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Explicative Models

Elaboration a common database, in accordance with the system and uniformly, as a strength for the analyses a expected results.


Grupo de Investigación en

ECCOMAP Priority Areas for Biodiversity Conservation

University of Extremadura University of Evora

Biología de la Conservación Universidad de Extremadura 06071 - Badajoz - España Telf.: +34924289300 ext 6975 Fax: +34924289417

Territorial tools

Centro de Ecologia e Ambiente Universidad de Évora 7000 - Évora - Portugal Telf.: +351266740800 ext 4445 Fax: +34924289417

Models of integrated information and statistical models for the information optimization The analyses are the result of the application inside the data of multidimensional functions

Knowledge and Cooperation INTERREG III A

VALUABLE Flora and fauna of Extremadura and Alentejo regions

The Mediterranean basin is considered a conservation area of special interest, which is characterized by high endemism and a considerable number of species.



Applied Research Potential To promote the identification of common territorial solutions. The ECCOMAP attempt to contribute for the identification of locals with special interest, concerning fauna and flora species assemblage.

Selection of Commitment

To establish an engagement between the territorial use of the economic activities and the territorial management for the natural patrimony conservation.

To determine locals of conservationist interest “Hotspot� Research value

The fauna and flora are part of the heritage and territory legate of Extremadura and Alentejo.

To determine and selecting locals of high value and natural patrimony. To identify locals inducing the generation of sustainable value through the natural patrimony.

To conciliate objectives of economic development and populations well-being with the natural resource defence.

Explicative Models