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Massivemedia provides a level of stress free comfort not often found in street level marketing. Bringing expertise to every job, we guarantee successful experiences, without worry. We are your trusted street-level partner.

L Live Engagement

M Media Space

N Ad Networks

V Video Production

Our priority is always the same — to deliver excellent service from start to finish. The following pages introduce some of our favorite products. Welcome, we look forward to spending some time with you.

L Live Engagement

Live Engagement / Street Teams

People are our specialty. We create pleasant engagements where people work and play.

Professional Teams outfitted in branded clothing distribute premiums, samples and information.

Street team of four over an 8-hour day Net rate: $1,350



L Live Engagement

Segway Squad Teams of three Segways with Shield Ads motor electrically through stores or on the streets. $2,900 per team per day

Segway Video Unit Digital Video screens are attached to personal vehicles, creating a mobile TV campaign, complete with Audio­­– can also be configured with Interactive Gaming. $1,700 per unit per day

Street Team TV High definition video and quality audio playing right from your street team. $600 per model $195 per unit when added to an existing street team order

Hummer TV Wrapped Hummers with large video screens show commercial clips or can be configured with gaming or internet programs. $16,000 per month


Segway Video Unit with 36-inch digital TV $1,700 per day

Cyber Shirt TV Net Rate: $600 each per day

6’ Ad Balloons Net Rate: $850 each per day Production additional

Custom, high-definition video campaigns broadcast onto almost any outdoor surface. We are absolutely the best.

Street Theater Net rate per theater team: $4,500 first night, $3,500 each additional night

M Media Space

Graffiti Wall We create media opportunities where none exist ­– we carefully scout targeted locations and handle all leasing and production for handpainted Graffiti Walls in major and micro markets. Prices start at $1,000

In-Window Our Ad Network includes dynamically changing in-window opportunities. Prices range from $1,000 and up

Pop-Up Boards Special Build Pop-Up Boards are free-standing small billboards that we produce, lease and install. Prices start at $5,000

Free Standing Install Cool Custom Signage can be used anywhere. Prices start at $500 per design



M Media Space

Our Billboard on West 18th Street in the Meat Packing District.

Wallscapes & Billboards

Wallscapes and Billboards located in popular, high traffic areas in NY, LA, and Chicago.



Pole Snipes 24” x 36” 500 for $2,900

M Media Space

Hand-Placed Signage

Custom Placed One Sheets Flyering

Framed signage placed in any size market. $175 per unit

Static Clings

Awesome, stick by static electricity these are perfect for any short term take away signage effort. 2500 5" x 8" units $4,500

Our expert street media teams will post your message on walls, in stores, on message boards and other high-exposure areas for meaningful placement in targeted and general market showings. Net rate: $2,500 per thousand

Hand-placed signage is an integral component of every campaign. We interact smoothly with Government, property owners, and event organizers to guarantee targeted placement in ideal locations.



M Media Space

Custom Wrapped Vehicles

Custom Wrapped Vehicles create strong market presence with high value exposure. We use top quality graphics to produce a seamless canvas for your message. Our programs are properly insured and managed closely – we carefully screen our drivers’ records and guarantee our operators, and all our routes are tracked using the latest GPS technologies. Add a real-time webcam to your vehicle program and we will stream it live onto the website we build for you.


Vehicle Wraps Wraps start at $3,500

We professionally manage every detail so you don’t have to.

M Media Space

Special Projects Massivemedia excels at producing projects that matter. Our experience is confirmed with every successful public installation.



M Media Space

Chalk Talk Sidewalk Art Beautiful art thoughtfully produced. Net rate: $200

Sidewalk Minders Printed vinyl placed precisely for maximum exposure. Any size but a 2’ x 2’ unit – $135, imprinted, installed, and removed

Power Wash Graphics Environmentally responsible programs are becoming more and more important – we specialize in green media. $150 per unit, 50 unit minimum per market

Sidewalk Spotlights Place a lighted image on the sidewalk – available as static image logos, or full-motion video is an option too.


10 Unit Spotlight Program – GoBo or Logo $10,000 per month

M Media Space

Street Theater The industry standard – High Definition video projected perfectly, every market any night guaranteed. $4,500 first night $3,500 per following night

Laser Paint Street theater with an interactive twist. Awesome and cool. $6,500 first night $5,500 per following night

Projection Beaming Video projected from a moving car. If you want to have Superman fly down a city street – this is how you would do it. $5,500 per night

Moving Lights Our lighting experts create beautiful impact. Drench a building in color and action.



Graffiti Mural Program 9 cities, Wyoming D.O.H 2009


Ad Networks

Front Desk Presence

Key Cards

Gym Sampling

Door Hangers

“Partnering with Massivemedia on our Holiday Hotel Sweeps made working through multiple hotel chains seamless and a successful experience.” – Olivier Rivest, Director G Future



N Ad Networks


Massivemedia is a trusted source for Spirits marketing and sampling. Experienced and responsible, our experts always comply with all local and federal regulations.



Ad Networks

Branded Give-aways

Street Teams

Campus Chalk

Campus Poster Panel 11" x 17" posters 500 per campus $1,500

Our network of sororities and fraternities affords us unique on-campus access – from movie premieres and interactive gaming events to student film contests and targeted sampling programs.



N Ad Networks


Produce Stickers

GRABS Green Re-usable Grocery Bags

Static Window Clings

- Window Signage - Instore Signs - Dry Cleaner Bags - Deli bags Massivemedia has developed a wide-reaching network of retail stores in which we place various custom advertising. From delis in Midtown to ladies’ specialty stores in malls we can partner with your brand.



Ad Networks

Lunch Truck Network

Shuttle Bus Network

Black Car Vouchers


Available in most markets. Net rate: $800 monthly

A nationwide network of service vehicles that can be fitted to all your advertising needs.




Video Production

Broadcast Television

Web Virals

TV Spots

Motion Graphics & FX



Video News Releases

Massivemedia’s Technical Team will create your digital production, manage connectivity, and produce High Definition Video, TV Spots, and Web Content.


Full Service TRUSTED Alternative Media Solutions


MASSIVEMEDIA | Service Rates  

Full Service Trusted Alternative Media Solutions

MASSIVEMEDIA | Service Rates  

Full Service Trusted Alternative Media Solutions