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MASSIVEMEDIA 34 West 27th Street, New York, NY, 10001 PH: 212.730.7222 FX: 212.730.7444

OUR MISSION From ideas to implementation, our mission is to provide memorable, differentiated branding programs that are delivered with the highest quality service. Simply, we want to improve the way the world engages with advertising messages. Welcome, we look forward to spending some time with you. Rob Rukstalis (President)


GUERILLA PROGRAMS Street theatre - full motion media projections Lighting & lasers - 3d mapping - lighting displays - mobile laser theatre - sidewalk spots - laser painting - projection beaming Sidewalk chalkings - chalk talks - 3d chalk murals Sidewalk minders Rain advertising Powerwash branding Life size cut-outs Pole snipes Wild posters One-sheets

Anything is possible at Massivemedia. We specialize in customized, creative programs. If you can dream of anything not listed in this booklet, we will make it happen.

Door hangers Static clings


LIVE ENGAGEMENT Street teams / spokesmodels

Branded water giveaways

Aerial ads

Media space

Segway advertising - Segway shield team - Segway media team

Costume characters

Sail / yacht advertising

Graffiti murals

Vehicle wraps

Running / cycling teams


Giant ad balloons - 3’ balloons - 7’ balloons

Mobile billboards

Flogo’s- floating logos

Pop-up boards

Backpack billboards


Free standing install



Parking stripes

Inflatable billboards

Street team TV

Bike billboards

Parking lots

Floating billboards

Sign spinners

Media bike

Custom road signs


Mobile phones

Tour bus

Escalator ads


Media installations

Glass panel box truck


At the beach

Product sampling

Taxi services

College campus

Coffee / drink giveaways

Lunch trucks

In-bar / nightclub

Actors / comedians / dancers

Large media trucks

Hotel networks

Stealth marketing

Shuttle bus

Dry cleaners


Guerilla marketers do not rely on the brute force of an outsized marketing budget. Instead, they rely on the brute force of a vivid imagination.


Take the movies to the streets. With your High Definition recordings, we can create full cinema experiences complete with sound, coffee and popcorn for your spectators. Alternatively, take our projections mobile on an awesome guerilla campaign to hit multiple locations. Net Rate: $4500 *Rate decreases to $3500 for each additional night. Audio, popcorn, coffee and seating available upon request. Please ask us for an estimate.


3D mapping Computer generated lighting displays generated to make your building move!

Lighting displays Placed onto buildings. Net Rate: from $5000

Net Rate: from $7000 - $10000 and up

Mobile laser theatre Super high-tech full color laser images projected onto almost any surface. Net Rate: from $7000 - $10000 and up

Laser painting Street Theatre with an interactive twist to engage any audience with spontaneous messaging Net Rate: $6500 per night *Rate decreases to $5500 for each additional night.

Sidewalk spots Lighted Logo or Gobo images projected onto sidewalks. Video spotlights also available for an additional charge. Net Rate: $800 per month * +$200 production fee

Projection beaming Video projected from a moving vehicle – if you want to have Superman fly down a city street, this is how you do it! Net Rate: $5500 per night *3 nights minimum


Beautiful artworks, thoughtfully produced. Placed in high foot traffic areas; artwork is temporary & ecofriendly. Available as small branded messages on sidewalks or placed in large areas as licensed murals. The application phase of the chalking gains alot of interest from passersby and is sure to be a memorable brand experience. Net Rate: Chalk Talk $200 per unit *minimum of 20 units (4x4). 3-D Chalk Murals from $2500 *additional cost for real estate

Sidewalk Minders Vinyl graphics placed at ground level - perfect for branding on rough surfaces. Sizes are generally 2’ x 2’ for sidewalk purposes however custom prints and installations are also available. Net Rate: $3750 *25 printed, installed & removed (2’ x 2’)


Rain Ads Advertising messages that are revealed when it rains. Lasting up to 4 weeks, these ads engage walkers by with their interactivity and are sure to be remembered. Net Rate: $7500 *75 Units in market

Powerwash Branding Green and clean. A fresh, unique and eco-friendly option for your brand. Powerwash ads use a high powered water spray to clean dirt away from sidewalks, buildings and wallscapes leaving a lasting message. The program is cost effective and has great reach. Net Rate: $7500 *50 Units in market

Life-size cut outs Placed in High traffic areas. Large and engaging!

Pole Snipes Creative images designed for pole wrapping.

Net Rate: from $100 per unit *minimum of 50 units per market

Net Rate: from $2900 *500 pieces (24� x 36�) produced and placed in market

Door Hangers Best media to geo-target neighborhoods within a 1-5 mile radius of a location target (placed by Zip-Code for store openings, brand news) or via leased permission. Net Rate: from $2500 produced and placed in market Wild Posters Our expert media teams post your message on walls, in stores, on message boards and other high exposure areas. Net Rate: $2500 *1000 posters (11” x 17”) printed and placed in market One-Sheets Framed one-sheets placed outside of retail stores in prominent positions Net Rate: $16500 *100 pieces (27” x 40”)

Static Clings Perfect for any short term take away signage effort. Net Rate: $4500 *2500 units (8” x 5”)


Engagement refers to the extent to which consumers see the product as relevant to a larger, more encompassing experience.


People are our speciality. We create pleasant engagements where people work and play. Professional teams outfitted in branded clothing distribute premiums, samples and provide informative one-on-one messaging. Net Rate: 2 persons 1/2 day $400, Full day $800 4 Persons 1/2 day $800, Full day $1600 Prices decrease for multiple day events and for large staffing (8+). Please ask us for an estimate


Get mobile. Teams of segways with shield ads or HD monitors (36’) motor electronically through stores or on the streets. Net Rate: Segway Shield Ads $2900 (team of 3 for 8 hours) Segway Media Unit $1700 (per unit for 8 hours) * Production costs apply. Prices decrease for multiple day events and for large staffing (8+). Please ask us for an estimate


There you are! Our giant ad balloons ensure your promotional program will get noticed. Available in a variety of sizes and can be illuminated for a great look at night time events. Net Rate: 3’ Balloons $200 production (4 balloons) $1600 per day (4 persons) 7’ Balloons Starting at $1500 for production (per Balloon) and $850 per day Prices decrease for multiple day events. Custom shapes & sizes also available. Please ask us for an estimate

Street Team TV Custom built shirts and jackets with High Definition TV and quality audio playing straight from your street team.

Sign Spinners Brand Ambassadors perform acrobatic tricks with a specially made “hand sign�.

Net Rate: $600 per model $195 per model when added to an existing street team order.

Net Rate: $350 * +production fee

Mobile Phones We create QR coding, interactive texting, picture programs and blue tooth services complete with a tech savvy team to assist. Net Rate: request price

Media Installations Un-obtrusive messages meet the un-aware. The personable and engaging approach ensures your messages are delivered without obvious signs of advertising. Net Rate: from $5000

Product Sampling Our teams distribute products in a safe and sanitry environment.We can handle all the legalities and include customer response reports.

Stealth Marketing Under the radar reps. engage consumers personally to convey brand messaging without obvious signs of advertising.

Net Rate: from $900

Net Rate: from $2500

Coffee / Drink Giveaways Branded team members, cups and great tasting coffee delivered in high traffic locations when people need it most! Guarenteed to produce a smile and a great consumer experience.

Branded Water Giveaways Refreshing branded water bottles printed, distrinuted and enjoyed. Net Rate: from $5000

Net Rate: from $900

Actors / Comedians / Dancers Look, laugh and get involved. We deliver costumes and scripts to our national resource of professional performers who aim to delight. Net Rate: request price

Costume Characters Full costumes can be produced within 8 weeks. Net Rate: $500-$5000 * depending on complexity and wait time

Vehicle wraps From front to back- inside and out. We have experienced installers in each major market.

Pedicabs Special signage on customized bicycle taxis and available in most markets

Net Rate: $900 per day * + production costs

Net Rate: $800 per month * + production costs

Mobile billboards Large billboards targeting multiple geographic markets.

Bike billboards Mobile signage attached to bicycles can reach micro and general traffic in any market.

Net Rate: $800 per day * + production costs

Net Rate: $800 per day * + production cost

Backpack Billboards Lightweight walking mobile billboards taken to the streets in a range of shapes and sizes. Illuminated options available.

Media Bike A revolutionary bike light that features 32 full color LEDs and cutting edge visual effects to have your brand move.

Net Rate: $500 per day

Net Rate: $2500 * 3 person bike team

Tour Bus Custom wrapped touring vehicles available nationwide. Net Rate: $17,900 per week * + production costs

Lunch trucks Custom signage on lunch trucks create a targeted showing to construction sites and achieve broad general advertising exposure Net Rate: $10000 (10 trucks) * + production costs.

Glass panel box trucks Custom installations available inside. Set your own scene such as a mobile beach, recording studio or salons etc. Net Rate: starting at $18000 per month * + production costs

Large media trucks A bold, media experience complete with High Definition televisions and amazing audio. Net Rate: starting at $25000 per month * + production costs

Black car vouchers Purchase prepaid taxi vouchers and amaze the public with a free ride. Complete with professional drivers and GPS

Shuttle Bus Custom wrapped shuttle service offering free rides- a perfect Convention media initiative.

Net Rate: request price

Net Rate: request price

Aerial Ads Hit the air and captivate your market in the masses. Net Rate: $1150 for 2 hours * + production costs

Sail / yacht advertising Hit the water with large branded sails and marine vehicle wraps Net Rate: starting at $12000 per month * + production costs

Running / cycling Teams Set the course for our fitness teams to target. Each morning or evening our teams get out and interact utilizing branded clothing, chants and collateral. Net Rate: request price

Flogo’s- Floating logo’s Unique floating clouds created in customized shapes create a truly unique outdoor tactic. The machines can create 1 image every 30 seconds producing 3’ x 3’ advertisements Net Rate: $3500 * + $600 production. Petvertising For pet-lovers everywhere, petvertising is a unique way to reach active pet-owners at beaches, parks, dog shows, pet stores and general market. Net Rate: $500 per pet Includes handlers and sign

Parking Stripes Adhessive advertisements placed on parking lines.

Escalator ads Adhesive advertisements on escalator belts, sides and stairways

Net Rate: from $3500 Net Rate: from $3500

Parking Lots Interior and exterior advertisements in targeted locations nationwide Net Rate: from $4500

Custom Road Signs Guerilla road signage placed live in market. Net Rate: $5000

Stairways Vinyl graphics placed on stairways for a great artistic look Net Rate: from $2000


More engaging, more time appropriate. Your choice of location greatly determines your programs reach and frequency of exposure.


Graffiti Murals Hand-painted street scapesour artists paint your message on vacant walls in targeted locations.

Free Standing Install High quality signage placed in high foot traffic areas Net Rate: request price * real estate rates vary by location

Net Rate: $3000-$10000 * real estate rates vary by location

In-Window We can brand store fronts with ads or rent out vacant space to be creative as you wish in-store

Inflatable Billboards Temporary large scale inflatable installations Net Rate: $1000 per unit per day

Net Rate: $5000-$10000 * real estate rates vary by location

Pop-up Boards Large street level billboards Net Rate: $5000

Floating Billboards Inflatable craft that floats on the water. Perfect for the beach, lakes, and large pools. Net Rate: $1600 per unit per day


Mall From ideas to implementation, our mall programs are the key to making a significant impact when consumers have money on the mind. Some of our options include: Custom displays & installations Interactive jumbo-screens Information kiosks In-store signage Floor graphics Elevator & escalator ads Product sampling Mall radio ads Parking lot ads Stairway advertising and many more Call us today to discuss pricing and opportunities.


Grocery stores Massivemedia will reach your consumer target where they shop – the Grocery Store! Perfect tactics for brand launches and cause related campaigns. Everything from: Grocery carts Green Re-usable, Ad-Bags Fruit stickers In-store radio Banners & signage Floor graphics Video displays

Cafe / Restaurant options Store design (interior/exterior) Signage Product sampling Table Cloths Napkins Coffee cups Sugar packets Swizzle sticks Straws Branded plates Take-out boxes Fruit stickers Fortune cookies Bags (paper, plastic, recycling) Placemats


Beach programs We target beach goers in ways like no others can. From shadow advertising, sand brands, promotional giveaways, umbrella ads, towles, beach balls and branded sunscreen- we have you covered for summer. Net Rate: from $5000

College campas Working with sororities and fraternities, as well as campus administration affords us unique, on-campus access to execute strong program reach to this highly desirable target. Utilize proven media tactics such as wild postering and sidewalk media, tabling events, student film contests and movie/game premieres to create the buzz you want with an interested and influential demographic group. Custom programs designed around your advertising goals.

In- Bar / Nightclub Massivemedia can produce and coordinate an In-Bar marketing effort that will target specific bars and clubs, attracting active targets aged 21-45. When patrons enter the establishment they will be surrounded by client branding including:

Please ask for an estimate.

Net Rate: starting at $1200 per location The program includes the production and delivery of 50 shot glasses, 2000 coasters, 1000 matchbooks, 5000 Napkins, to each selected bar or venue.

Shot-Glasses Coasters Napkins Matchbooks Table Tents Floor and Bar Mats and other branded collateral.

* There is a minimum of 25 bars per market for this program.

Hotel Networks Massivemedia can build a network with participating hotels to guarantee that guests have your brand name right at their fingertips. Subject to availability, Massivemedia will produce and place all media tactics. Net Rate: varies (production not included) Branded keycards: $7 per room * Minimum #1,500 Units Guerilla door hangers: $2 per room * Minimum #1,500 Units Partnership door hangers: $5.50 per room and up * Minimum #1,500 units Newspaper stickering: $2.50 per door * Minimum #1,500 units. * Costs do not include purchasing the publication or production

Dry Cleaners Reach an audience while they run errands with 4-Color Premium Poly Dry Cleaner Bags, branded coat hangers and in-store signage. Net Rate: from $15000 2,500 Units throughout 50100 venues per major market (price varies by market). * While we guarantee the agreed upon number of units, actual stores, orders per store, campaign duration and/or zip code locations may vary.

MASSIVEMEDIA 34 West 27th Street, New York, NY, 10001 PH: 212.730.7222 FX: 212.730.7444


Massivemedia services and rates

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