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July 2008 Newsletter Dear Friends, Just as we have done until now, we want to inform you of the projects of + QS, to get you involve in our work. As you know, our work philosophy is based on designing projects based on the needs identified in the needy place, so all the actions we have carried out so far and all the projects that we have in mind are motivated by this vision. Also remember that our motivation is to help others, following the example of Jesus Christ and understanding that our faith must be lived in a genuine way. We are aware that sometimes involves a difficult road, with unexpected obstacles, which must not discourage us. In that regard, we have recently few experiences that have filled us with sadness in relation to patients that we are trying to help them to received medical assistance. On the other hand, the patient with cervical cancer treated successfully with several cycles of chemotherapy in his country, and who was awaiting the paperwork to come to Spain to complete the treatment, suddenly worsen and died after having managed such procedures. Also, the 7 year old boy who suffered a very severe heart disease underwent due to the complexity to 12 hours of surgery in Barcelona hospital. Unfortunately, at 72 hours of it, unexpectedly, he presented a severe complication and died. Both news have produced us profound pain, but despite this, we know that everything happens for a reason that although sometimes we cannot reach to understand, does not escape the control of our God. That is why we continue with the illusion that has motivated us to help and encourage you in the same direction. Fortunately, the child with Burkitt´s Lymphoma evolves successfully, after receiving its third cycle of chemotherapy at a hospital in Madrid with a good clinical response. Also, we received a request for an urgent evacuation of a 24 years old patient that had a brain tumor, and he was transferred successfully and intervened in Palma de Mallorca, still today recovering, thanks to God. We are currently managing the formalities for a surgical intervention transfer of a 5 years old girl who suffers from a congenital deafness. In relation to our commitment and collaboration with the Guinean Christian NGOs "Good Samaritan", to help AIDS patients, we have already sent some boxes with medicines needed for these patients. On this issue, we continue pending the editing of the brochures with the information on the disease and its prevention to distribute to the population. The training project which we intend to carry out with the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Equatorial Guinea in collaboration with the NGO ¨Development 2000¨ in Africa is still in a preliminary phase. If you're reading this letter, it is not by chance. You are perhaps already collaborating with us or maybe you don't know how it could be useful. If you have any questions, call us to 607296691, or write us an email ( or visit our website ( If you want to see previous newsletters, you can access them through our website. Receive a hug from + QS team.

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July 2008 newsletter  

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