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Mash Romanovskaya 2012- 2014


Masha Romanovskaya was born in Minsk, Belarus. She has started making photos since 16 years old. She often works with Alina Ilyukevich, making photo projects (see also Mash Romanovskaya & Alina Ilyukevich Photo Projects ). Such projects are now the main subject of her work. In 2013 the girls had a debute as a video directors shooting the music video for the belarusian singer Roman Voloznev.

In the garden It is a collection of daily life photos, that don’t represent something extra-ordinary, but at least are pleasant for the eyes. Made in different parts of Europe, like Sweden, Poland, Cyprus, Belarus, Czeck Republic and so on, these pictures remind freshness and beauty. The mixture of colors has green midtones, that’s why this article is called «In the garden». It is dedicated to the garden views, landscapes, flowers and trees that are very pleasant to look at.


1. Stockholm, Sweden 2. Minsk, Belarus 3. Dresden, Germany 4. Polis, Cyprus




It is not a secret, that people like to be photographed. The development of different social networks such as Facebook and Myspace helps to share your photos with friends and relatives. Personal photo shoots are becoming more popular than ever and among the lovers of such photo-shoots can be people of different age and profession. Here are some pictures made between 2012-2013.

h s a M r Colo

ALMApic Projects This is a fragment of the «Halloween»

photo project made together with Alina Ilyukevich. (ALMApic Projects) It was the first time, when both Alina and Masha were taking part not only as photographers, but also as models.

This project has two parts: the first one was shooted in the studio, the second in Prague, Czeck Republic. The second part consists of the pictures made on the October, 31 in Prague. This town is perfect for those who are looking for some stylish things and cosy atmosphere of an autmn evening.

Working on a project means spending a lot of time on the props, issues and concepts. Usually the projects of ALMApic consist of 6 scenes, but this project with its 20 pictures is an exception. The main idea was to introduce some of the famous Halloween characters such as witches, mummies, vampires etc.

Photographer: Alina Ilyukevich Models: Mash Romanovskaya, Anastasia Kosenkova «Halloween» photo project, 2013

P.S. If you are lucky to be in Prague for Halloween, you should visit Hard Rock Cafe, which makes such celebrations unforgettable.

In blossom Let the spring begin earlier...

“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: «Winter is dead.” A.A. Milne, «When We Were Very Young»

Around the corner Around the corner Around the corner Around the corner Around the corner Around the corner Around the corner

Around the corner

Around the corner

Around the corner

Around the corner

The main principle of Mash Romanovskaya is: «Don’t be afraid of using things that you have in access. They can be very useful.» Look around: dogs, flowers, car windows can continue this list however you want.

Around the corner

Contacts: Facebook: mash.romanovskaya Twitter: @MashaRom Youtube: Mash Romanovskaya E-mail:

See also: Mash Romanovskaya & Alina Ilyukevich Photo Projects | ALMApic

Mash Romanovskaya Photography 2012-2014  

This is the second issue which consists of the photos made in 2012-2014.

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