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Where To Enjoy A European Autumn in 2011 An overview of the best places to visit in Europe during Autumn

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 11, 2011 ) Maryport, Cumbria UK -- Despite the main tourist season in Europe being the summer, autumn can also be a fantastic time to travel. In October and November it is still possible to find warm places to enjoy a bit of late sunshine, and some places are made even more beautiful as a result of the changing climate. But where should you go to enjoy the best of Europe in the Autumn? Here are a few suggestions. Head Here for Late Autumn Sun… If it’s an escape to the sun you are after then you won’t find anywhere particularly hot in Europe, but there are still a few places where it is warm, sunny and pleasant as late as November and that offer a range of fine Autumn hotel deals. South of Spain October and November are generally pleasant in the south of Spain at this time of year. To avoid the rain, head to Granada or Seville where it is still warm and mainly dry. However, the sea is a bit too cold in most places to make swimming much fun. Malta October is still beach weather in Malta, and because the sea is still warm you can enjoy swimming just as you would in the summer. It is also an ideal time for sightseeing because the days are not too hot. You’ll have a slightly higher chance of rain than in the summer, but even in November you should be able to enjoy lots of sunny days. South of Italy The south of Italy is known for its mild winters, making Rome and Amalfi pleasant to visit at this time of year. In fact, September and October are recommended as the best time of the year to visit Rome because it is far more comfortable than during the hot summer months. Perhaps the best place to visit, however, is Sicily where you can still enjoy temperatures in the high 20s as late as November. Head Here for Autumnal Beauty… Just because a place is not warm and sunny this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit it. The following places become even more beautiful during the autumn months even though you may find yourself having to wrap up a bit warmer. Venice Venice is not sunny during autumn, and in fact you are likely to find it cold and foggy, but this lends it an eerie and mysterious quality. The lack of tourists means you’ll be able to enjoy the city without the crowds, and November is the best time to head here to enjoy the magical atmosphere that is lacking in the summer. Just watch out for the ‘acqua alta’, or high water, as at this time of year the city is more prone to flooding. Vienna, Austria The weather may not be great in Vienna in the autumn, but what you do have is the Wiener Wald, or the Vienna Woods. This is absolutely stunning in the autumn months, and you will be able to enjoy cool days walking in this beautiful natural wilderness. You’ll also find the wine harvest in full swing which means there will be plenty of good wine flowing.

Fall Foliage, Various Locations Although the fall foliage is not as spectacular in Europe as it is in the US, you can still find a number of places where the autumnal leaves create some beautiful scenery. The forests of central Romania, the countryside surrounding Dublin, the Langhe region of Italy and the countryside around Helsinki are all known to offer some beautiful displays. Enjoy Autumn in Europe Autumn is a fantastic time to visit Europe, and whether you are seeking out the last of the year’s sunshine or a beautiful setting to spend a few days, the above locations should provide you with some good ideas next time you want to escape the summer crowds and enjoy something a bit different. Contact Information: Cheap Hotel Chains Phil Byrne Tel: (113)-815-0575 Email us

Where To Enjoy A European Autumn in 2011  
Where To Enjoy A European Autumn in 2011  

The weather may not be great in Vienna in the autumn, but what you do have is the Wiener Wald, or the Vienna Woods. This is absolutely stunn...