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ALMApic Mash Romanovskaya & Alina Ilyukevich Photo Projects

Faces Alina Ilyukevich

Photo-artist, Minsk, Belarus Amateur, has been fond of photography for 5 years. In 2011 completed the Course of photography in Minsk. Is one of the founders of ALMApic Photo Projects.

Mash Romanovskaya Photo-artist, Minsk, Belarus Has started making photos since 16 years old. (See also: Mash Romanovskaya photos) Is one of the founders of ALMApic Photo Projects.

ALMApic was created in 2012 by two photographers from Minsk, Alina Ilyukevich and Mash Romanovskaya, in order to make collaborative photo projects. Such projects are now the main subject of their work. They work also with models, beauties, world champions etc. In 2013 the girls had a debute as a video directors shooting the music videos for the belarusian singer Roman Voloznev.

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The road to the airport Inspiration



ALMApic Halloween


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Introduction Nowadays photography is becoming an important part of our fast-moving life,

whether it’s your Facebook profile photo or a billboard that you see on the way to work. Only a couple of decades ago people didn’t think about the close ties between the art of photography and everyday life, whereas today we can’t imagine our life without photography: magazines, weddings, social networks, advertising, museums of photography, interior details (photo frames, photo wallpaper), etc. All this creates a need for people who are able to transform reality into a picture in the best way possible. However, with the appearance of professional equipment on the market and the development of computer technology and software, the number of such people has increased dramatically over the last few years. Unfortunately, this often makes it harder to distinguish between amateurs and professionals, lucky people and talented ones, standard thinking people and those setting the stylistic and aesthetic trends. Well, dear reader, if you call yourself a photographer, we wish you success and we hope that you will never lose your individual style. And if you are standing in front of the camera, remember: there are no bad pictures. If you see a «bad» picture, it means that it’s just not in the right category. After all, some passport photos may be best classified as «Comedian of the Century», and others as «Wanted». In any case, we are happy to welcome you and we sincerely hope that the photographs in this book will be able to convey our emotions and our attitude to the World of photography.


The Road to the Airport The project «The road to the airport» shooted in July, 2013 was one of the most outstanding works of ALMApic. Inspired by the movies of Sergio Leone, like «Once upon in America» the girls decided to fit the true criminal story into six frames. It took a lot of time on writing the script, drawing the issues of every picture, searching for the props and necessary people etc. Mash: The work was tremendous, we had only several hours on the settings of the light, choosing the right view and shooting itself, so we didn’t have any oportunity to make something wrong. We needed to have all the scenes shooted before the sunrise. It was crazy!


Alina: The plot was changing all the time, so we didn’t get surprised when the final variant appered the day before the shooting. For me this project is a great experience and a very huge plast of pleasant memories and emotions. Mash: It was very cold outside, (near +4°C!), but nevertheless our crew was able to concentrate and make excelent shots! We had a true mini-bar right there: warm drinks like chocolate, coffee, tea. It was exactly what we needed! Alina: We’re very proud of our work, the work of everyone who was taking part in this project!

ÂŤ... we had only several hours on the settings...We needed to have all the scenes shooted before the sunrise. It was crazy!Âť

Inspiration The idea to make such project came suddenly after a long period of downtime. ALMApic hadn’t been shooting any projects when the idea appeared. The main goal was

«how does the inspiration come into people’s heads». to show

This project represents changes which happen with a person who is trying to create something but can’t do it because of the lack of inspiration. As any project of ALMApic, it has six scenes which show how person is getting inspired and how his thoughts are changing.


The first picture is absolutely static. Melancholy that can last for hours, days, weeks... this is what can describe the first frame. But the apparition of the first idea on the second frame changes everything. Then the idea becomes more and more clear. Mash: Well, it was very joyfully to work on this project, there were a lot of hilarious moments! Alina and I have a Youtube channel where we post behind-the-scenes videos; you can see some fragments of the photoshoot there.

« does the inspiration come into people’s heads?»

Backstage shot of the «Inspiration» photo project

Alina: We had an amazing team which was a real pleasure to work with. Of course, there were some difficult technical moments but our assistants did a great job. All those lights required a lot of attention, so we took several fire extinguishers and firehoses, thanks god, we didn’t need to use them! Mash: We’ve already shown this project to some of the spanish and swedish artists and got a lot of positive reactions and commentaries. It was very pleasant to hear that people like our projects. We got a lot of useful tips also, and like any of our projects, it was a very big experience for us.

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The «Halloween» photo project was a very first time, when both Alina and Masha were taking part not only as photographers, but also as models. Working on a project means spending a lot of time on the props, issues and concepts. Usually the projects of ALMApic consist of 6 scenes, but this project with its 20 pictures is an exception. The main idea was to introduce in a funny way some of the famous Halloween characters such as witches, mummies, vampires etc.

Photographer: Mash Romanovskaya Models: Alina Ilyukevich, Aleksey Ezhkov «Halloween» photo project, 2013

Watch the behind-the scenes video right now: Photographer: Alina Ilyukevich Models: Mash Romanovskaya, Anastasia Kosenkova «Halloween» photo project, 2013 watch?v=QzGmKC6HAgU

This project has two parts: the first one was shooted in the studio, the second - in Prague, Czeck Republic. The second part consists of the pictures made on the October, 31 in Prague. This town is perfect for those who are looking for some stylish things and cosy atmosphere of an autmn evening.

Watch the behind-the scenes video right now: watch?v=QzGmKC6HAgU

P.S. If you are lucky to be in Prague for Halloween, you should visit Hard Rock Cafe, which makes such celebrations unforgettable.

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