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Francis Malcolm the artist of Eschatology. He is a scholar that developed the arts of writing and drafting from early school days by reading and drawing from comic books. Francis was trained at the University of Technology and VTDI, The Mico Teachers College, The Jamaica School of Agriculture, and Jose Marti Technical High School for the world of work. Francis began writing at an early age at José Marti but became more proficient while at College. His best known work at The Mico Teachers college was “The Garden Path”. As a scribe “Ancient’s Men Philosophy, and the Structured Barriers” was even more applaudable. Francis now emerges as a Social, Emotional and Philosophical Writer with pieces that touch the ESP for application.

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ISBN: 978-1-4628-6938-1

The Garden Path

his book is an illustration of social change in a time when the world is as ruthless as it can be. The words guide the philosophy of mankind to the light in the changes of time. I relentlessly seek to develop peace as a tool for continuity. The prayer for the ruthless if they took it they would have envisaged their own change and not their demise. The book gives to you a strong definition of hope as it is in everyman to hope for the best hence only the best is good enough. This book is not doubtful of the goodness in man but we will all have the say in finding the goodness in man through the great conversations.




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