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INTRODUCTION TO CENTRAL MONGOLIAN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR Located in the landlocked plateau of Central Asia between China and Russia, Mongolia covers a territory larger than that of Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy combined. As the 19th largest country in the world, Mongolia’s considerable size includes a fabulous array of pristine landscapes and a nomadic people whose lives are in many ways unaffected from the days of Genghis Khan and his mighty Mongol Empire. This tour offers a good introduction to this varied, ancient and extraordinarily beautiful country, visiting regions th

that many other tours do not cover. Travelling overland in safari style, the journey takes you to the 17 century enchanting Amarbayasgalant monastery, Ogii Lake.

THE TOUR FEATURES:  Central Mongolian Highlights: Khorgo-Terkh national park, Tsenkher Hot Spas, ancient capital at Karakorum, legendary Erdene Zuu monastery, Karakorum Museum. Erdene Khamba monastery at Elsen Tasarkhai and wild Przewalski horse Takhi at Hustai national park  Ulaanbaatar sightseeing & the Giant Genghis Monument, amazing Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve  Authentic culture experiencing by visiting real nomads and interacting with them  Soft adventures: Horse riding, camel riding, hiking and kayaking  Breathtaking sceneries all the time and endless photo opportunities!

Central Mongolia is rich in beautiful natural highlights, historical remains and nomadic cultural heritages. The Orkhon river valley's been a home to numerous nomadic empires over the centuries and now is one of the UNESCO world heritage site with its' fantastic Erdene Zuu monastery built from the ruins of Genghis Khan's lost capitol, and unique ecosystem. This 12 day comfortable tour first takes you to the Ugii Lake - a pretty lake in Central Mongolia, then to the legendary Erdene Zuu monastery and the ruins of Mongolian Ancient capital Karakorum, then the picturesque Khorgo-Terkh national park, where you will spend a day of leisure. Then on the 2nd half of the tour you will discover the endless beauties of Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes and Khogno mountain, view the world's last wild horse species Takhi in wilderness before visiting amazing Gun-Galuut nature reserve - home for real nomads and rare wildlife. The scenery during the travel is simply spectacular with rolling meadows dotted with pretty Mongolian gers and livestock grazing, horsemen galloping and the sky is cobalt blue!



DAY 1. ARRIVAL IN ULAANBAATAR: TOUR OF THE CITY, INCLUDING THE GANDAN MONASTERY AND NATIONAL HISTORY MUSEUM Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, meet at the airport after custom formalities and transfer to the hotel.

Hotel 4*.

The city tour of Ulaanbaatar takes you through some of the principal sights of this unique city. You visit the Gandan Monastery, housing a 26 meter high gilded statue of the Buddha.

Airport – hotel: 40

Your tour also takes you to the Genghis Khan monument on the Sukhbaatar square and the

min drive

Museum of National History, which has a number of fascinating displays of traditional Mongolian clothing and weaponry, as well as exhibits charting the course of Genghis Khan's

4 – hour of



Ulaanbaatar introduction Like nearly one half of the Mongolian population, the capital city of Ulaanbaatar herself is a nomad. The city has changed locations more than twenty times over the past 350 years before taking root in her current location in a sweeping valley bounded by four sacred peaks, including Bogd Khan mountain to the south. Indeed there aren’t many world capitals in which you can ride a horse, visit a nomadic family, and enjoy fine dining and luxurious spa treatments all in the same day. Ulaanbaatar today is a vibrant city of more than one million residents. The city reflects a close and sometimes amusing juxtaposition of nomadic traditions and modern society, perhaps best summarized by her skyline dotted with both gers (felt tents) and towering skyscrapers. The city’s contrast can also be found among those who call it home, from traditional-clothing-clad herders, to Armani suit-wearing business men and women, to a growing number of ex-patriots hailing from nearly every corner of the globe. Only in Ulaanbaatar might you find a horse cart bouncing down the central avenue alongside a Mercedes Benz, or a market selling both livestock and designer clothing. In short, there is something for everyone, and always a site to behold in Ulaanbaatar. DAY 2. ULAANBAATAR – ELSEN TASARKHAI After breakfast at the hotel, we pack the vehicles and depart to the west toward Karakorum,

Ger camp

the ancient capital city of Mongolia. Transfer to camp near the Mongol Els Sand Dunes. Enjoy


camel riding on dunes. Optional hiking in Khogno Khaan with a visit to the Ovgon monastery ruins.

4 - 5 hour drive

Elsen Tasarkhai introduction The common border share of Tov, Ovorkhangai and Bulgan provinces, this place is a picturesque combination of Mongol Els sand dunes, rocky mountains of Khogno Khaan, green meadows and lovely lakes. The nearby Khogno Khaan national park is a good place for hiking with spectacular views & several small monastery ruins. DAY 3. ELSEN TASARKHAI – KHOSHOO TSAIDAM – TSETSERLEG TOWN Today, we visit to Khoshoo Tsaidam Monument Complex which is related to the ancient

Ger camp or local

Turkic State, which is one of the first seven states on the territory of Mongolia. After that, we


drive to lovely Tsetserleg town and visit to Zayiin Hiid, visit to local black market.


Khoshoo Tsaidam monuments

1.5 + 3 hour drive

Khoshoo Tsaidam is a Turkic inscribed monument of the Turkic State. The inscription was written by the grandson of Kul-Tegin and devoted to the Bilge Khan of Turkic state and his old brother Kul-Tegin in 732. It is noteworthy that the ‘Orkhon inscription’ has both a historical and scientific significance. The worship complex for the memorial to Kul-Tegin, a famous political figure of the East-Tureg monarchy, which is located about 60 km-s to the north of Erdene Zuu to the west of Khogshin Orkhon river in the Tsaidam valley, Khashaat sum, Arkhangai Aimag. DAY 4. TSETSERLEG – KHORGO TERKH NATIONAL PARK Today, we head to the west, Khorgo Terkh National park. Today’s drive brings you into the volcanic surrounds of Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan - the 'Great White Lake'. The road winds along the shoreline, past Shamanic piles of black lava, before it cuts a short distance inland towards the Khorgo Volcano. At around 10,000 feet up, the volcano is now extinct, but still revered by

Ger camp B+L+D 4 – 5 hour drive

the nomads of the region. A short walk takes you to the crater rim, where red – stained rock descends into a deep chasm surrounded by sacred Ovoo mounds. Look back towards Lake Terkh Tsagaan - there is an excellent view over the lake through a small hillpass. Khorgo-Terkh National Park: Surrounded by extinct volcanoes at an altitude of 2,060 m area of 61 sq. km the spectacular geology of Khorgo volcano lying in the east of Terkhiin Tsagaan lake certainly adds to the pleasure of visiting Arkhangai aimag. Near the crater there are dozens of small caverns with stalactites hanging from the ceiling and walls. In the middle of the lake there is a volcanic island covered with bird nests made of the fragrant grass Sam khan. Horseback riding, fishing, bird watching, and other activities are all possible here. DAY 5. KHORGO TERKH NATIONAL PARK - KARAKORUM We drive to Karakorum, arrive in Karakorum and we visit legendary monastery Erdene Zuu,

Ger camp

the first Buddhist monastery in Central Mongolia founded in 1586, and its surroundings like


the Phallic stone and the Turtle rock. Lunch tourist ger camp nearby. Visit the newly founded Karakorum museum to see the relics from the ancient capital of the mighty Mongol Empire.

5 – 6 hour drive

Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia was established by Genghis Khan in 1220 in the Orkhon valley. For 140 years Karakorum served as the capital of the United Mongol tribes until it was destroyed by the Chinese troops in 1391. The remains of the capital that stood at the crossroads of the Silk Road are extensive underground archaeological assets and two granite turtles that once stood at the main gate to the city. Four of these turtle sculptures used to mark the boundaries of ancient Karakorum, acting as protectors of the city (turtles are considered symbols of eternity). In 1586, Erdene Zuu, the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia was built on the ruins of the 13th century capital. Vast walls of 400 m in length with 108 stupas surrounding the monastery are the symbol of Karakorum. Time and history were not merciful to Erdene Zuu monastery but it still carries the traces of its former glory and provides a great insight into the rich religious and cultural past of Mongolia. DAY 6. KARAKORUM – TUVKHUN MONASTERY - KARAKORUM Breakfast at the ger camp in Karakorum. We then drive to the Tuvkhun monastery in the

Ger camp.

ardent Khangai mountain range crossing the renowned Orkhon river. The green valley of the


Orkhon is the cradle for many nomadic states including the Turks and the Mongols. Horseback ride to the top and enjoy panoramic view. 2 + 2 hr drive Tuvkhun Khiid Monastery ruins of an ancient temple partially restored, sits atop a mountain

on the north of the Orkhon Valley. The temple gives a stunning view of the surrounding landscape to which one can get by hiking or horseback riding. Zanabazar, the first Mongolian Buddhist Saint, thinker and sculptor, built the temple in 1653 where he lived, worked, and meditated for 30 years. DAY 7. KARAKORUM – HUSTAI NATIONAL PARK After breakfast we drive to Hustai National Park, one of the most popular national parks of

Ger camp.

Mongolia through the rolling steppes. Arrive in Hustai view the wonderful Takhi wild horses


and other wildlife. Hustai National Park introduction

5 – 6 hour drive

Hustai National Park is the place where the wild Takhi- Przewalski horses have lived peacefully since 1993 when they were reintroduced to their native land Mongolia. Here we are able to see and photograph these beautiful wild horses at pasture and Red Deer, Wolf, Asian Marmot, various species of water fowls and prey birds etc as well. DAY 8. HUSTAI – GIANT GENGHIS MONUMENT - GUN-GALUUT This morning we drive to Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve via Ulaanbaatar. On the way stop at

Ger camp.

Genghis Monument. Arrive and transfer to Steppe Nomads tourist camp. Enjoy some hiking


and optional fishing or kayaking on the River Kherlen. Enjoy traditional Mongolian dinner Khorkhog – roasted mutton/beef with hot stones in hot pot and served with rice and vegetables.

3 – 3.5 hour drive

Giant Genghis Monument Complex is located in the beautiful natural scenery on the bank of river Tuul. The statue height in total is 46m high including the 10m high foundation and surrounded by columns. Far sighted Genghis Khaan holds a golden whip in his right hand. Recreation area, restaurants and souvenir shops are be located in the column surrounded base of the Statue and from here visitors will ascend to the exhibition hall using elevator at the back of the horse. The visitors will walk to the head of the horse through chest and back neck of the horse, where they can have farseeing and good panorama view over the complex area. Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve The Reserve is truly the marvelous combination of high mountains, colorful flowers, pretty lakes, rivers and wetlands with its famous rare species. It is a home to endangered wild Mountain sheep-Argali the Big Horns, White-napped crane, Siberian White Crane, Hooded Crane and the rare Black stork, Asian heron, Whooper swan, Swan Goose and so on. Over 80 Argali sheep inhabit peacefully in Gun-Galuut now. Tourists visiting the Nature Reserve have the opportunities to do watching and taking photos of the Endangered species, rafting and fishing in the lakes and rivers, camping in a beautiful and peaceful nature, visiting nomadic family, riding horse, yak and camel and introducing with traditional nomadic lifestyle and culture. DAY 9. GUN-GALUUT – ULAANBAATAR After breakfast we drive back to Ulaanbaatar for 2 hours and transfer to the hotel. Then we


visit the Bogd Khaan’s Palace Museum – the residence of the last king of Mongolia and the


Buddha Park. Farewell dinner. Bogd Khaan’s Palace Museum Built between 1893 and 1903, the Winter Palace of Bogd Khaan is where Mongolia’s eighth

2 – 3 hour drive

Living Buddha, and last king, lived for 20 years. The palace museum is an excellent place to visit, with a great collection of priceless Buddhist art works and instruments. The Bogd Khaan’s penchant for unusual live animals explains the extraordinary array of stuffed animals in the palace – including an elephant that had to walk for three months from the Russian border to Ulaanbaatar! DAY 10. DEPARTURE FROM ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA


You are transferred to the airport/train station after breakfast. End of service.

40 min drive


3 – 4 PAX

5 – 8 + 1 PAX

9 – 12 + 1 PAX


Ramada 4* hotel





Kempinski 4* + hotel





Blue Sky hotel 5*





Best Western Premier Tuushin 5*





INCLUDED IN THE PRICE:          

Full-time services of your English speaking local guide throughout the tour Sightseeing and entrance fees according to the itinerary Ticket to the Giant Genghis Monument Complex Private transfers by saloon car and minivan Twin/double share in a best hotel, twin/triple share at good tourist camps Meals as listed (B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner) 0.5 day of horse riding in Tuvkhun 0.5 l x 3 bottled water per day Visa support invitation letter where applicable Exclusive Central Mongolian Highlights tour souvenir!


International Airfare/train ticket Travel insurance. Lunches and dinners in Ulaanbaatar Items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, camera or video fees at any sites etc. Tips for your guide and driver (discretionary). Optional activities such as camel riding, archery, fishing etc TAILOR MAKING

Tailor made holidays and tours are designed for the individual traveller & private groups. We create personalized holiday itineraries across Mongolia including the authentic culture of Mongolia, the scenic beauty of the mountains, steppes, colorful festivals and many more to mention.


Gobi Desert add – on Huvsgul Lake add – on Naadam Festival add –on on 11-12 July Nomads’ Day festival add-on on Sep 17 – 18 Western Mongolia 5 days tour

We’re open to any comments and can adjust the itinerary according to your wishes. Contact at 976 7018 3499 (09:00 am – 07:00 pm in week days GTM+ 8) or

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