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Initial Research

Here we sat down to devise a brainstorm using post stick notes on characteristics you have when collaborating with someone or a group of people. These are the characteristics that I thought of and wrote down.

We each gave ourselves medias (music, gaming, film, design and literacy) where collaboration occurs and researched them to see if there were any similarities. I chose music and came up with some examples and information. Collaboration in music occurs when two or more solo artists or group come together to work on a song or album. At times artists come together to make a track or tracks from scratch; however artists will come together to lay tracks on a beat that’s already been made.

Interviews & Concept

We conducted interviews to get people’s opinion on collaboration. We wanted to see if other people thought there was a place for collaboration in todays current climate. The comments we received were really positive telling us that collaboration is here to stay and it’s definitely not going away. In my opinion collaboration is a great way of acquiring new skills and techniques from different people who work in different backgrounds.

We all had a lot of idea but the one we all agreed on was creating a recipe for the perfect collaboration based on the brainstorm we done previously. We picked out some of the key skills in order for collaboration to work at all and wrote them down. It was then time to find a location and start our manifesto.

Making the Manifesto

The best place we could find was outside the Graphic Design classroom (room 204) as it had a massive chalk board style wall which suited our recipe manifesto. We mapped out a section of the wall and divided that in two with ingredients on the left and the method on the right.

We took it turns to write an ingredient and a method on the wall using red and yellow chalk sticks. We used cooking measurements/languages and put them with our collaboration characteristics to make it look even more like a recipe. The finished product looked like a menu you would see in an old restaurant or a school dinners menu.

Cake Making

Once we created our manifesto we wanted to make something physical to go with our recipe. Cupcakes was the option we went with. So we bought the necessary ingredients and began making our collaboration cupcakes.

We re-labelled the ingredients with the characteristics from our recipe. So for example learning and laughter were sprinkles and optimism were the eggs. Everyone helped add ingredients, mix and garnish our final outcome delicious cupcakes.

Manifesto Folio Sheets  

A3 sheets of one of my second year project in university. Me and a group of people had to create a manifesto based on the role of the collab...

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