance, and Great Southern regions. The 2020 Best Regional Project was won by Crothers Construction for their project Juniper Koromup Residential Care.


2020 BANKWEST BEST PROJECT The Towers and Ritz Carlton at Elizabeth Quay

Probuild Construction


2020 BANKWEST BEST REGIONAL PROJECT Juniper Korumup Residential Care, Albany

Crothers Construction




Photo above: 2021 Master Builders WA Ride Against Suicide Fundraising. (L-R) Liam Cubbage, Mates in Construction WA CEO, John Gelavis, Master Builders WA Executive Director and Colin Emmott, Mates in Construction Chairman.

MATES in Construction

In 2021 we were overjoyed to resume the MATES in Construction annual Ride Against Suicide. The 2020 event could not proceed due to COVID-19 restrictions. On 1 May more than 50 riders, on both bicycles and motorbikes, cruised through Perth to raise money for MATES in Construction, and increase awareness for mental health in the building and construction industry. The MATES in Construction charity runs community development programs on building sites and supports workers in need with case management and a 24/7 helpline.

Photo above: 2021 Mates in Construction, Ride Against Suicide.

It is only with the financial support of our valued industry stakeholders that MATES in Construction can continue their essential work, supporting those in our industry who are having a tough time.

Photo right: 2021 Master Builders WA Most Promising Construction Student Award at the Curtin University School of Design and Built Environment Awards, Xavier Harrington.

Young Achievers

Photo below: Ray Kershaw and John Gelavis at 2021 Mates in Construction, Ride Against Suicide.

We supported up-and-coming students by sponsoring the Master Builders WA Most Promising Construction Student Award at the Curtin University School of Design and Built Environment Awards, which was won by Xavier Harrington.

PEOPLE Working with government, partners and stakeholders to build a better industry.



David Crothers

Rob Spadaccini

Michael Van Dongen

Grant Burgess

Ray Kershaw

Steve McConkey

Dan Perkins

John Ripp

Paula West

Robert Shaw

Isla McRobbie

Shaun Hughes

MBAWA Year in Review 2020-21



Board Member

Immediate Past President

Construction Council

Vice President

Housing Council


NRBC Chairman

Chair Housing Council

Board Member

Deputy Chair Construction Council

Construction Council

Michael Vermey

Deputy Chair Housing Council

COUNCILS The association’s construction and housing councils are responsible for formulating policies and recommendations on industry issues. Each council has a minimum of 12 elected councillors, elected by, and from, the builder membership. Councillors serve two year terms with half retiring (or standing for reelection) annually. Councils also may co-opt members. The councils generally meet monthly.



Chairperson: Michael Van Dongen

Chairperson: Ray Kershaw

Deputy Chairperson: Steve McConkey

Deputy Chairperson: Michael Vermey

Members: David Crothers, John Ripp, Shaun Hughes, John Buckingham, Anthony Chillino, Sean Gavin, Troy King, Prav Mepani, Mark Parish, Rocky Slater, Jay Brenton, Lisa Mitchell, Tom Jacobs, Wilson Hui

Members: Paula West, Basil Arasi, Ryan Dixon, Sam Karamflies, Cliff Kearns, Jay Mangano, Glenn Smith, Paul Spadanuda, Jane Arnolda, Anthony Lumbaca, Garth Unger, Jay Walter, Michael Condelli, Simon Cherry, Matthew Lang, Nurul Shaheed

COMMITTEES Master Builders WA committees enable the association to obtain data from across the state on issues affecting the industry and develop a state-wide position. The committees also enable Master Builders WA to address regional issues at a local level.



Chairperson: Brad Eastough (Acting)

Chairperson: Andrew Crothers

Deputy Chairperson: Brad Eastough

Deputy Chairperson: Peter Willoughby

Members: Brian Hoskins, Brett Joynes, Matthew Lilly, Linlee McCormack, Ken Smith, Bill Terjesen, Ascan Volkerts

Members: Leon Bone, Janette Brennan, Ross Conti, David Crothers

SOUTH WEST COMMITTEE Chairperson: Sam Karamfiles Deputy Chairperson: Justin Trewren Members: John Buckingham, Charles Grist, Jason Brittain, Shaun Palfrey, Robert Maratea, Robert Kusal, Richard Bell, Shane Stirling, Rick Ruhen

GOLDFIELDS - ESPERANCE COMMITTEE Chairperson: Brett Partington Deputy Chairperson: Glenn Briers Members: Marcus Boers, Gavan Dixon, Colleen Horton, Ken Norton, Angelo Sbizzirri, Nigel Byrd


STAFF HEAD OFFICE STAFF Executive Director John Gelavis Executive Business Manager Sharon Hoysted Director of Housing and Construction Jason Robertson Industrial & Employee Relations Manager Martin Belfield State Marketing Manager Kunal Bhaduri Event Manager Sharmen Wilson Senior Events Coordinator Danielle Massara Marketing Coordinator Chiara Oteri State Sales & Partnerships Manager Allison Stephens Membership Development Executive Steve Ingram Membership Development Executive Ben Pattison Membership Administrator Megan Davies Partnership & Membership Support Officer Rochelle McSwain State Training & Workforce Development Manager Charlotte Sutton Training Compliance Coordinator Tania Sawyer Training Administrator Shaya Mansouri Training Administrator Sherrie Blancio Training Administrator Louise Caratti Financial Controller John Flint Corporate Services Assistant Tanya Watson Receptionist Jessica Turner


MBAWA Year in Review 2020-21

Mid - North West Regional Manager South West Regional Manager Great Southern Regional Manager Goldfields - Esperance Membership Development


Paul Kerr Geoff Bosustow Linda Gibbs Linda Gibbs

MASTER BUILDERS INSURANCE BROKERS WA State Manager Neil Gray Senior Account Executive David Coombias Account Executive Liam D’Arcy Assistant Account Executive Bernie Mullins Assistant Account Executive Paul Shewchuck


ACKNOWLEDGING THE SUPPORT OF OUR 2020-2021 PARTNERS A warm thank you to Master Builders WA principal partner Bankwest for 16 years of support to our industry. We recognise all our partners for their ongoing support and enrichment of our members through supporting our programming to help us build a better industry.

Principal PartnerPrincipal Partner



MBAWA Year in Review 2020-21



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