Subutex vs Suboxone: Which one is better to treat opioid abuse?

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Subutex vs Suboxone: Which one is better to treat opioid abuse? Suboxone and Subutex are mostly similar with one major structural difference. Both the drug contain buprenorphine as the active ingredient and are used for treating opiate addiction. They work by eliminating the withdrawal symptoms, including the cravings, when a person stops taking opioids. Best of all, they work even if the person does take opioids, simply by not allowing them to interact with the receptors in the brain. No interaction equates to no euphoria, thereby, giving the person the perfect incentive to stop taking opioids. This is why doctors recommend Suboxone or Subutex for Opioid abuse treatment.

Why Are Opioids Addictive? Opioids have a simple mechanism. They attach themselves to the receptors in the brain and affect the functions of the brain to manipulate the release of chemicals. If used for a long time, tolerance for opioids is developed. If the opioid intake is stopped or reduced, it leads to empty and inactive receptors which ‘crave’ opioids making a person addicted to them. Additionally, after prolonged usage of opioids, there are many new inactive receptors as well. The more opioid is consumed, the more the cravings increase, thereby leading to a selffeeding spiral of opioid abuse and addiction. Suboxone vs Subutex: How Do They Work

Subutex and suboxone both work by focusing on eliminating the cravings, therefore their method of working is not different. They attach themselves to the opioid receptors similar to an opioid, to stop the cravings. The receptors do not register any difference and thus are activated, effectively stopping the cravings as well as the withdrawal symptoms. While buprenorphine does activate the receptors, they are not strong enough to create euphoria. So the risk of addiction is insignificant. They can not only attach to the empty inactive receptors but also with the active receptors by replacing the opioids. Thereafter, once the buprenorphine is attached to the receptor, it cannot be displaced by an opioid. Suboxone vs Subutex: Their Structural Difference The only major difference while comparing Suboxone vs Subutex is that Suboxone contains naloxone in addition to buprenorphine. If Suboxone is taken properly, it does not have a functional difference from Subutex. But if it is abused, it makes the withdrawal symptoms much worse. Naloxone is an ‘opiate antagonist’ as compared to buprenorphine which is an opiate partial agonist. While it binds to the opioid receptors similar o buprenorphine, it does not ‘activate’ these receptors. So the opioids or buprenorphine cannot bind with the receptors any longer but the receptors remain inactive still craving opioids. This leads to instant cravings and withdrawal symptoms that no amount of opioids can fix. But unless someone chooses to abuse Suboxone, the risks are negligible. Order Suboxone Patches Online You can purchase Subutex or Suboxone patches over the internet as well. It is a quick and easy way to get your medications. You can choose among several vendors located in the USA and other countries. When comparing the vendors, be sure to compare the pricing policies, return policies, shipping policies, reviews of previous customers, etc. You should always Order Suboxone Patches via Cod Online from certified vendors. When you order from certified vendors, not only do you Get Subutex patches Cash on Delivery (or Suboxone) but also such other options as easy refunds and re-shipping in case of non-delivery. They are ‘prescription only’ drugs, so you need to have a valid prescription before ordering. To Know More Contact us at 347-305-5444 Or E-mail: Source:-

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