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2012 Mason Area Fair & RodeO Celebrating a Century of Community Pride in Mason County!

. . t i w o r G . . “Sew it ” ! t i w o h S and 2012 Fair Results!

“Have your cake and eat it too!”

Amethyst Bloomfield steals the show with her amazing Paul and Babe creation! See page 3 for details

Volunteers, vendors, participants, organizers and the Mason County community – you are FANTASTIC! Congratulations! Thank you to Mason County’s Lodging Tax Fund, the Port of Shelton and the Little Creek Casino Resort for your major support. Wonderful again this year was the local support. Thank you to all who donated to the Fair! Thank you to Olympic Panel for your generous contribution of plywood to repair barns & create signage! Thank you Tozier Brothers, for loaning equipment! Thank you, Eddie, Gary & Kathy, Haigh Vet Hospital, for again sponsoring animal checks! Your contribution is much appreciated! Thank you Brady’s Trucking for delivering shavings - and Simpson’s for providing them – the barns looked and smelled great! It was a great Fair! Animal numbers were up, attendence increased and the entertainment was spectacular! Especially wonderful was the live music including the ever-amazing Fiddle Association, our own local favorites High Ceiling & the MacCartneys, and new favorites this year - Wooster & Unified Culture! Thanks also to Robert Poole and the KMAS Songwriter’s Stage!

And the Fire Breathers? Well, they are simply amazing and get better all the time with new material! A very special thank you to Wes and John who burn brighter each day! Thank you to Randy Howard and the crew with the Shelton High School ROTC Boster Club who did a terrific job with parking, garbage and carnival support! This year our “commercial” carnival was replaced with rides provided by Clowns Unlimited. While some people missed the larger mechanical rides, the majority were delighted at the reasonably priced armbands, better location and variety of rides. They are excited at the prospect of returning in 2013 with Laser Tag and a 300 foot zip line! We were especially excited to keep your dollars local! The food vendors took in a combined total of $67,000! That’s a lot of corndogs and ice cream! As always, it was a pleasure working with the Rodeo. Saturday’s event had record cowboy and spectator attendence– and, as always, they put on a spectaular show. In 2013 we would like to invite a motorized competion event for Sunday! We are looking for volunteers to head this venture! It has been a pleasure collaborating with the community to steward the continuation of this important tradition of a Fair.

The Mason Area Fair Board is comprised of concerned citizens within Mason County and beyond who believe that this 100–year–plus tradition is important. You are encouraged to offer your skill sets to build the best Fair ever for 2013. The Road Ahead Once again we have reached a pivotal point in the perilous journey that our community fair has been forced to take in the last few years. Currently the Fairgrounds is slated to be removed in less than 12 months. There is no plan in place to replace it. If the Mason Area Fair is important to you and your family, please take the time to speak with community members and help see its existence into the next generation. We need to make it clear to our local elected representaives how important this facility is! No one can deny the impact the Fair has on so many lives.

Not just in building local realationships but also to have the opportunity to share community pride! Oysterfest is an integral part of our community. Many local non-profits use this as their major fundraiser – and the tourism dollars in an otherwise quiet month, are essentia. Currently we have raised over 1800 signatures in support of the Fairgrounds and another 100 or more letters, emails and comment forms requesting that some solution be found. Please do not “go quietly into that dark night”– support efforts to find a new home or encouage the governing bodies to give the Fairgrounds a period of time to work with to rebuild relationships, clientele and financial stability. You can help by attending events at the Fairgrounds! Join us at Habitat for Humanity’s movies on the grass, September 2; Oysterfest, October 5-6 and the Autumn Fest, October 13 - 27!

Agriculture Thank you to Superintendent, Nancy Dillon and her GIANT team of amazing helpers! Thank you also to sponsors, as well as Red’s Honey Bees for their display! Youth: Cecilia Arlene Muleth:Best of Division; Eleana Salamanca: Reserve of Class Adult: Julianne Andrewski: Best of Divion 11; Pat Carpenter: Special Award Division 4, Reserve of Division 4, Reserve of Divion 11, Reserve of Show Division 22, Reserve of Division 7; Mike Cline: Best of Dision 19; Allison Crane: Best of Division 22; Best of Show; Norma Kermme Borden: Best of Division 23; Doris Spear: Best of Show Division 21, Best of Class Division 21, Honorable Mention Division 10;Mary Spear: Best of Divion 7; Brook Hurst Stephens: Best of Division 15; Best of Division 24; Sherry Van Boven: Reserve of Division 7, Reserve of Division 19, Reserve of Division 13, Honorable Mention Division 24


Thank you to Superintendent, Teri King, the Washington Sea Grant, and many supporters! The Aquaculture display is a great addition to the Mason Fair and gets better every year! Baking

Juliana Andrewski: Best of Class; Special Contest-1st Place Best Pie $15; Tally Bennett: Honorable Mention; Special Contest- 3rd Place Best Pie $5; Amethyst Keller Bloomfield: Best in Show, Best in Division, People’s Choice, Special Contest - 1st Place “Cake Decorated to Fair Theme” $15;

Renee Christensen: Best of Division, Best of Class; Claudia Cruse: Reserve Grand; Reserve of Division; Reserve of Division; Special Contest -2nd Place Best Pie $10; Special Contest -2nd Place “Cake Decorated to Fair Theme” $10; Cynthia Johns: People’s Choice; Ty Lacy: Honorable Mention; Madison McClanahan: Reserve of Class; Special Contest - 1st Place Best Cookie $15; Bethany Spears: Best of Class; Mary Spaulding: Special Contest; Ava Taylor: Best of Class; Honorable Mention

Crafts & Hobbies

Welcome & thank you to NEW Superintendent, Glen helen Smithers - who bravely and wonderfully took on 3 departments! Division 60 Division 61 Division 62 Division 65 Division 66 Division 67 Division 155 Division 156 Division 157 Division 159 Division 170

Jessica Carey Fern Nakamura Autrey Carey, Annalee Schilter Rosemary Wulf, Tim Barnett, Kristie Cronin, Mary Spaulding, Ford Nelson, Larry Harbaugh Kierina Spear Ty Lacy, Olivia Lacy, Madison Broadwell, Melissa MacKintosh David Winkler, Loren Hanson Jamie Sutton Linsdey Curneen, Lauren Curneen, Jim Burch, Ty Lacy Dakota Roman Cecelia Mutek

Annalee Schilter-Bourgault shows off her horse collection to friend, Matilda Smither-Winslow - photo Glen Helen Smithers

Fine Arts Cameron Osier, Michael Lake, Frances Morrow, Janette Stiles, Gail Edmiston, Glen Fourre, Sonja Christianson, Larry Harbaugh Youth: Star Roman, Allison Lacy, Shawna Lacy, Kaylin Ogg, Amy Self, Jamie Sutton, Cameron Pedrin, Reeve Wulf, Dara Joy Wolf, Carter Cronin, Claire Cronin

Floral & Horticulture

Food Preservation

Renee Christensen: Honorable Mention; Riana Friest: Best of Division, Thank you; Karen Gerber: Honorable Mention; Lucy Maher: Honorable Mention,Honorable Mention; Harlan Olson: Best of Class; Honorable Mention;Brook Hurst Stephens: Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Honorable Mention

Youth: Shania Cline: Best of DiviGrange: sion, Best of Class; Bowman Kunzle: Thank you to all the Grange members Reserve of Clas, Reserve of Class; who dedicate so many hours to their great Adelaine Kunzle: Reserve of Division Adult: Beatrix Blackerby: Best of displays,! Show, Honorable Mention; D. Carle: Best of Class; Dee Dee Cline: Best Agate Grange 1st of Class; Allision Crane: Reserve of Harstine Grange 2nd Division; Tanya Jabloski: HonorSkokomish Grange 3rd able Mention; Kitten Rescue: Best of Twanoh Grange 4th Division; Margie Plebuch: Honorable Mention, Best of Class; Lou Schmidt: Best of Class Division 7, Best of Class Division 14; Sherry Van Boven: Reserve of Division; Honorable Mention; Grange Exhibits | photo: Michelle Bernath


Adult: Harley Wivell: Special Award; Diane Meyers: Best of Class, Honorable Mention, People’s Choice; Richard Bucholz: Special Award, Best of Class; Becky Cole: Reserve of Division, Best of Class; Sara Starr: Special Award; Gloria, Kiddy: Best of Show, Best of Division Best of Class; Linda Cole: Reserve of Division; reserve of Show, Best of Class; Linda Gunn: Honorable Mention; Youth: Roman Jones: Honorable Mention; Best of Class

Home Arts & Needlework:

Mavis Grove:Reserve of Division 190, Best of Division 190; Ruth Irish: Reserve of Division 200, Reserve of Division 200 Victoria Meadows: Best of Class 200; Susan Higby: : Best of Class 199-24, Reserve of Division 199-40; Cheryl Burchum: Best of Division 199-6; Lori Knowles: Best of Division 203-15, Reserve of Class 203-5 (Yippee, Lori!); Stacey Schneidmiller:: Re-

198-6; Lori Breidenstein: Best of Class 194-9, Reserve of Class 194-8; Laureen Ekse: Peoples’ Choice - Saturday; Bethany Spears: Peoples’ Choice - Sunday

Choice, Best of Show, Best of Division, Thank you; Stottle Winery: Best of Class, Best of Class; Reserve of Show, Best of Division.

Knitting & Crocheting Competition - SAT

4-H Judging: Caitlin Pompa: Best in Show, Best of Breed (Abyssinian Sr. Boar); Triston Carlstrom: Reserve in Show, Best of Breed (American Jr. Sow), Best of Breed (Peruvian Sr. Sow); Alexis Carlstrom: Best of Breed (Silkie Sr. Sow); Lena Hatton: Best Opposite Sex of Breed; Hunter Carlstrom: Best of Breed (Coronet Sr. Sow); Primary Trail Carlstrom Best of Breed (American Sr. Boar), Best of Breed (Teddy Sr. Boar) 4-H Fitting & Showing: Alexis Carlstrom: Champion / Senior Stephanie Holter: Champion / Intermediate; Caitlin Pompa: Reserve Champion / Intermediate Hunter Carlstrom: Champion / Junior Open: Piper Gallagher, Youth Best in Show, Best of Breed (Abyssinian Int. Sow); Annalee Schilter-Bourgaut, Youth, Reserve in Show, Best of Breed (American Sr. Sow) Catherine Pompa, Adult, Best of Breed (Abyssinian Sr. Sow)

Arlene Anastasion 1st Kathleen Workman 2nd Susan Higby 3rd


Thank you to superintendent, Jim Nutt! Also kudos to his team: Frank Isaac, Lacie Jorgensen, Lori Heinzen, Victoria Meadows and Leora & Dean Byrd! Sandi Gruver: Reserve of Division (216) Superintendent’s Choice (216); Dean Byrd: Best of Division (216); Best of Show; Kaley Zene: Reserve of Division (215); Leeya Scott: Best of Division (215); Reserve of Show

Wine Making:

Black River Winery: Best of Division, Thank you; Hoodsport Winery: Best of Division, Reserve of Class; Best of Class, Honorable Mention; Latah Creek: Superintendent’s

Above: Matilda Smither-Winslow holds illustrated storybook!photo Smithers Literary Arts: Tessa Blackstead: Best in Di-

vision, Honorable Mention; Tayla Blackstead: Honorable Mention; Claire Cronin: Reserve of Division; Matilda Smither -Winslow: Best of Show, Best of Division- Create Your Own Book; April Rocha: Honorable Mention

Natural Resources:

Ken Brewer: Best of Class

serve of Division 203-5, Best of Division 204-3, Reserve of Division 204-18; Vicki Rice: Reserve of Class 202-17; Margie Plebuch: Best of Class 191-5; Judy Nicholson: Reserve of Division 193-3; Rick & Erin Meadows: Reserve of Show 191-6; Helen Hughs: Best of Show 191-11; Barbara Groff: Best of Division 2003; Peggy Giza: Best of Class 202-17; Mari Esser: Best of Division 191-16, Peoples’ Choice - Friday; Claudia Cruse: Best of Division 193-6; Renee Christensen: Reserve of Division



4-H Type Judging: Wyatt MacDonald: Best of Show, Grand Champion Turkey, Grand Champion Game Bantam Class Audrey Lambert: Reserve of Show, Grand Champion FLB Class; K’Lee MacDonald: Grand Champion Standard, Grand Champion AOSB Class, Reserve Grand Champion Turkey Mary Lambert: Grand Champion Asiatic Class 4-H Fitting & Showing: Audrey Lambert: Grand Champion / Senior; Mary Francis Lambert: Grand Champion / Intermediate; Wyatt MacDonald: Grand Champion / Junior FFA Type Judging: Emily Johnson: Best of Show, Reserve of Show, Grand Champion Bantam, Reserve Grand Champion Bantam, Grand Champion FLB Class, Reserve Grand Champion FLB Class; Christa Kealy: Grand Champion Duck, Reserve Grand Champion Duck FFA Fitting & Showing: Emily Johnson: Grand Champion / Graduate; Christa Kealy: Grand Champion / novice


4-H Judging: Jake Funkhouser; Coriana Kretscmer:; Kobree Schneidmiller: Nyasia Schneidmiller: Jessica Schreiber; Trisha Joblonski; Kelsey Twidwell; Michael Gilman; Savanah Schneidmiller; Alex Slack; Lena Hattan Open: Karen Cannard, Sherry Bodin; Kobree Schneidmiller: Jake Funhouser; Jessica Schreiber; Kelsey Twidwell; Nyasia Schneidmiller: Savanah Schneidmiller


Thank you, Jessica Howard,, Mary Chilton and Kerri Olsen for bringing amazing goat exhibits to the fair!

4-H Judging: Bethany McMullen: Jr. Nubian Doe Champion; Reserve Champion Showmanship; Alexis Carlstrom: Jr Nigerian Dwarf Doe Champion, Goat

costume Reserve Champion, Reserve Champion Showmanship; Colt Pais: Sr Pygmy Wether Champion, Sr Pygmy Doe Champion, Sr Pygmy Doe reserve Champion,; Daynah Anderson: Sr Meat Doe Champion; Huntrr Carlstrom: Goat Costume Champion Open: Kat Drovdahl: Sr. La Mancha Champion, Sr La Mancha Reserve Champion, La Mancha Grand Champion, La Mancha Reserve Grand Champion; Justin Kramer: Jr La Manch Champion, Reserve Champion; Rachel Hamm: Jr Nubian Champion; Jessica Howard: Jr Nubian Reserve Champion; Caprice Kramer: Sr Nubian Champion, reserve Champion, Nubian Grand, Reserve Champion; Ann Moelman: Best Doe in Show, Sr Swiss Breed Champion and Grand Champion; Dixie Lee Davis: Jr Nigerian Dwarf Champion, Reserve Champion, Nigerian Dwarf Grand and Reserve

Grand Champion; Alexis Carlstrom: Jr Nubian Ddwarf Reserve Champion

Thank you!

Fair Winnings, from cash prizes one in the goat barn by Best Doe in Show – Ann Moelhman, were donated back to the Fair! cattle

Open Robin Pittack: Champion Dexter Female Reserve Champion Dexter Female Champion Dexter Bull Reserve Champion Dexter Bull Best of Show Bull Reserve Best of Show Female Fisher Farms: Champion Brahman Female Reserve Champi Brahman Female Best of Show Female Champion Brahman Bull Reserve Champion Brahman Bull Reserve Best of Show Bull FFA Jake Aldrich Shelton FFA Reserve Champion Novice Beef Fitting and Showing; Champion Shorthorn Steer JD Clemons Shelton FFA: Champion Novice Beef Fitting and Showing; Reserve Champion Hereford Female Reserve BOS Female

Riley Fisher Tenino FFA: Champion Senior Beef Fitting and Showing, Champion Longhorn Female; Champion Brahman Female; Champion Longhorn Bull BOS Bull, Champion and Best of Show Female; Baily Fisher Tenino FFA: Reserve Champion Senior Beef Fitting and Showing; Res Champion Brahman Female; Reserve Champion Longhorn; Res Champion and Res Best of Show Female; Alysha Ellenberger Shelton FFA: Champion Graduate Beef Fitting and Showing, Champion Hereford Female BOS Female; Haily Free Shelton FFA: Champion Dexter Bull Reserve BOS Bull; Zack Scannell Graham: Res Champion Intermediate Fitting and Showing; Champion Pinzgauer Female


4-H: Colt Pais: 3 Best of Varieties, 1 Best of Breed, 1 Best Opposite Sex of Breed, 1 Reserve of Show Danny Goeders: 2 Best of Varieties, 2 Best Opposite Sex of Breed, Grand Champion - Pet; Melissa Kretschmer: 2 Best of Varieties, 1 Best Opposite Sex of Breed, 1 Best of Breed, 1 Best of Show; Alexis Carlstrom1 Best of Variety 4-H Fitting and Showing: Alexis Carlstrom:Grand Champion / Senior; Melissa Kretschmer: Grand Champion / Intermediate Triston Carlstrom: Reserve Grand Champion / Intermediate

Colt Pais: Grand Champion / Junior; Hunter Carlstrom: Reserve Grand Champion / Junior 4-H Rabbit Equipment Colt Pais, Champion & Reserve Champion 4-H Knowledge Bowl / Judging / Costume Contests Alexis Carlstrom Champion Melissa Reserve Champion Triston Carlstrom Champion Hunter Junior Champi Trail Primary Rainbow FFA Type Judging: Emily Johnson 1 Champion Meat Pen of 3 Fryer Rabbits, 1 Best of Variety, 1 Best of Breed, 1 Best of Show; Haley Free:1 Best of Variety, 1 Best of Breed, 1 Peoples’ Choice FFA Fitting & Showing: Emily Johnson: Grand Champion / Graduate; Haley Free: Grand Champion / Novice FFA Knowledge Bowl / Judging / Costume Contests Emily Johnson: Champion Graduate; Haley Free: Champion Novice FFA Livestock Auction: Emily Johnson: Meat Pen of 3 Fryer Rabbits $285 Open: Colt Pais: 3 Best of Varieties, 1 Best Opposite Sex of Breed, 1 Best of Breed, 1 Reserve of Show;

photos: Summer Kenesson

photo: Michelle Bernath

The Briney Sea!

Young and old delighted in the addition of a huge marine touch tank at the 2012 Fair -led by Sea Grant biologists and shellfish farmers - this was an informative & popular attraction!

The amazing 2012 Fair entertainment filled three stages; three days! Performers came in all types.. and ages! This group of aspiring young artists delighted audiences with their popular favorites!

Thank you! Thank you to Ann & Gus Donk, Mineral, WA for the amazing opportunity for so many people to experiencen the draft horse drawn wagons!

Cameron Mosier poses with his winning painting!

Happy new rabbit owners!

Over 300 showed up to participate and watch the Bunny Scrabble in the Rodeo Arena, Sunday. Lucky winners took home a new pet– much to the surprise of their onlooking parents! Thank you, Teddy!

Casey & Bird, Belgian team

continued from page 5

Melissa Kretschmer: 2 Best of Varieties, 1 Best Opposite Sex of Breed, 1 Best of Breed, 1 Best of Show; Danny Goeders: 2 Best of Varieties, 1 Best Opposite Sex of Breed, 1 Best of Breed; Emily Johnson: 1 Best of Variety, 1 Champion Meat Pen of 3 Fryer Rabbits, Alexis Carlstrom: Best of Variety Open Rabbit Equipment: Colt Pais, Champion & Reserve Champion


FFA: Emily Johnson: Grand Champion FFA Suffolk Ewe, Grand Champion Southdown Ewe, Best in Show FFA Ewe, Emily Johnson: Grand Champion FFA Fitting and Showing Graduate Nicole Carter: Grand Champion FFA Novice Fitting and Showing, Grand Champion FFA Market Lamb (For Sale) Kobree Schneidmiller: Reserve Grand Champion FFA Fitting and

Showing Graduate, Grand Champion Blue Faced Leicester Ram and Ewe, Reserve Grand Champion Blue Faced Leicester Ram, Best in Show FFA Ram, Best in Show FFA Fleece 4-H: Nyasia Schneidmiller: Grand Champion Senior 4-H Fitting and Showing, Grand Champion Blue Faced Leicester Ewe, Reserve Best in Show 4-H Ewe; Savvana Schneidmiller: Reserve Intermediate 4-H Fitting and Showing Champion, Reserve Grand Champion Blue Face Leicester Ewe Patty Brown: Grand Champion 4-H Intermediate Fitting and Showing, Grand Champion Dorset Ewe, Reserve Grand Champion Dorset Ewe, Reserve Grand Champion Suffolk Ewe, Best in Show 4-H Suffolk Ewe, Grand Champion 4-H Market Lamb Grand Champion 4-H Fleece and Best in Show 4-H Fleece Open: Patty Brown: Champion Open Dorset Ewe, Reserve Champion Open Suffolk Ewe, Reserve

Champion Open Dorset Ewe, Champion Meat Fleece Stacey Schneidmiller: Best in Show Fleece, Champion Wool Fleece; Kobree Schneidmiller:Champion Blue Face Leicester Ewe, Champion Blue Face Leicester Ram, Reserve Champion Blue Face Leicester Ram, Best in Show Open Ewe, Reserve Best in Show Open Ram; Ken and Mary Brown: (Huge Creek Suffolk) Champion Suffolk Ewe, Champion Suffolk Ram, Reserve Champion Suffolk Ram, Best in Show Open Ram, Reserve Champion Best of Show Ewe;Stacey Schneidmiller: Champion Wool Fleece, Best in Show Fleece


Best of Show was Lindsey Curneen with alpaca Artu. We had a tie for Reserve of Show between Mary Lambert and alpaca Maria and Allison Harlow and alpaca Noora. photo:Teddy Rothrock

Attendees were treated two some amazing displays at the 2012 Mason Area Fair! Saturday, the Yesteryear Car Club, Shelton WA , supported the Fair by bringing a fleet of classic vehicles to park around the Mason County Historical Museum. All weekend long, a variety of horse-drawn wagons from the collections of Gus Donk, Dale Lee and Kerri Olsen, surrounded the horse barns!

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-?Q \  /

P latinum sponsors:

  š ;

From all of us at the community run Mason Area Fair, it was a pleasure working with you and we appreciate your support! We can only begin to thank the people & groups who made this event possible –

76 )

I8 I] T

“Thank you!�

5 );


. .. s d r o w o w t t s ju in To sum it al l up



Little Creek Casino Resort | Port of Shelton | Mason County Lodging Tax

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Haigh Veterinary Hospital Brady’s Trucking Tozier Brothers | Ace Hardware (Especially Art & Gernie) Shelton Mason County Journal Shoppers Weekly Jason Dose & the City of Shelton (for major recycling assistance!) Shelton Chamber of Commerce John Galvich & Wes Mitchell and the Dragon Steps troupe! Lloyd Prouty - and Paul & Babe!

KMAS Greg Parke Brooke Ogg Olympic Panel Green Diamond United Way Olympic Mountain Ice Cream KURSA VFW Shelton Vets Ann & Gus Donk Dale Lee Canadian Support Team

Mason County Rodeo Assoc. All About Parties Jenna Allred & Family Teri King & the Sea Grant Teddy & Joe Rothrock Steve Bloomfield & Family Capital Business Machines Randy Howard and family NJROTC Kerri Olsen Roxy 94.5 Zach, Luke & Charlotte!

... and a great HEARTFELT thanks goes out to all the WONDERFUL volunteers, superintendents and a great community! Thank you for coming together as one to make the fair a success!

4-H Horses Thank you to superintendent - extra-ordinaire, Tami Ford, for all your hard work and continued dedication to 4-H Horses! We love you! Thank you to the volunteers & judges who make it all possible! Seniors:

Winter Baker: Reserve Champion – International flag; Lacey Goldsby:Champion – Bareback Equitation, Trail, Green Horse showmanship, Green horse halter, Green horse walk-trot, Costume, Reserve Champion – Huntseat Equitation, Versatility, Advance Riding, Stockseat Equitation; Ashley Matheson:Champion – Huntseat Equitation, Versatility, Advanced Riding, Stockseat Equitation, Bareback Equitation Reserve Champion – Hunterhack, Trail Christa Kealy: Champion – Western Games Showmanship, Reserve Champion – Costume Kailey Gould: Reserve Champion - Costume; Katie Jo Lester: Champion – Idaho Figure 8, Texas Barrels; Rerserv Champion – Pole Bending; Breanna Richling: Reserve Champion – Performance Showmanship; Eunice Randall: Reserve Champion- Western Games Showmanship, Pole key race; Beth Snider : Champion – Showmanship Performance, Saddleseat Equitation, Hunterhack, Polebending, Two barrel Flag, international flag, pole key race; Reserve Champion– Idaho figure 8., texas barrels


Raney Baker: Champion – Huntseat Equitation, Idaho figure 8, International Flag, Texas Barrels; Reserve Champion – Hunterhack Patty Brown: Champion – Showmanship, versatility; Reserve Champion – advanced riding, stockseat, trail; Kyra Ellison: Reserve Champion

– Bareback Equitation, Pole key race, Costume Bligh Hueske: Champion – Hunterhack, Advanced riding, Stockseat Equitation, Bareback Equitation, Showmanship Western Games, Polebending, Two barrel flag, Pole Key Race; Reserve Champion – Performance Showmanship, huntseat, Versatility, International flag, Texas barrels; Mollyann Hutchins: Champion – Trail, Green horse trail; Reserve Champion – Western Games Showmanship, Green horse halter, Green horse walk-trot; Breanna Milarch: Champion – Performance Showmanship; Reserve Champion – Stockseat Equitation, Trail; Becky Raub: Champion – Huntseat Equitation, Stockseat Equitation, Trail; Reserve Champion – Performance Showmanship


Sister Clark: Champion – Trail, Costume Jayden Davidson : Champion – Performance Showmanship, Stockseat Equitation Reserve Champion – Trail:Tessa Dragoo: Grand – Two Barrel flag, International Flag; Reserve Champion – Performance Showmanship, Polebending, Idaho figure 8; Ruby Dunbar: Champion – Trail; Reserve Champion – Western Games Showmanship;Savannah Knutsen: Champion – Performance Showmanship, Reserve Champion– Stockseat Equitation; Kaylee Martinell: Reserve Champion – Showmanship, Stockseat Equitation; Emmy Neal: Champion – Polebending, Idaho figure 8, pole key race; Reserve Champion – Two Barrel Flag; Star Roman: Reserve Champion – Pole Key Race; Grace Toney: Champion – Huntseat Equitation, Stockseat Equitation; Reserve Champion - Trail; Simi Johnston: Champion – Showmanship Western Games, Two Barrel Flag, Pole Key Race

Performance High Point: Senior – Ashley Matheson; Intermediate – Bligh Hueske; Intermediate Novice – Becky Raub; Junior Novice (Thursday) Jayden Davidson; Junior Novice ( Fri/Sat) – Grace Toney Green Horse High Point:Lacey Goldsby Western Games High Point: Senior – Beth Snider; Intermediate - Bligh Hueske; Junior - Emily Neal; Special - Simi Johnston; Janey Miller Award: Beth Snider

State Teams: Senior Judging: Kailey Gould, Beth Snider, Christa Kealy, Kylie Dassow,Lacey Goldsby Intermediate Judging: Patty Brown, Brianna Milarch

Performance Seniors: Lacey Goldsby, Ashley Matheson, Beth Snider, 1st Alt – Brittany Lasher, 2nd Alt – Kailey Gould Performance Intermediates: Bligh Hueske, Kyra Ellison, Patty Brown 1st Alt – Mollyann Hutchins, 2nd Alt – Raney Baker, 3rd Alt – Emma Easley Western Games Seniors: Katie Jo Lester, Beth Snider , Eunice Randall 1st Alt – Winter Baker, 2nd Alt – Kylie Dassow Western Games Intermediates: Bligh Hueske, Kyra Ellison, Gabs Ostenson, 1st Alt – Raney Baker

Rodeo Thrills Continued! Thank you from the Mason County NPRA Rodeo! The Mason County Rodeo Association would like to extend sincere appreciation to all the Rodeo Fans for your support. We hope that you enjoyed this year’s event. Thank you contestants for coming out to make this show the biggest in 12 years! A big THANK YOU to each and every sponsor whose donations helped make this event possible and such a resounding success!

Groom Squad:

Champion – Kylie Dassow, Breanna Richling, Ashley Matheson; Reserve champion – Beth McMullen, Brittany Lasher, Bethany Knapp photos: Summer Kenesson

Riderless Horse memorial

Thank you to the Rodeo Committee for your dedication and willingness to make this a professional and exciting event for spectators! Our Junior Rodeo Queen Beth Snider once again did an outstanding job representing Mason County. The whole Fair & Rodeo wishes Beth well in her current pageant aspirations! Thanks to our great Rodeo Committee, family, volunteers and you, the Rodeo fans! See you in 2013!

Planning has begun for October’s Autumn Festival Rachel Hansen | Mason Fairgrounds

I am my most productive when the days get shorter and the evenings longer! It’s a great time to start thinking about craft projects and Fall outings with the whole family!

Autumn Fest Schedule October 13

October 25-26

| 5 pm - 9 pm

This year join us at the Fairgrounds to celebrate the season with a Harvest Festival! We are bringing the entertainment and activities indoors with craft projects, music, performances and juried entries – everything from artwork & photography to preseves, pies, and pumpkins! The festivities begin October 13 with a Harvest Feast & Auction. Volunteers will be preparing a turkey dinner with all the fixings! Warm up the evening with an exclusive fire show from our now local fire troupe, Dragon Steps! Thursday, October 18 the Fairgrounds will be open from 4-9 pm to bring in your entries. Go online to www.masoncountyfair. org/autumnfest for complete entry category list. Bring the whole family and enjoy carnival games, yummy food including fresh seafood, live entertainment, horse drawn carriage rides through the pumpkin lit Sleepy Hollow - watch out the Headless Horseman may cross your path! Feeling Brave? Step into the Haunted Fair Barn for a spine tingling encounter with local high school students – don’t worry, they have been sworn to secrecy if you scream! We are connecting the buildings with decorated walkways so that you are sure to stay plenty dry and warm as you sip your cider and hot chocolate and enjoy craft activities, face painting, lantern building workshops, as well as all the spooky entertainment!

The fun continues October 19 (4-9pm) and October 20 (12-9 pm) with scheduled events all day Saturday! Pie eating contest, carnival games, kid’s indoor tractor pulls, Rodeo gaming events, dance performances, and costume building workshops as well as two evening fire shows Saturday, 4pm and 7pm, with spectactor cover! October 25-26 (4-9pm) the carriage rides will be transporting the strong hearted through Sleepy Hollow; bring in your entries for People’s Choice pumpkin carving and scarecrow competition! Come in costume and visit the carnival booths for free treats of games and candy! Top off the evenings with another visit to the haunted Fair Barn! The haunted exhibit will include an entrance for the younger crowd and the faint of heart (like me!).

Autumn Feast & Auction

Turkey dinner and desset! Live music followed by an exclusive Dragon Steps Fire Show @ 8 pm! Tickets for dinner in advnce - Adults $25/ Kids $15.

October 18-19

| noon - done

Barn Dance & Spine Chillers

Juried Display and Entries; Haunted Fairgrounds, Carnival games, Sleepy Hollow carriage rides, food & drink, photo ops & activities! | noon - 9 pm

Autumn Festival

Carved pumpkin and Scarecrow competition; Haunted Fairgrounds; Carnival games, Sleepy Hollow carriage rides, food & drink, photo ops & activities!

October 27

| 4 pm - 9 pm

Autumn Harvest & Show

October 20

| 4 pm - 9 pm

Some Spookier Events

Olympic Hall

Entry Display, Haunted Fairgrounds, Carnival games, Sleepy Hollow carriage rides, food & drink, photo ops & activities! Western Gaming Show., Fire Show 4 pm and 7 pm!

Entry Display, Haunted Fairgrounds, Carnival games, Sleepy Hollow carriage rides, food & drink, photo ops & activities! Costume Workshops and costumes, Zombie competition, All Agess Barn Dance, prizes for best costumes! Gala Finale Fire Show.

Cost varies by day and activity! Visit website for details; discount with food item.

October 27 is filled with spooky thrilling entertainment including an all ages barn dance beginning at 6 pm! Break out for the Fire Shows but return for prizes for People’s Choice Best Costume, best couple, most creative costume. Come hungry as there will be a great selection of food and drink all day! Want to participate? We we welcome volunteers and sponsors! We even have options available if your group or non-profit would like to fund raise by running a activity booth or event! Call 360-427-5599 for details or email! See you in the Fall!

DragonSteps performed each evening andthroughout the day to the delight of Fairgroers. Autumn Fest will be your next opportunity to catch this amazing show and thrill your friends and familly! photo: Brandon Palmer

So Much Fun to be Had

At the Fair! o

ndy : Me


From Bungee Jumps to Carriage Rides, trains, activities, entertaiment, Rodeos and animals, animals, animals – with all the great food and affordable fun it is no wonder that many families came back every day to enjoy the Fair!



Lindsey Curneen and Artu won the people’s choice award in the 2nd Annual Camelid Costume Contest and Parade. Lindsey was dressed as Princess Leah and Artu was dressed as R2D2.

Thank you, Mason County, for all your support of the 2012 Fair!

Mason Fair 2012 Results  

mason fair rosette winners and pictures

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