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April/May 2014

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Editor: Christine Barton, Graphic Design: Paula Morphew, Advertising: Ken Lane, Crowther Blayne Media Specialists, 5553 2804, Print: Printcraft Distribution: Stand and Deliver

Master Builderr is the official magazine of Master Builders Queensland. Master Builders is the peak industry association representing building and construction in Queensland since 1882. We are the voice of the industry. Our services support members to operate professional and profitable businesses that deliver superior quality outcomes to their customers. All advertising and editorial material must adhere to the Master Builders Advertising & Editorial Policy. A copy of the policy can be found at Privacy: Master Builders Queensland has adopted the Australian Privacy Principles published by the office of the Australian Information Commissioner and operates in accordance with those principles. A copy of Master Builders privacy policy can be found at Disclaimer: Any advice or information included in the publication is given in good faith, but strictly on the understanding that neither Master Builders nor the Editor or any other person or organisation contributing to the publication are to incur any responsibility or legal liability whatsoever (including liability for negligence) should the advice or information be incorrect, incomplete, inappropriate or in any other way defective and all liability is therefore disclaimed. Articles published in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of Master Builders, its officers and staff. Š This publication is copyright. No part of it may be reproduced, copied, stored on a computer, published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication, or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium without prior permission from the Queensland Master Builders Association.

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Message from the Executive Director

Grant Galvin Executive Director

State Budget 2014–15 With the Queensland Government due to hand down the State Budget 2014– 15 in June, Master Builders is currently preparing recommendations on the measures that will drive activity in both the residential and commercial construction sectors. The Queensland Government’s recently released Economic Strategy: Governing for Growth includes an objective to ensure that Queensland’s built environment needs can be met and create job opportunities in the property and construction industry. Central to achieving this objective is a longterm increase in demand for new construction. This is important both for the industry and meeting the needs of Queenslanders. The lack of demand for new construction has been keenly felt by contractors in the residential and commercial sectors right across the state. The Master Builders Survey of Industry Conditions (December 2013 quarter) highlighted that a lacklustre level of demand has been the number one constraint on the industry for over three years. That said, there is no doubt that conditions are improving, particularly for the residential sector. The latest survey, along with the recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data on building and finance approvals, confirms our view that the outlook for housing is improving steadily. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for commercial builders where the shift in the resources sector from the investment boom to the production and export phases is resulting in a sharp decline in major project work, particularly in regional Queensland.

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[ 4 ] april/may 14

The Queensland Government is making significant progress on reforming the state’s property and development assessment and planning systems together with facilitating major projects, all of which will contribute to increasing building activity. Steps have been taken to reduce the cost of new construction in the housing sector, including scrapping the mandatory requirements for rainwater tanks and greenhouse efficient hot water systems in new homes. These have saved the best part of $10,000 when building a new home. However, to ensure the construction industry can be a genuine driver of the Queensland Government’s four pillar economy, more needs to be done. For the residential sector this means shifting demand for housing away from established to new construction. The government has already acknowledged the importance of this shift with the $15,000 Great Start Grant, which refocussed the grant to first home buyers from established to new construction. In June 2013, only 5% of the money loaned for investment in housing went toward constructing new dwellings. Unfortunately, this channelling of demand into existing housing is also having the detrimental follow on effect of pushing up house prices and decreasing affordability. New housing construction is also weighed down, unduly, by government taxes and charges. One of the levers that the state government has specific control of is stamp duty and Master Builders believes that changes are necessary to lower this burden. There is a clear and direct link that can be made to speculative building that will stimulate the demand for new construction. However, currently there is a ‘double dip’ on stamp duty arrangements for speculative ‘house and land’ packages which acts as a barrier to their purchase. For a typical house and land package, a builder buys the land, paying stamp duty on the

purchase price. When purchasing the house and land, the builder’s customer again pays stamp duty. Therefore, duty is paid twice – on both the cost of the house and the cost of the land. The double dip in stamp duty for house and land packages discourages builders from undertaking these speculative projects. Some larger builders are using ‘put and call’ agreements with developers to minimise the amount of stamp duty paid. However, given the lack of certainty, many developers and smaller builders are reluctant to use them. If the stamp duty playing field were levelled it would encourage more builders to undertake speculative projects, increasing the supply of new construction. Master Builders is working on a number of key recommendations for discussion with Treasurer Tim Nicholls, which include changes to stamp duty arrangements for new home construction to ensure, irrespective of contractual arrangements, stamp duty is paid only once on the land, by the end owner. For the commercial sector, we will be calling on the Queensland Government to increase capital expenditure. In order to avoid the damaging phases of chronic under and overinvestment, and in particular, the implications for employment, that are evident as a result of the volatility in the resources sector, there is a greater onus on the government to invest in infrastructure and other capital assets. We appreciate that the Queensland Government is cash strapped as they go about repairing their balance sheet. Therefore, to fund these initiatives Master Builders supports the government divesting itself of assets, particularly surplus property, and channelling the revenue from these sales into increasing expenditure on infrastructure and other capital works across the state.

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Message from the President

Derek Pingel President

Shaping policies, programs and legislation Master Builders has recently been hard at work to secure positive outcomes on a number of issues currently affecting the industry. Master Builders is committed to representing the interests of members and the broader building and construction industry in Queensland. We regularly work behind the scenes to influence decisions and lobby for and against issues that affect our members. During 2013 and into 2014, Master Builders’ staff have been involved with a number of issues where our lobbying efforts have secured positive outcomes for members and industry. These issues have impacted the commercial and residential sectors of our membership base and the positive outcomes will provide a range of benefits for members and the industry.

Union right of entry Master Builders strongly supported the proposed amendments to the Work Health and Safety Actt announced in February 2014, which will require unions to provide 24 hours’ notice for entry on health and safety grounds. These changes are consistent with entry for industrial purposes under the Fair Work Actt and do not prevent unions from entry to sites provided the correct notice is given. Master Builders’ Director Construction Policy, John Crittall, was heavily involved with this issue, which, under the current laws, sees union officials simply enter sites under the guise of an alleged health and safety issue without any prior notice. Anyone involved in commercial building knows that building unions often created false safety issues in the pursuit of other industrial objectives, with site stoppages and unlawful industrial action taken to put pressure on principal contractors. We

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[ 6 ] april/may 14

firmly believe this culture has to stop and the amendments will do this by preventing unions from entering work sites without proper authority or prior notification. They will also ensure legitimate safety issues are addressed without the need to unnecessarily halt work on construction sites. Master Builders has been advocating for these changes for some time and believes legitimate safety issues can be managed onsite with all workers able to cease work if they feel they are exposed to imminent risk.

Changes to WorkCover laws In October 2013 changes to the workers’ compensation scheme were made that will significantly reduce premiums for Queensland businesses, whilst ensuring that the scheme remains fully funded and sustainable. The rising cost of workers’ compensation insurance has had a major negative impact on businesses in Queensland, particularly in the building and construction industry. The changes will help restore balance to a scheme where premiums have gone up between 23% and 61% for building and construction employers over the last four years. For several years, Master Builders has been calling on the state government to assist small businesses by making necessary changes to ensure that the focus is put back on injury management, rehabilitation and return to work outcomes for injured workers. We believe the changes will help to preserve Queensland as the best workers’ compensation scheme of any state in Australia.

Building industry Royal Commission & re-establishment of the ABCC For some time now, Master Builders has been a vocal advocate of the rule of law within the industry and therefore, strongly supporting the re-establishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) with all of its powers to minimise the adverse

consequences associated with intimidation, coercion and unlawful industrial conduct. In February 2014, allegations of bribery and corruption within the building industry, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria, were made, with the federal government subsequently calling for a royal commission to investigate the allegations. Master Builders, via Master Builders Australia, backed these calls with the view that any form of judicial enquiry that will help ensure lawful conduct of activities on building sites (read more about Master Builders Australia’s activities in this space on page 9).

Cyclonic building standards In February 2014, it became apparent that there was growing unrest amongst builders in Mackay and Central Queensland regarding new houses (particularly amongst some investment homes in the Mackay, Rockhampton and Gladstone regions) that do not comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), in particular construction requirements that are specific to cyclonic regions of Queensland. After receiving feedback from builders who reported concerns about homes built in the region that did not comply, Master Builders acted on the information and sought discussions with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). As a result, the QBCC has put in place an audit program of houses under construction in cyclonic regions and has announced plans to review the certification process. See page 11 for more details. During 2014, Master Builders will continue to speak out on the issues that matter to members and to encourage government decisions that will boost activity and productivity in our industry. Have your say – provide us with feedback on these issues or others you believe are impacting the industry right now. Email us at





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Tim Mander Minister for Housing and Public Works

QBCC Commissioner appointed With the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) now in full operation, Queensland builders and consumers now have a building regulator that reflects the significance of the sector to our economy. To complement this new, professional organisation, a person of equal calibre, experience and drive is required to lead. In January I announced the appointment of Steve Griffin as the inaugural chief of the QBCC. His experience and knowledge of the construction industry will be instrumental in building confidence and helping grow the sector as one of the pillars of the Queensland economy. Prior to his appointment as the QBCC Commissioner Mr Griffin served as a Deputy Commissioner of Fair Trading NSW, as Chair of Building Licensing Australasia from 2004 to 2007, and on the Disciplinary Committee of the Building Professionals Board in New South Wales. During these appointments he was responsible for significant reforms across a range of sectors.

QBSA Lic: 79973 A Class Asbestos Lic: 2271463 Demolition Lic: 2271464

He is also a former New South Wales detective, where he had a major role in high profile investigations into corruption and organised crime.

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[ 8 ] april/may 14

Mr Griffin will be tasked with driving the Newman Government’s planned reforms to building regulation, and one of the priorities for the QBCC Board and Commissioner will be implementing the remaining items on the Newman Government’s 10 Point Action Plan, including: •

Reviewing the role of private certifiers

Developing an improved suite of domestic building contracts

Developing a rapid domestic dispute resolution model to fast track domestic building disputes.

The construction sector is one the four pillars of the Queensland economy, and as such it needs a regulator that will help build confidence in the industry and strike the right balance between builders and consumers. Under Mr Griffin’s leadership I am confident Queensland will have the best building regulator in the country. For more information about the QBCC, visit

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Wilhelm Harnisch Chief Executive Officer Master Builders Australia

Priorities for our next financial year The recent G20 meeting of finance ministers agreed on the importance of setting economic growth targets, which would be achieved by new investment in infrastructure and other productivity measures. This is an objective that Master Builders Australia strongly supports. This is exactly what Master Builders Australia, in conjunction with Master Builders Queensland and other Master Builders Associations across Australia, lobbied for when we launched the Strong Building, Strong Economyy campaign in the lead up to the federal election last year. The campaign highlighted that our nation needs a return to sound economic management and that a profitable and more productive building and construction industry can drive increased investment, growth and jobs. Our 2014 Pre-Budget Submission now forcefully advocates that these should be guiding themes of the upcoming federal budget. First and foremost, our message to the government is that by implementing policies that help you run more profitable and productive businesses, the economy as a whole will benefit. In the next decade the

cumulative building task will require $2.8 trillion of construction work to be completed, providing jobs for 1.3 million people. The building and construction industry can help the Prime Minister achieve two of his declared objectives, achieving a legacy as an infrastructure Prime Minister and creating more than one million jobs. Restoring business confidence is fundamental to kick-starting the recovery in commercial and residential building. The federal government must implement measures such as: •

Reforms to cut the excessive taxation and regulation of the industry, including abolishing the tax reporting arrangements for building contractors and reducing the company tax rate to 25% Tackling the housing supply and housing affordability problem, which has been largely missing from the public policy narrative, by reforming the Council of Australian Government’s (COAG) and by introducing national ‘competition style’ payments to state and local governments to slash red tape that holds up the supply of housing

Maintaining investment in a revitalised vocational education and training system that boosts apprenticeship uptake and retention and which serves the needs of both the employer and the apprentice.

Equally high on Master Builders’ priority list is industrial relations reform. The re-establishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is a must. It was extremely effective in suppressing unlawful industrial behaviour and Master Builders Australia has been the most active and effective national voice in calling for the Abbott Government to restore the agency. On behalf of the industry our advocacy on this vital issue remains strong. We have called for the budget to contain adequate funding for the restored ABCC and we are giving strong public support to the Employment Minister, Eric Abetz’s, draft legislation to restore the industry’s ‘tough cop on the beat’. Master Builders is also supporting the government’s calling of the Heydon Royal Commission into union governance and corruption. While the inquiry is not solely focussed on alleged corruption and criminality in our industry, the Commission provides a new opportunity to expose the scope and extent of unlawful and corrupt behaviour in industrial organisations. Criticisms of employers agreeing to excessive and unreasonable building union demands around wages and conditions will be made, but Master Builders will emphasise the stand over tactics and the industrial gun that building unions hold to our members. Master Builders fully supports the Royal Commission despite the discomfort it may cause some employers. Our focus is on ridding the building and construction industry of unlawful industrial conduct that seems to be getting worse every day. april/may 14




A warm thanks We farewell Paul Boddington, who recently resigned from his duties as a Master Builders Executive and State Council member, due to a high personal workload. Paul Boddington is a long-standing member of Master Builders, with an excess of 32 years’ building and civil engineering experience, both in Australia and overseas. His career commenced in 1969 as a site engineer at John Holland Constructions, working on a $20 million waste disposal project in Sydney. After completing his Masters degree in 1975, Paul joined Nabalco and in 1978 was engaged by the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation, where he was involved in the estimating and constructing of major road works and bridges in south east Asia. In 1989, Paul founded Northbuild Construction Pty Ltd, and with his extensive management skills and intuitive selection of an experienced team, the company has grown at a rapid rate to be a major player in the Queensland construction industry. Paul is a ‘hands on’ Managing Director and personally ensures the successful delivery of every project undertaken. Paul also presides on Northbuild’s Board of Directors. Joining Master Builders’ Executive team in 2012, Paul has also served on the Contracts Committee since 1998. The Master Builders Executive team, elected by the State Council every two years, meets monthly and is solely responsible for the operational direction of Master Builders. State Council is elected by members and is responsible for Master Builders’ strategic and policy direction. On behalf of Master Builders, we would like to thank Paul for his service over the years on all committees and formal bodies that he has served on and wish him and his business the very best of success over the coming years.

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[ 10 ] april/may 14

Five more suburbs free of fire ants In addition to the removals, four suburbs have been downgraded to low risk while two new suburbs have been added to the restricted area. These revisions have been made to reflect changes to the risk status of suburbs and localities as new infestation is detected or areas are cleared of infestation, following completion of all required treatment and surveillance activities. The following changes came into effect from 1 March 2014: •

Edens Landing, Holmview, Loganholme, Sherwood and Tanah Merah are being removed from the restricted area and will no longer be subject to movement controls Corinda, Mount Marrow, Shailer Park and The Bluff will see a reduction in movement controls as they move from the high risk to the low risk restricted area Blacksoil and Pine Mountain, which were previously free of restrictions, will now move into the low risk area which has implications for business

Brassall moves into the high risk area which has implications for both residents and businesses.

An updated Red Imported Fire Ant Restricted Area map, the declaration notice, and details about the movement controls within the high and low risk restricted areas is available on the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry website at The Department recommends businesses review their Approved Risk Management Plan as inspectors will be conducting spot audits over the coming months. Updated fire ant training is available at no charge for all persons. The training outlines everything you need to know, including your legal obligations, how to update or apply for a Risk Management Plan, and fire ant surveillance and identification. To make a booking call 3310 2873. If you require advice or assistance regarding your plan, please contact a fire ant inspector on 3310 2852. For more information about the changes, visit


Action for cyclone building standards compliance Master Builders has applauded the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s (QBCC) action in response to claims of non-compliance of cyclone building standards amongst some investment homes in the Mackay, Rockhampton and Gladstone regions. There has been growing unrest among builders in Mackay and Central Queensland regarding new houses that do not comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), in particular construction requirements that are specific to cyclonic regions of Queensland. Master Builders received feedback from builders who reported numerous homes built in the region that should not have received certification as they do not comply with the specific cyclone building standards for the area. We believe a lot of these problems have stemmed from builders who are based outside of the region and who are not familiar with the requirements. However, the issue is particularly complicated because there is no easy way to identify completed homes that do not comply with the standards. Unfortunately, once building is complete, the non-compliance, or what essentially amounts to defective work, is hidden. This means that home owners have no way of knowing they are living in a non-compliant residence. In an attempt to rectify the issue, Master Builders worked with the QBCC to put in place an audit program of houses under construction in cyclonic regions. Builders who are aware of and building according to the BCA requirements should welcome the audits, as not only will they help to ensure that homes are compliant and unsuspecting home owners are safe, they will allow local builders to compete on a level playing field. Master Builders will continue to work closely with the QBCC to ensure any ongoing audit program effectively targets non-compliant homes during the construction phase.

Privacy laws have changed Important changes to the Privacy Act 1988 commenced on 12 March 2014, including a new set of Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) that regulate the handling of personal information by Australian Government agencies and some businesses. The Office of the Australian Information Commission has produced a number of guides, fact sheets and checklists that can help you determine if the new APPs apply to your business and help you to comply if they do. For more information visit

Twitter updates Follow @MBAQld on Twitter to join the conversation. Master Builders Qld@MBAQld Master Builders welcomes the appointment of the new head for the QBCC #qld #qldpol Master Builders Qld@MBAQld 2014 set to be year of steady construction growth with 32K new housing starts & solid renovation activity predicted Master Builders Qld@MBAQld Sunshine Coast proposed development scheme released for public comment; a step forward in the city’s transformation Master Builders Qld@MBAQld Construction approvals in SEQ will happen quicker & easier thanks to new rules for water supply services Master Builders Qld@MBAQld Regional snapshots from latest survey reveal fairly steady industry confidence across regional Queensland Master Builders Qld@MBAQld Key drivers of consumer decisions when building new homes revealed in latest Master Builders survey Master Builders Qld@MBAQld @FraserCoastRC Infrastructure Incentive Scheme hints at big things for region’s building & construction industry #Qld Master Builders Qld@MBAQld Growth in #Qld housing sector has returned with building approvals rising after lull over Christmas period Master Builders Qld@MBAQld Increase in number of QBCC insurance premiums written is a good indicator for #Qld building activity in 2014

april/may 14

[ 11 ]




Hall of Fame honours top female business owners Sunshine Coast businesswoman, Sam Sheppard, has been named an inductee in the Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN) 2014 Hall of Fame. Each year, the ABN Hall of Fame honours and celebrates Australian female business owners who have been exemplary in their industries, are trailblazers and demonstrate inspiring and aspiring business journeys.

WEDNESDAY WHOOPSIE: Flues and exhaust ducts need to be installed clear of structural members, but it’s always a good idea to support them if they are cut… unlike this example.

CEO of the Australian Businesswomen’s Network, Suzi Dafnis, believes female entrepreneurs don’t receive as much recognition as their corporate counterparts, not to mention their male peers, which is why programs like the ABN Hall of Fame are important in providing a platform for Australia’s many successful female business owners. “The women in our Hall of Fame this year were chosen because of their remarkable success and because they are all excellent role models to other aspiring female business owners,” Ms Dafnis said. “Of the two million people in Australia who own or operate a business, 33% are women aged between 35 and 44, according to research from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. But the lower numbers don’t reflect the impact these businesses have on the country’s wealth. Sadly, we just don’t see public recognition of their success. “The ABN Hall of Fame aims to celebrate successful female business owners through sharing their stories, to inspire and empower other female entrepreneurs.”

FRIDAY FLASHBACK: What a difference 15 years has made to the Master Builder magazine!

FRIDAY FLASHBACK: The Master Builders Housing & Construction Awards are now in their 27th year! Back then they were known simply as the Housing Awards Competition, with Brisbane building company, Ownit Homes, taking out the House of the Year Award. This year, it could be YOU!

mb b

[ 12 ] april/may 14

This year recognised 17 successful Australian female entrepreneurs, including Sam Sheppard, who founded The Buildmore Group in 2002 and quickly grew the company by employing 22 full-time carpenters. In 2009 Sam spearheaded the innovative ‘Women into Building’ initiative, a Sunshine Coast-based project that saw Australia’s first sustainable home designed, constructed and supplied primarily by a talented cross-section of women representing most vocations within the building industry. The historic ‘Buildmore Women into Building Housing Showcase’ was Sam’s way of demonstrating that there is a critical mass in the numbers of women working in the building industry. This year, Sam joins over 150 other women that the ABN has previously recognised as outstanding female business leaders. The program, which has been running since 1998, is important for ensuring these successful women are given a stage and honoured for their contribution to the economy and the business community.

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Reports & statistics

Key drivers of consumer decisions Value for money has been ranked by builders as the most significant driver for consumers when selecting a builder, according to Master Builders’ Survey of Industry Conditions for the December 2013 quarter. The state-wide survey of Master Builders’ members asked respondents to provide their views regarding consumer and housing trends, particularly the elements that are most important to their customers when selecting a builder and housing design. Respondents ranked building quality closely behind price in terms of importance for consumers, which is an important reminder to the building industry that while a good price is essential, it cannot be delivered at the expense of build quality. Manager of Mancorp Quality Homes, David Podlich, completed the survey and said his experience as part of the Caboolture-based company reflected these figures. “A lot of customers become so obsessed with price that they fail to comprehend that long after the price is forgotten, the habitability and desirability of the home has to be contended with,” he said.

“Nothing speaks more about what a former client’s long-term experience was like than getting a direct testimony from them. Master Builders’ survey revealed that environmental performance was a factor that builders reported was of least importance to consumers in the current market. Mr Podlich agrees that these figures correctly reflect his current consumer market. “Most of our customers apply the theory we refer to as “not in my back yard”, meaning they are happy for all others to take care of the environment – but as long as it doesn’t cost them money. “Once it costs more to take care of it they apply the N.I.M.B.Y theory. “The only way to solve this issue is to make

environmental options as affordable as the alternative.” Another issue highlighted in the survey was the continuing struggle of first home buyers in the current market. Master Builders found that 39% of respondents reported they are building less homes for this segment than they were 12 months ago. Results also revealed that 71% of respondents reported that consumer demand for larger dwellings has not changed, which Master Builders believes is one of the reasons housing affordability in Queensland continues to be an issue. Two sectors experiencing the most growth are upgraders and investors, with 29% and 33% respectively reporting an increase over the quarter. These findings are based on the responses of Master Builders’ members across Queensland, as part of the Master Builders Survey of Industry Conditions for the December 2013 quarter. See page 18 for a full summary of the report. For a copy of the report, visit the

According to Mr Podlich, it is important that consumers carefully select a builder based on certain criteria, like choosing a local builder. “Builders who travel to a fast moving area are more likely to disappear soon after a boom, making any warrantee claims more difficult to contend with. “A long-term local builder is more likely to have closer ties with the tradespeople, suppliers and all related parties, and will have knowledge of the build methods and timelines that are expected.” Master Builders found that 40% of house builders thought quality fixtures and fittings, liveable design, and outdoor living were of either major or critical importance to their clients, with these factors ranking in the top five most important drivers in selecting a builder. Researching and getting to know your builder is one piece of advice Mr Podlich offers to consumers looking at building a new home. “Without question, the most important step prior to signing a contract should be to talk to the builder’s previous clients.”

mb b

[ 14 ] april/may 14

40% of house builders thought quality fixtures and fittings, liveable design, and outdoor living were of either major or critical importance to their clients

Reports & statistics Paul Bidwell – Deputy Executive Director

Growth in residential building approvals returns After a lull over the Christmas period, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ building approval figures for January showed a return to growth for Queensland’s housing sector.

The increase from 3,499 in December 2013 to 3,542 in January 2014 (seasonally adjusted) represented a rise of 1.2% and was a good start to the New Year. This improvement is in line with Master Builders’ predictions and we anticipate that the increase in approvals will translate into activity later in the year, meaning we are well on track to achieve 32,000 housing starts by 30 June 2014. Some particularly good news is the massive 46% increase from the same time last year.

This supports the strong indication that the housing sector is really starting to look at a return to more prosperous times. Another interesting observation is the rise of attached housing. Townhouses, flats, units and apartments now make up the majority of new dwelling units currently being approved in Queensland. In fact, approvals for detached housing in January represented around 50% of dwelling approvals, compared to 63% for the same time last year. This is in contrast to the existing stock

of housing, where around 75% of dwellings in Queensland are detached houses versus 25% which are attached. We believe demographic trends and lifestyle decisions will drive the market for attached housing (townhouses, flats, units and apartments) particularly in the south east corner. Across the state, growth in building approvals cooled in south east Queensland, which is not surprising given the exceptional growth experienced in the region in recent months and the volatility of month-by-month comparisons. It is encouraging to see approvals in the north of the state bouncing back, with the latest figures confirming our view that the Queensland housing sector is improving steadily.


Jan 13

Dec 13

Jan 14

% change Dec 13 to Jan 14

% change Jan 13 to Jan 14







Gold Coast






Sunshine Coast






Darling Downs & South West Qld






Burnett Wide Bay






Central Qld






Mackay & Whitsunday






North Qld






Far North Qld






NEED A CONCRETE POOL SHELL? Call us and let us do the hard work for you. Wholesale Pool Shells is a specialist subcontractor to the swimming pool and building industries. We offer pool shells which include engineering, certification, excavation, reinforcing, concrete and plumbing. We offer fixed prices and two day construction time in most cases, with a network of other licensed pool trades available to you. We can also have excavators, bobcats, tip trucks and concrete pumps available for hire.

Call us now for a quote on your next project. Rob: 0418 748 255 | Fax: 07 3803 3022 | Email:

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april/may 14

[ 15 ]


Reports & statistics Paul Bidwell – Deputy Executive Director

Housing finance numbers back on track Housing finance figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for January confirm the building and construction industry is back on track after a slight drop over the Christmas period. In Queensland there was a marginal 1% increase in the number of housing loans to owner occupiers from 9,711 in December 2013 to 9,828 in January 2014 (seasonally adjusted) which, upon first glance, some industry punters would be disappointed with. However, if you look at the longer term trends, this is where the figures get interesting, with an increase of 16% on the same period last year and a massive 33% increase since the low point of March 2011.

These results build on a solid improvement in the lead up to Christmas and confirm that the positive conditions are here to stay. One area of concern is the further drop in the percentage of first home buyers. Figures for January show only 11% of dwellings for first home buyers are being financed. This is down from a long term average of 17% and demonstrates that this should be an area of focus for the Queensland Government as we move into a new state budget cycle.

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Concrete & steel retaining wall products Engineer designed and manufactured to Australian Standard 4678-2002 Range of colours & designs to suit any home or landscape Public & trade welcome

[ 16 ] april/may 14

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drew S hailer Andrew Shailer Ti ling

Reports & statistics

Regional survey reveals confidence in south east Queensland Master Builders’ Survey of Industry Conditions for the December 2013 quarter showed building industry confidence remained fairly steady across regional Queensland but was higher in south east Queensland. The regional snapshots painted an interesting picture of confidence levels, trading conditions, profitability and turnover, and employment conditions across regional Queensland, as well as outlining the key constraints faced by each region. For the first time in several years, the level of building industry confidence in south east Queensland was well above levels in regional Queensland, which underlined the resurgence of the south east as the powerhouse of the Queensland building industry. This confidence was backed up by steady growth in residential building and finance approvals over the December quarter. While trading conditions in the residential and commercial sectors in most regions of Queensland were still far from positive, the survey results reflected a strong upturn during the December quarter in many regions, particularly in the residential sector. Master Builders predicts that the industry will continue in a positive trajectory as long as the environment of low interest rates and employment growth is maintained.

mb b

[ 18 ] april/may 14

Reports & statistics Brisbane •

Brisbane building industry confidence held steady during the December 2013 quarter.

While trading conditions in the residential and commercial sectors in Brisbane are still far from positive, there was a strong upturn during the December quarter, particularly in the residential sector.

Most builders in Brisbane reported an improvement in turnover and profitability.

In line with turnover and profitability results, employment levels improved slightly, with less concerns about shedding staff.

There has been some sign of wages pressure; although very few businesses reported a shortage of skilled workers.

The level of demand remained the most critical constraint on business growth in Brisbane.

Burnett Wide Bay •

Trading conditions in the residential and commercial sectors in Burnett Wide Bay are still far from positive.

Turnover and profitability fell away and businesses continued to shed staff.

Despite this, wage pressures grew, although very few businesses reported a shortage of skilled workers.

The level of demand remained the most critical constraint on business growth in Burnett Wide Bay.

Darling Downs & South West Queensland •

Darling Downs & South West Queensland building industry confidence held steady during the December 2013 quarter.

Trading conditions in the residential and commercial sectors in Darling Downs & South West Queensland are less than satisfactory.

Gold Coast • •

Gold Coast building industry confidence held steady during the December 2013 quarter. While trading conditions in the residential and commercial sectors on the Gold Coast are still far from positive, the latest survey results reflect a strong upturn during the December quarter, particularly in the residential sector. Most builders on the Gold Coast reported a slight improvement in turnover and profitability.

Most builders on the Sunshine Coast reported an improvement in turnover and profitability.

In line with turnover and profitability results, employment levels improved slightly.

There has been some sign of wages pressure; although very few businesses reported a shortage of skilled workers.

The level of demand remained the most critical constraint on business growth on the Sunshine Coast.

In line with the slump in turnover and profitability, employment levels fell, with more businesses shedding staff.

Wage pressures have started to emerge, although very few businesses reported a shortage of skilled workers.

Labour costs were the most critical constraint on business growth in Mackay & Whitsunday.

North Queensland •

North Queensland building industry confidence held steady during the December 2013 quarter.

While trading conditions are still far from positive, the survey results reflect a strong upturn in the residential sector.

Most builders in North Queensland reported a slight improvement in turnover and profitability.

In line with turnover and profitability results, employment levels improved slightly, with less concerns about shedding staff.

Labour costs were the most critical constraint on business growth in Darling Downs & South West Queensland.

Wage pressures dropped slightly, with very few businesses reporting a shortage of skilled workers.

The level of demand was the most critical constraint on business growth in North Queensland.

Central Queensland

Sunshine Coast

Ongoing wages pressure; although very few businesses reported a shortage of skilled workers.

While trading conditions in the residential and commercial sectors on the Sunshine Coast are still far from positive, the latest survey results reflect a strong upturn during the December quarter.

Consistent with the challenging trading conditions, most builders in Mackay & Whitsunday reported a slump in turnover and profitability.

The level of demand remained the most critical constraint on business growth on the Gold Coast.

In line with turnover and profitability results, employment levels improved slightly.

Sunshine Coast building industry confidence remained fairly steady during the December 2013 quarter.

Most builders in Darling Downs & South West Queensland reported a slight improvement in turnover and profitability.

Despite the high level of confidence, trading conditions in the residential sector in Mackay & Whitsunday fell.

In line with turnover and profitability results, employment levels improved slightly, although some businesses reported they were still shedding staff and very few reported a shortage of skilled workers.

Burnett Wide Bay building industry confidence held steady during the December 2013 quarter.

Central Queensland building industry confidence held steady during the December 2013 quarter. Trading conditions in the residential and commercial sectors in Central Queensland are less than satisfactory with the residential sector falling sharply in the three months to December.

Most builders in Central Queensland reported a slight improvement in turnover and profitability.

Despite the improvement in turnover and profitability results, employment levels fell, with more businesses shedding staff.

Wages pressure persisted.

Level of demand was the most critical constraint on business growth in Central Queensland.

Far North Queensland •

Far North Queensland building industry confidence held steady during the December 2013 quarter.

Despite confidence remaining strong, trading conditions in the residential and commercial sectors in Far North Queensland are far from positive, with the residential sector experiencing a further sharp fall during the December 2013 quarter.

Consistent with poor trading conditions, most builders in Far North Queensland reported a fall in turnover and profitability.

In line with turnover and profitability results, employment levels dropped, with businesses continuing to shed staff.

No signs of wage pressures, with very few businesses reporting a shortage of skilled workers.

The level of demand was the most critical constraint on business growth in Far North Queensland.

Mackay & Whitsunday •

Mackay & Whitsunday building industry confidence held steady during the December 2013 quarter.

april/may 14

[ 19 ]


Housing & Construction Awards

Be an award-winning builder in 2014 Hurry... don’t miss out. Entries for the 2014 Housing & Construction Awards are closing soon. The final closing deadline for the 2014 Housing & Construction Awards entries is fast approaching. Make sure you get your entries in soon to avoid missing out. Categories are open to small, medium and large building businesses, plus specialty and trade contractors who have completed projects in the housing and construction industry. Start thinking about people and projects to enter today – don’t leave it to your competitors to win all the awards! Why enter? The awards program is a great way for members to gain public and industry recognition for their achievements and quality projects. Winning an award has many benefits: •

Gain industry and public recognition

Receive a winner’s plaque to promote the win to clients

Drive business sales and catch the attention of potential clients

Access unrivalled media coverage and promotion across a range of publications

Boost staff morale.

Throughout the year, winners will be published in the Master Builder magazine and on Master Builders website. Master Builders and Crowther Blayne also produce two magazines that showcase regional and state winners – Winning Homes (housing award winners) and Excellence in Construction (commercial award winners).

These publications are distributed each year at the Annual Dinner and State Housing & Construction Awards. Winning Homes is also available for sale at major newsagencies throughout Queensland, and as an eBook that will be promoted on These are just some of the many reasons why the Master Builders Housing & Construction Awards program is a highly effective marketing tool for your business. Entry forms for the 2014 Housing & Construction Awards are available on the Master Builders website at so download your copy and enter today!


Entry fee

Trade Contractor/Specialty, Best Bathroom, and Best Kitchen






Rising Star, Women in Building & Apprentice of the Year

Free of charge

Note: Entry fees include GST, but do not include tickets to Housing & Construction Awards presentation ceremonies. Entry forms must be received by Master Builders on or before the closing date to qualify. One project/house per entry form; however, a single project/house can be entered into multiple categories on one entry form.

mb b

[ 20 ] april/may 14

Housing & Construction Awards

JUDGING PROCESS Once all entries have been received, the judging process can begin! First, you will be allocated a judging time – Master Builders will contact you to advise your allocated inspection time. We receive lots of entries and only have a short period of time to view them all, so we appreciate your cooperation. Flexibility around judges’ inspection dates and times is limited; however, we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to allow for arrangements with staff and building/home owners. Next, our independent judges will inspect and judge your entry according to Master Builders’ judging criteria. Then the judges will deliberate and choose a winner for each category. From July through to August, the regional winners will be announced at each regional award ceremony. Don’t forget to purchase tickets to your regional awards ceremony, where you can enjoy a night of great food, entertainment and atmosphere, celebrating the wins of your industry. Regional winners will then be short-listed by a panel of judges and reevaluated against all other regional winners for the state awards.

AWARD CEREMONIES Even if you don’t enter into this year’s awards, you are still welcome to come along to the award ceremonies held across the state.

State winners will be announced at the Annual Dinner and State Housing & Construction Awards at Brisbane City Hall on Friday, 26 September.

These glamorous evenings are a great opportunity to catch up with your industry peers, whilst being impressed by the calibre of Queensland projects.

A selection of state winners will be chosen to compete at a national level, with winners announced at the National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards in November.

For more information about the Housing & Construction Awards, visit or call 1300 30 50 10.



Final entry closing date

Award ceremony event date



11 April

Friday, 4 July

Sofitel Brisbane

Gold Coast

11 April

Saturday, 12 July

Jupiters Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

Burnett Wide Bay

11 April

Friday, 18 July

Brolga Theatre, Maryborough

Sunshine Coast

11 April

Saturday, 19 July

Novotel Twin Waters Resort

Downs & Western

24 April

Saturday, 2 August

City Golf Club, Toowoomba

Mackay & Whitsunday

2 May

Friday, 15 August

Mackay Convention Centre

Central Queensland

2 May

Saturday, 16 August

Robert Schwarten Pavilion

North Queensland

2 May

Friday, 22 August

Jupiters Townsville Hotel & Casino

Far North Queensland

2 May

Saturday, 23 August

Cairns Convention Centre



Friday, 26 September

Brisbane City Hall

april/may 14

[ 21 ]


Employment & wages Dean Cameron – Principal Advisor Workplace Relations

Obligations to consult expanded From 1 January 2014, all employees covered by a modern award or enterprise agreement have a right to be consulted about changes to their regular roster or ordinary hours of work, with those not consulting with employees facing significant penalties. The obligation to consult about significant changes, introduced by the Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act), has now been expanded into modern awards to include changes to rosters or ordinary hours.

The elimination or diminution of job opportunities

Promotion opportunities or job tenure

Rosters and hours of work.

It remains unclear how the Fair Work Commission will apply this obligation within a daily hire culture, given the transient nature of the construction industry.

In addition to the alteration of hours of work, employees must also be notified of the need for re-training or transfer of employees to other work or locations, as well as the restructuring of jobs.

Over the past three years the industry has struggled to comply with the current obligations to consult in regards to significant changes, mainly redundancy. This has been a difficult cultural change for managers who are understandably reluctant to consult, due to the disruption this can cause. This failure to consult has resulted in an increased number of unfair dismissal settlements. The industry needs to embrace the consultation process and desensitise the workforce to written consultation. Master Builders recommends quartile consultation letters to keep your workforce informed. Modern awards, including the Building and Construction General On-Site Award 2010, now provide consultation obligations on employers at clause 8 ‘Consultation’, in addition to those contained within the Act. Employers must notify employees when a definite decision is made to introduce major changes that are likely to have significant effects on employees. An employer must notify an employee who may be affected by the proposed changes, as well as their representatives. Significant changes may include: •


Changes in composition, operation or size of the workforce

Changes in the skills required

mb b

[ 22 ] april/may 14

The consultation letter must detail the nature of the changes proposed, the expected effects of the changes on employees and any other matters likely to affect employees provided that no employer is required to disclose confidential information, the disclosure of which would be contrary to the employer’s interests. The consultation requires employers to detail the proposed changes to an employee’s regular roster or ordinary hours of work. The employer must provide any information about the proposed changes, including the nature of the change and when that change is proposed to commence. Employees must be invited to provide feedback, including any impact in relation to their family or caring responsibilities. After giving consideration to any views about the impact of the proposed changes.

Employers must discuss changes with the employees affected, as well as their representatives, the introduction of the changes, their effects on workers and proposed measures to avert or mitigate the adverse effects of such changes on employees.

It is important to note the requirement to consult on rosters or hours changes does not apply to employees who have irregular, sporadic or unpredictable working hours.

Employers are required to give prompt consideration to matters raised by the employees and/or their representatives in relation to the changes.

This obligation does not mean that you have to reach an agreement over the changes with your employees, but you must take steps to genuinely consult with them.

The process of consultation must commence as early as practicable after a definite decision has been made. During such discussion, an employer must provide, in writing, to the employees concerned and their representatives, all relevant information about the changes.

You must be prepared to explain the business reasons for the change. Master Builders can assist you with template letters and advice. For further information, contact Master Builders on 3225 6407 or email

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2014 au

Employment & wages Mikki Richardson – Senior Workplace Relations Advisor

Workers’ Compensation in Queensland Governed by the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003, WorkCover Queensland provides accident insurance policies to cover Queensland employers for the cost of workers’ compensation claims. If you operate a business in Queensland and employ workers, you are required to insure them against workplace accidents with WorkCover Queensland (WorkCover).

Who should I cover under my policy? The Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the Act) lists specific inclusions and exclusions for who is a ‘worker’ and subsequently should be covered for workers’ compensation in Queensland. The Act states that a ‘worker’ is: “a person who works under a contract and, in relation to the work, is an employee for the purpose of assessment for PAYG withholding under the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cwlth), schedule 1, part 2-5” This means that if an individual meets the definition of employee under the Australian Taxation Law then they meet the definition of worker for the purposes of WorkCover. Therefore, if you are paying (or should be paying) PAYG tax for someone your business has engaged, you will also need to cover them for WorkCover.

It is important to remember that a person/ individual can be a worker even if they have an Australian Business Number (ABN) or are responsible for their own tax. Common indicators of whether you are engaging an employee or a contractor include: Employee indicators 1. The worker cannot sub-contract the work – they cannot pay someone else to do the work 2. The worker is paid hourly for the time worked, piece work, or a commission 3. The worker does not provide all or most of the tools, equipment and other assets required to complete the work, OR they do provide all or most of the tools, equipment and other assets but receive an allowance for doing so 4. The worker is not legally liable for the cost of rectifying any defects 5. The employer has the right to direct the way in which the worker performs their work

If you operate a business in Queensland and employ workers, you are required to insure them against workplace accidents with WorkCover Queensland.

mb b

[ 24 ] april/may 14

6. The worker is not operating independently from the employer’s business. They work within and are considered part of the employer’s business. Contractor indicators 1. The worker is free to pay someone else (subcontract) to do the work as an expressed term of their contract 2. The worker is paid for a result achieved, based on a quote they provided 3. The worker provides all or most of the tools, equipment and other assets required to complete the work and does not receive an allowance for doing so 4. The worker is legally responsible for their work and liable for the cost of rectifying defects 5. The worker has the freedom in the way the work is done, subject to the specific terms of any contract or agreement 6. The worker is operating their own business independently form the employer. The worker is free to accept or refuse additional work. The Act specifically excludes some people from workers’, compensation coverage. People who are not ‘workers’ and you therefore do not need to cover under a WorkCover policy, include: •

A corporation of which the person is a director

A trust of which the person is a trustee

A partnership of which the person is a partner

A person who has a personal services business determination (PSBD).

What is covered under my policy? Your WorkCover accident insurance policy will cover you for the cost of any work-related injuries sustained by one of your workers, including a range of statutory claims’ costs deemed reasonable and necessary to assist recovery and return to work. This can include: •

Lost wages and hospital costs

Medical costs, including doctor consultation, medication, x-rays

Travelling expenses

Rehabilitation costs, including physiotherapy

Employment & wages

Death benefits and funeral expenses

Lump sum payments for permanent impairment.

What happens if a worker is injured at work? Employers are required to inform WorkCover any time an injury occurs in their workplace, regardless of whether or not the worker is or intends to apply for compensation. This must be done in the form of an employer’s report, and lodged within eight days of receiving notification of the injury. To notify of an injury you will need to have:

Once a claim has been made, it will be allocated to a WorkCover claims representative to be determined. The claimant will have the opportunity to provide details of the injury and event before a decision is made. As an employer you will also be given the opportunity to provide further information as necessary to determine the outcome. Witness and doctors reports may also be sought. WorkCover have 20 business days to make a decision regarding an application for compensation.

The worker’s full name, date of birth, and personal contact information

Your policy number— or if you aren’t sure, your entity’s name, ABN or ACN for verification

Details of the injury, with how and when it occurred.

Identify, accommodate and comply with meaningful suitable duties plans

Foster a supportive work environment through communication and participation to aid an early return to work

Be involved in worksite visits and case conferencing as necessary.

There are two types of workers’ compensation claims that can be made. These include statutory (no fault) claims which include injuries that occur in the general course of employment, or common law claims, where a worker can prove that the injury sustained was caused by negligence of the employer.


Prevention is better than cure – ensure you have a safe workplace

Inform WorkCover of a claim as soon as practicable. This will help you have your worker returned to the workplace as quickly and safely as possible

Cooperate with rehabilitation and suitable duties programs – an early return to work reduces the risk of long-term disability, increases the chance of an injured worker return to the workplace and aids in reducing your premium.

What happens when a claim is accepted?

with rehabilitation and suitable duties programs. By keeping WorkCover informed of your worker’s progress you can seek to have your worker return to their usual duties as quickly and safely as possible.

If a claim for compensation is accepted a WorkCover Customer Advisor will be assigned to manage the claim and work with you to:

As an employer you are required to take every reasonable step to participate and cooperate

For more information, contact Master Builders on 3225 6407 or email



Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook and Rawlinsons Construction Cost Guide


$266 INC GST


$399 INC GST


PHONE 1300 730 117



[ 25 ]


Employment & wages

Construction Skills Queensland We’re building stronger futures in construction Join us at

Mikki Richardson – Senior Workplace Relations Advisor

Pre-existing injury disclosure The Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2013 (the Act) has introduced a number of changes to Queensland’s workers’ compensation scheme. Disclosure of pre-existing injury or medical condition The Act allows for a prospective employer, as part of their employment processes to request a prospective worker to disclose any pre-existing injury or medical condition they may have. In order for an employer to do this, the request must be made in writing and include the following information:

Constructing Legal Solutions for the Industry

The nature of the duties the prospective worker would be undertaking, which may include the environment in which they will occur

Information such that the prospective worker is informed that should they have a pre-existing injury or medical condition and they make a false or misleading disclosure, the prospective worker or any other claimant will not be entitled to compensation or be able to seek damages for any event that aggravates the pre-existing injury or medical condition.

The prospective worker mustt be given a reasonable period of time to comply with the request for disclosure. The Act does not provide guidance on what constitutes ‘reasonable’, however a period of no less than 48 hours is advisable.

Providing a range of industry focused legal solutions from property acquisition, construction and other development, leasing and sales

Contact Darren Ho or Catherine O’Donnell P: +61 7 3106 7212 | F: +61 7 3221 6099 E: or A: Level 9, 231 North Quay, Brisbane, QLD 4000

mb b

[ 26 ] april/may 14

There is no obligation for a prospective worker subsequently engaged as a result of the employment process to disclose the information should they have been engaged before having had a reasonable opportunity to comply. There is no obligation for existing workers to disclose the information.


Ensure you have an accurate and detailed position description for the vacant position prior to commencing your employment processes

Ensure your employment processes include a written request to prospective workers to disclose any pre-existing injury or medical condition

Ensure you provide prospective workers with a reasonable opportunity to comply with the disclosure request prior to engaging them.

Employment & wages

Accessing claims history A prospective employer may apply to the Regulator for a copy of a prospective worker’s claims history summary as part of a recruitment process. A claims history summary includes information on the number and nature of applications for compensation or claims for damages made by a person. An application to obtain a claims history summary must: a) Be in the approved form; and b) Be accompanied by the application fee; and c) Be endorsed with the prospective worker’s consent. Should the regulator provide a copy of a worker’s claims history summary, the prospective employer must not: •

Disclose to anyone else the contents of the information contained in the summary

Give access to the document to anyone else

Use the contents of or information contained in the summary for any purpose other than those related to the ‘employment process’.

Using the information Under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991, unless there is a valid exemption, it is unlawful to make recruitment decisions based on a person’s impairment, perceived impairment or previous or current injuries or medical conditions. When using the information in a claim history summary and/or disclosure, the following should be considered: Genuine occupational requirement

reasonable adjustment, consideration should be given to whether an employer would be exposed to unjustifiable hardship as a result of the change. Work, health and safety obligations An employer has an obligation to ensure a safe working environment where all workers are free from unreasonable risks. In assessing the suitability of a prospective worker an investigation of whether there are any unacceptable risks should be undertaken. A decision to not engage a prospective worker due to a health and safety risk must be justifiable and reasonable in relation to the assessed level of risk. For further information, contact Master Builders on 3225 6407 or email

A genuine occupational requirement is one that is essential or inherent to the position. In considering whether a requirement is a genuine occupational requirement, consideration must be given as to whether the position would effectively be the same, or still be carried out without the requirement.

Disclaimer: This information is provided as general advice on the workplace relations system. It does not constitute legal advice and it is always advisable to seek further information regarding specific workplace relations issues.

Making reasonable adjustment

Employment process: any process for considering and selecting a person for employment.

Employers should consider whether any adjustment or change can be made to the position that would allow the worker to carry out the job. This may include: 

Providing physical aids or adjustment to the work environment

Changing the hours, or number of hours worked

Incorporating breaks or changing the structure of the work

Chasing the duties to be performed.

In determining the feasibility of making a


False or misleading disclosure: any disclosure that would lead a prospective employer to reasonably believe that the duties of the subject of the employment would not aggravate the prospective worker’s preexisting injury or condition. Pre-existing injury or medical condition: an injury or medical condition existing during the period of the employment process that a person suspects, or ought reasonably to suspect, would be aggravated by performing the duties the subject of the employment.

Prospective employer: a person conducting an employment process to select a prospective worker for employment. Prospective worker: a person subject to an employment process for selection for employment.


Call Les 0417 077 194 april/may 14

[ 27 ]


Building & planning Tony Mitchell – Manager Building Services

Important changes to the NCC The 2014 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC) will take effect from 1 May 2014 in Queensland and is published in three volumes. •

Volume One: Building Code of Australia Class 2 to 9 buildings

Volume Two: Building Code of Australia Class 1 and 10 buildings

Volume Three: Plumbing Code of Australia / Technical Provisions & Product Certification.

The Building and Plumbing Codes are given legal status in Queensland by reference in the Building Act and the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation. The annual changes and amendments to

the NCC are intended to improve clarity of provisions, upgrade referenced documents and reflect the results of research and improved technology. It is important for contractors to perform works in accordance with the applicable version of the NCC. Failure to do so is a breach of their statutory and contractual obligations.

What has changed? There are numerous changes throughout the NCC that will impact upon contractors, including: •

New interconnection for smoke and heat alarms

Concessions for timber framed construction

A major shift in the application of slip resistance requirements to stairs, ramps and landings.

To help you understand what the changes mean for your business, we are proud to be hosting the first of our state-wide toolbox events for 2014, the NCC Broadcast, which will outline the amendments. You can find out more information about this event on page 43. To attend your local event, register online at or phone 3225 6424.

Complete busineess management sof tware for the Building & Construction Industr y


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[ 28 ] april/may 14

1800 800 860

 Fas aste ter,r,, Acccur te uraate ate Es Estitit mati matiing ng

 Qui uick ck Quo uota ota tat atition tion onss

 Eas asyy Pu P rcha hase ha s Ord rdders

 Ema mailil Fuunnctionality

 Joobb Costt Re Repo Repo p r tin ingg

 Adm dmin inis isstra trat tr atioon atio

 Pay ayroll (Au Aust stra tralilia onl only ly)

 Pow wer erfu fuul Acco cooun unti ntiting ngg

 Aut utom omat atiic at ic Invoi oic ice Che heck ckin ingg

 Pririce ce Filee Repo port ortingg

 Cuusstomerr Su Supp ppor ot

 Pririce ce File Ma Mana ana nage gem ment me

Building & planning

Australia’s building code change creates exciting new opportunities for timber framing hostels and residential parts of health-care facilities for staff accommodation. The three-year process, which involved submissions by Forest and Wood Products Australia Ltd (FWPA), testing by fire engineers Exova Warringtonfire, and work by the Timber Development Association, led to the Australian Building Code Board approving the amendments in late 2013.

Following the culmination of three years’ work, orchestrated by industry body, Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA), the Australian Building Code Board recently approved amendments enabling timber framing to be used on a far wider range of projects. The new regulations now permit the use of fire and acoustic rated timber-framed construction systems for three storey, Class 3 buildings (e.g. hotels/motels) and broadens the market for timber. The amendment will apply from May 2014. This welcome change in the building code to allow deemed-to-satisfy solutions will provide architects and building designers with the opportunity to use more wood and wood products. Hopefully this is the tip of the iceberg and we can look forward to more approved applications

for traditional wood framing and new engineered wood products in taller buildings. Australian designers and builders have to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) that includes performance standards for different classes of buildings and specifies materials that have been tested and approved to meet the standards. Until now, three storey timber framing has not been an approved method of construction for Class 3 buildings, which covers a wide range of accommodation, including hotels, motels,

This is a step towards bringing Australia into line with the majority of overseas building codes that allow deemed-to-satisfy solutions for much taller timber buildings, as shown in the table below. FWPA’s Codes & Standards program is continuing to address these restrictions, working with industry and regulatory bodies to broaden the market opportunities for both structural and non-structural timber products. This is a positive development for all stakeholders, including designers and builders, who will gain a broader material palette – and the option of bringing the environmental advantages of wood to more projects. For the timber industry it’s part of a market development process that will add substantial volume for Australian companies. For more information and to download a copy of the report on which the findings were based, visit the Forest and Wood Products Australia website at


Maximum storey height for timber DTS buildings – 2013 Number of storeys

20 15 10 5

d ia n a d lia p da ia rk ly A ny r y al nd ga r tug ola rlan vak nlan stra Japa ani h Re na ustr ma I ta US ma n r P tze Slo Fi u m c Ca A e n Hu Po A i Ge D R o C ze Sw No sprinklers

s e U K e n i a n c e l a n d i u m e e c l a n d n d l a n d w ay p a i n d e n a e a r g r l v S we e r l F Ic Be o G Ir er Zea No S Sl h w t Ne Ne

With sprinklers

april/may 14

[ 29 ]


Building & planning Karen Haworth – Manager Planning Services

New City Plan for Brisbane In response to feedback during the consultation period, the revised draft City Plan has been approved by Brisbane City Council. The revised draft plan has now been sent to the Queensland Government for final approval and it is expected this approval process will take several months. Brisbane City Council will then set the commencement date of the Brisbane City Plan 2014.

a neighbour’s consent to build a ‘built to boundary’ wall. In addition, new side setbacks have been specified to allow for flexibility of building design.

Master Builders made a submission on the original draft City Plan for Brisbane. Our concerns outlined the need for owners’ consent to build to the boundary, bushfire overlays and increases to car parking. These concerns have been addressed in the revised new City Plan.

Revised to ensure they do not duplicate requirements of the Queensland Development Code and a material change is not subject to a bushfire overlay code.

Some changes to the new City Plan approved by council include: Definitions Some definitions have been changed, e.g. the definition of ‘hostel’ has been changed to ‘rooming accommodation’. Plan boundaries Neighbourhood plan boundaries have been revised where there was overlapping, leading to properties being in more than one precinct. Levels of assessment Revised for some specific circumstances. Neighbourhood character overlay Renamed to traditional building character overlay. Dwelling house (small lot) code Revised to remove the requirements for

mb b

[ 30 ] april/may 14

Bushfire overlay

9.5m building height This specification remains and the dwelling house code and dwelling house (small lot) code have been revised to clarify that houses in the low density residential zone and character residential zone must still be only two storeys.

Small lots Revised requirements for small lots of 300m² in low density residential zone. Sites will have to be within walking distance of 200 metres of a centre zone that is greater than 2,000m². The minimum site frontage and slope requirements remain the same. Increase to car parking spaces for residential development Council has reduced visitor parking for multiple dwellings. They have however maintained or increased the resident parking rates for two-bedroom and three-bedroom units, and decreased resident parking rates for one bedroom units in areas within 400 metres walking distance of a transport interchange. Future articles will cover the important changes in more depth once the City Plan 2014 is implemented. For more information, call Master Builders on 3225 6419 or email

Building & planning Andrew Aitken – Executive Director Livable Housing Australia

A lifetime of livability dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. He needed assistance for every simple task. “It was only when he was confronted with the barriers presented within our rental home that he understood how vital a ‘livable’ home is – as the unexpected can happen to anyone, at any stage of their life,” Michelle said. Casey has now recovered from his injury, and is a strong advocate for livable design. The couple, who are preparing to welcome their first child, are in the process of designing and building a livable home that meets Gold level certification from LHA. “We know the livable features will make our lives so much easier,” Michelle said. “The step-free entries, wider hallways and larger bathrooms make access with a pram and moving children and toys around the home simpler to manage and less stressful. We also won’t need to worry that a child will fall over sliding door extrusions or down steps as the home won’t have any. “The wider spaces in our home will also make it easier to move and place furniture.

New technologies, an ageing population, and consumer demand for more flexibility and choice are just three of the megatrends that are set to transform the residential development sector.

At the intersection of these megatrends are homes that are livable, versatile and able to adapt to the changing circumstances of residents. The companies that are able to capitalise on these trends will gain market advantage, and will also deliver more livable homes for future generations of Australians. Livable Housing Australia (LHA) champions homes that are safer, more comfortable and easier to access – for everybody, every day, at all stages of life. LHA’s commonsense Livable Housing Design Guidelines outline simple and straightforward design features that can be incorporated into any new or existing home, whether a detached house or apartment dwelling. The designs of more than 250 individual dwellings have already achieved the seal of approval that attests to enhanced livability. International research has found that it is 22 times more efficient to design and construct

a home to meet residents’ changing needs upfront, than it is to undertake an expensive retrofit. And yet, few people consider livability when they are buying or building a new home. Michelle Prange and Casey Ford – a young couple from Bundaberg – are a perfect example. An occupational therapist for almost a decade, Michelle is passionate about accessible design. Casey, a tradesman and builder, was less keen – until a horrific motocross accident left him immobile for months. After a week in intensive care and extensive rehabilitation, Casey returned home fully

“We will be able to welcome any visitor without worrying about whether they have safe access to our home. We are both fortunate to have both sets of grandparents still with us and they will be able to visit us without fear of falling over steps. They’ll be confident in using the bathroom while managing a mobility aid. “These minor considerations add to an improved quality of life not just for us, but for friends and family too.” The bottom line is simple – a livable home is really about good design. People’s needs change throughout their lives. Their priorities shift from ensuring their home is safe for small children to allowing them to live independently as they age. A livable home caters for all stages of a person’s lifecycle. As a home is the most important investment that most Australians will ever make, it’s important that we consider our needs not just today, but every day. For more information, visit the Livable Housing Australia website at

Research has found that it is 22 times more efficient to design and construct a home to meet residents’ changing needs upfront. april/may 14

[ 31 ]



Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital construction timetable

September 2012– end 2013 Design development process

mb b

[ 32 ] april/may 14

October 2012 Site establishment and bulk earthworks commence

February 2013– December 2013

June 2013– December 2013

Mid-2013– end 2014

Early 2014– mid-2015

From mid2014

First multi-deck car park

Kawana Way duplication works

Main hospital superstructure

External facade

Internal fit-out and finishes


Late 2016


Public hospital opens (450 beds)

Public hospital fully commissioned (738 beds)

Lend Lease surges ahead on Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital Design and construction is well underway for Australia’s first major new, not replacement hospital in more than 20 years. The Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital is a landmark project for the whole country and an especially exciting project for Lend Lease Building, carrying the title of the company’s largest current single-stage hand-over project in the world. The state government has invested $1.8 billion in the new public hospital to address the growing health service needs of the Sunshine Coast community. The hospital will open with approximately 450 beds in 2016, growing to a 738 bed facility by 2021. The new public tertiary facility is being delivered through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract with Exemplar Health, a consortium comprising Lend Lease, Spotless, Siemens and Capella Capital. This consortium will design, build and finance the public hospital as well as maintain it for 25 years. The completed project will mean that an estimated 10,000 patients each year will not have to travel to Brisbane for complex treatment.

Main hospital taking shape Construction of the main hospital building is well underway, with the first suspended concrete slab poured on the main building at ground level. Concrete has now been poured into the Cancer Care Linear Accelerator

bunkers, and will require nearly 12 months to be treated due to the width requirements. This building will be used to accommodate radiation therapy, which is 18,000 times more powerful than an x-ray. Construction of the second multi-storey, eight-level car park has also recently commenced, with the first multi-storey car park finished at the end of 2013. A second car-park opened in March.

Creating employment opportunities The public hospital project has already created thousands of work opportunities for the local industry and is responsible for a major boost to the local economy. On site trades, labour and supervision is expected to peak between 1,800–2,000 workers in the second half of 2015. A workforce of around 3,500 will be required to staff the facility when it opens at the end of 2016, growing to 6,000 staff by 2021. The public hospital is located on a 20 hectare site at Kawana, adjacent to the intersection of Kawana Way and Lake Kawana Boulevard. The new tertiary level hospital will form part of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service's network of hospitals, which includes Nambour General Hospital, Caloundra Health Service, Gympie Hospital, Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital and a comprehensive range of community and primary health services. april/may 14

[ 33 ]



The Work Shop: Training and employment connections Master Builders is proud to be a supporting partner with Lend Lease and The Work Shop, which will provide a unique employment and skills hub throughout the duration of the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital construction project.

Since the launch, more than 400 registrations have been received through The Work Shop, linking almost 50 local jobseekers to contractors. These are expected to increase once on-site construction starts to ramp up.

What will The Work Shop do? The Work Shop will provide opportunities for local jobseekers across all demographics, with the service available for any local who is currently working in construction or thinking about starting their career in construction. It will also offer access to contemporary training required by contractors, their local suppliers and employees through registered training providers. Further to this, The Work Shop will identify discrete programs to support disadvantaged jobseekers to obtain sustainable employment in the construction industry, e.g. young people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, non-traditional occupational programs and disabled jobseekers. Throughout the duration of the project, The Work Shop will play a crucial role in ensuring its success. During construction 11,000 workers will be inducted on to site, with 1,800 of these workers on-site during peak activity between 2014–2015. Of these 11,000, The Work Shop will be targeting 2,490 jobs for local skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour. The Work Shop will remain open on-site, pending funding, until construction of the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital is complete.

The construction phase of the project will see opportunities provided for the complete spectrum of building trades. The Work Shop has been created as the single point of contact for employers, jobseekers and training organisations on the public hospital project. As an on-site jobs hub, its role is to match the right person with the right job in a simple, one-stop process.

An on-site recruitment website,, has also been launched where jobseekers can upload their details, attach their CV and provide information on their skillset. This is where The Work Shop team match the appropriate jobseeker to the construction work/contractor on-site. Navigation of the site is easy – jobseekers just need to register their details to gain access.

Officially launched in October 2013, The Work Shop came into being when the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Lend Lease signed a funding partnership agreement with The Hornery Institute, who have now taken on responsibility for the delivery of the service and governance.

Deadlines for jobseekers exist around the construction timetable of the public hospital; therefore interested jobseekers should visit for more information or to speak to a team member.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council, the Australian Government through the Local Employment Co-ordinator Flexible Funding Pool, and Lend Lease Building, have remained as funding partners, with Master Builders and Construction Skills Queensland also providing support.

For more information, visit The Workshop website at or email

mb b

[ 34 ] april/may 14

Health, safety & environment

Find green building product solutions with ease The Vinyl Council of Australia has launched a new, online design management tool that helps builders, architects, designers and specifiers to develop PVC product solutions that work towards a range of Green Star Credit requirements. Available on the Council’s website, this easy-to-use PVC Solutions tool covers many applications of PVC/vinyl products that are part of building construction systems and that can contribute to the ability to earn points within Green Star. Free to users, the tool can be browsed by credit or product type with suppliers of PVC products identified in each category under the Green Star credit system. Links are provided to manufacturers’ and suppliers’ websites where important and relevant information may be obtained to

support project documentation required under the rating system. The PVC Solutions tool was developed to help projects identify where PVC products play a role in meeting environmental performance criteria, like thermal comfort or natural ventilation. Sometimes it isn’t obvious how materials and products can work together to provide solutions. For example, polymer formwork wall systems can reduce the amount of concrete required in wall construction and enable more recycled aggregate to be used, therefore helping to meet a range of credit criteria.

The PVC Credit in Green Star specifically relates to the use of pipe, cable, conduit, resilient wall and floor coverings. In fact, a wide range of PVC applications – window frames, wall profiles, roof membranes, fittings and furnishings – can be specified in Green Star projects without discrimination and may also be eligible to earn Green Star points under a variety of credits. To access the online tool, visit

april/may 14

[ 35 ]


Health, safety & environment Rachael Vickers – Workplace Health & Safety/Environment Advisor

Keeping your employees safe near electrical services In early December 2013 the Queensland Electrical Code of Practice was amended and renamed the Electrical Safety Code of Practice 2010 – Working near overhead and underground electric lines. This new code came into effect on 1 January 2014 and provides a timely reminder to employers and employees of the danger electrical services pose if the risks are not identified, and controls are not considered and implemented. When working on a site it is important to know the location of all overhead and underground power lines and how close the services are to the work you are undertaking. You should ensure that all workers are aware of the locations of the services and how this may affect the way they perform their job. Safe work method statements should be prepared for all work that is to be conducted near or on electrical services. Plant on construction sites pose a significant risk of coming into contact with electrical

services, with cranes being identified as a notable risk. Plant operators should be aware of the height of their machinery in both stowed and working positions and also be aware of any sagging of power lines which will reduce clearance heights. Weather conditions should be considered when assessing the risks, as well as whether lighting conditions have changed the visibility of power lines. When moving plant around the site when not performing work tasks it should be lowered to the transport position, making sure to monitor the boom height. To help maintain exclusion zones between machinery and power lines, a trained safety observer should be used to guide machinery

or barriers and should be erected to provide physical indicators of no go areas. If contact between plant and electrical services occurs it is important to stay in the plant cabin until the power has been disconnected unless other factors, such as fire, make this impossible. The plant will become ‘live’, as will anything else in contact with the power lines, and the electrical field may extend up to eight metres from the contact area. Incidents involving plant coming into contact with power poles are generally underreported. These so called bumps to poles can lead to a chain reaction where problems occur up to one kilometre away and pose a risk to unsuspecting workers at other sites. Anonymous reports can be made to both Energex and Ergon Energy when such instances occur, just so they are aware of the problem and can take steps to ensure the safety of others. Projects that involve work on sites that have electricity already connected, including residential and commercial renovations, will also need to consider the risk of working near the connection most often found on the gutter line of the roof. These connections also have an exclusion zone of three metres that must be adhered to – however, Energex and Ergon both provide free safety advice so that this exclusion zone can be reduced. This safety advice involves a representative coming out to the site and doing an inspection of wires and connections. With forward planning this can usually be done with only several days’ notice. Whether you’re working near power lines or connections, Energex and Ergon Energy provide a range of control measure options to help ensure the safety of workers on site and others. Other than providing free safety advice, they can also arrange for services to be disconnected or tiger tails to be connected to power lines, to make them more easily identifiable. For further information about managing work near and around electrical services, contact Master Builders on 3225 6404 or email

mb b

[ 36 ] april/may 14

Laws, codes & regulations

Obligations to hold a blue card

NO SIGN? PAY THE FINE Certain signage is required on site under Workplace Health and Safety legislation. If you don’t have it, you may be liable for a variety of penalties, including on-the-spot fines. Master Builders’ discount signage can help you avoid fines and non-compliance. For signs that start at just $13, call Master Builders on 1300 30 50 10 or visit our website at

Operated by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian, the blue card is a key prevention and monitoring system of people working with children and young people. The blue card is founded on the principle that all children have a fundamental right to be protected from harm. With increased public awareness in child protection and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Issues, builders and trade contractors working at residential facilities, boarding facilities, and child care services are required, by law, to obtain working with children blue cards. Anyone regularly working in schools and education services are also strongly recommended to obtain working with children blue cards for their staff, as many customers require tradespeople to hold one before commencing work.

Specialist contracts staff on hand – but only when you need them As a Master Builders member, you can buy a contract and receive back up advice from our specialist staff. Master Builders has developed a range of contracts that allocate risk fairly between builders and subcontractors and builders and their clients. Along with that contract, you can also access our specialist advice that relates to:

Working with children blue cards are required if working at child care services and alike services when children are present for at least:

Suitability of contracts

Eight consecutive days

Contract terms and conditions

Extension of time claims and preparation

Once a week for each week during a period of four weeks

Legislation affecting contracts

Once a fortnight for each fortnight during a period of eight weeks

Progress claims entitlements and preparation

Tender procedures

Once a month for each month during a period of six months.

Tender documents

Your client or the principal contractor may require all people to have a blue card over and beyond the minimum standard above. Whilst some changes to the system are anticipated following the current Royal Commission, members with customers in the area need to be vigilant now.

Variation claims and preparation

To order online, visit Alternatively call 1300 30 50 10 for more information.

All of the relevant application forms and information about fees can be found on the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian website. For more information, contact the Blue Card Contact Centre on 1800 113 611 or 3211 6999. april/may 14

[ 37 ]



Ces Fritz: a true gentleman of the industry Master Builders bids a fond farewell to a man who played a fundamental role in shaping our organisation throughout his 50 years as a dedicated member.

Throughout his long and impressive career, Ces was a long-term supporter of Master Builders and dedicated his life to the furtherance of the building industry.

He liked to call it ‘preventative medicine’, and aimed to teach builders how to better manage their businesses with the view to avoiding disputes.

At his first meeting at the Association, a very young Ces met the legendary Sir Manual Hornibrook, who gave him some useful guidance – “take my advice son and stay close to the Association” – and he did!

He was also very interested in planning, management and improving contractual documentation, as well as promoting positive relationships with clients. In one of his many interviews for the Master Builder magazine, Ces once said that you couldn’t overemphasise the importance of positive relationships with your clients, and added that if you treat your client well and deliver a finished product which meets their needs, then you open the way for repeat business – the most valuable form of marketing.

Ces contributed an enormous amount to the Master Builders movement, serving four terms as President (1978, 1979, 1986 and 1987), steering Master Builders in a positive direction during this time. He was appointed as a Life Member in 1995 and was recently recognised for 50 years of membership. He was also instrumental in setting up the Institute of Building Consultants (IBC) division of Master Builders and was a Chair of the IBC for several years. As an astute and active IBC Committee member, he provided neverending support and mentoring for the Institute and its members.

In more recent times, he looked to give something back to the industry and impart his collective knowledge to help today’s builders plan for tomorrow. He saw himself as a builders’ business coach and enjoyed helping out other builders wherever he could. There were few Master Builders events he would miss.

IBC members described Ces as a kind and great man, who was a privilege to work for and with, and have as a friend.

He was a firm believer that hard work and attention to detail will be rewarded in the long run and his quest for greater knowledge was one of the secrets to his success in the industry.

His passion for the building industry shone through in everything he did, but he was particularly interested in dispute resolution.

Ces is survived by his wife Lesleigh and was a father, father-in-law and grandfather to Andrea and Martin, Martin and Mirjana, Simon,

His passion for the building industry shone through in everything he did.

Julianne and Ray, Claire and Brett, Frazer, Kate, Eugene, and James. His legacy will live on at Master Builders and throughout the building industry.

This book is intended primarily to be used as a general information guide to maintenance for home owners. The focus of this book is on the majority of typical home styles. The booklet sets out information for home owners on how best to look after what is probably the largest investment they will make during their lives, and describes the home owners’ responsibilities with regard to the use and operation of the home.

New Home Owner’s Maintenance Manual

This book is published as a community service by Master Builders to assist purchasers of new homes or those who are carrying out extensions or renovations. Call Master Builders on 1300 30 50 10 to purchase a copy. QMBA-16850 03-13

mb b

[ 38 ] april/may 14

Using non-compliant steel can take on a new meaning if something goes wrong.

Trouble. (noun.) Mental or emotional distress, worry, discomfort, unfortunate or distressing position, circumstance, occurrence, misfortune. • If you’re unsure of the steel material used in your construction, it could land you in serious trouble. • When heavy losses and personal reputations are at stake, it’s important to be conďŹ dent that structures have been built correctly. • It’s important to be conďŹ dent that structures that are built comply with Australian/New Zealand Standards and the Building Codes. • Understanding how you can protect yourself is critical. You have the power to refuse to use non-compliant steel. • Don’t leave steel compliance to chance, go the extra step and demand to see the ACRS CertiďŹ cate of Product Compliance. • It could just keep you out of trouble if something goes wrong.


Call ACRS on (02) 9965 7216, email info@steelcertiďŹ or visit www.steelcertiďŹ $&56²7KH$XVWUDODVLDQ&HUWLĂ€FDWLRQ$XWKRULW\IRU5HLQIRUFLQJDQG6WUXFWXUDO6WHHOV/WG$%1


Master builder takes business worldwide Dubai is a long way from the Townsville construction site where Bernie Scott, a then out-of-work fitter-machinist, began his building career back in 1986. Fast-forward almost thirty years and Bernie is gearing up to take his company global, with plans to establish a sales office in Dubai later this year.

Unison Joints Pty Ltd was founded in 1999 to supply the contracting company, Unison Projects HK (Hong Kong), with specialised architectural products. From here another contracting company, Unison Constructions Pty Ltd, was developed to install the systems manufactured by Unison Joints. Bernie joined in 2002 and soon became Managing Director. From there he led the charge to establish Unison’s expansion joint companies as the name preferred for building movement joint systems in Australia. “This supply and installation process is unique, and is one of the key ingredients behind the company’s success,” Bernie said.

“Establishing the brand and convincing the market of our long-term viability were two things that required a lot of determination and time. “We had to prove we were different, and we did this in a variety of ways, such as establishing ourselves as the only expansion joint company to hold a QBCC licence in Passive Fire Sealing and Certification.” Throughout his career, Bernie has organised projects all around Australia and the world, with Dubai his latest milestone.

“This diversity would have to be one of the greatest things about working in the building and construction industry – the fact that a “It means a conjunctive, single warranty is project could be in Emerald, or Sydney City provided for materials and contract installation, Centre, or even Dubai.” which streamlines the entire operation.” It may be a bit of a Cinderella story for the building and construction industry, but success hasn’t come without hard work from Bernie and his team. “The biggest challenge I faced was having to start from scratch to develop the business,” Bernie said.

mb b

[ 40 ] april/may 14

Although Unison Joints has established distributors in Riyadh, Doha, Auckland, Ho Chi Minh and various other countries, Bernie’s proudest achievements are the company’s Australian projects. “We have been lucky to work on some fantastic projects all throughout the country, with Brisbane’s Kurilpa Bridge being one of the most iconic. “The Gold Coast Convention Centre, Cairns Base Hospital and the Brisbane International Airport are a few other milestones we are very proud to have been involved with.” The road from labourer to business owner is a more personal highlight for Bernie. “I just fell into the job and loved it, so everything just progressed from there,” he said. “I went from working as your average tradie, to supervising workers and subcontractors, and this led to undertaking a Cert IV in Commercial Construction. “If I had to give one piece of advice to someone starting out in the industry, it would have to be to get educated.

Establishing the brand and convincing the market of our long-term viability were two things that required a lot of determination and time.


You cannot compromise when it comes to staffing, and this is why I’m very proud of Unison’s development into such a strong company.

Forming solid and reliable relationships has always been a key priority for Bernie, who attributes this to the success of Unison Joints. “One of the main challenges I have had to overcome is finding good people who are suitable for the task at hand. “You cannot compromise when it comes to staffing, and this is why I’m very proud of Unison’s development into such a strong company.” Even with this confidence, Bernie admits there are problems facing the building and construction industry. “I believe the biggest challenge is product and service being driven by the dollar, instead of quality. “It has always been my focus to develop quality expansion joint products and cultivate an environment which enables consultants and contractors to see the benefits of quality. “It’s about creating awareness that the quality of a product and/or service quite often comes at a higher price.” “Do whatever you can do to get a wide range of experience and make sure you never stop learning.” But it is not always a case of more-work-less-play for Bernie, and a bit of down-time is necessary. “Everyone knows me as a bit of a larrikin, and even though I love my job I will jump at any chance to take my BMW sports motorcycle for a ride with a group of friends. “In fact, I do recall a particular ‘roof party’ in the late ‘80s in Cairns, where the whole construction team finished up skinny-dipping in the penthouse pool. “There are some great people in this industry and that makes it good fun.”

Industrial relations is another challenge which Bernie says is facing the future of the industry. “Industrial relations is a difficult area for employers in the building and construction industry to negotiate and without help it can cause a lot of issues. “As Master Builders’ members since 2001, we have been greatly assisted with industrial relations issues in the past.” Bernie attributes the company’s success to a myriad of factors, with a solid support network just one of these. With the company’s accomplishments growing exponentially, it is sure to be a landmark year for Bernie, and Unison Joints as a whole.

april/may 14

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Health, safety & environment Stephanie Gaylard – Manager Workplace Health & Safety/Environment

Anchor alert issued by WHS Queensland Following a 2013 incident in Queensland where two workers fell from a cantilevered scaffolding platform and sustained injuries, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have released an alert warning the construction industry of safety issues relating to insert type anchors on cantilevered scaffolding platforms. Duriing Du ng the he inc n iden entt a sc scre rew w bo b lt typ ype e an ancch chor, or, used used d to su supp pp porr t th t e ca cant nttilileverred d sca caff ffol oldi ol ding di ng plat pl atfo at form fo rm m, pu ulllled ed out of th he co conc ncre cre ete and nd d alllo all lowe w d th t e scaff sccaffolding g br brac ackket ket tto o faalll tto o the h grou gr ound ou d. The Th e issu isssued e alert ed r app p lie es to all es alll ty t pe es of insert tyyp pe e anc ncho hors r use sed d to sup u portt can a ti tile l ve le ere red d sccaaff ffold l in ng platfo attfo f rm rms, incclu udi ding n : ng •

Scre Sc rew re w bo bolt ltss

Expa Ex pan pa nsio io on an anch chor orss (t (to orque orqu or que se ett ttin tti ing an ing anch chor o)

Coill bol olts ts

Chem Ch mic ical a anc nccho h rs.

Workp Wo placce He pl Heal eal a th t and Safet etyy Quee eens nslland d haave adv dviised ised d tha hatt in inse sert rt typ pe an anch chor orss are ar e no n t re reco comm omm men e de ded fo ded for or wo w rk pla latf tform appl ap pliicat icatio ions nss where re e the main n fo f rc r e is a pul ulllout fo orc rce e, suc uch h as whe hen n th the e plat atfo orm m sup ppo p rtt brac brac br a ke et is is bol o ted d to a con ncr cret ete e wa wallll. Whe Wh en usi en sing ng g ins nser serr t tyype pe anc n ho hors rs the here re are e many cri ma many riti iti tica call fact ca fact fa c or orss that thatt mus ustt be add ddre ress ssed ed,, ed henc he nce nc e wh whyy th the e lilike like kelilil ho hood od d of an nchor chor fai ch ailu lure lu re occu oc curr cu rrin rr ing in g ca can n be hig igh. h.

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[ 42 ] april/may 14

The Th he us use of of ins nse er t ty ert er type pe e anchors rs to su supp pport caanttililev cant ever ev ered er ed d wor orki king ki ng pllaatf tfor orm ms off wallss is no nott reco re comm mende ed for fo th the fo folllow owin ng re eas a on o s: •

Re R eliian nce on pr p ecis ecise e ho hole le siz ize an and ho hole e dept de ph

Possib Poss ibililit ityy of o str trikkin ing g re rein nfo forccemen em mentt stee el in conc co ncre nc rete re te whe te hen n dr d ililliling ng the hole

C ncre Co ete dus u t ca can n re rem main in th the he drrilille led d hole ho le if itt isn sn’t ’tt cle lean a ed out pro an ope p rly l

The requ q ired tor qu orqu ue du uri ring ing n the ins nstalllatio ion n stag st ge mu must st com omp plyy with h the e man a uf ufacctu ture rer’ re r’s specifi sp ificcat atio ions ns oth ther er wise e the anc ncho horr an ho and d conc co ncrete around d th the dril the drille dr led d hole e could d be dama da mage ma g d ge

Itt is diffi difficul ullt to inspe ult pect pe ctt the he bolts to see if theyy are they e inssta talllllled ed cor o re ect ctly ly.. ly

T e al Th aler ertt ad advi vise sess th se thatt whe here re it is imp mpra ract ctic icab able ble e to use us e tth hro oug gh bo bolt ltss because accce c ss to th the e in insi insi sid de of de the e wa walllll canno not be e obttai a ne ned, d ins nsert type e ancho horss may be ma may be use s d un nde derr th the e fo follllowing co ond dit itio i ns io ns:: •

A pr prof ofession ofes i nal eng ngin inee eerr sp spec ecifi ifie es th the e desi de s gn g of the anchorage syst stem em,, including

the ty the type pe and nd d size ize of of anc ncho ho hor or an and d the anch chor o or in nsttal a laati t on n con o di on d tion ns •

E er Ev e y anch chor or used d ha hass been sub bje ject c ed to a tens te ns test spe nsile ns peciified by th the en ngi g ne eer er,, eq qua uall or grre eat a er e than th the e desi design loa o d, d, but doe oess not dama am ge the he an he ncch ho oraage e

A co c mpeten en nt pe p rson n visua uaalll y in insp sp pec e ts the he inst in s alle led an ncho chor, or, pr p io or to use se,, to ver e if i y th t at dam da mage has no mage ott occ ccur urred ur d

Anch An cho ch ors sh ors shou ou ould uld l onl nlyy be use sed d on once ce and the th en disca issca card rded rd ed

The Th e an a ch chor orss in or in ere re ect cted ed d sca caff ffoldi olldi o ding ng are to ng be ins be nsp pe p ect cted ed at fr freque freq ue enc ncie ies no ie n t exxce ceed ceed e in ing g one e mo m nth, h, or at mor ore e re regu gu gula ula l r fr freq eq que uenc nciie nc ies if spe peci cifi ci fied by th the e en engi gine neer er. er

For mo more re inf nfor orrma mati tio ti on, co on, on cont nttacct ntac W rk Wo rkpl plac pl a e Heal Healt lth and Saf a et etyy Qu Queens nsla land on 130 00 36 369 69 91 915 5 orr for or a cop opyy of the alert, cont co ntac nt act ct Ma Mast sterr Bui uild lde ers on 3225 6404 or em mai aill wh whs@ s masterbuilde ers rs.asn n.a .au u


YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE NEW NCC CHANGES MEAN FOR YOUR BUSINESS So come along to get ‘on the job’ info, while chatting with industry colleagues and work mates. The NCC Broadcast is the first of Master Builders’ 2014 toolbox events. With the changes now finalised, industry veteran and Master Builders’ Manager Building Services, Tony Mitchell, will be hosting a session to outline the changes. Tony will provide an overview of the amendments and remain on hand following a state-wide NCC broadcast to answer any questions you may have. Ensure your compliance and understanding of the amendments by attending this event! To register, simply visit our website at Book now as places are limited.

Event details Date:

Wednesday, 30 April


Free for Master Builders’ members and work mates


3.30pm for a 4pm start

Inclusions: Pizza, beer and soft drinks will be provided


Your local Master Builders’ office (check website for details)


Friday, 18 April (places are limited)

Register online | Phone 3225 6424 | Email

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Construction industry inaugural mental health conference More than 200 construction industry delegates attended the inaugural Construction Industry Conference on Mental Health in Brisbane on 20 February. When speaker Emma Alberici asked the room full of delegates who had been personally touched by suicide, almost everyone in the room put up their hands! The room was a sea of diverse people – from suit and tie wearing managers and union delegates, to workplace health and safety officers, decked out in hi-vis clothing and safety boots. However, everyone in the room had something in common – they had all been affected by suicide, concerned about the high rate of suicide in construction or were committed to doing something about it. The conference was hosted by the National Construction Industry Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Committee, comprising the industry’s helping organisations, including Incolink, OZHELP and MATES in Construction. It was initiated to provide a national forum to consider whether suicide is a Workplace Health and Safety issue. Delegates were welcomed by Aboriginal elder, Uncle Des, and entertained by singer/guitarist

Start using eDocs today! Master Builders’ eDocs – electronic documents and online core services – system is now available! Access to the new eDocs system is exclusive to Master Builders members and makes creating contracts easier, faster and more intuitive than ever before. Activate your account and start using eDocs today! Visit

mb b

[ 44 ] april/may 14


and suicide survivor, Justin Geange, with his own inspirational songs. The keynote speaker from the US, Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, is an expert in suicide prevention and revealed that workplace-related suicide was an international problem. She shared her personal experience of the effect of her brother’s struggle with depression, his eventual suicide and how this impacted on her and her family. While this is a sad story, it ended with a positive outcome in that she then founded a suicide research institute in his name, the Carson J Spencer Foundation, which she now heads as CEO. The panel discussion was another highlight of the conference. Facilitated by Emma Alberici (LateLine) it included a diverse panel with union representative, Dave Noonan (National Secretary CFMEU), employer representative, John Crittall (Master Builders’ Director Construction Policy), public sector representative, Dr. Lesley Van Schoubroek (Queensland Mental Health Commissioner), legal representative, Cameron Dean (Partner, McCullough Robertson Lawyers) and academia representative, Dr. Peter Chen (Professor, University of South Australia). In response to questions from the floor, John Crittall revealed that employers were “confronted” by the whole mental health issue and a little out of their depth. They know it is part of their safety responsibility, but just don’t know how to handle it. According to Mr Crittall, employers are scared to say “Are you OK?” in case their employee says “No…. I have a mental health issue”. Mr Crittall went on further to say that the problem is helped by programs like MATES in Construction, where workers take the initiative and employers cooperate and set up the MATES on-site support systems. These are all backed up by MATES’ field staff and case managers. Dave Noonan, speaking from a construction worker and union perspective, reminded delegates that suicide prevention programs, like Incolink, OZ-HELP and MATES in Construction, had been initiated by the union movement and funded initially by redundancy trusts and industry superannuation funds. Mr Noonan also shared his own experience with suicide, through the loss of his nephew and of his good mate, Des. He reflected on how it still affects him and that he might have been able to prevent

the tragedies if he had known how to identify the problem and how to help them when they needed it. This highlighted the importance of organisations like Incolink, OZHELP and MATES, where help can be found. In responding to a question about the use of the law and legislation to force employers to provide mental health support and incentives, Cameron Dean said that little would be achieved through additional legislation, in his opinion. In terms of carrot and stick, the law is clearly the stick that can get some employers to improve labour practices. Professor Peter Chen made the observation that, from his studies, workplace suicide was often the result of both workplace and personal issues, which created a tipping point for the person involved. Speaking about her role as the Queensland Mental Health Commissioner, Dr. Lesley Van Schoubroek said that her task was to identify suicide prevention programs that have worked and to help them to expand. In their conference evaluation delegates reported that the conference had been a great success and that they had learned a lot from the speakers. In particular, Dr. Van Schoubroek said she was impressed by how the construction industry has embraced this important issue and has united to take responsibility for its most valuable resource – its workers. Dr. Van Schoubroek also commented that the leadership shown by the construction industry in regard to the mental health and wellbeing of its workers is a template that will be encouraged in other sectors. The general consensus following the conference was that suicide in the construction industry is a workplace health and safety issue, and that efforts should be increased to address the whole of the industry and support the one million workers employed in it. MATES in Construction sincerely thanks all the presenters and attendees who made the conference a success. For more information about the conference or to view videos of all the speakers, visit the MATES in Construction website at april/may 14

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Training & licensing

New program addresses dangers of asbestos for industry With a rise in asbestos-related diseases among Australians as a direct result of exposure to asbestos fibres during home renovations and maintenance, the importance of raising awareness about the dangers of asbestos cannot be overstated. There is NO safe level of asbestos exposure, and it is vital that everyone in the building and construction industry, whether they come in contact with asbestos or not, understands just how dangerous these fibres can be. It is because of this that Master Builders has developed a new Asbestos Awareness Program which is aimed at individuals who have no intention of removing non-friable asbestos themselves but want to gain a better understanding of the current legislation and codes of practice. This program has been designed to provide candidates with the information to enable them to understand the removal of non-friable asbestos in a safe manner to meet legal obligations. Participants will cover a myriad of topics throughout the four-hour course, which will be delivered in face-to-face classes at Master Builders’ offices across Queensland. Students will leave with an understanding of the properties and health risks of asbestos, the laws that apply, the correct safe removal practices, and likely occurrences of asbestos in Queensland. If candidates want to remove more than 10m² then they are required by Workplace Health & Safety to undertake further training by completing the Asbestos Worker Program (CPCCDE3014A – Remove non-friable asbestos). Master Builders offers this course at all offices throughout Queensland. For more information on this program, as well as the many other training courses Master Builders has to offer, visit or call 1300 13 60 02.

The law has changed – has your business? Master Builders’ Human Resources Manual is the essential step-by-step guide to managing your workforce and complying with legal obligations on employment. With policies, procedures es and a electronic templates, the manual is designed specifically for use by payroll staff, supervisors and managers in the building and construction on industry.

$290 (including GST) Call 3225 6444 or go to o ww to order your copy.* * Available for sale to Master Builders ilders m members only.

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Mastering your business Mirjana Bece – CEO ArcusIT Solutions

With increasing mobility, cybersecurity attacks are on rise The increasing use of Wi-Fi and mobile IT devices (iPads, tablets and smartphones) in the building and construction industry poses a further risk for data safety. Each of these devices present another possible vulnerability that the cyber-criminals can explore. Complete security can be difficult to achieve. Installation of antivirus software and even a secure firewall is not enough to provide full protection.

Imagine turning on your work computer and finding all your files have been taken hostage. You have just three days to pay a ransom or you lose the data forever. Computer security companies claim this is a scenario more Australian businesses are likely to face over the next 6–12 months, and may have already experienced this nightmare. Every business could now expect to be targeted by hackers in its lifetime. It no longer matters whether you are a major corporation or a small business – every business is a target and, according to the security experts, this is not going to change. The building and construction industry is no different. The industry is seen by cybercriminals as an easy target, because of lack of adequate protection and perceived significant capital that it operates with. The hackers and cyber-criminals are able to cause untold damage to a business, its brand and reputation. They steal business intelligence, funds and sensitive customer records, vandalise websites and freeze applications – even basic internet access and email. And all that to extort money from the business. ‘Ransomware’ is a type of sophisticated malware that is increasingly used by cyberattackers and leaves victims with no choice

other than to pay the ransom, unless they have an offline backup that is unaffected.

Regular, well-designed backups that are kept offsite are another important guard against critical data loss. However, in our current technological world, information security has to be implemented as a unified threat management solution that considers all risk points. These implementations are usually outside of the realm of skills that average IT technicians or technically savvy employees might have.

The malware has been programmed to encrypt files on devices attached to the affected computer, which renders online back-ups useless as they too can be encrypted.

Using the technical assistance of IT security experts is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

The cyber-criminals have also programmed the malware to destroy ‘shadow’ copies (automatic back-ups made by Microsoft Windows), so even they cannot be used as a source for recovering files.

According to ArcusIT Solutions’ Technical Director, Martin Fritz, building and construction companies need to reconsider their approach to IT security in order to protect their assets and reputation.

It only takes one naive employee to click on a malicious email attachment or link to breach a corporate network. Or a disgruntled employee may cause damage or steal the company data.

Thorough risk assessments and vulnerability controls must be applied. It is not just their head offices, but also the construction sites and mobile workforce located across the country or overseas, that require the implementation of well-designed professional security solutions.

As always, prevention is better than the cure. While it can eat up a company’s precious time and money, experts say that these risks must be taken much more seriously. The security specialists from the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group at Queensland Police are saying that it is vital companies conduct security assessments of their IT equipment, systems and data, and to develop a culture among their staff to understand cyber threats. It is a serious challenge for businesses, in particular SMEs, to balance what their IT staff or IT contractors are capable of doing and when a company needs to spend the money to have IT security specialists ensure a robust set-up.

Some building and construction companies are beginning to assess cloud technology options as part of the latest security offerings. However, it is crucial to recognise that implementing cloud-based security solutions alone is not enough to provide reliable protection against today’s complex threats. What is required is a unified end-to-end approach across all levels of the organisation. For more information, contact ArcusIT Solutions on 1300 85 77 10 or visit their website at april/may 14

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Mastering your business Rohan Youngman – Executive Director Forensics – SV Partners

GST – Migraine or margin? Example 2:

The introduction of GST was, in principle, meant to simplify the taxation system of Australia. But what at first appeared to be simple is actually more complicated, due to the need to cater for potential unintended consequences. Within the realm of housing development, the most significant provision, and sometimes least understood, is the GST margin scheme. A general description of the GST margin scheme is to ensure if GST was not paid on the purchase it should not be charged on the sale. Accordingly, GST is only paid on 1/11th of the margin applicable, not the entire sale price. Generally the GST margin scheme is applicable if one of the following applies to the purchase of the property: •

The property was purchased prior to 1 July 2000

The purchase was old residential premises

The purchase was subject to the margin scheme

The purchase was GST-free farmland

The purchase was acquired as a part of a GST-free going concern

The seller was not registered or required to be registered GST.

An existing residential dwelling was purchased and subdivision of the land was undertaken whereby the existing dwelling, and a portion of the land, will be sold, and a new dwelling is constructed on the balance of the land and sold. As indicated above, the purchase and/or sale of ‘old residential premises’ is not subject to GST so these components of the venture are GST free. Assumptions regarding this example are as follows: •

Residence house and land purchased for $300,000, including GST free

Construction costs of $220,000 including GST were incurred

The old house and land was sold for $275,000 including GST free

The new house and land were sold for $350,000.

The calculation of the GST applicable is on the basis of 1/11th of the difference between the sales price of the new house and the purchase price of the land. It will be necessary to determine the purchase price of the land on an apportionment basis and you may use any reasonable basis for apportionment of the purchase price between the vacant land and the old house and land. We have assumed that $100,000 is attributable to the purchase of the vacant land purchase on the basis that the old house and land represent two-thirds of the value of the purchase.

To illustrate the application of the margin scheme, examples of two circumstances are detailed below:

Accordingly, the GST applicable to the sale of the new house and land is 1/11th of the margin of the sales price of $350,000 and the purchase price of the land is $100,000. Therefore GST of $22,727 is applicable being 1/11th of $250,000. The summary position of the profit and loss of the development, including the GST components is as follows:

Example 1: Vacant land was purchased from a land developer and a residential dwelling was constructed for sale on a speculative basis.

GST inclusive

As a land developer is in the business of selling land it is anticipated that the purchase from the land developer would be subject to GST.

Sale Old house and land


Accordingly, in this example it has been assumed that the land has been subject to GST.

New house and land


Stamp duty

Assumptions regarding this example are as follows:

Construction costs

Land purchased for $110,000, including GST


Construction costs of $220,000 including GST were incurred

The house and land was sold for $440,000 including GST.

GST inclusive


GST exclusive









Stamp duty Construction costs Profit

mb b

[ 48 ] april/may 14

(2,275) (220,000)

(2,275) (20,000)

GST exclusive $275,000




In the event that the land developer has sold the land, subject to margin scheme, which will be disclosed in the purchase contract, consideration and advice will need to be taken regarding the GST implications on sale.

The summary position of the profit and loss of the development, including the GST components, is as follows:


Old house and land







(200,000) 93,348

As indicated above, the application of the GST margin scheme has the ability to cause a migraine. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of acquisitions where the margin scheme may be applicable and ensure that sales contracts accurately reflect the application of the margin scheme, as to not do so may subject the sale to additional GST. In relation to the second example above, if the margin scheme was not identified the GST would have been 1/11th of $350,000 and an additional $9,090 would be payable. In the event that the application of the GST margin scheme is unclear, you should seek advice from your accountant to ensure the most beneficial outcome is able to be achieved.

(200,000) 97,725

For more information, contact SV Partners on 1800 246 801 or visit their website at

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Mastering your business Phil Breeze – Manager Housing Services

Happy clients, successful business However, waiting for that big idea to eventuate may take time so, until you have that next big thing firmly in your grasp, you should look to see how you might invigorate your current products and services. As a starting point, look at the strengths and weaknesses of your current products or services. Don’t just look at them in isolation but try to understand how they interact with the business overall. Most of us can rattle off a list of our strengths, but it’s listing our weaknesses that is a different matter. When it comes to business matters it may pay to get a business advisor to look over the business. It is surprising what a fresh set of eyes will discover.

We all want our business to be successful – but to be successful the business needs good planning and management in building its reputation and brand. We live and work in a changing environment, so a business needs to be competitive to maintain its sustainability and profitability. The delivery of a great customer service culture in the business is also vital. We might ponder from time to time: What is that next big thing that will propel my business forward? What innovation can I introduce into my products and/or services that is seen as valuable by my clients? The answer is simple – if it adds value for your client, the business will naturally be on track to remain sustainable and profitable.

Objective assessment of the way the business is performing and how it can improve is critical if it is to remain sustainable and profitable. Some businesses also undertake a Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats (SWOT) analysis. Fostering a great customer service culture among staff and subcontractors will help tremendously in building a successful business. Happy clients are a great promotional resource for a business, but how exactly can you get clients to ‘sing’ your praise? Simply meet their expectations, which involves no more than giving them what the business has been contracted to do.

In a prickly situation with a client? Master Builders can help you manage the dispute. Call us on 1300 30 50 10.

mb b

[ 50 ] april/may 14

Mastering g your business

That being said, there will be some clients who present a real challenge in managing their expectations. When it comes to customer service, sometimes the template approach does not work and if for no other reason than to keep the client from bad-mouthing the business, we might just have to deliver that extra bit of service. As they say, ‘go the extra mile’ and manage the risk with the most appropriate course of action. This might mean you elevate the handling of that client to a higher ranking employee or someone in senior management. You can also seek assistance from Master Builders, as we can assist you with a Without Prejudice Meeting (WPM). A Master Builders staff member facilitates the meeting, and it is a free and effective process, giving both parties the opportunity to sit down and discuss their concerns in a well-managed environment. Remember, it’s critical to keep the communication lines open when dealing with a dissatisfied client. It is a human trait to want to be taken seriously and listened to and this is especially relevant to a client when they are trying to get someone to resolve a problem for them. Ignoring a client through avoidance, like not answering their phone calls or emails, will only inflame the matter. If they do not receive the appropriate level of assistance with their concern they will most likely tell whoever will listen about the business’

perceived lack of care and response. The business will lose their trust as an honest and caring business that just does not care about their clients. The business’ reputation and brand will suffer and so will the bottom line/profit. Communicate, communicate, communicate and listen, listen, listen to the client and you will be in a much better position to address their concern. If you want a successful business then just remember: happy and satisfied clients refer other potential clients and it gives people great comfort to know a business can be trusted to do the right thing based on what their friends, work mates or relatives have to say. If people believe they can trust your business they are more likely to pay a small premium for acquiring your services. Now there is a strength (trust) worth developing; it might just be the next big thing your business has been waiting for in its endeavours to becoming a (more) successful business.

“What if I receive an application or notice of listing from Fair Work Australia?”


f Listing Notice o Section: atter: Title of M : umber(s) Matter N

ir dismis n for unfa pplicatio ness! s.394 - A si bu ur d bH yo This coul …. U2010/… T

befo lephone,

re a Fair

sal remed

Work Au


stralia Co



Call Master Builders team on 3225 6407 for timely advice on fair work laws.

april/may 14

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Phones & internet

Wired for the future: Preparing homes for the NBN

With broadband now viewed as an essential service, home owners are turning to builders for help getting their home NBN ready. While there’s a high awareness that the NBN is coming, there’s low understanding among consumers of how to position telecommunications equipment in the home and design wiring to get the best performance out of the new network. A little pre-planning can help future-proof a new home and boost customer satisfaction, so here’s a few things to consider.

1. Have a discussion up front

Home owners are turning to builders for help to prepare their new homes for the National Broadband Network (NBN). Telstra has some advice on what you need to consider when talking to clients.

Around Australia the NBN rollout is now in full swing. Once complete, it will provide high-speed broadband to all Australian homes and businesses. It’s not a moment too soon, with internet use in the home soaring. Australians are streaming internet-delivered video and TV channels (IPTV) in record numbers. And, they’re accessing the internet in the home through a fast-growing range of games consoles and Wi-Fi enabled tablets, smartphones and laptops. In fact, ask a typical family what service they couldn’t live without and broadband would probably come a close third to water and electricity.

What is the NBN? The NBN is a government initiative designed to roll out high-speed broadband technology across Australia. Retail service providers, like Telstra, then sell services on the network to consumers. With speeds of up to 100mbps for downloads and 40mbps for uploads, the NBN offers high-speed internet even if you live a long way from an exchange or have multiple devices connected.

mb b

[ 52 ] april/may 14

Talking to the home owner before the walls go up can save a lot of hassle down the track. Just like electrical cabling, broadband and phone cabling should be factored in at the blueprint phase of the build. Ask the home owner to decide where they want to use internet-connected services in the home. This will help you locate Wi-Fi and wired access points. Be sure to include comment on data ports for all your TVs, gaming consoles, kitchen and office. Telstra predicts one in five Australian households will have internet connected televisions by 2015. So, if a home owner wants to stream internet content to their TV they should consider installing structured cabling to a port behind their TV cabinet. The Ethernet cabling should be installed back to the NBN Co NTD or patch panel. The home owner might also like to consider a wired port next to their home PC – this will ensure they can enjoy optimum NBN performance when transferring files, using video chat and when working from home.

Phones & internet

Make sure that the NTD is easily accessible to people with restricted mobility, but out of normal reach of children and pets. The home owner will need easy access to the NBN NTD so they can check the indicator lights and alarms if there’s a problem.

3. Wired vs wireless These days, households use a mix of wireless and fixed connections in the home. Wireless coverage – via a Wi-Fi gateway – ensures portable devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets can access the NBN throughout the home. To maximise Wi-Fi coverage, Wi-Fi gateways should be located in a central location. property to the NBN Premises Connection Device (PCD) and up to 40 metres of cabling from the NBN PCD to the NBN Network Termination Device (NTD) inside the house.

2. Decide where NBN Co equipment should be installed To connect a building to the fibre network, NBN Co will install equipment both outside and inside the premises.

You should work with the owner to agree on the location of the internal NTD. The NTD provides both the internet and phone connection, so the best location for it could be either one.

In most cases, as a part of a standard installation, NBN Co will install up to 60 metres of fibre cabling from the boundary of the


Wi-Fi is a flexible connectivity option. However, like all wireless technology it is subject to interference and generally provides slower broadband throughput than cabling. Telstra recommends the use of Category 6 cable as a minimum. For more information, contact Belinda Meyer at the Master Builders helpdesk on 1300 88 13 72.


ONLY FOR MASTER BUILDERS MEMBERS Connect to the $90 unlimited plan and receive: •

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share call and data allowances across your account for added savings

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CALL 1300 88 13 72 TO GET CONNECTED QMBA-18252 02-14

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What’s on in May Monday




Friday 1

Business Management (Central Qld)



2 Beaudesert Golf Day









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Asbestos Worker Program (North Qld)

Asbestos Worker Program (North Qld)

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Business Management (Gold Coast)

To book your place at a Master Builders event or training course, go to or call 1300 30 50 10. Note: Dates are subject to change.

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[ 54 ] april/may 14

Member benefits

More for less from Caltex

The benefits don’t stop there, with the fuel card providing an extensive range of perks, including:

Master Builders recently secured an even greater member benefit with Caltex. Members can now access bigger savings at the pump.

A Caltex StarCard is the must-have fuel card to make managing your business easy, and as a Master Builders member, the benefits of having one are even better. We have recently renewed our exclusive deal with Caltex and are pleased to offer members even greater value than last year. Members will now be able to save more than 50% off the monthly fee on StarCard fuel cards, plus 3.5 cents per litre off the pump price for unleaded fuel and 4 cents per litre off the pump price for diesel.

Cutting through the paperwork with a single, easy to read, ATO approved monthly invoice

Over 2,000 participating fuel outlets Australia-wide, including Caltex, Ampol and Woolworths outlets

Increased control on the types of purchases allowed on each card

Ability to track vehicle spending and maintenance online

Maximise security with a PIN and odometer reading for every card

Access to a dedicated Caltex Customer Support Centre for lost and stolen cards

Option for roadside assistance to enhance fleet reliability

Boost cash flow with direct debit payment and 51 days interest-free credit

Starting at just $2.20 per card per month.

The fuel card offers great value in more ways than one. Apply for one online, with no fuss. For further information, visit Master Builders’ website or call 1300 55 11 61.

CUT THROUGH PAPERWORK WITH CALTEX STARCARD Caltex StarCard eliminates the hassle of managing fuel expenses with one tax invoice for all your vehicles. Plus, direct debit payment and up to 51 days interest-free credit helps boost your cash flow. And with over 2,000 service stations around Australia your business will never run out of fuel. Apply today by calling 1300 55 11 61 or visiting Caltex StarCard. Perhaps the best trade tool you can own.

april/may 14

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Display villages

We will continue to work with developers around possible opportunities for display villages.

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[ 56 ] april/may 14

Display villages

Following a very cautious and slow 2013, we’re looking forward to an upbeat and momentum-gathering 2014 for the building industry.

We have successfully launched the much-awaited Master Builders feature in the Home lift-out of Saturday’s The Courier-Mail. Our first edition boasted 18 pages and featured some outstanding advertising material from the state’s top builders. With the storm clouds clearing and land starting to be released, 2014 also looks like it will be a good year for upcoming display village opportunities.

will open several months after Coomera Retreat. Whilst both display villages will be in close proximity to each other, they are perfectly positioned either side of the highway to encapsulate the thousands of lots in the immediate surrounding area. This will give savvy builders the opportunity to showcase varied designs to suit the differing clientele within the Gold Coast catchment.

We will continue to work with developers around possible opportunities for display villages and will present viable opportunities that are supported by developers who value both their builder relationships and deliver on their promises!

An added bonus is the fact that QM Properties does not actively market to investors, and offers covenants that are designed to attract owner/occupiers.

Two new Gold Coast display villages

Acreage homes on acreage lots

Construction of the new QM Properties Coomera Retreat display village will commence in the third quarter of this year.

Another first, again working with QM Properties, will be to deliver a village displaying large acreage homes on acreage lots. This unique display village will run for at least five years and will be the only acreage display village in existence. This, coupled with its western growth corridor location, mid-way between Yarrabilba and Flagstone (7km from both), will ensure its success.

The display village within the latest development will offer 26 homes and be spearheaded by Metricon, showcasing six of their latest designs. Due to its location on a major intersection and directly opposite a Masters store, this will undoubtedly be the most prolific display village on the Gold Coast. On the back of this high profile display village, we are also planning a second display village across the highway at QM Properties’ Gainsborough Park development. This second village

People specifically looking at building on acreage will travel from all over south east Queensland to visit this display village, and as QM Properties have over 1,000 acreage lots in the area, there will be no shortage of stock!

The future for Brisbane’s north With Stockland’s North Lakes land bank coming to an end and the closure of its final display village in two years’ time, everyone is starting to think about the next large scale project on the north side of Brisbane. QM Properties are currently fast tracking their 1,000 lot Caboolture Lakes project, with plans to deliver a new display village to coincide with the closure of North Lakes. Earthworks will commence this April and land should be registered by the first quarter of 2015. The village should then be on track to open by late 2015 to early 2016.

Bayside display village for 2015 A long awaited new bayside display village will open at Thornlands in mid-2015. Working closely with local high profile stalwarts Ausbuild, we will team with a handful of local builders in the delivery of a small boutique display village that will service the expansive, local, predominantly owner occupier market. For more information about display village opportunities and news, contact Master Builders on 1300 30 50 10. april/may 14

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People & events

Ipswich Industry Insights More than 50 builders gathered for the Ipswich Industry Insights evening on Wednesday, 12 March, where they were able to hear the latest industry updates and network with fellow builders, while enjoying pizza and drinks.

Asbestos Worker Program n competition – Downs & Western Congratulations to Kevan Fowler of Zen Metal Art & Landscaping, the lucky winner of an Asbestos Worker Program as part of Master Builders’ Roadshow 2013, presented by Shane Martin of Australian Capital Home Loans.

Sunshine Coast Acclaim Awards Night Master Builders recently supported the Sunshine Coast Acclaim Awards Night, where local M apprentice, Dylan Hunt, took home the Sunshine Coast Construction Apprentice of the Year Award. Th he award was presented by John Lyon and Master Builders’ Sunshine Coast Regional Manager, Michael Hopkins. M

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[ 58 ] april/may 14

People & events

Apple iPad winners All members who pay their membership renewal by the due date go in the draw to win an Apple iPad mini each month. Congratulations to our latest winners.

Gold Coast Region al Manager, John Duncalfe presents Gold Coast winner, Trevor Wa rd with his iPad mini.

Certificate IV in Building & Construction – Townsville A group of North Queensland builders started the year on the right foot, attending Master Builders’ first Certificate IV in Building & Construction course for 2014 in Townsville.

Mackay & Whitsunday Bowls Night Mackay & Whitsunday members enjoyed a fun night of barefoot bowls at the Northern Beaches Bowls Club in February.

april/may 14

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Don’t risk your retirement – take action before it’s too late! BUSSQ members: check & update your details to keep your super secure and you could win big!

There’s no catch, no charge and no sales pitch. Just handy information you can count on, including:

It’s important BUSSQ has up-to-date contact details for members so they can keep you informed with important information about your super. Plus if they have correct details there’ll be no chance that you’ll become a lost member. This means your hard earned super $$$ won’t need to be sent to the Australian Taxation Office.

How much is enough? What will you need to retire on?

What do you need to do?

Ways to build your super. How to reach your goal

Minimising your tax. Why pay more than you need to?

Reply to the letter or email BUSSQ sent you to update your details or visit the BUSSQ website to enter.

Transition to Retirement pension. What is it and how can it benefit you?

BUSSQ building super is providing access to FREE superannuation sessions in 2014 to help make sure you have enough to retire on.

Bring a guest along – you don’t need to be a BUSSQ member to attend, everyone is welcome.

FREE retirement planning sessions Date and time


21 May, 6.30pm

Sunshine Coast Maroochy RSL, Level 1, Memorial Avenue, Maroochydore

3 June, 6.30pm

Cairns Rydges Esplanade Resort, 209-217 Abbott Street, Cairns

4 June, 6.30pm

Townsville Mercure, Woolcock Street, Townsville

16 July, 6.30pm

Loganholme Fitzy’s, Bryants Road and Pacific Highway, Loganholme

3 September, 6.30pm

Gold Coast The Southport Sharks, Cnr Musgrave & Olsen Avenues, Southport

28 October, 6.30pm

Carindale Club Pacific Golf Club, 430 Pine Mountain Road, Carindale

These sessions will be presented by David Southwood and Steven Hack, BUSSQ’s expert financial planners who have 28 years of experience between them. When you attend, you can also make a one-on-one appointment to speak with David or Steven about your personal retirement planning goals. Don’t delay! To book your spot, either register via our website, email your name, member number (if applicable) and the event name (e.g. Carindale Seminar) to or call 1800 MY BUSSQ (1800 692 877).

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[ 60 ] april/may 14

Update to win! One lucky member will win an Ultimate Weekender Pack, valued at $5,000. Fifty runner-up entrants will receive a $100 BUSSQ Eftpos gift card. To be eligible, make sure you provide all the mandatory fields of information required on the form and get your entry in by midnight, 2 May 2014. For full competition terms and conditions or to update your details online, visit the BUSSQ website.

What’s new

An app to store your receipts in the cloud

MASTER BUILDERS OFFICE LOCATIONS BRISBANE 417 Wickham Terrace Brisbane, QLD 4000 Ph: 3225 6444 Fax: 3225 6545 GOLD COAST John Duncalfe Regional Manager Master Builders House 18 Central Park Ave Ashmore, QLD 4214 Ph: 5582 7100 Fax 5597 7044 DOWNS & WESTERN Tony Ryder Regional Manager 166 Hume Street Toowoomba, QLD 4350 Ph: 4659 4200 Fax: 4639 5144 SUNSHINE COAST Michael Hopkins Regional Manager Level 1, 91 King Street PO Box 1458 Buderim, QLD 4556 Ph: 5456 9800 Fax: 5453 4670 BURNETT WIDE BAY Michael Hopkins Regional Manager 162 Boat Harbour Drive Hervey Bay, QLD 4655 Ph: 4303 2400 Fax: 4124 7235

Sick of receipts piling up in your glove compartment or at home? OneTouch Books is pleased to announce a new mobile cloud bookkeeping service, tailored for builders and those in the trade industry. We are showcasing a new mobile app which allows you to easily scan receipts using your smart phone or tablet and send them immediately to your OneTouch bookkeeper for processing. Once a photo is taken of the receipt using the OneTouch app, there is no need to hold on to it any longer. An image of the receipt is stored permanently in the cloud. This means no paperwork and no lost receipts. Managing your receipts has never been easier. OneTouchBooks performs all bookkeeping in the cloud, using the latest cloud accounting software. Being in the cloud means you can access your books from anywhere – generate invoices and email them to customers while onsite or check your weekly income statement while on the go. Just as importantly, there is no cost or hassle associated with backups, system maintenance, file transfers or software licensing. This is all done for you in the cloud. Based in Queensland, OneTouchBooks is a local firm that understands that not all business takes place in an office. The OneTouch mobile app is designed for people on the go who don’t want the hassle of sorting out paperwork when they get home. OneTouchBooks provides a full suite of cloud bookkeeping, BAS and payroll services for a single, fixed monthly subscription. The professional team at OneTouchBooks welcomes the opportunity to discuss your bookkeeping requirements and tailor a solution just for you. We will focus on your paperwork while you focus on your business. One Touch and your books are done! For more information contact: Phone: 1300 653 458 Email: Website:

CENTRAL QUEENSLAND Dennis Bryant Regional Manager 35 Derby Street PO Box 631 Rockhampton, QLD 4700 Ph: 4923 1900 Fax: 4921 3235 MACKAY & WHITSUNDAY Malcolm Hull Regional Manager Suite 2, 40 Evans Avenue PO Box 3188 North Mackay, QLD 4740 Ph: 4969 4500 Fax: 4951 3418 NORTH QUEENSLAND Melissa Coulter Regional Manager Master Builders House Unit 1(B), 316 Sturt Street Townsville, QLD 4810 Ph: 4417 1800 Fax: 4771 5777 FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND Ron Bannah Regional Manager 310–314 Gatton Street Manunda, QLD 4870 PO Box 806 Earlville, QLD 4870 Ph: 4042 8800 Fax: 4041 7663

april/may 14

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New - Cyclonic Sectional Doors from Best Doors

Storm Ready – Simply Close and Lock your Door!

We offer the following options:

No posts. No attachment to the floor. No requirements for heavily structured lintels. The sectional garage door landscape changed considerably in May 2013 when Australian Standard AS/NZS 4505 Garage Doors and Large Access doors was referenced in the National Construction Code for cyclonic wind regions C and D. As a result sectional overhead garage doors now typically require a fixed brace system to be tied to the door in preparation for a storm event which at best is cumbersome, time consuming and impractical for the homeowner. Best Doors, in conjunction with leading USA garage door manufacturer; Clopay, have developed the new Storm Ready Windcode sectional door alternative. Clopay are at the forefront of high wind sectional door manufacturing technologies and hold more product wind certifications than any other company in the world. The Storm Ready Windcode sectional door is now available to the Australian market exclusively through Best Doors. All Storm Ready doors are compliant with region C2 wind pressures and have been tested to the stringent requirements of AS4505 in conjunction with AS1170.2 and AS4055. Currently all other sectional door market alternatives require the homeowner to prepare their double car width sectional door for a storm event. This often means the installation of heavy and hard to handle static posts that must be located to a floor and lintel attachment. Each individual hinged door section thereafter needs to be connected to the newly installed post and often this needs to be repeated for a second static upright. The door is rendered inoperable once the posts are installed and it also requires someone to be home to prepare the door. With Windcode Storm Ready doors all this heartache is eliminated!

Premium Intellicore® Series

Value Series

Fully insulated three layer steel construction, features Intellicore® polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two layers of heavy duty steel for superior energy efficiency, strength, durability and quiet operation.

Single layer, non-insulated steel construction provides beauty and durability at an economical value.

Several design alternatives are available and doors may be painted to match Bluescope Colorbond colours or colour matched to suit individual preferences. An Ultragrain timber look alternative is also offered in the Premium Series range. Call Best Doors now for a free onsite consultation or obligation free quote or visit our website for the new Windcode Storm Ready sectional door brochure. For more information contact: Phone: 1800 066 142 Website:

MORE THAN JUST A NAME CHANGE National Masonry emerged from the acquisition of Boral Masonry’s Queensland and Victorian operations in 2013. National Masonry retains the heritage of expertise and industry credentials accumulated under the Boral banner and combines these with the flexibility and innovative foresight of an independent privately owned company. National Masonry is excited to breathe new life into the industry with levels of service, quality, and innovation that are without rival. Dealing directly with the manufacturer, you have access to expert advice and technical competence, and of course the best possible value. With its already released revolutionary light weight concrete masonry block range, masonry has never made more sense for your next project due to its increased speed of installation, easier handling and fire resistant properties that can deliver real savings. With the original Designer Block range, National Masonry has the leading range of decorative masonry blocks available in seven contemporary colours in either smooth face, honed, shot-blast, polished or split face finish. National Masonry’s Designer range has featured on hundreds of projects throughout Queensland and Australia including some recent projects such

For more information contact:

07 3271 9292

as the Trade Coast Bus Deport Eagle Farm, the new RSPCA facility at Wacol, Murrumba Downs State School stage 1 & 2, Mary Mackillop College, Iona College, Engineering Building UQ, Coomera Community Hub and the Carindale Shopping Centre redevelopment just to name a few. If you want the original Designer Block, National Masonry is your only choice. Beyond blocks and brick, National Masonry manufacture and supply an extensive range of concrete pavers and retaining wall products for all applications, be they residential, commercial, civil or industrial. We are proud to announce our latest innovation with the release of the Millstone Paving range. This paver provides an eloquent French pattern finish with the simplicity of laying a modular paving system that is quick and easy for the professional and DIY installer. Whatever your landscaping project National Masonry can give you the product range and advice you need to get the job done. While we believe our range of products is the best in the business, it is our customer experience that we hope will set us ahead of the rest. National Masonry, the new benchmark in masonry.

WIND-RATED GARAGE DOORS A SAFE BET New home builders and developers in cycloneprone areas are being advised to check that the garage doors they have chosen are correctly specified and installed. B&D Doors and Openers says high wind-rated garage doors – required within approximately 50 kilometres of coastal areas in central and northern Queensland since May 2013 – are only cyclone resistant if they have been installed according to manufacturer recommendations. B&D national training manager Mick Goodhew said that since the inclusion of garage doors in the National Construction Code, not all installers in areas north of Bundaberg have fully complied with installation guidelines. “While generally installers are doing the right thing, there are still some in the building industry who are not fully aware of the new requirements under the Code,” he said. “I know of doors that have been fitted in the garage opening with fewer fixing points than recommended. “The type of fixing used is also important – for example an approved anchor screw-type fixing can withstand twice the pull-out force of a regular masonry fixing bolt.” Mr Goodhew said that as the market leader, B&D has been proactive in educating the industry about the new garage door requirements and the correct way to install them. “A garage door, no matter how well engineered, is only as good as its installation,” he said. “B&D works hand-in-hand with our dealer network to ensure that the installation of our products is performed correctly and safely.” B&D’s updated Windpanel garage door exceeds the requirements for Region C – which includes all cyclone-prone areas along the Queensland coast north of Bundaberg.

New Windpanel derives its additional strength from B&D’s innovative new Tracklock technology, which allows for brace-free operation for doors up to 3.1 metres wide in Region C. For larger doors, in the case of a cyclone warning additional high wind aluminium bracing beams can be manually installed on the inside of the door in five minutes using only a screwdriver. A unique feature of Windpanel is a system designed to reduce the possibility of garage door blow-out due to a build-up of internal pressure within the house. The system, which connects to the high-wind braces using a deflection bracket, allows a degree of ‘give’ in the panel, enabling it to deflect the outward load.

B&D also offers a high-wind rated version of its iconic Roll-A-Door which has been independently certified for all cyclone-affected regions in Australia. For commercial and industrial applications B&D offers a cyclone-resistant Roll-A-Shutter, now featuring an improved Windlock clip system. “We’ve been making wind-rated Roll-A-Doors and Roll-A-Shutters for more than three decades and our high-wind engineering has stood the test of time,” said Mr Goodhew. B&D has offices serving all states.

Rigorous independent assessment by James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station concluded that Windpanel could withstand inward and outward pressures of up to four tonnes. This is roughly equivalent to two Land Rovers being parked on the door, said Mr Goodhew.

For more details on this product or our other ranges, phone 13 62 63 or visit

Master Builder ProtecƟonPLUS™

ConstrucƟon Works Insurance that delivers QUALITY PRODUCT… Insurance designed by Master Builders, for Master Builders. Extensive scope of policy protecƟon, automaƟc – always.

ON TIME… Fast turnaround for all documents and claims.

UNDER BUDGET... Discounted premiums for Master Builders members.

Insurance by Master Builders for Master Builders Call your nearest Master Builders Insurance office on 1300 13 13 26, or email a division of Queensland Master Builders Associa on AFS Licence 246834

QMBA-11926 09_10


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SIX NEW COLOURS TO CREATE WITH EVEN GREATER CONFIDENCE An extensive research and development process by BlueScope has resulted in the addition of six highly resilient colours to the COLORBOND® steel palette. In the first colour refresh since 2008, four new shades of grey – Basalt®, Wallaby®, Gully™ and Cove™ – a eucalypt green called Mangrove®, and a rich red called Terrain® have been added to the COLORBOND® steel palette.




THERMALLY EFFICIENT COLOURS Standard COLORBOND® steel colours, as well as COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel, include Thermatech® technology to give you optimal thermal efficiency†. Thermatech® boosts the reflectance of solar energy from surfaces, increasing internal thermal comfort especially in warmer weather. Dark colours with high solar absorptance capture heat and when used in applications like solar thermal walls may increase passive thermal comfort in cooler weather^.

GUARANTEED COMPLIANCE In order for any pre-painted steel to meet AS2728 and deemed to satisfy requirements of the BCA, the substrate must meet AS1397. COLORBOND® steel is guaranteed to meet both AS2728 and AS1397.

005 SMALLER ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT Independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results show that COLORBOND® steel now has a smaller environmental footprint in all 18 LCA categories, when compared with previous COLORBOND® steel.

003 LONGER WARRANTY COLORBOND® steel now provides a longer warranty* of up to 36 years, backed by BlueScope. Class leading paint technology together with advanced substrate technology ensures better corrosion resistance.








*Warranty subject to application and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions visit ^Results will depend on level of insulation, building shape and function. †Thermatech® technology is not available in the colour Night Sky®. COLORBOND®, Thermatech®, Coolmax®, BlueScope, the BlueScope brand mark and ® colour names are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. ™ colour names are trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. © 2014 BlueScope Steel Limited ABN 16 000 011 058. All rights reserved. MBM32857CRF

MB Magazine - April/May 2014  
MB Magazine - April/May 2014  

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