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Developing young people to develop themselves

Young Persons Fundraising Pack

Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust Developing young people to develop themselves

Welcome to M.A.S.T. Young Persons Fundraising Pack The purpose of this pack is about providing you with the right knowledge so that you can make an informed decision about undertaking a Tall Ship Voyage this year.

You may be considering joining us for the Easter Voyage, the International Tall Ships Races, one of the other Voyages in September / October. We hope that this will answer any questions you may have and help ease any concerns about funding the voyage you may have thought about going on. Young Person Adventure Voyage Scheme The fundraising information within this open day pack is designed to help you raise the berth fee for your chosen voyage. It is important that you understand the role of yourself in raising the funds required for your berth fee, in order to receive the help and support of the M.A.S.T.team. Some bursary support may available from the M.A.S.T. Charity and it is hoped that at the end of the days presentations that you will have a full understanding of how this may be obtained or made available to you. Remember that M.A.S.T. is prepared to make the commitment to getting you on board the ship providing that you show the effort and determination to raise as much of the funds that you can. You will learn more and get the most out of the experience of fundraising and participating in the voyages themselves, the more effort you put in at every stage. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Awards for All, Hemsby Trust and the supporters of M.A.S.T. Charity. Their much valued contributions to the bursary funds have made the opportunities and funding available for the Young Person Adventure Voyage Scheme to be possible.

M.A.S.T. Fundraising information Pack

Funding Your Trip All our young voyagers are encouraged to fundraise for all or some of their berth fee. This is the first step - generating a feeling of personal ownership and a sense of achievement ... before the voyage even starts. It may seem a daunting prospect at first but with a little dedication and enthusiasm, raising all or some of the voyage fee is very doable. The cost of a 10 day voyage for each young person is on average ÂŁ1000 but you will need to raise in the region of ÂŁ1200 to ensure you have enough for insurance, travel to and from the ship and spending money.

Raising the funds The first step is to tell as many people as possible that you are going to do a voyage on A Tall Ship and that you want to raise money towards the cost of the voyage. Tell them why you want to do the trip, and what you expect to get out of joining the ship as one of its crew. Information for others Ensure you know enough about M.A.S.T. and our ship the tall ship you will be sailing on to let your sponsors know where their money is going to. The fundraising team can provide you with leaflets and a CD with information which demonstrates our work in detail. Here are a few points about TS Pelican to get you started:


The M.A.S.T. - Young Persons Adventure Voyage Scheme supports


young people raising their voyage fee and offers financial bursaries to help. M.A.S.T. charity and the crew of the Tall Ships aim is to enrich young people lives, the perception of themselves and individual confidence and ability , and enhance cultural and social understanding. A voyage will enable me test myself, and meet challenges.


I will communicate with lots of people different to me. M.A.S.T. supports young people wishing to undertake a tall ships voyages


For yourself: o Personal growth and development

• • • • •

Self sufficiency Independence and initiative Key life skills Ability to work with all types of people Positive contribution to society

Getting organised It’s never too early to start! Set yourself a financial target – • • •

This gives you motivation and a focus to reach that goal. You can always increase your target as you start approaching it! Set yourself achievable goals. One step at a time.

Define your contacts Make a list of all your family, friends and work/school colleagues as well as associates you know through sporting or social activity. If it helps, list them in separate sections and decide how you are going to approach them and what you want to say to them. •

Make use of who you know – family, friends, friends of friends and social networks

Venture out & write to businesses, especially in your local area

Make use of the media – local newspapers, radio, even give the national newspapers or magazines a try too. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Try organisations who get involved with individuals’ projects and tend to donate money – Rotary Clubs & Rotaract; Round Table; Lions; Probus; Sailing/sports clubs; youth, community and religious groups.

Contact your local library – they often hold a book of local organisations who are willing to help with sponsorship.

Face-to-face is best •

• • •

It is more difficult for sponsors to say no if you’re stood in front of them. If you can’t meet them, send a letter, fax or email because they are harder to ignore. A tear-off reply slip at the bottom is also useful. If you do email them, send them the link to your online sponsorship page. Meet as many potential sponsors as you can. Contact your local newspaper or company/School newsletter and tell them about your venture. Offer something back - publicity and PR and follow up talks and reports once you have completed your voyage Ask others to help - encourage family, friends and work colleagues to help fundraise on your behalf.

Make it easy for sponsors

 Be easy to contact: o



Use a M.A.S.T. sponsorship form in a table format with easy-to-fill-in sections for your sponsor’s name, address, telephone number and pledge amount. The more information you get, the easier it is for M.A.S.T: to reclaim gift aid, which means we get 28% back from the tax man. Ensure your name, address and telephone numbers are clear on the sponsorship form. This way, any photocopies should eventually return to you. Carry a sponsorship form with you at all times and tell people what you hope to raise.

 Set up a personalised webpage. o

Make it easy for your supporters to sponsor you by creating your own, free, personalised online sponsorship page. It’s fast and easy to make your own webpage. Supporters can donate by credit or debit card, their money comes directly to M.A.S.T. AND it’s all tax-efficient – earning the charity even more and making your target easier to reach


The M.A.S.T. Website will have direct link to set up a personal account on its own secure fund collecting area available from the 25th March 2013. In the meantime you can __use a website called Just Giving. Their website is www.justgiving.com

REMEMBER! MOTIVATION You are raising funds for an adventure and opportunity of a life time that could change your life, never forget that. (what is an hour out of your day to write some letters or an afternoon for washing cars?)

ENTHUSIASM Let your enthusiasm rub off on others

PERSISTENCE Adopt a determined and planned approach to your fundraising. Don’t be afraid to follow up applications with letters and phone calls. And if you have success with one way, try it again. Don’t give up at the first hurdle– be prepared to overcome problems and carry on

CONFIDENCE Don’t panic or feel daunted Ask for what you want and aim high

Ways to Pay It is really easy to pay in the money you raise and there are a few options for you to choose from. Please pay the money in as soon as possible to give us an indication of how well you are doing towards the total amount of you voyage fee. Also make sure you reference any payment with your name so that we know where it came from. Keep a running total and keep us informed of any payments you make so that we can ensure they are received and allocated to your account. By Post: Please do not send cash in the post. Send a cheque, postal order or CAF voucher, payable to M.A.S.T. at 112 Childwall Valley Road, Liverpool L16 4PF By Bank You can pay your monies directly in the M.A.S.T. bank account. The office will be able to provide you with the correct bank details. Please remember to use your name as a reference so that we know where it has come from. By Credit Card Most Credit Cards accepted – please call our office on 07801 680514

Support from M.A.S.T. Throughout the process we will provide support and guidance. We will provide you with encouragement and some fundraising ideas and will organise events on your behalf from time to time. However we will not do it for you. It is your voyage and the more effort you put in the more you will get out of it. Good Luck ! Keep us at M.A.S.T informed of how you are doing. It is important that you let the M.A.S.T. team know how you are We may know of someone that may be able to help you and sometimes we have access to bursary funds which can be used to top up what you raise yourself to get you on board. Useful Contact Numbers:

. Fundraising and Support Co-ordinators Jim Graves 07801 680514

A-Z of fundraising Ideas A Aerobic workout Afternoon tea stall Antiques fair Apple bobbing Arm Wrestling competition Athletic/sports event Auction B Bad hair day Bake-a-cake stall Ball or dance Balloon race Barbeque Barn dance Book swap Bingo Blindfold challenge Bring and Buy sale C Car boot sale Car wash Coffee morning Coins in a fountain Collection of things Computer games knockout Competitions Cookery competitions D Date auction Darts match Donkey Derby Dry crackers/cornflakes eatin E Ebay Egg rolling Competition Egg Hunt F Face painting Family fun day Fancy dress pub crawl Fancy dress competition Fashion show Football tournament Fun run Funny face competition G Game show Garage sale Golf match Guess the weight of ? Guess the name of ? H Hair shave Halloween party Honesty box I Indoor games evening International evening

J Jogging (sponsored) Jumble sale K Karaoke evening L Line dancing marathon Lotteries Lunch donations M Marathon event Market stall Murder mystery evening Musical evening Mystery tour N Name that tune Nearly new sale Night time hide and seek O One day fast Onion peeling competition P Plant stall Pub games night Pub crawl Q Quiz Night R Races Raffles S Silent auction __ Silly speaking day Sports day Swear Box Swimathon T Talent night Three-legged race Treasure hunt Tug of war U Umbrella decorating Uniform day V Variety show W Wine and Cheese Evening Word search competition www.justgiving.co.uk X Xmas draw Xmas party Y Yacht races Z Zany Day

A sample fundraising plan Amount to be raised £1000 Week 1-2 Sponsor yourself £25 (£975) Send out at least 10 letters to friends and family asking for £10 = £100 (£875) Week 2-3 Ask ten work/school colleagues to sponsor you £10 = £100 (£775) Check with your company's human resource department to see if they would be prepared to 'match-fund'. Week 3 Plan a fundraising party with at least 20 people at local pub or Youth Club, host a quiz night with a raffle, and charge £10 per head £200 (£575) Get three of your company's suppliers to sponsor you £25 = £75 (£500) Week 4 Organise a barbeque charge £15 per head for 15 people taking out £5 per head costs = £150 (£350) Week 5 Organise another quiz based on a theme, ie, the destination you are travelling to and charge £10 per person for 20 people = £200 (£150) Week 6 Car boot sale = £75 (£75) Week 7 Sponsored silence = £50 (£25) Week 8 Follow up on letters written earlier & sponsorship from work place = £25 (£0)

M.A.S.T. Young Person Adventure Voyage Scheme – Official Fundraising Form Details of Event : Name : Address : Please tick the gift aid column if you are a tax payer. This allows M.A.S.T. to reclaim tax you have already paid, increasing the value of your donation at no extra cost to yourself. To do this we need your full name and home address. Print Full Name

Print Full Address

Post Code

Total Sponsored

Event/ Activity

Amount Received

Gift Aid


Paid in to AUS

Tall Ships sail thousands of miles each year with its voyage crew of young people and the young at heart!

The M.A.S.T.Young Person Adventure Voyage Scheme encourages young people aged between 15-25 to raise their voyage fee and is dedicated to ensuring that a young person interested in undertaking a voyage is able to providing the make an effort towards getting themselves on board.

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Fundraising pack MAST  

Developing Young People To Develop Themselves. The purpose of this pack is about providing you with the right knowledge so that you can mak...

Fundraising pack MAST  

Developing Young People To Develop Themselves. The purpose of this pack is about providing you with the right knowledge so that you can mak...