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December 2011 Edition

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By Pastor Ravi Pages 4-5

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WELCOME — December’11 Edition

Men being Men...

Welcome to the December edition of the Asian Calvary Newsletter. Finally the day is about to arrive and I cannot wait to celebrate the birth of my Lord Jesus Christ, Happy Birthday Jesus!. This special edition is packed with all things Christmas, including why we have a Turkey and what is Boxing Day? We also have a special Christmas message from our very own Pastor Ravi. I trust you will find this edition both interesting and full of blessing for you and your family. Remember the real reason for Christmas: Jesus is the Reason for the Season!. I Thank you personally for your Support, God Bless you all. Merry Christmas. Bal Singh Newsletter Editor Email: Phone: +44 7824 348276

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling (1 Peter 4:8-9).”

believe it is our mission to: ♦ Spread the Gospel message & help the lost — through faith in Christ ♦ Assimilate all into a local church fellowship ♦ Cultivate all in order to help them grow spiritually ♦ Equip all for their own personal, fruitful ministry

God Bless You — Your Friend & Brother......Bal Manku



Youth Event!..

Kids Corner...



Pastor’s Pen… by Pastor Ravi : LUKE 1: 39-40 So now it’s time to think about the upcoming Christmas season. Again, we’ll probably eat and drink too much, and watch too much TV. But the Christmas season has many other distractions, too, probably more than any other holiday. We have to worry about shopping (getting just the right gifts for all of the people on our lists). Many of those same gifts will then have to be returned the following week (including clothes that don’t fit, and items the person already has or doesn’t like). The shops are crowded at this time of year, and the traffic and parking are almost impossible. Christmas decorations need to be purchased and taken out of storage. Putting up those decorations takes a lot of time and energy, because it has to be done "just right". There are decorations for the windows, the doors, and the outside. And let’s not forget decorating the tree, with tinsel, lights, balls, and all types of other keepsakes we’ve gathered over the years. I’ve saved the biggest material distraction until last, and that’s money! We need to be able to pay for all of the other distractions I just mentioned, and a lot of us overspend in trying to buy all of those things that we think we need. I want to talk about Mary and Elizabeth’s readiness for the birth of the Messiah. In Luke 1, verses 39-40, We see that immediately after the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, telling her that she would give birth to the Messiah, that Mary "got ready" and "hurried" to visit her cousin Elizabeth. I want to look at what these two women of faith can teach us about our own readiness to celebrate our Messiah’s birth, as well as our readiness to see Jesus when He returns at any time to rapture us into heaven. Mary and Elizabeth have a number of things in common. First, they are cousins, related by family ancestry. Both women also have unusual and miraculous pregnancies. Both women would have been religious outcasts to some extent. Elizabeth lived most of her life unable to have children. Mary was a young girl who, although engaged to Joseph but not yet married to him, became pregnant. According to Leviticus law, she could have been stoned for the sin of fornication.

While this didn’t happen to her, no doubt people in her culture gossiped and spoke badly of her for the sin of which they wrongfully judged her, just as people undoubtedly did to Elizabeth for what they mistakenly assumed about her. Despite what people back then might have thought and said about them, we know from the Bible that both were women of faith. 4

Christmas Facts... as…? What is Christm Christ," later means "Mass of " as m ist hr "C rd orter form The wo ass." The even sh -M ist hr "C to d ne shorte 00s - is derived Europe in the 15 in ed us st fir " e first letter of "Xmas t, in which X is th be ha alp k ee Gr e from th -Mass istos, therefore "X Christ's name: Xr ? it Boxing Day… y, after Why do we call as St. Stephen's Da n ow kn lly na tio in the s tradi 26 December wa xing Day because Bo d lle ca is It r. to marty ted gifts in boxes the first Christian of England presen s ie they lad rk & wo s e rd th lo ion of old days mber in appreciat ce De 26 on s nt their serva rations. e Christmas celeb had done over th ee…? a Christmas Tr Why do we have hire, went to vo onk from De ns m a y he used ur nt ce h 7t In the Legend has it that d. Go of d or W e th ly Trinity of Germany to teach to describe the Ho ee Tr Fir e th of e converted people the triangular shap Holy Spirit. The d an n So came a , er th Fa God the Tree. the tree be d's Go as e tre Fir e upside-down from began to revere th d was being hung an y, nit stood for tia ris Ch of symbol e Tree of Life and Th . ty ni tia ris Ch n of the ceiling as a sig rist.. Ch of life l na the eter Christmas…? Why say Merry first came Merry Christmas s peaceful or When the saying g of the word wa nin ea m ed pt ce ac Christmas is truly about, the widely someone a Merry ing sh wi , us Th . of Christ. blessed or peaceful Mass ed ss ble a em th g wishin Turkey..? Why do we eat e it was an Christmas becaus at n te ea is ey rk Tu e 1950’s. food item until th expensive luxury eaper now –the ch is of a Turkey ice pr e th gh ou Alth ained. tradition has rem 13

Fighting for Presents—Sibling Rivalry...

Pastor’s Pen.. By Pastor Ravi : LUKE 1: 39-40

It’s that time of year again, when being a Parent can prove to be expensive & a headache. If you have a fairly young child or newborn then you can normally get away with making your own choice for a gift. Without any risk of back-chat. However if you have teenagers or numerous children in one Family, then this can prove to be a real nightmare. So many requests and tantrums and mood swings, getting the right present and keeping everyone happy is an impossible task. Believe me I know, my kids are a perfect example!. It is therefore quite common then for brothers & sisters to think you treat each of them differently. My own sister used to think I was the favourite –because I was the boy of the house!. If I got to stay up late one weeknight or I was given new clothes, or got to go out with my friends—she would get into one of her moods and scream the house down and not talk to me for months.! Although to our Parents we are all equal—its hard for us to understand this sometimes and unfairly criticize our family. It’s only when we become parents that we realise what our parents went through. This problem even existed 2000 years ago - Joseph & his brothers also had some sibling rivalry. The brothers were already jealous because their father showed favouritism towards Joseph, but Joseph made the situation worse when he boasted about his dreams. After being sold into slavery in Egypt, Joseph learned some valuable lessons, including how to speak carefully. When you are tempted to brag about what you have got or done, be sensitive to the feelings of others. Instead of boasting, thank God who has given you these gifts. So this Christmas be sure to thank God for having such wonderful parents and loving brothers & sisters. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ, so do this together - we are all equal in the eyes of God.

They were ready for what God had planned for them, and were willing to be used in whatever way God desired. Today, as New Testament believers who live in the Church Age, we look ahead to the second coming of Jesus the Messiah. During Advent, we try to go back in our minds and spirits to a time before Jesus’ birth. We remind ourselves how He came, born humbly in a stable in Bethlehem. We remember why He came, to ultimately die horribly on a wooden cross to pay the penalty for the sins of the whole world. In this sense, we prepare for His first coming, as Mary and Elizabeth did. Just as we today have so many social and religious distractions that get in the way of our readiness, so did believers back at the time of Jesus’ birth. Their big distraction was religion. Instead of knowing the Old Testament Scriptures and walking in the spirit of God’s word, the religious leaders (the Scribes and Pharisees) had replaced faith and the true spiritual life with religion, a system of man-made laws for the people to follow. For instance, if mud were to splash onto your garment on the Sabbath, you were not allowed to wash it, because that would be work. Instead, you could let the mud dry on the garment, squeeze the muddy area one time, and brush the mud away with your hand once. Anything more than that and you were then considered to be doing work on the Sabbath. There were hundreds of these kinds of rules. Christianity today can be a religion that gets in the way of believers in much the same way. The spiritual life becomes a set of do’s and don’ts, such as: I do go to church on Christmas Eve or morning; I only listen to "godly" Christmas music and radio stations; I don’t let my children believe in Santa Claus. Believers today who observe Christianity as a religion, as basically a list of do’s and don’ts, are usually not practicing the true spiritual life as the Bible teaches. But just as Mary and Elizabeth were both prepared for the Messiah’s first coming, we too can be ready for Jesus’ second coming. We have many opportunities during the Christmas season to share our faith with family and friends; There are many people with physical and spiritual needs for whom we can pray and show some consideration to. We can thank God in prayer for sending Jesus to save us; There’s nothing wrong with enjoying and participating in so many of the secular activities occurring during the Christmas season. But if we are truly ready for the Messiah’s second coming we can enjoy this season for all of the right reasons. May God truly bless you this Christmas season and may Jesus be very real in your lives. On behalf of Pastor Isaac, Pastor Ashok and I, we wish you a very merry Christmas.



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on Radio XL tmas Message Sponsor a Chris e fee can . d –only £150 Th ease see this festive perio Pl s. ilie m een two fa be shared betw n. more informatio the Pastor’s for Programmes ar

m 7pm. e on each day fro


Resident Pastor’s for all meetings are: Christmas Eve: Time: 6:00pm ad Church hampton, Lea Ro Venue: Wolver -2 Meetings Christmas Day: m Time: 11am-12p Church mpton, Lea Road ha er olv W e: Venu :00pm rlington Road Time: 12:30 –3 inity Church, Bu Tr ly Ho , ch wi om Venue: West Br

rved) (Meal will be se New Year Eve:

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pm ton Road Time: 12:30-1:30 ich, Holy Trinity Church, Burling w om Venue: West Br m Time: 2:30p-4p ad Church ampton, Lea Ro rh ve ol W e: nu Ve

rved) (Meal will be se



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The Gift List..

Prayer Requests...

It’s that "me of the year again, when everyone is thinking what to get each other for Christmas, for some it is easy to get a gi$ for, for others it is harder. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? Surprisingly, when people of the faith think carefully about this, they come up with similar gi$ lists. Rich or poor, young or old, male or female, the things people really want, are not sold in shops. Infact, they are not material things at all. Almost all thinking people have five basic desires. Does the list below include what you wish you had..? 1.Inner peace 2.Hope a)er death 3.Making sense of personal suffering 4.Uncondi/onal love 5.Knowing the secret of happiness There is a special book that promises to provide these five gi$s. All in one package. That book is the world’s all "me best-seller, the Bible!. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was true?, the strange thing is, that people who say it isn’t true are the same people who have not put it to the test! But everyone who has received the gi$ which God offers has found it to be absolutely true. The way to receive this gi$ is by accep"ng a fact about ourselves and then making a choice. It will not be easy, but we have to be honest. We have to meet God’s perfect standard, but we have failed – & the Bible calls this ‘sin’. So where do we get this ‘help’ from to be perfect, this special help is called salva"on. If we agree to God’s plan and our responsibility, he will give us the gi$ of God –which is eternal life. It’s your choice!. 8

We ALL need a prayer once in a while Whether its:DEPRESSION ,WEAK FAITH, FAMILY PRESSURE, FINANCIAL CONCERNS,HEALTH CONCERNS,WORK ISSUES God is always there for you

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ACC News Letter Dec 2011 Edition  

Hi Reader, Please see the ACC news letter fr Dec 2011. Enjoy,

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