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Concorso Internazionale di progettazione. Small but Functional Loft

ISY The idea is to minimize the riposizioning of cabinets or furnishings inside the house and, at the same time ensuring a cabinet surface of over 30.00ml.

Space could be reconfigured by just three movements: 1) The living room table moves on a rail that allows it to position along one of the longitudinal side transforming its function from operative, study, breakfast, dinner. 2) The kitchen countertop can be easily implemented by using a sliding top and/or base cabinet under the fridge. 3) Bathroom can take up to about 5.00mq, thanks to a simple consideration. Under ordinary conditions, when you are at home, the entrance door is like a wall.

This allows the bathroom space to be isolated by means of a double-face sliding cabinet by implementing the dimension of the doorway. You can imagine that when you open the sliding closet n°3, you are actually closing the bathroom. However the bathroom has an own door and the use is flexible. The shower also has a double entrance and gives a circularity to the bathroom. The bedroom is considered for a timely use and therefore it was preferred to use a sliding ladder but, if necessary, the ladder space can be found close to the entrance. The total free space of the living room is 12.00 sqm. It offers an all over bench that is a chair or a sofà but also a chest drawers of about 10.00ml. Here the double hight is filled by the LUCEPLAN MESH lamp. Turning individual LEDs can be organized to your liking in order to obtain multiple light scenes. The top cabinets are always accessible through the sliding ladder.

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