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Test imo nials

HR/GPS use at privat e t raining cent er:

"It is not just visual monitoring, there is also the scientific approach. Heart monitors are fitted to every horse and a GPS armband is on every rider. Data is logged, ready for examination."

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JW Race St ables, Louisville, KY Submit Purpose: To determine if Niagara Equissage use improves performance in thoroughbreds. The manufacturer claims that use of their product will improve circulation, joint mobility, and respiratory conditions, in addition to:

"My rider feels things I can't see, I see things he can't feel, and we both miss much of what is going on inside the

going on inside the horse."

respiratory conditions, in addition to: 1. 2.

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Relaxing muscles while releasing tension Improving pre exercise warm up and post exercise cool down

Method: Science is clear in that heart rate before/during/after exercise is an accurate measure of exercise intensity. Therefore, if heart rate drops for any given gallop speed - or gallop speed increases for any given heart rate, a positive conditioning effect is taking place. Three methods of exercise were considered: -Half mile breezes on the training track -Traditional 2 mile gallops on the training track -Actual 6 furlong races during the 2008-09 season.

Top t rainer who wishes t o remain anonymous

"Knowing that I am giving each horse what he/she needs to improve, with a minimal risk of injury, sure helps my piece of mind, as well as my win percentage."

For breezing and galloping, the mare was outfitted with heart rate and GPS sensors to objectively measure performance in terms of the relationship of heart rate to gallop speed. In racing, the Beyer speed figure is used to grade performance that day. 2 races took place with no Equissage treatment, while 2 take place with treatments 20min before post time. Results: 0.5 mile breez e: time RHR2 RHR5 total 2 mile gallop: avg.pace avg. HR feet per beat Races at 6F: date Beyer Finish

no Equissage 0:50.7 147 111 71%

no Equissage 2:33 207 10 no Equissage 11/11/08 34 7

with Equissage 0:50.3 131 (heart rate recovery 2min after breeze) 98 (heart rate recovery 5min after breeze) 85.5%

with Equissage 2:27 196 11 (feet traveled per each heart beat) no Equissage 12/5/08 35 8

with Equissage 12/30/08 50 1

with Equissage 1/24/09 49 1

Discussion: Niagara Equissage treatments prior to a half mile breez e improved post workout recovery within the first 5 minutes from 71% to 85.5%. Niagara Equissage treatments prior to a gallop allowed the mare to move a tick faster for the distance, while expending less energy - actually traveling one foot further per each heart beat, which is significant. Niagara Equissage treatments 20 minutes before the post parade improved the Beyer figure by an average of 15 points.

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Estudio sobre el sistema Equissage  

Estudio sobre el sistema Equissage

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