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FACI ET SENDRE Vol. 04 No. 06 Depressi - Wavi

...for keen young tastes

Removal Music : Released 04/09/10 Removal Music MULTI STORE YSEXP ESTRE CORDS

Jayne mansfield she can lose her head while all about her are keeping theirs

Mashemon News New Album Due : Franchise Updates Barry Flynn

At long last we are so happy to tell you the

details of our album “Removal Music” which will be released on our own imprint Multi Storey Sex Pest Recordings. We will be playing songs from the album in the window of the Old Rapid Hardware shop on Saturday 4th September. See below on how to get your copy.

from 8 till late. We wish them bon voyage and smooth sailing!

erkraut and Coq au Vin. Classic flavours to help you spread the love safely.

New varieties for the Mashemon flavoured

Is your Ronny:Rocky height ratio correct?

contraceptive line: Cumberland Sausage, Roasted Parsnip, Carrot and Coriander, Sau-

If not, try built up shoes, the illusory aspects of perspective or consider some kind of headgear. Regulation headwear is detailed in Appendix 2 of your franchise manual.

Tune In to 7 Waves Radio on Tuesday 17th

Appeal: if anyone has any information

August to hear Mashemon play a live set from Jack Rabbit Slims.

on the whereabouts of our Merthyr Tydfil branch’s Rocky O’Rourke, Owen Davies (left), please contact Merthyr Tydfil Police. He has been missing for 12 days now and we are anxious to hear from him.

We are proud to announce the establish-

ment of our 10th franchise and would like to take this opportunity to welcome Gary and Steve to the Mashemon family. They will be operating in the Stoke on Trent area from September and we wish them well. Good news from Mashemon Dover. They

have secured a lucrative contract playing on the Holland America line Eurodam cruise liner. They will be performing in the Explorer’s Lounge bar every other evening

Best wishes for the rest of the quarter

everyone, let’s keep up the good work. See you all in Doncaster in October for the annual conference. If you’ve not received your delegates pack yet please contact personnel as soon as possible. Remember, you need to send 2 passport photos with your application form!

Removal Music - How to get your copy Exchange: CD's can be swapped in exchange for: A drink at the bar. Something nice you have created. Indulging in an act of public nudity, photographing the occasion and emailing it to us. Home grown vegetables or herbs. Tickets for a non league football match where they play real football. Act of Goodwill: The following are for guidance purposes only - Help an old lady or gentleman across the road. Rescue a cat from up a tree. Ask a street drinker what their tipple is and then go and buy them one. Give the old violinist in Town a few bob. Read a book out loud on the bus for the benefit of those around you. Be nice to a stranger. Email your suggestion to or find us on Facebook and we will get a copy to you pronto.

WATER POLO NEWS Mashemon Sharks upset the form book with stunning victory

SPORTS NEWS Mashemon amateur water polo team news we have reached the last 16 of the South

East second division play-offs! Well done to Rocky, Rocky, Ronny, Rocky, Ronny, Ronny and especially Rocky, the team’s top scorer. Team manager Rocky had this to say “we’ve been putting in the hours in training and I’m really pleased with the way the boys are playing. We’re taking one game at a time and we’ve just got to stay focused.” He also added “I think we’ll fucking murder Thames Water this round.” All of us in central office certainly hope they do!

mashemon at last years Penrith Winterval Festival

Outdoor Gigs Update

Forecasted Weather Interaction Matrix AP Press

The revised guidance will include the new

Forecasted Weather Interaction Matrix. Rollout of the FWIM will be starting in quarter 3 and we expect to have all sites operating the FWIM in time for the Christmas period. The FWIM will supersede the FUGGER and SHIDDA and should lead to a more consistent and higher quality approach. We will be visiting sites in the spring to audit implementation and ensure the roll-out has proceeded smoothly


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