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On behalf of the Downtown Partnership, I would like to welcome you to Downtown Daytona Beach! We are glad you are considering the Central Business District of East Volusia County for your business operations or residential needs. As the heart of the greater region, Downtown is more than just the Historic core; Downtown’s strengths will lead our entire region strongly into a competitive future. There is so much happening in Downtown Daytona Beach. Home to major area employers such as Brown & Brown, Daytona State College, and the County Courthouse, Downtown has the regular, daily, business foot traffic to support dozens of local restaurants and shops throughout the district. Locals and tourists alike frequent downtown for our exciting cultural attractions like the Halifax Historical Museum or the Daytona Cubs at Jackie Robinson Ball Park. Above and beyond the regular anchors, Downtown is home to annual events that draw thousands and thousands to the area - The Halifax Art Festival, Halifax Oyster Festival, Jewish Heritage Festival, Indian Heritage Festival and International Music Festival to name a few. As a business or resident in the district, you will be immediately invited to take part in the fabulous, ongoing initiatives that we have here in the district. Our collaborative marketing efforts include a Downtown Website, Downtown Brochures, a quarterly Downtown Magazine, and a weekly Downtown “what’s happening” e-blast to send to all our customers and friends. To seek regular involvement and to keep our downtown businesses in-the-know, we email weekly updates and host monthly town hall meetings for all downtown businesses. We hope that this brochure will serve as a helpful guide in your consideration of moving Downtown. Please feel free to contact our Downtown Partnership if you need assistance of any kind or would like to talk more about the opportunities of Downtown. Once again, Welcome to Downtown Daytona Beach. I look forward to meeting you Downtown,

Naomi Weiss Executive Director

Downtown Daytona Beach Partnership 126 E. Orange Avenue | Daytona Beach, Fl 32114 | (386) 523 - 3674 |

downtown daytona beach: an active creative hub Cities of all sizes are reinventing their downtowns, creating active villages where one can live, work, shop, eat and play. The growing interest in living in multi-use urban districts is also being driven by the increasing number of knowledge workers in the U.S. labor force. Today’s economy relies more on ideas, created by people, rather than physical resources. This new workforce seeks out a downtown, urban lifestyle. Our Downtown Creative Hub is a neighborhood…a place that is environmentally sustainable, safe, clean, and convenient - where the streets pulse with life and residents can walk to work, jog along the riverfront park, shop at a nearby boutique, sit at an outdoor café in our beautiful sub tropic climate or attend a summertime Daytona Cubs game. Downtown Daytona Beach has developed a defined vision, quality of life, business friendly environment, diverse development base and commitment to education. All of this makes it the ideal location for such an active creative hub. Our Creative Hub will serve as the proper setting for these elements to merge, allowing continued industry advancements and offering an unparalleled place in which to live, work, shop, eat and play. Daytona Beach intends to serve its customers by creating a business and quality of life environment that supports the various industries in the Downtown core.

What Does Our Creative Hub Contain? A balance of: Businesses • Residences • Education • Retail • Entertainment • Green Space • Freelance Economic Engine Attracting Companies of Various Sizes • Tech Companies • Spin-off & Start-up Companies

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Downtown Daytona Beach has been working hard to attract a healthy mix of retail uses. One of many efforts underway is the re-establishment of the area as a locally driven retail destination and the continued work to sustain and grow existing businesses. The Downtown Redevelopment Board has also launched a major effort to expand the retail incentive offering in Downtown. Downtown retail is recruiting the following types of businesses: Antiques • Art Studios • Cleaners • Florists • Furniture and Home Décor • Gifts • Gyms • Athletic Clubs &Health Studios Hair Salons • Jewelry • Men’s Clothing • Pet Grooming • Photography • Spas • Sporting Goods • Bicycle Shops • Women’s Clothing • Children’s Clothing • Eclectic Music • Digital Video

residential If you are looking for a convenient, hip and trendy mix of housing options please consider

Downtown Daytona Beach, the City’s up and coming style district. The Downtown core area is popping with new residential and row house style residential projects that promise to activate the street and bring a built in customer base to the Downtown businesses. In the coming decade the goal is to attract 5000 new residents in the Downtown core and adjacent historic neighborhoods with new loft buildings, brownstone construction and residential historic renovations. Housing styles that are being encouraged in our Downtown: Lofts • Townhomes • Brownstones • Bungalows • Condos • Single Family Historic Neighborhood Renovations

dining and entertainment The business core of Downtown Daytona Beach

consists of a diverse mix of great restaurants, cafes and eateries. Our Downtown is blessed with theaters, galleries, museums and parks connected by multi modal transportation and accentuated by art and cultural elements that attract people of all ages. The Downtown retail and office market serve to foster daytime dining activities, while entertainment, sporting events, cultural programs and growing residential help to illuminate the nighttime atmosphere. The city has approved a list of incentives to attract a good mix of dining and other related businesses. Listed below are just a few: Restaurants • Bakeries • Bistros • Butchers • Outdoor Cafes • Wine Rooms • Pubs • Coffee Houses • Health Related Local Market • Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner.

business and professional services Downtown Daytona Beach is

the ideal location for corporate and division headquarters. More than 6500 professionals energize Downtown Daytona Beach on a daily basis. Downtown Daytona Beach also boasts nearly 1 million square feet of office space in the urban core. It is the Central Business District for the local region. The cluster of professional services, access to educated labor force, and proximity to government services are key contributors to the presence of major corporations in the community. 

Types of business & professional services Downtown Daytona Beach is attracting with new incentive programs: Financing • Legal • Investments • Accounting • Real Estate • Engineering • Marketing & Advertising • Planning Software Development & Computer Services Graphics • Health Related Services • Insurance • Banking

Downtown Daytona Beach is the central business district and commercial walking area of East Volusia County. An easy central location, Downtown pulls regular customers from the entire region.

central business district

Area population: 250,000+ Existing customer-base salary: $50,000+ Median age: 36 Downtown Anchors: Halifax Harbor Marina Jackie Robinson Ballpark Volusia County Public Library Halifax Yacht Club Riverfront Park News-Journal Center Farmer’s Market Downtown Employers: Brown and Brown Cobb Cole bright house Daytona State College Daytona Cubs County Courthouse City Hall Justice Center Transportation Hub: Halifax River FEC Railroad US1 & International Speedway Blvd. Votran Bus Station Bicycling Trail Recreation: City Island Tennis Courts Halifax Rowing Club Arts & Culture: Annual Halifax Art Festival Concerts & Shows at News-Journal Center Halifax Historical Museum Art League of Daytona Beach Regularly scheduled Music, Art & Heritage Festivals


The Downtown Redevelopment Team is here to assist with matching available incentives with your company. In conjunction with the Business Development team, any assistance available through the State, City or the DDA/CRA will be presented. It is our goal to see businesses in our community succeed.

historic building preservation grant

The program provides matching grants to encourage the renovation and rehabilitation of historic buildings. The program provides up to $75,000, with a 75% match, to property owners of any locally designated historic commercial building and up to $15,000, with a 50% match, to property owners of any locally designated historic residential building. Renovation will have to comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards.

upper floor residential grant

The program provides matching grants to encourage the conversion of upper floors of existing commercial structures to multiple residential units in the Downtown Redevelopment Area. The program provides $7,500 per new residential unit, up to $75,000 per property, to any property owner with underutilized upper floors in the RDD-1 (Beach Street Retail) and RDD-2 (Central Business Mixed-Use) zoning districts.

business facade grant The grant provides up to $2,500, with a 50% match, to retail

or restaurant tenants with costs related to signage, awnings, and façade improvements. New or relocated businesses are eligible for an additional $6,000, with a 25% match.

leasehold improvement grants This program assists retail merchants,

restaurants and professional offices with costs related to improving interior spaces in leased buildings. The grant provides up to $2,500, with a 50% match, with costs related to fixed improvements to interior spaces. New or relocated businesses are eligible for an additional $6,000 with a 25% match.

residential improvement $7,500 per unit for each new residential unit created. office grant $12,000 in funding for exterior and interior improvements. downtown lease subsidy Any new business locating, or existing business relocating, into targeted areas of Downtown are eligible for the rent subsidy. Rental subsidies may be approved for one-third of the business’s monthly rent, up to a maximum of $500/monthly subsidy. Eligible projects may receive awards of up to six months’ rent for a minimum two year lease with no single grant exceeding $6,000.

For all available grants, please contact Jeanne Tolley at the City of Daytona Beach at (386)671-8181 or email

Contact us to find out more about living, working, shopping & playing Downtown:

Daytona Beach Partnership

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