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UNDERSTANDING BLACKLISTS By Frank Burt Phone – 773 455 6676 Email –

•A LIST OF IP ADDRESSES WHICH ARE REPORTED AS SENDING SPAM OR UNSOLICITED EMAILS IS CALLED A BLACK LIST •There are chances of your getting black listed if you are sending emails using your own software. Phone – 773 455 6676 Email –

•Sometimes, you get black listed even if you don’t spam. •This happens when subscribers are no more interested in your marketing and report you as spam out of sheer annoyance. Phone – 773 455 6676 Email –

•If you get Black Listed, contact the Black list administrator and ask him the procedure to be removed from the black list. • You might as well furnish some proof that you were not spamming and sending only opt-in emails. •The proof would be the IP address and the timestamp of the person who opted in.

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•To ensure perfect deliverability rates, it is the responsibility of your email service provider to maintain contacts and good relationships with Internet Service Providers and black list administrators so that your sending IPs remain away from the black lists. •We at ensure such relationships and also successful deliverability rates. Phone – 773 455 6676 Email –

MIND YOUR WORDS •There are content based spam filters used by major ISPs which take a very close look at the content, subject line, from field, etc while filtering the emails. • The most common examples of words on the basis of which these filters tend to filter out spam are: “You are a winner”, “Act now”, “Buy Now”, ”Earn money”, “Free”, etc. Phone – 773 455 6676 Email –

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Understanding blacklists  

A list of IP addresses which are reported as sending spam or unsolicited emails is called a Black List