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Apple has earned the distinction of launching innovative devices every year with a bang. After getting positive reviews for iPad, there are rumors in the market which suggests that Apple is planning to launch a second generation iPad or in simpler terms iPad 2. If these rumors are supposedly true, then there are reasons for users to be happy. There are new features which will be integrated in iPad 2 to make it visually appealing and user friendly. According to a recent study done by Technology Business Research, Apple iPad will soon displace many consumers' secondary computers, thereby making it third major device category in personal computing and connectivity. Some of the mind-bobbling features of iPad 2 are: FACE-TIME INTEGRATION WITH IPAD: Apple has decided to replicate the success of FaceTime feature in Video phones through iPad. This new feature will allow users to have a front camera to enable them to do video calling. This is a welcome change in iPad. But one major question is whether Apple will provide rear camera in iPad 2 as done by several of its competitors. ENGAGING USER INTERFACE: iPad 2 will have an engaging user interface with enhanced technology. We can expect following alterations in iPad: • High Resolution Screen • Retinal Display • Dense Amount of Pixels The screen will be thinner with two dock connectors. All these alterations are rumors and it has to be seen if and when these features will be integrated in iPad. THREE DIMENSIONAL GYROSCOPE: Apple has already launched this feature in iPhone 4. It has become an instant hit for avid game lovers. With Apple deciding to upgrade the technology, chances are that gyroscope in iPad 2 will have even better features than its previous version if not similar. ENHANCED MOBILITY: There are rumors circulating in the mobile industry that iPad 2 will be lighter than its previous version however; the screen size will not change. This will help the users to carry the devices easily and conveniently. But it has to be seen what are the other changes which will increase the mobility of iPad 2? Only time will give us an adequate answer to this question. USB SUPPORT: The current version of iPad uses standard 30 pin dock connector. With the integration of USB port in iPad, users will be able to charge the battery of iPad. Apple has supported the integration of USB ports in iPad devices since a very long time. But it has to be seen whether they integrate this feature in the new version of iPad. But one of the major changes

which we can see with the integration of USB port is the updating of iOS (Input/ Output Supervisor) in iPad which includes file management support. Apple has neglected this in its previous offerings. There is still no confirmation from Apple about the new features. But the sure thing is we will hear something concrete from them in early 2011. Apple iPad has become a trend setter in the software development industry. It has broken various records and has helped developers to create various novel applications. If you wish to be a trend setter in this industry and crave for ground-breaking iPad applications contact an experienced iPad Application Developers. Softweb Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Company developing quality iPad applications for our clients. Our developers have the relevant experience in SDK (Software Development Kit) which makes them specialist in iPad Applications Development and creating iPad compatible websites. We can also transfer existing iPhone applications to iPad. To learn more about our iPad applications development, contact an expert Chicago iPad developer now at: and get prompt services from us.

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==== ==== Want to become more proficent with your Ipad check this out! ==== ====

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Want to become more proficent with your ipad check this out!

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