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Phased retirement defined and explored in new book by author Bart Rutherford Baby boomers have multiple options for working and making money in their retirement years.


(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 23, 2011 ) Philadelphia, PA -- The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of workers in the 55 and older age range is expected to be nearly 40 million by 2018. To give you a point of comparison, there will only be 21 million workers in the 16 to 24 year old age range during that same time period. Phased retirement is one of the primary reasons why older North Americans are opting to continue working well past the traditional retirement age.  That’s according to author and working retiree Bart Rutherford. Rutherford recently released “Phased Retirement: Transitioning From Employment to Retirement,” a 40 page manual that explains phased retirement in detail and offers senior workers multiple strategies for making money during retirement years. In his book, Rutherford details the legalities involved with phased retirement, financial issues to consider and health insurance.  “Unlike our grandparents, workers aren’t collecting the gold watch and retiring to the rocking chair on the porch at the age of 65,” said Rutherford. Older North Americans are continuing to work in some capacity or starting businesses well into their retirement years. And since Social Security allows those 66 and older to work without being financially penalized, there’s even more of an incentive to stay in the workforce.”

Phased Retirement Rutherford


In “Phased Retirement” one of the strategies Rutherford advocates is that retirees look at starting an online business as one of the ways to make money after retirement. The reason? They can Bart potentially provide multiple streams of income.  “There are several basic models for making money online. Taking the skills you already have, you can focus on providing one type of service to one specific niche market. You can even take your work knowledge and put it into ebook form,” suggests Rutherford. 

“Phased Retirement: Transitioning From Employment to Retirement,” is available in ebook format at Rutherford’s website, or through as a Kindle ebook or a paperback.  About Bart Rutherford: Bart Rutherford is a retirement options expert who helps older North Americans learn how to make money after retirement. He’s also the author of “Earning After Retirement: Creative Ways to Supplement Your Retirement Income.” Contact Information: Buyer Friendly PR Georgia Davidson Tel: (484)-278-1048 Email us

Phased retirement defined and explored in new book by author Bart Rutherford