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Dear friend, This simple note is to let you know how the projects of +QS are going, because we want you to be involved in what we are doing. You will probably know that our first journey of “mission-exploration” to Guinea in August 07 was fundamental to our arriving at an initial diagnosis of the medical situation in the Continental Region of this country. It allowed us to detect a host of needs, on which we are trying to take action. The quest is to find solutions. One of the first needs which was presented to us was to provide healthcare to patients who, due to a lack of resources, had no options in this area. In that sense, we have successfully treated a patient with neck cancer, carrying out that treatment in his own country. This was a pioneer experience and the fourth cycle of chemotherapy has just finished. Another matter to report is that this month we will be transferring a 7-year-old boy to Palma, Mallorca, to receive treatment and care in the University Hospital of Son Dureta. This child is suffering from a liver and spleen ailment which is yet to be fully investigated and diagnosed. We are also going to bring across a boy of the same age who has a probable Burkitt ’s lymphoma, in the maxillary region. Another means of cooperation that we have undertaken is through local organizations which have a good knowledge of the real “lay of the land” there. To that end, we are working with the Guinean Christian NGO “The Good Samaritan”, which works with AIDS patients. At the moment, we are working on obtaining and sending the medication these patients need and we are in the process of preparing to edit an information leaflet about the disease and its prevention, aiming for its widespread distribution among the population. In a similar vein, we intend to work alongside the NGO “Development 2000 in Africa”. They have a broad experience of the area, especially in projects which are to be carried out in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine in the National University of Equatorial Guinea. Our web-site is now up and running ( and there you will be able to move through all the information about us, our vision, our projects, as well as how to contact us and work alongside us with your resources, your ideas, your time, etc. There’s no excuse for not visiting the site and joining us as a partner in this work. WITHOUT YOUR HELP it will be so much more difficult to bring this project to full fruition. If you have any difficulty in this on-line process becoming a partner, call us on +3460796691. As you know, our motivation stems from a desire to try to follow the example of the Lord Jesus, who, alongside his message of love and hope, showed a genuine concern for the needs of his neighbour. That’s why we have begun this project- we are excited about it and we have seen the first fruits. We would love to do more, but to do that we need a large team of people who have enough motivation to add their little drop to the ocean so that this world becomes an easier place for less fortunate people to live in. With our very warmest wishes, The +QS team.

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April 2008 newsletter  

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