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The Gout Diet Book- Will This Be the End of Gout? A new gout diet book has recently been announced by gout expert Vareck Watts. Watts is a leading expert in the field of natural gout remedies, and has cured himself of the disease primarily through changing his diet.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 04, 2011 ) Singapore, SN -- This book has come just in time, too. Over the last few years, the number of people in the world with gout has rapidly increased. This is due to a number of reasons, but the primary reason is due to very poor diet choices. Gout is formed when there is too much uric acid in the body. The human body naturally creates a small amount of the acid, but certain things can greatly increase the concentration within the bloodstream. The standard diet across the world is moving more towards processed, heavy foods that cause the body to become very acidic. As the body becomes more acidic by ingesting purines, the likelihood of gout occurring is greatly increased. Watts’ new book explains why there are gout foods to avoid, as well as which foods should be your staple. This is based on years worth of research and study. A few of the foods that Watts suggests to avoid are those with very high fat content. This includes certain types of fish, meat, and creamy sauces. These foods have been shown to cause the human body to create excess uric acid, which contributes to gout. By reducing the amount of these foods ingested, gout can be avoided and gout attacks will not be as severe. Another type of food that Watts recommends to avoid is junk food. Anything with a large amount of salt, sugar, or white flour can increase the blood’s acidity levels and chances to have a gout attack. Because most Americans have been eating these foods in abundance for decades, the time to change is now before it becomes too late. The solution, Watts’ says, is simply to eat a gout diet. Studies show that a diet heavy in alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables is proven to both prevent gout and treat current gout sufferers. In addition to benefits regarding gout, replacing breads and meats with fruits and vegetables the dieter can expect to have more energy, sleep more easily at night, and lose weight. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables are effective, but Watts says that gout diets have certain “superfoods” that have proven to be more effective than others. These foods are regularly included in the Gout Diet book’s recipes. The major benefit of using these gout diet foods is that the risk of gout attacks is minimized with just a small change in the sufferer’s daily lifestyle. By focusing on the most effective foods, a gout sufferer can expect to see fast results with just a minor lifestyle change. If you are a gout sufferer or know someone who is, consider picking up the Gout Diet book by Vareck Watts. This book’s methods have been proven to help thousands of gout sufferers across the globe by using the best way possible- the natural kind. Contact Information: Vareck Watts Vareck Watts Tel: (656) 492-1426 Email us

The Gout Diet Book Will This Be the End of Gout  

Watts’ new book explains why there are gout foods to avoid, as well as which foods should be your staple. This is based on years worth of re...

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