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Natural and Economic Space One tool of territorial and economic planning within a European cross-border territory: the crossregion composed by Alentejo and Extremadura.

PROMOTION CONSORTIUM Grupo de Investigación en Biología de la Conservación

ECCOMAP—Priority Areas for Biodiversity Conservation University of Extremadura University of Evora

Universidad de Extremadura 06071 - Badajoz - España

Cross-national knowledge networks

The territorial cohesion is the element of major relevance for the implementation of conservation strategies economically viable.

Centro de Ecologia e Ambiente Universidad de Évora 7000 - Évora - Portugal Telf.: +351266740800 ext 4445 Fax: +34924289417

Knowledge and Cooperation INTERREG III A

Eccomap The present project puts into the service of the territorial planning in matter of environment. The natural territories and the others being the result of human influence face an increasing environmental change.

Methodology The methodological base consists in the use of GIS tools which allow the development of a robust work-flow with application in the purposed Eccomap field of work.

New Borders! One of the natural spatial elements of territories consists in the existence of terrestrial borders. The habitats isolation and fragmentation appear as a threat for the biodiversity.

Common data system of selection and management Selection of areas with special value for biodiversity conservation plans The Eccomap pretends to determine priority areas for the management of biodiversity, coordinating the cross-border areas of Extremadura and Alentejo.

Eccomap Mission Application of statistical models to reduce and selecting variables. Treatment models of integrated information to identify areas with significant biodiversity values and potential economic value for development.

To articulate and promoting the potential of the cross-border areas in matter of development and sustainable environment.

Natural space