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or e? ur Massimo America’s Magazine, June 15 2011, Co2A

Dear readers,

My name is Massimo America, I’m 21 years old, and live life t cles and reports about my future workplace; the EME-industr

Let me clarify that for you. EME stands for Entertainment Mu national Event, Music, & Entertainment Studies). My study at professions. When I’m done I could work as a screenwriter, d lot of interesting things to learn in this four-year course. Ther

But before you start reading all this, let me tell something abo years old and was born and raised in the city of Tilburg. My h clear opinion and a troubled mind. So expect some deep artic will try to set question marks at every subject I will write abou Have fun reading!

Massie Magazine


to the fullest. The following eight months I will try to inspire you with artiry.

usic and Events and is part of the study Communications IEMES (Intert the Fontys Academy for Creative industries covers a very broad range of director, communications advisor, journalist, etcetera, etcetera. So there’s a re’s no reason why I shouldn’t share that with you!

out myself: My full name is Massimo Carolus Adrianus America. I am 21 hobbies are writing, playing the guitar and running. I am a person with a cles, I won’t make things clear for you concerning the EME-industry. But I ut.

Party In the Pictur

Loos is a monthly party in ‘ good night out for a fair p music and tasty food. this party?

As I said, Loo 013 can ho and two all th ca

Massie Magazine


‘013’ in the city of Tilburg. Its aim is to give young people a price. People aged from 16 to 24 will be entertained with good Loos exists for almost ten years now. What is the success of

os is a party with a history. It is a party held in a big venue -the old up to 2700 partypeople a night and has three concert halls o cafés, all open during Loos – which makes it difficult to sell he tickets each night. But all the tickets have to be sold, beause at the price of just five euro’s a ticket margins are small. The party is organized by the venue -013- itself. They use the contacts they have in the entertainment world to get special prices and reductions for Loos. 013 organizes a lot of these parties (look on their website: but the problem is that those parties die in silence after a few years because the public ages. The Loos public doesn’t age. New, young people contently visit the party, which gives it eternal life. 013 gets this young people by programming an interesting mix of new, experimental dj’s between ‘normal’ dj’s that spin the stuff you already know. This makes an evening at Loos never the same. You can completely loose your mind dancing at known tracks, or get stunned by some strange techno dj you never heard of. All of this considered, Loos is a good party that shows how it should be done. If you are above twenty, you should think twice before you buy a ticket, because the majority of the public is under twenty. Still, the music that is played is interesting enough to keep you going all night. Whether your sixteen or twenty.

Cover Letter

Dear Mrs. Kroon,

I am a second-yea r student at the Fo ntys School for Hig dreaming of more. her Education in Ti I want to produce lburg, and I am films. The uncom internship period ing academic year of six months and (2 011/2012) has an so has room for m y bigger plans. I am talented and extremely motivat ed. This academic clips of film for m year I’ve started to y school. I work w produce short ith professional eq on Final Cut Pro) uipment (Sony DSR but what is even m -PD175P, editing or e important: I try shooting. I am a qu to think in ideas be ick learner, and sp fore I start end much of my sp knowledge. It is ti are time on improv me for a bigger pl atform, that’s why ing my own I am writing you. The combination of production on th e one hand and co makes me fit to w mmunications on ork at your compa the other ny. I have technica hardware and soft l knowledge in the ware (as said befo area of re: Final Cut Pro, Design, Photosho but also Adobe Pr p, etcetera) and am em iere, Instudying at a scho thinking and worki ol th ng in creative conc epts. Co-IEMES (m at is highly focused on International Eve eaning: Communic nt, Music, and Ent ertainment Studie ationFontys Academy in s) is an education on th the city of Tilburg e where students ar challenge with a fr e taught to handle esh approach. Stud ev ery ents at IEMES are thinkers , and they known as open-m also happen to kn inded ow something abou no exception to th t communications is. . I am The warm fire of th e film- and docum entary world does south of the Nethe n’t bu rlands as it does in the Randstad. Thus rn as fierce in the as Amsterdam do esn’t need an expl the choice for a ci anation. The choi ty does. ce for your compa ny Every Pieter van H uystee production states a great degr ism and interest in ee of professional the subject. Your production compa nalism with creati ny connects jourvity and small talk with world proble of productions pr ms. ovides a challenge that few production The diversity have. With all the -companies talent at your com pany (your packed it all) I can develo trophy case says p myself to a high er level at a possib le internship. Combine my intere st in film with my knowledge of com and you get a stro munications ng combination, fit te d for your company combine a strategi . I can c communication advice with a crea tion. I know how ti ve producto analyze marketi ng issues and thin groups. I am -in sh k in target ort- familiar with a broad range in th duction process. H e film proopefully you will le arn me more in he ight. I’m looking forwar d to your answer. Yours faithfully, Massimo America Mail: massimomca Tel: 06.517.83.83 9

Massie Magazine

r a e y d r i h t e h

t , S E M IE

to be made ecisions need D . S E M IE n ’ or ‘Pio an bijt Hond t for students ‘M u r o g te ei in t n a n ip ru sh is lm and aching. Time with an intern big players in the Dutch fi r ro p te p a es m is o se t tw ar nex Both are The end of ye ed. I want to start off the internships. th o b r d u fo cl ed in li e by all, m league. already app d on plays another stee Film’ . I y u em H th f n is highly base o a v e st n te er o n et er co th s ei It t . u st range, ca ustry, b llow, right, st ne public broad ye h g tc n u television ind d ei b n o in t w u ght in its to levision sho that stand o The show is li utch society prime-time te . D a em is in th d ls n e a o v u a H g id t Man bij alk. Indiv o one ever st and small-t e attention n re th te et n g -i l n ia a ec m u sp h se pany rticipants. or anything el nds. The com ocking the pa la m er t h human, fast u et o h N it e w th t mor, bu alist. He pro producers in and full of hu tee is a gener ocumentary ys d u t H es g n a ig v b r e te udewijn th ductions. Pie ilm is one of e world of Bo h F ro p (t ee s it st ch y u h u B it H n w ij n s achievece Pieter va d van Boudew rd for Dutch film) for his rnational pri el te er in W s e es D tl n e k u a has won co highest aw t to shows li ke Lingo nex den Kalf (the li u s o w G o a sh h it d w ce du rded 0 he was awa ternshipBuch) In 200 tch television world. for a longer in ck a b e it v u in in the secD an n my Master ments in the nies and got la a p p n m ca co I e so es t semester, to both of th me in the firs cation letter d li p ee p n a s n ie a n t a n p I se com pefully these interview. Ho three. ar ond half of ye


Massie Magazine


Diffucties In soccercou


Here follows a short summary of my assessment in the first year of IEMES. I left some things (like subscribtions of target groups, etc) out of the report. So sometimes it can look like I’m just saying things. For more information: com e see the full assessment! Report assessment yr 2009-20


There is a crisis going on in the Du tch football world. Almost all of the clubs in the Netherlands’ version of the premierleague (‘eredivisi e’) have a big deficit on their bal ance sheet. Some clubs will go bankrupt. One of those clubs is Wil lem II Tilburg. The oldest footballcl ub in the Netherlands (since 1809) will die in two months bec ause of retreating sponsors and pub lic service probably won’t pay them anymore. The only party tha t’s left is the public. But they are not aware of the clubs problems, and (even worse) they don’t know what efforts Willem II puts in for them. Action is needed. The question is how do we let the m know. I answered in my assess ment. So, we need to focus on the public; the people of Tilburg and surroundi ng districts. These people can be directed into four different target groups. From the ‘hardcore supporter’, to the ‘occasional visitor’, the ‘supporter’, and -finally - the ‘television watcher’. The har dcore supporter will always support the club, in money as wel l as in love. So this group is not imp ortant in this case. They are giving already. The television watcher is also not that interesting , because he will never ever come to a football match. No, we need to focus on the middle two gro ups for good response. They are familiar with the club, the y like football, and they know a littl e about football history and future. We can approach the target groups with two different messages. The first is expressed in the following slogan: ‘Voetbal zonder Willem II, geen bal aan’. This is dut ch worldplay, kind of hard to translate. This payoff aim is to explain how terrible it will be if Tilburg looses its only pro football club. The second slog an; ‘Willem II Tilburg, want voetba l heeft meer dan twee doelen’ (Willem II Tilburg, becaus e football offers more than just two goals) is dedicated to a trend in the modern world of foo tball. It is believed that clubs sho uld try to scout as much talent out of their own region as pos sible. This means that Willem II gives players from the Tilburg district a chance to becom e a professional footballer. On top of that; this slogan is also aiming at the hearts and min ds of Tilburgers in a broader sense. Willem II does an awfull lot for football clubs in its clos e neighborhood. Making people aware of this fact might be a good inpulse to give money.

Massie Magazine

Massie Magazine  

English magazine assignment for classes IEMES Massimo America, Co2A

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