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Initial Research When I was first given the 10 Statements brief I browsed the internet to see if I could find any information to help find out what type of area Stockwood is and to give me an idea on what questions could be asked from what I found out about the area.

“The Leadbitter Group has completed an £8 million extra care scheme on behalf of Housing 21 in Stockwood, Bristol. The Bluebell Gardens development will provide 51 apartments for rent and 10 for shared ownership for over 55s. It includes a restaurant, activity room, hairdressing salon and a mobility scooter store. Designed to meet the needs of older people to enable them to live in their own homes for as long as possible, Bluebell Gardens’ one and two bedroom apartments will have fully fitted kitchens and walk-in shower rooms. An on-site team will provide 24 hour care and support, tailored to meet individual needs. Simon Bostock, Regional Services Director for Housing 21, said: “This development will provide local older people with excellent accommodation and facilities. It will also complement Housing 21’s other sheltered and extra care housing schemes in and around Bristol.” Bristol City Council Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, Councillor Glenise Morgan, said: “This is an excellent scheme, offering older people the independence of living in their own modern flat, which has been built with their needs in mind, together with the reassurance of on-site care and support, 24 hours a day. This builds on our successful programme of providing 600 extra care flats across the city.” Charlie Scherer, Regional Director of Leadbitter’s West and Wales Housing division, said: “The Leadbitter Group has brought its significant experience in constructing extra care facilities to this scheme, and we are proud to deliver these high-quality homes and facilities for the older people of Stockwood.”

I found it quite hard to gather anything about the area from the information; it didn’t help out with giving me any specific questions to ask in the community. From what I found it gave me the picture that there was a growing number of old people in the community I also found a review ìî giving the community a fairly bad reputation but from the feedback on the website from locals and others that know the area well it seemed to contradict the article. I didn’t want to ask any questions about the sad incident that happened in May 2012 because I didn’t want to upset anyone. Stockwood



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15 -20 Minutes

Questions -Do you like the Area as a whole?-Are their activities and facility’s for children and teens to do?-Are their any good or bad things that stand out in the Area?-What could be improved around here?-Does this mean the community is seeing more crime?-Do you ever have to travel into the city centre for anything or is everything you need available in Stockwood ?-What are your views on the public transport system?.-Are you happy with the schools round here?-If you could sum up the area in a few words what would they be?-Is their much crime in the area?-

Originally when I was given this brief I didn’t like the idea of having to talk to strangers but when it came to it it wasn’t to bad, once I did a few I got more confident. I found that the best place to get answers was on the main road, shop keepers and customers seemed to be the most helpful to me.

Purpose I wanted to pick one particular topic to base my poster on but from the information I gathered I felt I didn’t have enough to pick one topic to focus on . I decided on using all the information I gathered for my poster and decided that the purpose of my poster was to give an insight view within Stockwood for the community of Stockwood I felt this was a good target audience because I got a lot of honest feedback about the area on what could be improved in the area. Now that I had a purpose for my poster I still needed a way of tying all the answers to the different questions I asked. I broke the information into five sections :Shops, Public/Private Housing, Transport, Play Areas and Family Orientated Area and open space.

The Fold The brief states that the A2 document must fold down to A5 this gave another aspect of design to the poster, at first I found it hard to come up with a fold that would work with the poster. After playing around with different folds I managed to find a fold which would give my poster a focus point and rational. The fold I went for opens up on both sides so I decided to put relevant pictures over the fold and then when opened the picture would be split in two, making the poster interactive and portraying the idea of opening the community up.

Feedback Seeing as the purpose of my poster was to give a break down of the area for people amongst the community I thought a good place to put it within Stockwood would be the community centre/youth club. The community centre is a place where people who want to get involved in the local area can volunteer and get their voice heard as well as being a good place to socialize with other people amongst the community. I feel the document has honest quotes in with both good and bad things about the area and would allow someone to see were improvements could be made.

I placed the poster on the main door to the community centre, I waited for half an hour to see if I got any response from it. The only people I saw in that time was an old couple entering the building who didn’t seem to take any notice of the poster and a middle aged man who left the building so didn’t see the poster due to it being on the wrong side of the door. As this exercise was not successful i decided to go into the social club and ask some of the locals for feedback. I claimed that the poster was a fellow students and that was getting feedback on their behalf, I did this because I wanted honest feedback and I didn’t feel id get it if I said it was mine because people wouldn’t want hurt my feelings by being a critic.

Their were only six people in the social club feedback i got from the majority of people was a short answer something along the lines of “yeh that looks nice”. The only person who read the poster properly gave me some good feedback told me that he thought the poster covered pretty much everything, when I asked him to go into a little more detail he said he agreed with the statements and that for example the youth club (next door) isn’t open every night now its only open once or twice a week and no notices go up to tell the kids when its open or not so kids hang around the car park of the community centre waiting for it to open. He stated that they don’t usually have any problems with the kids but their has been in the past.

I also got feedback by just observing how people were using the poster, their wasn’t one person who I gave the poster to who opened and read the poster in the order I wished it to be. People tended to open and read the first side of the poster to how I wanted it to be viewed using the open close mechanism but when they got to the back side they would view it as a whole poster rather than keeping it in the separate folds. This means that two of the pieces on the back didn’t work at all an would of just looked strange to them. If I were to have another chance to improve the poster I would add another fold down the middle because it seemed to big to use the mechanism appropriately at the size it was. I would also slightly modify the way in which the mechanism works to encourage people to use it in the way I wanted it to be used.

10 Statements Booklet  

For this project i had to go to Stockwood and ask the community questions about the area and form a folding poster from the information i ga...