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In 1991, the world was introduced to a new telling of a “tale as old as time” when Disney released its animated movie Beauty and the Beast. Just two years later, Disney would begin its journey to Broadway by bringing this timeless tale to the stage. Alan Menken and Howard Ashman added a few new songs but ultimately the story and characters stayed true. Beauty and the Beast really is a tale as old as time. It was originally published in 1740 by French author Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve in a collection of stories called Tales of the Sea. Madam Villeneuve, however, credited a chambermaid with telling her the story, she was just the first to write it down. However, the premise of the story has remained intact through the many retellings throughout history. At its heart, Beauty and the Beast is about looking past one’s appearance. But like so many other folk tales, it is riddled with lessons. The beast has a journey through self-loathing and fighting against the rage that builds within him. Gaston and his unchecked ego spiral out of control, all in an effort to “win” the girl. Ms. Potts, a beacon of warmth and comfort, still holding onto hope that the Beast can find his human side while watching her only child slowly become an inanimate object. And of course, Belle. A strong woman living in a time when strong women were often ostracized and shunned. She is smart, sassy, and brave beyond even our knowledge of the word. For this, she is considered different. Unlike many other Disney stories, this is not a journey of one person trying to find themselves, but Belle’s insistence that who she chooses to be is good enough. We see the effect her boundless optimism has on everything around her. So, Be Our Guest and enjoy this story of what it means to be Human Again! And after two long years, it is with the deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we say: Welcome Home! With gratitude,

Shawn McWhorter

Beauty Disney's

and the


Musical Numbers Act One

Belle .................................... Belle, Gaston, Lefou, Silly Girls, Townspeople No Matter What ............................................ Maurice, Belle No Matter What Reprise ......................................... Maurice Me ............................................................... Gaston, Belle Belle Reprise ............................................................. Belle Home ...................................................................... Belle Home Tag ......................................................... Mrs. Potts Gaston ......................................... Lefou, Gaston, Silly Girls, Tavern Patrons Gaston Reprise .............................................. Gaston, Lefou How Long Must This Go On ......................................... Beast Be Our Guest ............................... Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Enchanted Objects If I Can’t Love Her ..................................................... Beast

15 minute intermission Act Two Something There ................................. Belle, Beast, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth Human Again ............... Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Wardrobe, Cogsworth, Babette, Enchanted Objects Maisons des Lunes ............................. Gaston, Lefou, D'Arque Beauty and the Beast ........................................... Mrs. Potts If I Can’t Love Her Reprise ........................................... Beast A Change in Me .......................................................... Belle Mob Song ......................Gaston, Lefou, D'Arque, Townspeople Home Reprise ............................................................ Belle Transformation ................................................ Beast, Belle Finale ................................................................. The Cast

Cast: Belle - Grace Yang Lumiere - Webster Ford Narrator - Henry Martin Beast - Luke Ostercamp Cogsworth - John Ballin Silly Girls: Maurice - Matt Swanson Mrs. Potts - Sara Brabec Angela Brown Gaston - Dan Brabec Chip - Chloe Sorenson Kari Grundmeier Lefou - Kati Hoehl Babette - Trish Fike Molly O'Connor D'Arque - Allea Eichler Wardrobe - Jessica Petrik Amanda Witzmann

Ensemble: Haley Bent Bethany Bonsell Nick Brabec Bella Davis Margaret Ford William Johnson Maija Knudson

Nellie Martin William Martin Alayna Merchlewitz Hailey Merhlewitz Friedrich Mix Joyce Mix Ariel Peterson

Rose Peterson Laura Potratz Elizabeth Richter Mitchell Richter Noah Roth Emma Sorensen Annika Swanson

Carter Tass Pete Tass Brighton Trampe Cosette Trampe Edom Weierke Aaron Wiese

Understudies: Belle: Angela Brown Beast: William Martin Gaston: Noah Roth Lefou: Amanda Witzmann Lumiere: Mitchell Richter Cogsworth: Molly O'Connor Mrs. Potts: Trish Fike Chip: Carter Tass Babette: Kari Grundmeier


Artistic Director- Shawn McWhorter Choreographer- Angie 'McWhorter' Cain Assistant Choreographer- Angela Brown Music Director- Amanda Weis Assistant Director/Stage Manager- Manda Barsness Sound & Light Designer- Jacob Berg Costumer- Viva Anderson Props Master- Rachel Peterson Set Designer- Tim Anderson Assistant Set Designer - Hanni Carlile Producer- Cassi Betker

About the Cast

John Eric Ballin (Cogsworth) John is delighted to return to Masquers for this show! Previously, he played Daddy Warbucks in Annie. Other favorite roles include Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, and Mr Mayor in Seussical. John is greatly blessed by the support of his wife Amy; children Hannah, Emily, Grace, and Noah; and ferrets Xena and Hercules. Haley Bent (ensemble) This is Haley’s 10th year in theater. She has been in many productions such as CPAs Alice in Wonderland. She has really enjoyed the community in this theater. Bethany Bonsell (ensemble) Bethany is very excited to appear in Beauty and the Beast this summer! This is her fourth performance overall but her first show with Masquers. She is thrilled to be on stage again performing such a classic musical. Enjoy the show! Dan Brabec (Gaston) This is Dan's third appearance on a Masquers stage and fourth Masquers production. He has previously appeared in Annie (Rooster Hannigan) and Away in the Basement - A Church Basement Ladies Christmas (Pastor), and was also involved in Steel Magnolias (Stage Manager). Dan is thrilled to be back on stage and excited for the challenge of portraying such an egotistical, misogynistic, and narcissistic character. He's even more thrilled for his wife Sara (Mrs. Potts) to be back on stage with him, and their son Nick (ensemble) as well! Also...don't be mad at him, he's just acting! Nick Brabec (ensemble) Nick is no stranger to the stage, but this is his first time working with Masquers Theatre AND with his parents! His favorite role so far has been Kristoff in Frozen Jr. Jr. When he's not preforming he likes exploring the outdoors, snuggling his puppies and rocking out on the piano. Sara Brabec (Mrs. Potts) After years backstage and behind the scenes, Sara is so freaking excited to be back ON the stage! Known for singing around her house with the windows open and as mom to her three amazing children, Sara is most thrilled to be sharing this experience with her husband (who is nothing like Gaston)! Sara extends a huge thank you to her theater friends for their support and laughter- wouldn’t want to do this without you. Angela Brown (ensemble & understudy Belle) Angela is thrilled to be making her Masquers debut! This is her third time working on Beauty and the Beast and she's excited to return to one of her favorite shows. She would like to say a huge thank you to all her family and friends for all their support! Bella Davis (ensemble) is 16 loves theater, singing and learning as many new things as they can. When they aren't in rehearsal Bella enjoys playing instruments, drawing, and swimming. They are happy to be a part of the cast and would like to thank everyone who made the show possible! Allea Eichler (D'Arque) is so excited to be back at Masquers! You may have seen her as Wanda in Beehive: The 60’s Musical in 2019, as well as other roles around the White Bear Area. Have an enchanted time! Trish Fike (Babette) Trish is delighted to be spending the summer dusting an enchanted castle (and to be playing Babette!) Previously she has spent time with The Addams Family (Alice), deep in the Jungle of Nool (Seusical - Yertle), and at home in Anatevka (Fiddler on the Roof - Golde). Now sit back, relax, and Be Our Guest!

Margaret Ford (ensemble) This is my first show and I get to be on stage with my daddy. I love to use my imagination all the time. I learned how to dance from Dancin on Broadway. Enjoy the show! Webster Ford (Lumiere) Thank you for supporting local theatre, being our guest, and letting us take you away for the night. I'm Webster and I'm excited to be Lumiere in my first Masquer's show! After 30 years in theatre, I get to share the stage with one of my kids for the first time. Thanks to all, but especially wife, the beauty to this beast. Kari Grundmeier (Silly Girl & understudy Babette) Kari is beyond excited to be in her second Masquers show. Having grown up in Forest Lake Masquers is near and dear to her heart. With a minor degree in theatre from Gustavus Adolphus College Kari has been involved with a variety of community theaters around the metro both as an actress and a costume designer. Kati Hoehl (Lefou) Kati is a local director, photographer, and designer with a passion for theatre and art! She is coming back to the stage after a three year acting hiatus, where she spent time directing, working, and causing lots of chaos. When not acting, Kati works in social media, graphic design, and photo/video work, and is currently directing at Arts Garden Theatre in Roseville, MN. See her work at “There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself.” -Lemony Snicket William Johnson (ensemble) This is William’s first time working with Masquers Theatre. He is very excited to be part of this production of this great Disney classic. Ever since he was 11 to 12 years old, towards the end of 2012, he loves acting and singing in musical theatre. Over the years, he’s been doing musical theatre at Moore than Dance in Fridley, Anoka Middle School, Spring Lake Park High School, Saint Anthony Community Theater, and Ashland Productions in Maplewood. Come Be Our Guest and Enjoy the Show. Maija Knudson (ensemble) This is Maijas first musical with Masquers Theatre Company. Her recent productions include Clue and Curious Incident. Maija is a high school student who enjoys singing in the choir and is on the school tennis team. She is also preparing to start in college this fall through PSEO. Henry Martin (Narrator/ensemble) I'm Henry Martin, a growing voice actor who is proud to be part of such a boisterous, hard-working and talented cast. Voicing plenty of characters across a variety of projects, I was honored to lend my voice to such a beautiful ensemble (If you want my voice in any of YOUR creative endeavors, check out HenryMartinVA at!) I give my heart to everyone who was a part of this production. We all gave it our all, and we've all been enriched and blessed for it. Nellie Martin (ensemble) Nellie is very excited to be performing in her first community theater musical and has enjoyed meeting lots of great people at Masquers. She's been interested in acting, singing, and dance from a young age and has been involved in many school productions, summer camps, and classes, most recently as a narrator in Concordia Academy's Playmakers summer camp production of Charlotte’s Web. William Martin (ensemble & understudy Beast) I couldn't have come up with a better way to kick off this summer! Being in this show has been a wonderful experience that has helped me grow so much as a performer. Thank you to all the spectacular people involved, you've pushed me to become better and better. I hope to work with you all again!

Alayna Merchlewitz (ensemble) I'm Alayna and I like to have fun and socialize with people once I know them. I'm very energetic and talkative once you know me. I've been in some movies and commercials, which is completely different then what a play environment is like. I love experiencing new things, taking on challenges and facing fears! Hailey Merhlewitz (ensemble) Hi I'm Hailey and this is the first time at Masquers Theatre. So far I am having the time of my life with meeting new people and connecting with them. I love doing new things when I have my sister try things first, I'm more of a cautious person but I love talking and helping others. I like creating goals for myself that I can achieve and I like being organized. I love laughing and getting others to laugh with me. Friedrich (Fritz) Mix (ensemble) Friedrich is having fun with his first theater experience. It has been a lot to learn and so much to do and he hopes to do it again. Fritz is a mover and shaker that is constantly singing something. When not rehearsing he like tennis, swimming and of course video gaming. He has had fun having his first show be with his Mom. Joyce Mix (ensemble) Joyce comes to Masquers with over 30 yrs of theatrical and vocal performing experience. After taking a break from acting we are happy that this is her first show back on stage. Aside from acting Joyce runs her own sewing and costume design business and tutors elementary students in reading. Outside of work she spends every free minute with her family of 5 kids and husband. Molly O'Connor (Silly Girl & understudy Cogsworth) is making her Masquers debut as a silly girl in this production of Beauty and the Beast. She is excited to be a part of a new theatre company and see what what her future in Masquers looks like. Acting is one of her passions as well as painting, sewing and going on adventures. Luke Ostercamp (Beast) Luke is a nineteen year-old sophomore at the University of Northwestern St. Paul, and is so excited for his first production with Masquers Theatre! You may have seen him on this stage before as he graduated from Forest Lake Area High School in 2021. He would like to thank all of you for coming, and hopes you will have an amazing time enjoying this Disney classic. Ariel Peterson (ensemble) Ariel is returning for her fifth Masquers production. Her favorite role was Molly in the 2019 performance of Annie. She is excited to get back on the stage after the last couple of years away. When she's not on the stage she enjoys hanging with her friends and playing board games. Rose Peterson (ensemble) Rose is returning for her fourth Masquers production. She was previously involved in Children of Eden, The Night Before Christmas, and Annie. She enjoys anime playing with her cats. Jessica Petrik (Wardrobe) Jessica is so excited to be returning to the stage in her first Masquers performance as Madame de la Grande Bouche! Her last role was Jo March in Little Women back in 2018. Thank you so much everyone for coming to support this amazing cast! Laura Potratz (ensemble) Laura Potratz was last seen onstage in Theatre in the Round's production of The Government Inspector. She teaches piano, voice, and organ students in her own Blaine studio and works with both the Voices of Hope women's prison choir in Shakopee and the 29:11 International Exchange ensemble in South Africa and the US.

Elizabeth Richter (ensemble) is thrilled to be back at Masquers with her son, Mitchell. You may remember them from Children of Eden, as Mama Noah and Japeth. Favorite roles include Rachel Lynde/Anne of Green Gables, The Witch/Big Fish and Bird Woman/Mary Poppins. Elizabeth is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, teaching piano for 30 years and sings with the Elizabethan Syngers at Minnesota Renaissance Festival. She is so grateful for this opportunity with such a talented cast and directors! Be Our Guest and ENJOY Beauty and the Beast! Mitchell Richter (ensemble & understudy Lumiere) Mitchell is pleased to be returning to Masquers Theater for this wonderful production of Beauty and the Beast. Outside of the theater, he is a musician and a teacher. You can find him performing out at the Renaissance festival, playing piano, singing in his car, or teaching science to middle schoolers. Mitchell has been in over 30 shows, and is excited to put on another. So pull up a chair, as the cast proudly presents Beauty and the Beast! Noah Roth (ensemble and undertsudy Gaston) This is Noah’s fourth show with Masquers and his thirteen show overall. He has been an ensemble member in the previous Masquers productions of Annie get your Gun, Children of Eden, and Annie. He looks forward to working with Masquers again in the future. He would like to thank his wonderful cast mates and crew, who made this show memorable and enjoyable. Chloe Sorenson (Chip) This is my first performance with Masquers Theater Company! Those that know me best know that my most favorite place to be is on stage! In addition to theatre, I love singing, dancing, reading and drawing. Enjoy the show! Emma Sorensen (ensemble) This is my Masquers Theatre Company debut! I enjoy theatre, singing, dancing, drawing and playing the flute! Annika Swanson (ensemble) has loved acting from a very young age. She has performed in multiple shows through Children’s Preforming Arts and a variety of community theaters. She is very expressive with her acting and loves to perform, sing and dance. Annika’s dreams include performing on Broadway and being a Postpartum nurse. Watch for an expressive and aspiring actress and you might see her in her beauty and the beast debut. Matt Swanson (Maurice) Matt is pleased to be making his Masquers debut as Maurice, which marks his second portrayal of a whacky inventor/father after a previous role as Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (he has clearly missed his calling…) Other previous roles include Sam in Mamma Mia, Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, and Dr. Carrasco in Man of La Mancha. Enjoy the show! Carter Tass (ensemble & understudy Chip) is very excited to be back on the Masquers stage once again. He has previously performed in Annie, 'Twas the Night, and The Happy Elf. Carter is going into 7th grade and loves football, pizza, tacos, and acting. Pete Tass (ensemble) Pete is excited to be a part of this wonderful cast. This is his fifth show with Masquers Theater and this fourth time performing with his son, Carter. Besides acting, Pete enjoys tennis, reading and spending time with his family.

Brighton Trampe (ensemble) Bonjour! Beauty and the Beast is my first show. It’s fun to be in the show with Chloe, Ariel, Rose, and Maggie. I’m enjoying dancing and singing on stage and making new friends. Some of my hobbies are competitive dance, tennis, softball basketball and swimming. I hope you enjoy the show! Cosette Trampe (ensemble) This is Cosette’s third show. She has played Annie in “Annie”, a tree/lullabye league/ensemble in “The Wizard of Oz” and has been in several theater camps. When she is not rehearsing, she enjoys basketball, tennis and art. She’s having fun with her theater friends and hopes you enjoy the show! Edom Weierke (ensemble) This is my first show with Masquers and my first show out of school programs. I love singing and creating art. Musicals are my favorite type of theater because of the music and extra drama. Aaron Wiese (ensemble) I’m excited to FINALLY be back on the Masquer’s stage again- and performing one of my favorite shows! (I’m a huge Disney fan) This will be my 6th Masquer’s production. I love to sing and dance and there is plenty of that in this show. So, take a seat and be our guest as we entertain you! Amanda Witzmann (Silly Girl & understudy Lefou) This is Amanda’s first show after a 5 year hiatus. She is having fun being back on stage. She is thankful for her family, friends, and boyfriend Josh for being so supportive and for Cassi Betker for getting her involved in theatre again. Grace Yang (Belle) is over the moon to be joining Masquers for the first time as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast." She graduated in 2019 from the University of Northwestern with a degree in theatre arts and dance, where she was seen in many shows including "Alice in Wonderland," "Tommelise," "Julius Caesar," and many others. Since then, her work as a costume designer has been seen on stages all over the Twin Cities and she is looking forward to creating more art on stage in the future!

About the Crew Tim Anderson (set design) Tim has been involved in Scenic Design for the over 30 years, working with high school, community, and private theatre groups. He truly enjoys the process of designing, creating and building a set that fits together with the show. Theatre gives him the opportunity to compliment and showcase the show story as well as the actors. Tim is a Certified Home Inspector and owns T-Square Home Inspections. He lives in rural Princeton with his wife, Viva, whom he has been doing theatre with for all of these years. All three of their adult children are married, and they have eight grandchildren. Viva Anderson (costumer) Viva Anderson, originally from Michigan, has been enjoying being involved in theatre for almost forty years. She has been involved in all aspects of theatre during that time, including directing, producing, costumes, props and Tech! Helping students find their niche in theatre is her passion. Viva lives in the rural Princeton area with her husband, Tim, who for all of these theatre years, has designed and built the sets for various productions. They have three adult children, and eight grandchildren! Amanda Barsness (assistant director/stage manager) has been thrilled to Stage Manage this amazing production! She is going into her sophomore year at Augsburg University studying Spanish and Technical Theater. She would like to thank this awesome cast and crew for allowing her to continue to grow and learn! Ben Brabec (backstage crew) really doesn't like musicals and theatre people kinda scare him, but his mom promised him Applebee's after the show. Ben plays the trombone in the FLAHS band, is an avid gamer, and loves his puppies. Angie Cain (choreographer) Angela is excited be choreographing Beauty and the Beast with all these fabulous people. She has been performing and choreographing throughout the twin cities for over 20 years. To my family new and old thanks for being a part of the magic. Hanni Carlile (assistant set designer) is Tim’s side chick and the detail painter for this production. Hanni has been involved in theatre since 1994 when they were introduced at 15 years old. Since then Hanni has received a degree in art. Hanni also enjoys the outdoors and going. On adventures with their young adult kids. Shawn McWhorter (artistic director) Shawn is a seasoned veteran of the theatre scene and has credits both on and off the stage. He previously directed Shrek JR. for the Stillwater Middle School District, Footloose, and Seussical the Musical among many others. Shawn would like to thank his cast and crew for the copious amounts of hard work they have put into this show. He would also like to thank his wife Angela, and his son Ronan for being his inspiration in too many ways to list! Noel Peterson (backstage crew) Noel has been both both backstage and on for several performances over the years. For Beauty and the Beast he is putting his backstage talents to work. When not on stage he enjoys playing guitar and collecting vintage music and video games.

Rachel Peterson (props master) This is the ninth production that Rachel has worked on props for Masquers Theatre. Her favorite show to prop (before this one!) was Children of Eden as it involved needing to make a larger number of items and she enjoys finding creative solutions for the stage. She's usually backstage but was also recently Hannigan in Masquers production of Annie. Amanda Weis (music director) Twin Cities based director and vocal instructor, Amanda Weis, has been seen on stage or behind the scenes at Minneapolis Musical Theatre, Open Window Theatre, Hawaii Performing Arts Festival, Duluth Playhouse, Paul Bunyan Playhouse, among other companies. Ms. Weis vocal directed the national tour of Nick JR Live in 2019. Find upcoming engagements or voice lesson info at

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