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Q Q& &A A 1. How many state/national conventions have you previously attended? 2. What are your qualifications for your intended office? 3. What skills do you have that are applicable to your intended office? 4. If elected, what are your goals/plans for your intended office? 5. What is your favorite classical fact, figure, or conspiracy? 6. What historical time period do you think you were meant to live in and why 7. Describe yourself in an emoji (next to photo)

PRESIDENT Maddie Bedard, AMSA 1. 3 State Conventions, 1 National Convention 2. Current MassJCL Parli, current AMSA JCL co-pres, 2011-18 AMSA JCL Parli, 2018-19 Harvard Vision President, 2017-18 Harvard Vision Communications Coordinator, Lead intern for Northeastern Research, Community Service Leader for Clinton, 2018 1st Place Digital Scrapbook 3. Experience with: leading a board, Using graphic art programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Canva Gantt Charts (keeping groups on track) 4. 1. Create a How to run a local chapter booklet with a timeline for each officer position. 2. Monthly Skype calls with to answer questions and check in 3. Letter from the president to keep the board more transparent after board meetings and events. 4. Survey after events to see where we can improve. 5. Google Classroom and Remind app to keep up-to-date on what your local chapter can do to win points! 5. Pliny the Elder survived Mt. Vesuvius’ eruption and thats why Pliny the younger knew so much about the events that occurred in Stabia. However, to preserve an epic death, Pliny the Younger lied and said he died. 6. 1920’s! I love the style and the dance and how lively big buzzing cities like New York were

Jess Schnitzer, BLS 1. 4 State Conventions, 3 National Conventions 2. Current MassJCL 1st VP, 2017-18 BLSJCL Director of Publicity; 1st: MassJCL Best Publicity, MassJCL Best Social Media, NJCL Best Recruitment Presentation; 2nd: NJCL Best Publicity, NJCL Best Social Media 2016-17 BLSJCL Deputy of Publicity, 2017 National Intermediate Certamen Champion, Girl Scouts of Eastern MA; Leadership Committee Director 2017-Present, National Delegate 2017-Present, 2019-20 Wolfpack Volunteers President 3. Communication and organization skills, experience and knowledge in all officer positions, experience through awards and participation in Olympika, creative arts, graphic arts, academic testing, Certamen, etc., passion and dedication to JCL and the Classics for 5 years, hard-working, creative, delegation skills 4. Monthly Officer Check In Videos - similar to the monthly email list but in a wider, more available format, Contest Booklet Published earlier, include tips and tricks from board members, State Board - improve communication with a google calendar, Expand - Club Highlights contest, interaction with other states, smaller and newer schools, strengthen each branch of JCL Learn about your personal JCL experience 5. The "sea people" that caused the bronze age to collapse were ALIENS! 6. The HowStuffWorks quiz tells me that I belong in the Han Dynasty because I value structure, respect, honor, and I am very hardworking


1VP Lia Van der Linde, BLA 1. 2 State Conventions, 2 National Conventions 2. 2017-2018 BLACC Historian, 2nd VP, 2019 Editor Tea with the Professor at BLA 3. Good at responding to emails, making different kinds of checklists or lists, I am very organized when it comes to papers or planning. 4. Create a Google Classroom for 1st vice presidents of local chapters, contact local and state representatives and invite them to Classics Day, create a pamphlet with different events schools can do after school to stay involved. 5. Augustus is my favorite classical figure. 6. I think I was meant to live in the 90's personally because I love the music and think the way certain things were done were classy.

2VP Chloe Phely-Bobin, AMSA 1. 3 State Conventions, 2 National Conventions 2. AMSA JCL 2018-19 Second Vice President, AMSA JCL 2017-18 Historian, 3 years of Certamen experience, Certamen captain (2016 and 2017) and coach (2017), member of AMSA JCL since 2015, 11+ years of community service experience (started Girl Scouts at age 5), member of AMSA's National Honor Society and UNICEF club. 3. Strong communication and time management skills learned both from school, sports, clubs, and work experience, great team worker, I have been on sports teams and club boards for years, good at planning and coming up with ideas to fit budgets, and enthusiastic! 4. 1) Create 2VP Google Classroom and/or Facebook group. 2) Introduce two bi-monthly service themes for local chapters to have an increase of options for service projects. 3) Spirit and Service Corner publication. An edition would be published right before the 2019 National Convention and one before the 2020 State Convention. Would have bi-monthly themes, budgeting for spirit props, spirit wear ideas, tips on getting crafty, the roll call skit, and FAQ about spirit and service. 5. Emperors poisoned themselves in attempts to gain immunity. 6. Pre-French Revolution Louis XVI France as a noblewoman. Imagine how cool it would be to live in Versailles!!

SECRETARY Nora Penni, Barnstable 1. 1 State Convention, 0 National Conventions 2. 2018-19 Barnstable JCL Secretary; I have taken minutes for the MassJCL board in the absence of their secretary 3, 5 years of writing experience through FPS, 5th place in the Mythology exam and 1st - Textiles at 2018 State Convention, Teamwork skills from marching band 4. 1) Greater diversity in the MassJCL office positions 2) More communication between the state board and local boards 3) Sharing system of minutes from all JCL meetings, local and state 5. Queen Hera (Juno) and her myths 6. Ancient Sparta, I think of all ancient civilizations, the relative respect for women and the high energy, intense life style would work well for me.


TREASURER Adelaide Bsharah , Barnstable 1. 1 State Convention, 0 National Conventions 2. I am the technical coordinator for Barnstable JCL, have attended every Classics Day I possibly could since 8th grade. I have also attended a MassJCL board meeting with the current officers. I also, while not official, often help out the current financial officer for BJCL with her duties. 3. I know how to create an awesome spreadsheet. I also love money and have planned and participated in many fundraisers (over 10) for various reasons, can learn and adapt and be incredibly organized and methodical 4. My main goal would, of course, to raise money for JCL through various fundraisers and events, and depending on how this Classics Day turns out, perhaps looking at and modifying how we raise money during classics day. Reaching outside of just the students participating in JCL could be a way to increase funds. 5. I gotta say, I do love Catullus. His poems are hilarious and emotional, particularly those that we didn’t go over in class due to... the “mature” content. 6. This may be betraying Latin and Rome, but I love ancient Egypt. Out of all the ancient worlds and various time periods, Ancient Egypt was one of the most advanced in women rights and other social aspects while having an incredibly fascinating culture.

Alex Chou, BLS 1. 2 State Conventions, 1 National Convention 2. Two years of local board experience, current BLSJCL treasurer & top BLSJCL fundraiser, managed agora stand at Nationals 3. Experienced with facilitating large scale events and fundraisers, previous experience creating and selling merchandise, proficient in Google Sheets, good communication and organizational skills 4. I plan on creating and publishing a fundraising guide that would be available for all schools to use. This guide would draw from my own extensive experience as a BLSJCL treasurer and would include advice on how to fundraise, different types of fundraisers, how to organize them, etc. This would help schools raise money to pay for club expenses. 5. The term 'cereal' comes from the name of the Roman goddess of agriculture, Ceres. 6. The future was made for people like me :)

PARLIMENTARIAN Luc Azar-Tanguay, BLS 1. 3 State Conventions, 2 National Conventions 2. 2016-17 BLSJCL Officer-At-Large, 2017-18 BLSJCL Parliamentarian, 2018-19 BLSJCL Consul 3. Experience attending MassJCL board meetings, leadership and organization skills from time as BLSJCL Consul, communication skills from time as BLSJCL Parliamentarian 4. Create a simplified constitution, create a Google Classroom for local parliamentarians to increase communication between the state and local levels, bring back officer videos for each office, publicize candidacy corner 5. My favorite classical figure is the bellicose praetor Manius Juventius Thalma because he gets no modern day recognition. 6. I was meant to live in the present. As interesting as it would be to live in Ancient Rome, I am too dependent on modern technology.


HISTORIAN Chime Pelzom, Barnstable

1. 1 State Convention, 0 National Conventions 2. 2018-2019 Chapter Historian for Barnstable 3. Creative, great with scrapbooking and photography 4. I want to encourage more local historians to have more fun with the scrapbooks/history-related things and help them be able to afford some of those supplies. 5. Anything to do with the gods - Minerva 6. 1990's because then I’d be a teenager in the 2000's and I love how cringe the 2000's were and how everything was a lot more simple :)

PUBLICATIONS EDITOR Georgia Wilson, Maynard 1. 3 State Conventions, 1 National Convention 2. 2016-present Maynard JCL President/Co-President, 2017-18 Maynard JCL Parliamentarian, 2018-19 Maynard JCL Editor, 2016-18 Co-Editor of the Newspaper Club, 2017 Participated in an editorial writing seminar, 2018 - Attended a workshop on computer engineering and graphic design. 3. Experienced in graphic design (Canva and web design) and as an editor (Maynard JCL Editor, Editor of Newspaper Club), skilled writer (Workshops and writing competitions), has the necessary organizational and time management skills due to past leadership positions 4. 1. Increase use of editor Google classroom and email group Instagram group chat for more instant communication. 2. Tips and tricks series to help local editors 3. Theme for each issue that will correspond to art and poetry created by Mass JCLers . 4. Make it easy for chapters to connect with each other increased amounts of club highlights and greater distribution of the Forum Factorum. 5. Incitatus (Caligula's horse) was almost made a consul of Rome. 6. I think I was meant to live in the late 1800's - early 1900's because that was the time of the Suffragette movement and the Abolitionist Movement. It was a time of great technological and social change that I would have liked to have been around to see!


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Shout out to Georgia Wilson, Maynard's president for pretty much running our club, and to our amazing chaperones for stepping up to the challenge! (also of course Ms. Faiella for giving us our start!) -From the Maynard delegates

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Thank you to my AMSA JCL delegation for allowing me to serve as one of your presidents and thank you for all of your help this far in my campaign! -Maddie Bedard

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