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Real Artist Wanted Magazine

How did you get started making music and when did you know that this was something you had to take seriously [vs it being just a hobby]? I actually began writing poetry first. At such a very young age I was battling through self acceptance, and poetry is what gave me a voice and an outlet to express myself. I have always wanted to be a singer, but didn’t know that I could actually sing, because my brother would always tell me I sounded horrible, [sad face] but then I turn around and my mother would say “no honey you sound perfect”, so I honestly didn’t know who to believe. I tried singing in high school but it just didn’t work out. I then tried auditioning for the choir in college, and I didn’t make it, so at that point I took a hiatus from singing and just determined it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until 2012 when I was approached by a gentleman who asked me to audition for a singing group. I hadn’t sung in years, I was very hesitant but I decided to give it a try and ended up making the cut. Being in the (3-part girl group) made me realize that music is what I wanted to do, and introduced me to parts of music that I have never been involved in before such as recording. So I guess I can say that girl group changed me for the better, and put me where I am today.

Can you take us through your journey of dropping your first single? YES! I’ve released other songs before, but only on small music platforms like Soundcloud, so this was actually a SUPER big deal for me. I remember some time back, someone told me that when I release my very first single, it has to be an absolute hit. So as time went by and i kept writing songs, I always kept that in the back of my mind, and BAM after writing “Alcoholic Wisdom” with the ridiculously talented Humble, there was no doubt in my mind that it would have to be my first single released. We were both super excited about it, that we even decided that it HAS to have a video. So the entire experience was just so natural but exciting; not to mention it was my very first collab with another male singer, so just collectively it was just super special. I remember that night before(the release) I was just waiting by my phone refreshing the itunes page, and once 12 O’clock hit on May 13th I honestly didn’t even go crazy, I just stared at my phone for the longest, and then my heart sunk. And then I cried of course, because I’m emotional (ha). Then I started wondering if people were going to listen to it, and if they did, would they like it? It was just so many thoughts that kept clouding my mind Overall just one of the best feelings ever, and I’m humbled by the response from it.



Who is your dream collab and why? I would absolutely love to collaborate with Chance the Rapper. I idolize him and his work ethic and his sound is so unique.

What artists are currently in your top 5? How do they inspire you in your own craft? Chance the Rapper Daniel Caesar Ty Dolla Sign Sam Smith Joe They each inspire me to push to different limits, and to not just stick to what I’m used to. It’s funny because after I reviewed my list of artists, it didn’t occur to me that they were all male artists. I tend to idolize male artists more, because I feel that they go unrecognized when it comes to recognizing the actual time and work they have to put in behind their music. The way the industry works is interesting, we sometimes overlook talent and choose someone that has the looks over someone that actually has the natural art. Ty dolla sign is a prime example. I think people forget that Ty is an actual singer, and on his new Album he just released he received a lot of feedback on how it gave off an R&B vibe. I chose Joe, because for one he’s one of my idols as well and then vocally he just impresses me. When I am trying to improve on my vocals, I try to copy all the runs that he does in his songs,so if you hear some “Joe runs” in my music…. You don’t even have to question it.. You know why


If you could choose any superpower to trade for being able to sing, what would it be and why? HONESTLY! I don’t think I could ever trade my voice for anything. My voice has gotten me through more things that I can even count in my life. My voice is the foundation to my music, and my music is my therapy. Trading something that was naturally given for something that is uncertain would be selfish of me.

What’s next for you, any full length projects on deck for the near future? I actually have two songs left that have to be finished up for my first ever EP. This is something that I am trying to take my time on, but also not trying to take forever. I’ve learned that after a while people start to lose interest and fall off. Then all of a sudden when you’re excited and hyped up about a project that you want to share to your listeners, there’s no one there. So I am working on it, and I am trying to work as fast as possible. [soooooon sooon]

In your own words, what makes your music different? My music is different,because I Britney Jayy in general am different. My music tells my story, and no one else has lived my exact story and no one else has endured my pain. BUT, not to say that it is not relatable to others whom may have endured something similar. I think that is why songwriting is so important to me. I find my music falling into the old school R&B category, yet I always try to find new ways to be innovative about it.

Real Artist Wanted Magazine



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Where are you right now creatively and how is it different than where you were a year ago. On the flip side, where would you like to be creatively a year from now? I’m in a good place right now. Already got some ideas as to the next project I do that I’m eager to test out. I guess the objective is always to try something new and not fall into the trap of essentially remaking the same album over and over. A year from now, I definitely know I’ll be even more creative, certainly after having more life experiences; as that is usually what spurs creativity. A year ago, I knew a little less and was in a different place in my life, and it reflected in my sound.

How do your surroundings inspire you - how do different places play into your creativity? That’s hard to say, without having the experience of having lived anywhere outside of Canada to really compare it. However, being nearby Toronto, in all of its multicultural glory has certainly shaped the way I view life in general, and especially my desire to see the world. I can’t imagine my sound would be quite the same if I grew up in Germany or USA; who knows, I may have never gotten into making music if anything changed in my surroundings. I’m a strong believer in that. That said, different places are always the one


thing that always gets me out of a creative block, and the one thing that always excites me, in regards to the music making process.

Who has had the most impact on you creatively and why? What sort of impact would you like to have on other artists? My peers impact me the most. Growing up, everybody is always inspired by the legends,and I’m no different; everybody loves Dilla and Madlib and Pharrell and all the usuals, but lately, I get the biggest kick hearing the amazing work that my contemporaries do. I couldn’t isolate just one person as to having the most impact, but I always looked up to guys like Onra, Mndsgn, Suff Daddy, Flying Lotus and Dibiase; guys who showed me years ago that a beat maker didn’t have to just be a producer-for-hire for rappers and singers, but could stand on their own and be their own artists in the instrumental/experimental hip hop realm. Would love to have that same impact on new artists on the come up.

Who is the one artist you’d like to do a song with, and why? Definitely Common. He solidified his spot as my favorite rapper when I heard Like Water For Chocolate way back in the day, and

Real Artist Wanted Magazine

would love to do a song with him. As I get older, his songs resonate with me more and more, especially when he raps about social issues, such as the black community for example. Have always wanted to contribute to a song that really uplifts a community and/ or gets people to really think.

Who has given you the most creative collaboration and how did it come about? I did a song with my friend a l l i e (peep her new album Nightshade by the way) in 2013 called Interference...I like working with her because it is usually super easy, and I can trust her to write/sing something that always brings the best out of whatever beat I send her. That was our first collaboration, and although I knew who she was through mutual friends, I didn’t know she sang, and she had just released a song called Cross My Mind. Mind you, I was already wrapping up my own album and about to submit the final copy, I asked her at the 11th hour if she was interested in guest appearing on it. I figured I could delay the project by a few weeks because I was really excited to work with her. To my surprise, I got it back 3 or 4 days later. Ended up redoing the beat from scratch after I got the vocals back, because they spoke to me in a unique way. I love it a lot because it was really organic, and was unstructured. I love that we can vibe on that level, and not have to really communicate a ton, she just knows what I like, and I know what she likes.

In your creative process, is there one element of a beat that let’s you know it’s complete? There never is. It always comes down to an inner feeling that it is complete. Sometimes that can be an hour after it start a beat, sometimes it is weeks or even months later. I try not to limit myself to an element in the beat. Just whenever it feels right.

What’s next for you? Just trying to keep busy. Been working on some things on the low. Tempted to work on a new EP in the coming months, but ultimately just want to do what feels right. I took a break from touring and I’m kind of getting the itch again, so that might be something to look forward to. Got lots of big ideas, just trying to piece it all together.



@courtneyysunflowersoul 16

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Let’s talk sneakers, what attracts you to a new pair? What do you look for in a shoe? Also how would you describe your sneaker style? I’m a big fan of platform sneakers. They make a sneaker look different and I dig the spice-girl look a lot. Everything ugly, is kind of beautiful to me. Vintage sneakers is something that I keep on searching for on a daily base. I would describe my style cool with a touch of girly.

What has your experience been like styling for different H&M campaigns? Doing a big campaign like H&M changed everything. Styling was the easy part actually. But seeing yourself hanging in 61 stores in the Netherlands was something else. I’ve grown a lot and worked so hard for this!

Who is Ginney Noa behind the fashion, travel, and writing - who is Ginney the person? I’m a very fun, creative and spontaneous girl. I love spending time with my family and friends. I eat loads of pizza, drink loads of tea, and I could lay in bed all day every day doing exactly nothing. I’m a huge fan of Disney movies, I love meditating and you can find me in the club on a regular base. Loads of people don’t know the real me. They only see the Social media Ginney. If you really want to know me, you should hang out with me sometime!

You do a lot creatively, how did you get into all of this? I have always been a creative human. Ever since I was a kid I use to draw and paint a lot. Then I graduated as graphic designer when I was 23 after being on a graphic school for 8 years straight.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

Stay humble, never change for anyone and work hard to reach your goals.




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YASMIN RAY @yasmin.ray

Yasmin Ray

SURREY, BC, CANADA What’s it like for you to translate your life into content for your songs? I see myself as an existentialist in some ways, so I feel like my art reaps the benefits of my thirst for life. Naturally, I tend to internalize my deepest feelings, so writing and music is also therapeutic for my soul.

How does your environment influence your creativity? I thrive on energy and vibrations. I get inspired by what I am exposed to. If I am surrounded by creative minds, diving into a good book, overlooking a breathtaking view or listening to music.. It’s likely that I’ll write a poem about it.

What does the production process look like for you? Eventually I’d like to expand on my knowledge of production, but for now I’m trying to become more hands on with what I can do. My first project “Blank Canvas EP”, which I will be releasing this December, has

taught me a lot about the process and it’s made me realize how much goes into putting together a body of work that you’re proud of.

If you aren’t making music, what are you doing? I don’t get a lot of free time to myself but I do know the importance in self-care. I try my best to incorporate a healthy balanced lifestyle which includes going to the gym, spending time with my closest friends and keeping my cat Allan company while I binge on Netflix shamelessly.

Can you take us through your time creating your “Blank Canvas”? To be honest, everything happened so fast. Mainly because I did not have the luxury to stay in Atlanta for as long as I wanted. I knew we had a timeline, so my team and I grinded out the entire project in a span of 4 days. Barely saw the city at all, but it was worth it knowing what was created in the duration of my stay. I can’t wait to share it with you all.



Can you tell us what kind of experience people can expect during a live performance of yours?

across as warm yet quiet. Truthfully, I just find comfort in my solitude. But if I can vibe with you authentically, you’ll be quick to learn of the beauty in my layers.

They will experience a raw and passionate energy.. They will feel my soul as I sing and move from an honest place. I grew up as a misfit and music has been the only thing that has made sense to me from day 1. I’m hoping that through my own music, I can create an authentic connection with a world much larger than myself- for a purpose greater than my own.

Who is Yasmin Ray, behind the music? I keep to myself and in big groups I come


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Real Artist Wanted Magazine




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DENZIL PORTER @denzilporter


Denzil Porter

THE BRONX, NY Can you tell us about your creative process through the making of your “Semantics of Mr. Porter” album? Well, After the hyperbolic time chamber training, I figured out how to turn into a super saiyan and - that’s for the DBZ fans but creating S.O.M.P was a whole different experience for me. I have projects I’ve been working on, completed and all, but I was searching for the project that said who I was. I’ve been showing people I can rap for so long, I felt it’s time for them to know who I am. I had to find a way to spill my guts, and make sure that the bars,or at least what I was known for was present. I decided to reach to a place that I’ve thought I’ve been before but you’re never really there till you are, and I finally was. I reached inside myself, my own mind, what was going on in there. Instead of what’s happening on T.V, or in the world or trying to relate, let me work on me, and see what comes from that. I was so driven and inspired, that once I caught the first track, ended up completing the recording process of the project within a week. The records that stood out to me the most were The Check Cashing series. My intentions were to tell the story of someone in a position to shed

emotions to move forward. One of my favorite albums ever is Sticky Fingaz The Autobiography of Kirk Jones where a midst the songs on the project, he would be telling a story filled with thrill, excitement & much detail. One of my favorite writers is Edgar Allen Poe, and how he details his scenery so vividly & lucid that you may feel something as you read. The Check Cashing is a piece inspired by my favorite writers & there skill in detailing.

What’s your take on the Hip Hop that’s currently coming out of NY? I mean, what’s there to take other than what’s giving - like what’s new about the current hip hop coming out oft he city? You have your dope stuff and you have your weak stuff - nothing new in terms of what’s going on, but across the nation, not just New York there is a whole new wave and sound, as usual and there is nothing wrong with that! New York is an artist itself, stuck in limbo,weather to be apart of the wave or to create one. Now a days hiphop isn’t as “MC” dominated as it once was, where techniques and bars reigned. Other styles have taken the



front stage. If there was one thing I would hope about the hiphop coming out of New York, is for the MC’s to realize they have the ability to bring a wave to the table. - It doesn’t have to be what I do, or what he do - but it will be what we do, and doesn’t have to be what they do..But right now, I would say I’m content with the light being shined down on the city. It’s only a matter of time before the spotlight is on me! I’m excited for that!

Who is Denzil Porter, behind the music? Beyond the music you have a vibrant culturally inclined knowledge sponge from uptown Bronx, A stubborn bull with a lot of patience,but a small tolerance for discouragement. I’m just a Taurus. Built a studio when I was 15, started a gang of musicians and wild boys called The Wreckhouse. We dropped mixtapes, threw parties and tormented the streets of the Bronx like all the other crews. Denzil Porter is the bearer of good times and inspiration! I release the secrets of turning shit in to gold! I grew up in The North Bronx, an area plagued with distractions like most inner city neighborhoods. I did a lot of listening to any and everyone, a lot of learning from the wise & the ignorant, and I was involved with enough to tell a story, but not enough to complete one,cause life is still ticking - as long as life goes on, so does the story. Finding that gold, listening to people,and giving them a reason to smile through a storm has always been my thing. Being through storms and storms over and over again in life, I know It’s a difficult task making someone smile through hard times but I’m always up for a challenge. When my brother was going through the process of deportation, we would always right each other “1st to a million” it was always a reason to smile through everything. I once made a whole funeral laugh and smile through the tears, sharing a story of the loved one & I.


What through your upbringing has shaped your creative outlook the most? I grew up under hiphop’s sister...The Bronx –a melting pot of Puerto Ricans, Trinidad, Guyanese, Dominicans and in my area, White Plains Road, a lot of Jamaicans. My parents are from Westmorland, Jamaica and from Jamaica to the Bronx There was music everywhere. Every corner, every weekend, I can feel the vibrations of the baseline from everlasting riddims like Taxi, Pepper-seed, Diwali& then wake up in the morning bumping Wu-tang, or Outkast at school with Claws(my producer)or listening to the new G-unit mixtape all day, while working on my own craft. My wordplay would come out special. I wouldn’t have an accent, but I would be applying techniques, speeds and wittiness and shifting my voice as I heard the dancehall artists would. Even my performance, the concerts my father would bring me to would be so off the wall that when I would see some amazing mc’s perform, I couldn’t understand how it wasn’t called poetry on stage. I’m older now, so I realize some artists move and some don’t, but me -I feel it’s in my blood to move!!The sounds I grew up to,had a lot of energy and positive vibrations. They were sometimes fast, aggressive and straight to the point and sometimes they were slow, intellectual and required some critical thinking. This is dancehall & reggae the sister to the lover I chose - hiphop.

Can you tell us about your experience with TeamBackpack? Teambackpack is the KAHBAHGGGGSSSHHH**makes fist and opens it during decent** (that’s a bomb by the way). It’s the platform for a guy like me...I don’t consider myself a

Real Artist Wanted Magazine

battle rapper at all, that’s a whole different thing, but the competitive nature that comes out during a cypher is one like none other. The thrill of winning over the crowd in an all out melee vs the audience, the other MC’s & the world! You don’t have to take somebodies head off, but you have to make sure your the head they remember. The magic is when you have all MC’s of the same nature, as in going in for that #1 spot in one shot and that’s what Teambackpack manages to catch in their cyphers. It’s a world behind the mainstream, where one may think these forms of hip hop have passed but in this expanding world it is the heart and soul of the movement. It was a stage for some of the best wordsmiths& lyricists of our modern day. In 2015 I was fortunate to have 2 placements in the top 10, one being first, against possibly the best verses from freestyles and cyphers over the web. It was a major accomplishment for the MC’s I was up against,as they were no joke, but sheeeeeshhh, that “Mortal Kombat” verse was no joke either. Since then I’ve sustained what I would say a heavy foot in the TBP community, with a goal on my mind of killing every cypher. Things only became more challenging and exciting with the formation of OCD. Chris Rivers , Oswin Benjamin and myself became known as OCD after a cipher called “Three Wise Men” where Chris Rivers challenges the whole TBP universe. The following that performance, OCD returned, this time we challenged ourselves since no one else stepped up. Prior to this, Our relationship was already of a genuine nature, our careers were all blossoming in different areas, we all were and still are fans of one another’s ability and seek to learn from one another ...but when TBP called for the cypher, no one expected it to build such a demand and thus it became official as if it was already written.

If your storytelling ability wasn’t already clear, it definitely becomes just that through the “The Check Cashing” series of songs. How have you honed that skill to this point? All my life, I would say I’ve had the gift and the curse of detail. I’ve been told I read slower than others because I spend time thinking about what I’m actually reading. I’ve always had an interest in story tellers. Before the books, before the music, there was the fire and the story teller. This I believe is the root of creativity. The art is appreciated by the story it tells or the story it holds. Growing up I would write stories of what I saw, heard,or even stories from others and I would make sure it was something that would challenge my mind because I know if it would challenge me it would challenge them. I once wrote a song called “My first love” when I was about 15, an inflated story inspired by a girl I knew in high school and the challenges she was going through. My goal then was to simply captivate with every line. I wrote a song of a kidnapping I witnessed back in high school and with that, the challenge was painting the detail and adding more action to the true events My song “Intuition” was one challenge I remember. The goal was to tell a story that can hold the listener all the way till the end for the big bang. It’s not easy to tell a story. I wanted people to get closer, and closer, and closer and think they have it and then BOOM! Oh shit! Someone got it ...The Check Cashing series being my latest challenge introduced to the world, is me trying to be nostalgic and modern simultaneously. Replacing the usual interlude with a series, a story line to hold on to,as you vibe to the sounds of the album. Something to make the listener say, “wait? What happened? Bring that back”... and feel as if it’s a whole different



project in one. Recently, people have been gravitating to the independent urban series movement going on Youtube and other platforms like “Money & Violence” on Tidal. I wanted one of my own, in my element. All of these thoughts ran through my head before I even started writing. I wanted it to be first person view, and I was inspired by the concept of the movie Split and Edgar Allen Poe’s “William Wilson”. A first person dialog of a man having conversations with himself. I don’t want the listener to know that it is one man right away! I want them to come to this as one of many conclusions. I just want to open the mind and let it fill in the blanks. THE BIG CHALLENGE with robbing that check cashing store, was making sure that nothing went wrong. Anything that was written or said in the song I had to make sure I covered everything so nothing went wrong in the story line. Not a thought, I didn’t want (myself) some detailed driven arrogant stubborn fan to come find some “ohh what the phone gotta do with anything” ... like dawgs, the phone was mentioned in episode 2, you weren’t listening and of course you get rid of the phones so they can’t use them... see what I’m saying, anything being said you can think about and say “oh, ok, that makes sense”.

of Jerry’s uncle Pecos and him popping that guitar string saying “crambone” ... my mood was already up and playful and every once in a while I would stop rapping to chat a lil bit , as if the string popped on the guitar and I have to go pop another from Tom’s whiskers. I composed my verse, the whole time,the only sound I could hear is the low bass line.”Even against the Odds”listen to the horns, feel the vibe that it it to one of my older records “Take Me Away” ... there’s those horns again, and the keys! Now listen to the concepts, compare them. See what certain sounds pullcertain vibes, concepts,and attitudes out of me and every other artist. This is apart of that science. When it comes to beat selection, I don’t think it’s just the artist.. I think it’s the beat, the instruments, the sound and the moment. So when I get an inbox full of beats, IM DOWN!! Hell yea! I’ll find something that will fit my energy or mode, although it’s nothing like creating in the moment! In fact, most of the beats,if not all produced by Melks were made right in front of me.[I really appreciate y’all taking the time to check me out and to cover me in R.A.W mag! much love -one love]

Beat selection, how do you go about it? Eeenie ... Meenie... miniee .. Moe..I believe there is some science to music that one can’t simply explain. The mood, environment, activity, the dominating hobby, whatever is on the mind a simple sound or instrument can be the soul connection between the artist and that beat. Sometimes I just hear that sound, and may not fully grab the other sounds until I’m already done, or it feels right to switch the cadence (another instrument can help you find one)For example, “The Rough Draft”on SOMP. Once I heard the low strings at the beginning, I instantly thought


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Real Artist Wanted Magazine Photographed by: Common Culture

Can you take us through your creative journey that making Purgatory took you on?

What is your favorite part of making music?

Purgatory was quite the experience for me, It was more than just an album, it was my reality, my sanctuary. Endless amounts of hours, tears, and joy is what made this album what it is. And because of that, every single consumer will be able to feel the emotion that I felt when I wrote it and created it, this is the sole purpose of my music. To make you feel.

Music is of the soul and music feeds the soul. Bringing complete strangers together to consume one sound . when you’re making music and when you’re listening to music, you can float in it, get lost in it. Music keeps us sane, we all need it.

Who in your life has had the most influence on you creatively and how do you use their influence today?

How has your sound developed over time - where do you draw influence from creatively?

My mom did, she gave me my first guitar on my birthday, the first thing i did was run to the basement to make a song.

My sound has evolved tremendously over time. I had to research and learn and practice and write consistently, I had to run and sing, discipline my mind, eat healthy, everything to be the best version of me. And i still do all of these things. I am always inspired by life, I am inspired by people who are inspired and people who are moving up right along next to me, its pretty incredible to see everybody grow and to have the ability to grow off of that.

What artists do you look up to? What artists did you grow up listening to?

Who is Asia Divine, behind the music? I’m a curious person, my mind is always on the move, even when I stop writing, I’m always mentally writing. I can get really deep into thought about most things, mostly what I’m going to do next to better myself and keep my Chakra’s charged. I’m an activist, I love interacting with people and being out in the world.

I grew up on Erykah Badu, Bob Marley, Whitney Huston, Monica, Aretha, P. Diddy, Tupac. Basically too many people to name, but i looked up to Bob Marley the most not only because of his incredible music and his ability to entice a crowd the way he did, but also because of who he was, I admire his outlook on life and his mental stability with or without the fame. He always showed grace to himself and other people, I respect that.

What was your inspiration behind “Backwards” also, how was your experience collaborating on that track?

, Backwards, I believe I was in a mood that day where i felt underestimated, that’s how I felt a lot of the time in the making of Purgatory. Backwards was about people who tell you, you’d never be great, but on their end, was never doing anything with their lives.



Makes me sad that people can’t just be happy for others when opportunities arise, and that it has to result in negative comments, people will literally go all out of their way to bring you down. Sad isn’t it ? [lol] But it is what it is, i’m still doing what i’m doing, and I feel good.


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PEARL CITY, HI Who are you and where are you from?

Would you say that you have a style, how would you describe it?

I’m Astreaux Guillotine from Pearl City,

My style has different elements to it, due to the fact that I’ve also been raised in Georgia and Arkansas. It’s more of an amoebic flow that works with each beat differently.

How did you get your start in music, what made you want to be an artist?

I grew up around music from my mom Have you ever been inspired to create a song with social or political listening to Bob Marley to my older influence? sister listening to Nas and Wu-Tang Clan. Yes, I spoke out on the inconsistencies When did you discover you had of the expectations of the felons who this special gift and love for music get out of jail. How you’re supposed to be reintegrated into society, but it’s enough to want to pursue it? more or less a sink or swim mentally. A lot of things are designed for us to sink I started with poetry. I actually wrote my first poem at the age of 12 in and it’s messed up. church. I realized at the age of 16 that I could turn the poems into music and started learning about making music



How do you create outside of your own music? I’ve ghost written before and am always open to working with artists. I’m not gonna disclose anybody, but I’ve been behind the scenes for awhile to help nurture and push people to be the best versions of themselves. Not that I’m some super established artist myself, just that I possess certain intangibles that draw others to want to work with me. Are you working on any collab projects right now?

really has me excited at the moment is a collaborative 10 song album I’ve got with another artist from Oahu. It’s still pretty hush hush right now, so I can’t really say much. It’s definitely the culmination of the growth of my style in the past 2 years, so I’m intrigued on the reception when we’re ready to get the promo wagon going. Being in this industry what are some of the challenges have you faced that have helped with your growth as an artist?

more current and my recent successes have shown people are noticing. I get hit up by different artists to shed light on how I do things or how I get on the shows that I get on. Some people just need that extra encouragement to keep pushing. Hell, I know I do. My line is always open for artists trying to find their way, just so long as they’re not wasting both of our time. What can we look forward to in the future from you?

Future? Well, Flame The biggest challenge for Tsunami is slated for me was getting locked December 2017 and Yeeeeah, I’m actually up for 7 years when my Lotus, my debut album working on 3 different career was still taking named after my son, is projects. I just got the shape. I came back to coming spring 2018. track list for my EP, Flame the scene as a new guy For anything regarding Tsunami, it’s about 12-13 and had to learn fast and shows and other events, tracks. Features my new on my feet. Over time people can find me on single “#Yeezy ft. Wild”, the performances and IG @strolokomodo, FB which also has a music songs got better because Astro Guillotine and Snap video shot by Juan Rivera I wasn’t writing from a astroguillotine. Also, located on the Astreaux place of memory of the I usually frequent The Guillotine YouTube things I used to do. Vault especially on channel. I’ve got the I’m writing from what I Fridays and Saturday Shell Gvng mixtape go thru and channel that nights so there’s always that should be coming into the song. a chance to see me pop in 2018 with Jahn Lion, In turn, that made my up and perform. JSun and King Cap. What music start to sound 44

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From The Editors Desk You have to learn to love changes that redirect your path. You have to be able to roll with inconsistencies that are out of your control. So, you have to stay consistent to be able to handle that extra weight. You can’t let what you think you know to be true, hold you back from understanding what is really true. Life is a maze man. I think as creatives we were gifted an advantage - An outlet that’s always there to tap into when you need to. An outlet that provides air not only for you but for other people as well. This is for the creatives. Always has been, always will be. Stay real. Stay R.A.W -Mason

R.A.W Magazine Fall/Winter 2017: Airwaves  
R.A.W Magazine Fall/Winter 2017: Airwaves  

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