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what is mashup*? mashup* is a membership based community of executives, entrepreneurs and investors affected by and working within the commercial application of digital technology, products and services. mashup* enables its members to discuss, debate, demo and share ideas and opinion on the latest relevant innovations and the commercial opportunities available. mashup* provides coalescence for this disparate yet highly motivated group of professionals and provides a range of events, directories and content for this community.

who are the members of mashup*? mashup* has a core membership of over 2,500 executives, entrepreneurs and investors. mashup* members are primarily decision makers in their respective organisations and are often leading the development of digital innovation and change within their organisations. mashup* members are UK centric individuals who attend events in London. 3%

Digital Media/Editor/ 3% Producer/PR/Creative Venture Capital/ Investor/Legal 4% Developer/Engineer/ Designer/Architect




Advisor/Analyst/ Consultant/Associate


MD/General Manager/ President


VP/Principal/ Head of/Manager


Chairman/ Founder/ Partner/Owner


Director/Executive/ Business Development

why join mashup*? mashup* members join for 3 reasons: 1 they are involved in or responsible for digital innovation and development and need to keep abreast of the commercial implications of new digital thinking and the resulting technology, products or services. 2 they understand that by joining mashup* they benefit from regular face-to-face contact with their peers across a wide range of industries affected by and contributing to the digital technology evolution. 3 they benefit from the events, community and content provided by mashup* and its members.

what does mashup* provide? mashup* provides its members with events including: Events - regular evening events to discuss & debate key themes in the digital sector. Running from 6pm 9pm in central London with food & wine these events bring together around 150 members each month. The format consists of 2 or 3 speakers, a panel made up of speakers and other industry experts with demos from relevant companies. These events cost ÂŁ35+VAT. Workshops, private Breakfasts/Dinners and Showcase/Demo evenings. The annual industry conference Being-Digital (June) and the invite only mashup* Skicamp (March)

what does mashup* provide? mashup* provides its members with a community: Directories - a directory (with profiles and links to the companies they work with) of executives, entrepreneurs and investors working within the commercial application of digital technology, products and services. Networking - regular networking opportunities at the monthly, quarterly and annual mashup* events. Calendar - a calendar of relevant industry events across the UK and worldwide.

how do I join mashup*? To join mashup* for free and view the list of upcoming events (and the members that are registered to attend them) go to You can choose to pay for annual membership which covers all evening, workshop & demo/showcase events or you can choose to pay for each individual event as you attend.

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Mashup Event LLP Registered in England and Wales: OC326796 Registered Office: 27 High Street, High Wycombe HP11 2AE

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mashup* Overview SSE

mashup* Overview SSE  

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