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MARIA ASHRAF 101 West Olympic Place, Apt-102, Seattle, WA 98119 734.635.5452 - AREAS OF EXPERTISE   

Web Traffic (Google Analytics) Mobile Marketing (App based) Customer Experience Analysis

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Online Lead Generation & Yield Analysis SPSS Predictive Modeler Opportunity Scan (Geo Mapping)


MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN MARKETING Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI: April, 2011 Related Coursework: Internet Marketing, Marketing Analytics, CRM, Project Management & Risk Analysis

BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh: December 2006 SOFTWARE SUMMARY Statistical Application GIS Mapping MS Office Suite Certifications

SPSS, JMP (SAS), SPSS Modeler Arc Map MS Visio SAS Base Certification, , E-Business (EMU)

WORK EXPERIENCE Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO MARKETING ANALYST MAY 2011 - PRESENT Geographical Opportunity Scan - Utilize GIS Map to analyze growth patterns and identify opportunities for direct marketing/penetration on a real time basis. Recruiters Accountability - Driving accountability and individual performance visibility of recruiters on a real time basis, facilitating adoption of best practices by creating and maintaining a Recruitment Goals Dashboard for all CO counties & States to, generating potential annual revenue of $1.2M+ Online/Mobile Marketing - Penetrated deep in the eMarket and increased visibility by creating and enhancing CMU’s profile online on different college profiling companies and on a Mobile App (iPhone & Android), increasing first time contacts by 32%. Web Traffic Analytics – Deep Dive analysis of Univ's Website, streamlining flow of information and enhancing viewer retention (bounce rates etc.), to generate incremental leads by 20%. Predictive Modeling - Utilized SPSS Modeler to built models to predict enrollment rates and forecast retention, by Department/Majors, helping optimize costs and investment to better manage budget, saving $80K/semester. Marketing Campaign Analysis – Increased effectiveness and Yield of marketing efforts (lead generation, conversion rates) by analyzing the crispness of content and designed customer experience such that yield improved from 28% to54%.

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MARIA ASHRAF 101 West Olympic Place, Apt-102, Seattle, WA 98119 734.635.5452 - Holman Learning Center, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI GRADUATE ASSISTANT AUG 2008-APRIL 2011 Planned and conducted research on various Students’ Segments via surveys, focused-group sessions etc leading to a Gap Analysis and eventually to a robust set of students’ unmet requirements (compared to present program offerings). Results/findings were presented to Michigan Department of Education, leading to ’10-’11 Budget Provisions. Revived and re-structured the various HLC offerings and program mix to further engage the students’ community, resulting in an avg. GPA increase of at least 50% for all of the conditionally admitted students. Created Dashboards (MS Access Db, Scorecards) to statistically track students’ performance.

Ben Lube (Castrol) Ltd., Dhaka MARKETING ANALYST NOV 2005-DEC 2007 Portfolio Launch of Castrol GTX CNG Engine Oils – Worked with a team of product managers to design/strategize the launch of a new product portfolio, including - choosing the right market segment and sales channels prioritization to push the product to end market - CNG Auto Vehicle (Public Transportation) segment. Required sales personnel training and marketing content was developed to communicate the premium brand value proposition and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) were framed to ensure support and instill trust among sales channels. First year GM% stood at 18%. Key Accounts Relationship Management – Revived focus on key legacy accounts by performing past activity research on price and rebates, volume, channels etc. Mediated workshop sessions with accounts to jointly focus on end customer pricing, channel conflicts, volume allocation, and created a enhanced support plan for recurring training etc, resulting in annual top line growth of 24% Cradle-to-Grave management support for the engine, motor, gear, brake, turbine oil portfolio, including sub-market development with customized value propositions and brand localization with optimum pricing and inventory strategy.

Prime Bank Ltd., Dhaka MARKETING ANALYST JUNE 2004-OCT 2005 Retail Banks Design Project – Developed roadmap to impact consumers’ behaviors in banks, other outlets by analyzing the traffic patterns, resulting in improved bank design to facilitate quick and easy service rendering process, and relocated service desks location efficiently, including merchandising placement to increase exposure etc. Analyzed and bench-marked (against 5 leading banks) the service efficiency of the bank while evaluating the importance of procedures/processes and physical evidence in financial services marketing. Several process improvement projects led to an overall 40% improvement in customer service lead time. Designed and launched several financial products - household durable loans, double benefit deposit schemes, one stop utility services; and print media promotional campaigns - email newsletters, flyers, brochures.

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