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xoxo gossio girl ALBUM OF THE MONTH Paper trail reflects the growth and talent of one of the most pronounced rappers by Mike Hawes Staff Writer

Gossip Girl The CW

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“Gossip Girl here; your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl”-Kirsten Bell’s famous voice over rings through the heads of people all over the nation. by Anna Rice Copy Editor

The Gossip Girl craze began with the Cecily von Ziegesar’s series of novels on which the show is based. Soon the TV show was first airing in Canada in September 2007 and two days later in the United States. The first season consisted of 18 dramatic and eventful episodes which pulled all kinds of people to the power of teenage drama. Now we’re all currently engulfed in the second season. The show plans to air 24 episodes in the second season, all over the world. With the world at its feet, the show has consequently also won many awards. These awards include “Choice TV Breakout Show” and “Choice TV actress” at the Teen Choice Award. It is nominated for “Favorite New TV Drama” at the People’s Choice awards as well. The true beauty of the show is the provocative drama of “Manhattan’s elite”. The closing of season one left viewers devastated by the breakup of a

TUESDAY House Fox 90210 The CW


Yes, it’s all about the drama but there is more to the show than just a soap opera plot line. Although it is fiction, the life styles lived by the teenagers, who are in the same teenaged situations as us, are an outrageous and over-the-top. But the show gives a feeling that there are kids out there who, in reality, throw huge parties just for a lack of anything else to do. A feeling the there are real kids who have a disregard for economic boundaries, season long relationship between Dan and Serena. who participate in endless underage drinking and Meanwhile, Blair waited patiently as Chuck Bass drug use, and who would never imagine spending decided he couldn’t commit to her. Then Serena’s a Saturday night doing homework. This idea that closet was opened and her dirty secrets reveled these are the true lives of the ultra-rich makes one when Georgiana Sparks, the troublemaker, came believe that maybe they too could live like this one into town. With a whirl of sex, lies, jealousy and day, and who doesn’t want to be just as fabulous as drug use there is never a dull moment. Serena van der Woodson? Season two is absolutely no different than the Another reason the show has built such a large, first. Some thought Nate and Serena might end up worldly and avid fan base is because of the music. together but those notions were squashed with the The show features tunes everyone knows from premier of the second season. Nate had looked to a the radio like Shwayze, Justin Timberlake, Finger more mature love interest as Blair puts her feelings Eleven, and Nelly Furtado. Also included in the less for Chuck aside and leaps into a relationship with popular music category are the sounds of Phantom royalty. Planet, Conor Oberst, LCD Soundsystem, and The Fratellis. The show just seems to get better and more buzz It’s the No. 1 new show among teens. In New with each and episode. If York, the show is kind of a crazy-huge thing you want to catch the drama tune into the CW next already. Monday at 8 p.m.

-Josh Schwartz; the co-creator of “Gossip Girl”


America’s Next Top Model The CW


The third season of this hit show is just as good, if not better than the past; tune in!


Fringe Fox

Friday Night Lights DirecTV

Grey’s Anatomy ABC

If you love drama, beautiful people and the occasional crazy nanny then tune in for this hit series.



One Tree Hill The CW

The Hills MTV

Eli Stone ABC


SUNDAY The Amazing Race CBS

Ugly Betty ABC

South Park Comedy Central






There is a well-known African saying that states, “Smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors.” This message became the obvious undertone of the latest installment by Atlanta rapper Clifford “T.I” Harris. After the death of his daughter and best friend in under a year, continuous controversy within the music industry and a year of federal prison time on the horizon, the self-proclaimed king of the south had a lot to say and broke his year long silence to put out his latest release paper trail Throughout the span of his career he has continuously tried to shed the label of just another “southern rapper” and he goes above and beyond to prove that point in this album. Opening up with rapid-fire records such as the intro “56 Barz” and “I’m illy” where he unleashes his quick flow and undeniable lyrical content to make his mark as one of the games best. He also proves lyrical growth in the mixtape smash “Swagga Like Us” where he goes along side three of the industries best, in Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, and Kanye West, and comes out with clearly the best verse of the song. But not straying away from the topic at hand the urban legend goes more autobiographical when he speaks pain of is friends death, his upcoming jail sentence and paranoia in the emotional ride “Ready For Whatever” where he sates that his mindset at the time of his arrest was “either die or go to prison”, asking skeptics what they would have done in his predicament. He sends out a cry to all young men in the jail system with the emotional “you ain’t missing nothing” a dedication to people in his predicament letting them know to hold their heads and that they are not missing anything while they wait to go home. The production on this last release was by far some the best on a T.I album. Enlisting an all-star cast of producers such as Just Blaze, Kanye West, and long time collaborator DJ Toomp. But the most vital part of the Paper Trail production staff was Christopher “Drumma Boy” Gohlson who provided a majority of the instrumentals on the album to match perfectly with T.I’s approach. All in all it was a well put together project. T.I wanted to show that throughout his havoc and hardships of the past year the king can rain supreme. While penning some of his most honest and personal material quite possibly his best project to date TIP shows that he still has growing to be done as a person. Nevertheless it was a well put together project well worth the purchase or download.

The EX list CBS

This one is cute, funny and the ultimate girl show!

Desperate Housewives ABC

Worst Week CBS

Dirty, Sexy, Money ABC

Many don’t know about this hilarious comdey; it’s known as a best-kept secret must-see!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia FX

Testees FX

Brothers & Sisters ABC

The perfect show to start off the week; numerous family issues that people can relate to.

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